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Showing posts with label robots. Show all posts

Friday, April 28, 2023

GeekSpeak – What will life be like in a post-scarcity world? Join the discussion Saturday, April 29th at 12pm SLT

Humanity evolved in a world of scarcity and we live in such a world now.  We know that a lot of stuff is rare and therefore valuable.  We know that none of us can have everything we want.  In a post-scarcity world that will not be true any more. 

How will we live in such a world?  How much will we eat, or use, when everything is free?  What will we do with our time when work is no longer needed?  When so many things we now think of as normal, like driving or cooking or cleaning, are no longer necessary?

Would you like to live in such a world?  Do you think it is an impossible world?  Will there always be a few things that are rare and hard to acquire?

Come and join us in GeekSpeak at noon SLT on Saturday to talk about a world without scarcity.  Bring all your robot friends!

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class every Wednesday in the GeekSpeak auditorium, if you have ideas for new subjects.

Friday, February 17, 2023

GeekSpeak – What would a Society of Robots look like? Join the discussion on Saturday, February 18th at 12pm SLT


Let’s imagine that in 10 years time, robots have taken over the earth.  Humans are either extinct or kept as pets.  What will the new robotic society look like? 

Will robots live together peacefully, or will they have wars like us?  Will they have belief systems and political parties?  Will they build telescopes and spaceships and discover the stars?  Or will they do nothing that is not obviously practical?

Will they form robot families and friendships or be solitary?  Will they be able to change their nature to suit their ideas of the perfect society, as we cannot? 

Will their society eventually fail?  Maybe humans will have to clean up the scraps after the age of the bots.

Join us at GeekSpeak on Saturday at noon SLT to discuss the coming robot society.  No robots are allowed, so bring all your friends!

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class every Wednesday in the GeekSpeak auditorium, if you have ideas for new subjects.

Thursday, July 7, 2022

GeekSpeak subject for Saturday 9th July at noon SLT: Let the robots on the loose!


This month the space era will truly start with mass transport to space.  We will probably send zillions of robots and millions of humans into space.  But should we be sending humans at all?  It is very expensive and very dangerous.  Should space belong only to robots?

Or should we share space out between us?  Will the moon be robot territory since it is not likely that humans can live there?  And Mars could be for humans?

Or will we stay safe at home and let our machines explore the universe and have all the fun?  Does that destroy the very reason for wanting to explore space?

Join us on Saturday at noon SLT at GeekSpeak and let’s discuss how to explore the universe.  Bring all your space friends, and robots!

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class every Wednesday in the GeekSpeak auditorium, if you have ideas for new subjects.

Thursday, January 27, 2022

GeekSpeak subject for Saturday 29th January at noon SLT: How do you kill a bot? Will Asimov’s laws protect us?


When robots become intelligent enough to roam the streets there could be armies of bad bots roaming around too.  How can we protect ourselves?  Can we make sure that robots are never programmed to do evil?  That no one ever makes bots without the 3 laws of robotics? 

Will the 3 laws be enough?  Even Asimov thought they could fail in the end.

Can we prevent a terminator scenario before it happens?  What options do we have?  Could we all emigrate to Mars after checking the ship for stowaway bots?  Is there a better solution?  Or do you think robots will never be a danger to us?  Come to GeekSpeak at noon SLT on Saturday to talk about it.  Bring all your robots.

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class every Wednesday in the GeekSpeak auditorium, if you have ideas for new subjects.

Saturday, September 4, 2021

GeekSpeak – Humanoid robots, will they ever catch on? Sept 4th at 12pm SLT

Elon Musk has said that he will have a humanoid robot within a year.  Let’s ask why we would want one.

We already have machines that work for us, such as our washing machines and our cars, and we don’t expect them to look like humans.  Looking human would be very difficult to achieve.  Stability and balance are hard for humans. Walking, running and jumping, even manipulative work might be much easier if robots did not have to look like humans. And we must also think about the uncanny valley.  Would we feel comfortable with robots that look almost human?

On the other hand, there are so many stories about robots that look completely human and so many companies want to achieve that.  Is it what we all want?  Robot butlers, robot maids, robot cooks?  How do you feel about it?

Bring your feelings and your prejudices and talk to us in GeekSpeak.

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class every Wednesday at 1pm SLT in the GeekSpeak auditorium, if you have ideas for new subjects.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

GeekSpeak – what will the future world of robots and humans be like?

How will society change when every car, every bus stop, every toaster and every shop assistant is a robot?  At what point will we think that robots should have human rights?  When will it become illegal to shoot your toaster or leave your food too long in the fridge so that she looks bad and can’t marry your car?  If you make your car drive over a cliff will you be charged with murder because you killed an AI?

Will there be novels and soap operas about the emotional lives of robots?  Will there be new robot art forms?  Will humans enjoy the robot novels, soaps and art?  Or will we have 2 separate cultures, human and robotic?  Do you think you will ever have a robot friend?

Welcome to the coming years of confusion.  Come and discuss our destiny as only one of the dominant species on the planet.  Bring a towel.

IM Vulcan Viper if you have ideas for new subjects.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

GeekSpeak – how do we fill the robot gap?

Robots will be running the world some day.  But what happens before they take over?  When the roads have both self-driving cars and human driven cars?  When some of us have bots that shop for us and some of us must go to the supermarket and shop with bots?  When some of us have only human friends and some have bot friends?

Will the roads have special lanes for self-driving cars?  Or special lanes for human driven cars?  Will there be laws, like the red flag act, that will prevent technology from growing? Will bots have to get degrees or diplomas just because humans need them?  Will marriages between humans and bots be allowed?

Will we want to stop the process?  Should we?  Will we be able to?

Come and talk about the gap between now and the robot world.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

GeekSpeak – Could Robots Turn Against Us? Let's have a Discussion! July 23rd @ 12pm SLT

Is it dangerous to give robots a certain level of intelligence?  Could they turn against us?  They might be given power they are unable to cope with, such as the robot that ran over a toddler.  Or they might think it is in your best interest.  What if the McDonald’s robot won’t serve you because your fat-index does not allow it?

Is it possible that we will reach a state where everyone has to function within normal parameters or be terminated?  Are we about to hand over our freedoms to silicon matter?

Today we discuss the dangers of giving power to our possible future masters.  Join us!

Friday, September 23, 2011

SPOTLIGHT FEATURE-Move over Bunnies and Horses, a new technology is in town. From the creators of Shark Club Gaming comes a new concept in virtual world technology; Buildables. Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Lanai: Batrastard, thank you for taking the time out to show me this very interesting project you have been working on. With beta in its final phase, it is time to let the robot out of the bag and introduce SLE readers to "Buildables". You have teleported me to the secret location on a couple of occasions and I got to browse the collection.  I must say, this new concept is very impressive. I can’t wait to see them hit the market and in the hands of many avatars across the grid.  When will they be available to avatars?

 Batrastard: Thank you so much for the compliment!  And on behalf of the whole "Sharkclub" team, it is much appreciated!   Beta is planned to end on Sat. Sept. 24th.  Then we will take a couple days to get some last minute things in order, set up vendors, and such, than open the sim to the public on Wed. Sept. 28th!  We might take an extra day, so don't hold it against me if we have to open on the 29th!