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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Quick Guide to Creating a Press Release for Promoting Charities, Events, Business & Services in Second Life


Please note if you are a current advertiser with SL Enquirer, Press Releases are FREE for the duration of your AD Package.

If you never tried our services and wish to by all means YOU GET ONE COMPLIMENTARY Press Release POST ON US!

Additional Press Release posts are 300L payable to Lanai Jarrico, or you can purchase a monthly Ad Package for 1k a month and get FREE weekly press release posts for the duration of your ad! 

We also offer Spotlight Features for 3000k, it includes an article/ interview written by The SL Enquirer, a one-month ad banner/link on our site, and free weekly press release for the duration of your ad.  If you wish to continue advertising, it is only 1k per month, free press release posts included!

Contact Lanai for this special offer.


How to submit a Press Release to the SL Enquirer:

A press release is a vital part of a marketing plan in Second life. It provides important information about events, products, and services as well as where the target audience can find what is being promoted. Also,  who to contact for additional information. 

Having a solid Press Release plan makes it easy to promote to a variety of media sources who can reach out to the masses on your behalf.  The SL Enquirer has put together a quick guide to help get you started on your way to virtual success.

You will need the following key components:

1. A catchy headline and or announcement
    Example: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Grand Opening of (event name) on (date & time)

2. Promotional Texture
    Your image must be 400x400 (jpg) (SLE Standard)
    Check with the media source you will be sending and make sure your texture falls within the right image size/file requirements.

3. What information do you need to have in your Press Release??
    The who, what, where, when about the event/service/product/location (this information should     be between  450 - 1000 words)

4. Links
    Landmarks, SLURL(s), Urls, social networks, and preferred contact info.
    Email a press release / slurls links and send the promo image as an attachment. to and


Charities in Second Life
Charity events and fundraiser Press releases are free to publish at least once per week per charity event. Submissions are due at least one week before the event for the best exposure.

Email to learn more about getting your free press release posted in The SL Enquirer


This article and slurl was updated 6/17/2021 by Lanai Jarrico

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

UNDERSTANDING THE SCRIPTS OF COMMERCE: An in depth interview with Abranimation's Abramelin Wolfe - Dean Lawson Reporting

While investigating potentially harmful scripts in Second Life I contacted Abramelin Wolfe, the owner of Abranimations and sent him questions to help me understand how scripts and commerce works in Second Life. Abramelin explained in great detail some of the potential pitfalls Second Life Residents should watch out for. The following are excerpts from our conversation.

Dean: According to your response it does not seem that you believe that the script was introduced to the item by a third party but is in fact commonly used by legitimate vendors. Is that correct?

Abramelin: Yes, and this is not a specific script.  ALL scripts that take debit permissions display this warning, the most common of which are vendor scripts as they are dealing with money transactions. Our affiliate vendors allow customers to sell our items and take a commission. They need permission to take money for refunding over payments and paying us the commission.

Dean: Based on my research, when an item is rezzed a message appears on the screen as follows; “Object wants access to take money from your Linden Dollar account. If you allow, this it can take any or all of your money from you at any time with no further warning or request.”

If I see this message my reaction is to click "deny", because I do not want an object to take my money at any time without further warning. Why would a legitimate vendor use a script with this type of message? Are there no other scripts that vendors can use?

Abramelin: Yes it also says after that... 'Before allowing this access, make sure you know what the object is and why it is making this request, as well as whether you trust the creator. If you're not certain, click Deny.'

That above statement makes all the difference. Legitimate vendors use this type of script because there are no other scripted ways to take money from an Avatar. You always need them to specifically give you permission. In the case of a vendor though you cannot have it ask every time because it needs to be left out for other people to purchase from even if you are offline. 

Linden Lab gives you this warning to make sure you know what the script is and who it is from. As I already mentioned, this is not a specific script displaying this message. This is a warning given by LL when a script requests debit permission. If you do not know the source of the script or trust the source then you should always click deny.

Dean: Do you feel the use of this script in objects that are affiliated with your business could damage the reputation of your business?

Abramelin: No, We have commission vendors for our ice skates because we have been asked for them a gazillion times, especially around Christmas. I think the warning LL gives quite adequately explains the risks, hence the conversation we are having, but also explains that there could be legitimate reasons why.  Affiliate vendors are common place in SL and this script function has always existed in SL. If anyone is uncomfortable granting debit permissions they can and should click deny and not use those vendors. It’s really no different than passing your credit card details to a company over the Internet. If you do not know or trust the company you should not do it. 

Dean: How is it possible for a customer to pay too much for an item? When I have paid for items in Second Life, a message is displayed; "Buy for L$(amount) from (name of vendor) underneath is the option to "buy" or "cancel". Could you explain how I can accidentally overpay in this type of transaction?

Abramelin: The vendor script dictates whether it has those quick pay buttons or not. If a vendor is not specifically scripted to have them it displays a box where you can enter any amount. Originally all scripts were like this actually, the button feature was added to SL much later. Some third party viewers possibly do not support those buttons either so even if it is scripted with them they may not display. This is just one situation though...there are actually loads of other scenarios where you might need to refund. (eg. Rental booths giving bulk discounts. Some transaction failures can be detected and refunds issued automatically. Some vendors that contain inventory might need to refund if the inventory is missing...and the list goes on.)

The thing people need to remember is that drop down warning is a one warning fits all solution. The warning will be displayed in all cases where debit permission is required. It does not and cannot display different messages depending on the situation or script.

Dean: If a script is used to extract a share of the proceeds from an affiliate vendor, should the script clarify the percentage being extracted?

Abramelin: Yes people certainly should understand what the vendor is for before they use it. Affiliate vendors by their nature extract a commission. Our ice skates vendor for example is labeled ‘Ice Skates Affiliate Vendor (30%)' and the instructions note card also explains it is a 30% commission vendor. The vendors we use cannot run until this debit permission is granted. Once it is running though they also have an Admin Panel accessible that shows transactions and percentages and some other info.

Dean: Who writes the scripts used by your affiliate vendors?

Abramelin: Our store vendors are scripted either by myself or use Caspervend (by Casper Warden). The ice skates affiliate vendors use Caspervend which is very respected and trust worthy. No one else creates any of our vendors or has access to our scripts.

Thanks for answering my questions, your help is appreciated.

Abramelin: No problem, hopefully your article can shed some light on this for folk in SL so they understand the message and what it means. I've seen this concern come up over and over through the years, but it’s mostly due to people not understanding what the message is telling them. The debit permission function is not a fraudulent function by itself. It is only fraudulent if it is used in a fraudulent way. It has many legitimate uses too. The above ice skates customer that contacted you was quite right not to accept permission with the ice skates as they did not understand why it was being taken. What I think I'll do is put the affiliate vendor inside a box in the package so it cannot be attached accidentally with everything else. I think the confusion probably came from everything being attached out of the box without looking at what the items were. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Geekspeak for Geeks to Speak- Mikile Vinciolo Reporting…

Never in my life as an upcoming nerd or geek would I have imagined it being cool. Being a nerd and/or geek was shunned in my formative years as a student in lower education institutions.

Talking about gaming, technology, intergalactic activity and a desire to participate in aforementioned list made us an automatic target for wedgies, revile conversation, smear campaigns, and, in extreme cases, having to defend ourselves in courtyards after-school. 
Being nerd also had its perks, especially in the realm of academics, which is all that really was of consequence to us gain of mega-brains.

We excelled at subjects that other found difficult to wrap their diminutive brains around making us favorites of the Academia. We were doted over by teachers, counselors and the school for raising their national rankings on the catalog of premier schools. We were often sought out by fellow classmate/schoolmates for help with homework or test tasking tips to help the academically ailing cure their stupidity "disease".

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Awareness Days for December - Recognized by the United Nations

retrived from support our
December 1 - World Aids Day (Recognized by the UN)

Friday, November 30, 2012

I GOT KIDNEY STONES? AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! JOIN SLE AND EGOISME AT A PRE OP Party for Lanai Jarrico Friday November 30, 2012 4:00 pm SLT

Join The SL Enquirer and EGOISME for a Pre -Op party for Lanai Jarrico.

 DJ "Dr. Johnnie" Ireland will administer tunes that are sure to cure ailing avies with the assistence of "Nurse Marriellaanna" Resident.

Arrive in your sexiest nurse/ doctor outfit, scrubs or a hospital gowns.

One lucky winner will recieve a free prostate or breast exam, followed by a check up and overnight stay with all the jello they want.

When: Friday, November 30, 2012
Time: 4:00 pm SLT

"I got kidney stones? Ain't nobody got time for that!” stated Lanai Jarrico in an exclusive interview with Dr. Potterjones.

   According to sources close to the media princess, she has been carrying around a gold mine of nuggets and was recently hit with a double whammy when she was told by her doctor that both kidneys had a stash, and she needed surgery. This was not the kind of stoned Lanai wanted to be as she returned home with her bag of medication, painkillers and an appointment for December 4th.