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Showing posts with label men. Show all posts

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Travel around the world virtual- SL Itinerary for Explorers: BEST MEN's CLOTHING STORES- moonite1687 Reporting…

When you look up the word shopping, in more words or less, articles in one form or another describe the only shoppers on the planet as women. There is a disregard for the male shopper, probably because statistics found that women shop more, according to Optinmonster. Female shoppers make up 72% of the shopping market, while male shoppers bring up the rear at 68%. While this gap is not significant, it does show that men shop less than women, but the keyword is that they do shop. According to Zoovu, men may shop less because their reasoning behind the habit is different from women; Men shop for the item's functionality while women are purported to shop for the thrill of the hunt and the joy shopping brings. While this statistical data may be valid or invalid, I believe there is a shift in the male thinking regarding the habit of shopping. And, to cater to the more fashion-forward male that enjoys leisurely shopping for the thrill, here are a few locations on the SL grid that caters to a discerning male fashion palette. 

I took to the pavement, coming across the MENS DEPT event in-world, spotting Semller, a store I knew from a past iteration. Semller is a Secondlife store well known for its trendy footwear located in-world and on the marketplace. Semller provides trendy, high-quality footwear, from boots to sneakers and clothing, to the fashionable male avatar that enjoys quality. While they do not cater to just male shoppers, they provide footwear the male shopper likes. In fact, on my visit to the store in-world, there were twice as many male shoppers as there were female shoppers. The only downside is that the creator of the brand has only made it available for legacy male and female; eBody; Belleza male and female; Gianni;  and unrigged/resizable, with the latter option in the list being available for those whose mesh form the shoe does not have a size for. 

An image of the sizes that Semller caters to

The only clothing item in the Semller store in-world

A showcase of some of the shoe styles sold at Semller

In-world URL:

Marketplace URL: Second Life Marketplace - Semller by semller

Facebook URL: Semller - Home | Facebook

Flickr URL: semller | Flickr

Group URL: 

In a group chat a day or two ago, a question about which store was best for male fashion was posted, and one name thrown around a bit was Cold Ash, so I decided to explore the store to see why it had come highly recommended. I dropped in and could immediately see that the store's content is high quality with fantastic attention to detail. For the most part, they cater to the most popular male mesh forms, I presume, and they have a decent selection of clothing for every occasion. The store was pretty much a ghost town when I dropped in; however, if I were a male avatar, I would often drop into Cold Ash to add to my clothing collection.

The storefront for Cold Ash

The entrance of Cold Ash

An aisle in the Cold Ash store






In-world URL:

Marketplace URL: Second Life Marketplace - Cold Ash by ColdAsh


Nothing in this world, or the real world, is sexier than the skin you are in. I do not care how fancy or qualitative the clothing that one wears; what matters most is the skin that the clothing is hiding underneath looks. With the demands for photorealistic and premium quality skins on the rise, more and more creators are investing more time and energy into creating skins that mimic real life. The meticulous placement of shadows and highlights to the mindful chiseling of the fine lines, wrinkles, and pores provides numerous options for quality skins. One creator of quality skin, Stray Dog, has gotten the attention of many male avatar users. The brand's name is misleading as there is nothing shabby or low quality about the brand's content. Stray Dog provides skin for all of the top male mesh forms, and they cater to all of the top mesh head brands. The best thing about the company, in my opinion, is that they provide their skin tone RGB codes to ensure that all of your attachments blend seamlessly. There are many options for mesh head skins that span every ethnicity.

Stray Dog Entrance

Some of Stray Dog’s BOM options

Some of Stray Dog’s more enormous collection

In-world URL:

Group URL: secondlife:///app/group/c26611b9-f30c-7993-98c0-262d872f73e9/about



Marketplace: Second Life Marketplace - STRAY DOG by Gac Akina 

Disclaimer: In no shape or fashion am I acting as the authority on male fashion or the fashion creators that cater to this demographic. These are but one person's opinions based on their taste in quality and style. What defines the "BEST" in male fashion is what suits your individual needs and desires. Happy Shopping!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Surprise Critiques for Five Men's Clothing Stores – LadyLoveDr Reporting...

LadyLoveDr is off again on a mission!  This time, it is to surprise five random men's clothing stores and critique them one by one.  There's no holding back, and she has her own 5 star scoring system.  The more stars they got, the better they did.  The categories up for critique were fashion design, graphic design, price, store layout, and customer service.  Keep reading to find out where LadyLoveDr turned up, and how those stores scored on her 5 star scale. 

ZED: Designz for Men
Fashion Design                  
Graphic Design                  
Store Layout                      
Customer Service              
TOTAL STARS:  21 out of 25
Pros: Groupies get 25% off at their in-game store. They have 964 FREE items on their marketplace.  You can get a HUD teleporter in their port landing location.
Cons:  I found there was way too much lag to shop.  I even tested it on a different computer and had a friend test it as well.  Every time we were hit with a wall of lag. 
Suggestions: Take out the Bot Customer Service rep, it seems too impersonal.  Replace with online/offline employee boards.  Try to cut down on the lag so people can shop in-game.

Polo Paul 
Fashion Design                  
Graphic Design                  
Store Layout         
Customer Service              
TOTAL STARS: 20 out of 25
Pros: They have 4 lucky chairs and 2 midnight mania boards. Almost everything costs $55.

Cons: Their only freebie is on the marketplace. Everything is hung on the walls which makes it collage like and overwhelming to look at.

Suggestions: Offer a few free items at the in-world store.

Anarchy Store

Fashion Design                  
Graphic Design                  
Store Layout                      
Customer Service              
TOTAL STARS: 20 out of 25

Pros: They have a huge inventory with fair prices and are equipped with lucky chairs and gift cards for customers.  They have a special on sale section called the Bargain Basement and offer an affiliates package at their marketplace.

Cons:  They have no freebies and only 2 dollarbies.  The store was under construction at the time of my visit.

Suggestions:  Implement a teleport system that not only makes things easier to find but not such a long walk (Example:  Elevator with Options of Bargain Basement, 1st Floor Women's, 2nd Floor Men's, 3rd Floor New items, etc). Put prices on item posters.

Fashion Design                  
Graphic Design                  
Store Layout                      
Customer Service              
TOTAL STARS:  19 out of 25
Pros: They have information boards that provide URL's to places like their marketplace and Facebook. They have a large variety of clothing and a customer discount program for their frequent shoppers.
Cons: They only offer 1 freebie.
Suggestions:  Put prices on item posters.  Signage above the three accessible areas from the TP landing (example: Women's, Men's, Customer Service Desk).

Kal Rau 

Fashion Design                  
Graphic Design                  
Store Layout                      
Customer Service              
TOTAL STARS:  19 out of 25

Pros: Two free items for groupies and demos to try first before buying.

Cons: They have an in-game store only, no marketplace.  Their cheapest item is $290.

Suggestions: Put prices on item posters.  Join the marketplace.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

What do Women Look for in SL Men?- Ccoursey Reporting…

 I took this assignment out of personal curiosity, because I'll admit to having sat around with my friends and discussing this. Everything from a certain color that may catch the eyes or a man that is talkative in nearby chat...

I look in nearby and check out profiles, but that is me. I wondered what other women thought when meeting a man and was able to legitimately ask, lol. Some answers may surprise you, while others are a bit expected. I mean do they want a man that will give in to their every whim or a man that is going to challenge them each time they turn around?

 A man that will spend many L's to keep them happy, or a man that will walk around in the same suit each day?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring 2014 has Officially Sprung and it is time to move the Winter Clothing out and bring in the Spring Fashion! - Team Couturier Reporting...

 March 20th Marks the first day of Spring!

This is a season of renewal with flowers in bloom and the weather getting warmer. It is also a time to do some spring cleaning and put away all those winter clothes. Now with some newfound room in your  virtual wardrobe, what a great excuse it is to go shopping for something fresh and new.
But before you begin your spring shopping, have you asked yourself what colours and styles are in for this season?
Here is my list of some great spring fashion picks for both women and men.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Fall Footwear Gift Ideas : Men’s & Woman’s Shoes & Boots - Tea Couturier Reporting...

With the frigid weather and snow on the ground both in real life and second life, it is important to have the right shoes or boots to keep you warm and cozy in both worlds while fitting the occasion and outfit you have on.

With Christmas right around the corner any of these selections would make a great gift for yourself or for someone else!

I have found 6 recommended shoes and boots for men and women for day wear, casual, work and evening.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Reader Recommended: SLink Feet - Tea Couturier Reporting...

It is always nice when readers of SL Enquire get in touch and send us products which we may have not covered.

This occurred when Ellen Cordeaux got in touch and asked about SLink Feet. Thank you Ellen. SLink was started up by Siddean Munro

SLink does not only caters for feet but also hands, which are rigged mesh for women and men also. Cleverly and beautifully crafted to attach to you, with no joining showing. The nails on the feet and hands are so natural in looking. With Slink feet you have flat bare feet for men and women. Also Mid bare feet which you may have seen before have you standing on your toes.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spring Shoes for Men and Women- Tea Couturier Reporting…

 Shoes, Shoes, Shoes! We ladies can never have enough winter spring, summer or autumn footwear.

It is spring again and a good reason to clear out the old and bring in the new.
I decided to look for the best spring shoes for women and thought men should also know what is in this season too.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mr Hunter – Tea Couturier Reporting…

Hunts in Second Life has become more and more popular not only for the store owners but also for the shoppers. It is a way of purchasing goods in SL for a fraction of the price or even for 0L. 
However, hunters do not participate in hunts for this alone, They participate for the thrill of the hunt by figuring out the clues and then locating their prizes. You will find numerous of hunts within SL for women but there are not as many for men.

   "Mr Hunter" is a well known hunt launched over a year ago. It is dedicates its self to men’s only fashion and for men who are interested in fashion. It is for those men who also want to participate in the same fun the ladies of sl were experiencing.

Interview with Mr Hunter’s founder, Lasher Spiritor