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Showing posts with label Jadeylynn Resident. Show all posts

Friday, January 18, 2019

Jadey's Center Stage Reflections: Music Critic - Jadey Dragon reporting

Greetings from the great state of Florida! Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Jadey Dragon. The newest music/live singer critic for SLE. I use the word “critic” as opposed to reporter, because I want to be sure to clarify that within my reports you will get an honest opinion. That isn’t to say other reporters don’t give theirs, but let’s call a spade a spade, most reporters of live music, be it DJ or live singer, write fluff pieces. Using nothing more than excessive adjectives to cover up the bad experience they received. That won’t happen here folks. The report will be raw, descriptive, and hopefully encourage you to take the dive, and experience it all for yourself, if for no other reason than to prove me wrong. I triple dog dare you! Having said all that, let’s get to our first review.

C C  (Camme Carver)- Live, Acoustic guitar playing, singer.

I feel the need to immediately point out that this wasn’t a woman with a backtrack drowning out the sound of her own voice. Although she was rather low in volume, make no mistake she was playing her guitar live! She’d occasionally tune her guitar as she spoke to the crowd which of course is a dead give away. She was personable, and quick to thank her supporters every chance she got.  But those are minor details. I started my review by reaching out to her manager ‘Bad” and asking for a bio. Let’s be real, it was thrown together and offered very little insight into what I was about to experience. I tossed the notecard and the conversation aside and sat back to experience it all as nothing more than a concert-goer.
The first note arrived with force, and I was immediately reminded of the Great, legendary, Linda Perry from 4 non-blondes. So I was pleasantly surprised to find “What’s going on” in her song list and wasted no time requesting it. Yep, CC nailed it, despite the rumbles in the crowd of having a cold, she delivered the song beautifully. As she did with most of the songs she tackled.
There were a few songs that didn’t arrive to the same level as the first, but I think that might have been more an equipment issue, than a performance issue. You be the judge.
 I would personally categorize her music as indie rock, but that’s more based on her voice than her song list. She claims to be able to reach the soulful depths of music like Fleetwood mac, to  Nelly Furtado, which is quite confusing when you’re attempting to put her in some type of genre. However, I think that’s part of her charm.
“CC is one of the most beautiful caring women I know in SL. He voice stands out to me because she is so down to earth, always has a smile and is genuine” Stated Anastasia Yanwu, a self proclaimed fan, and friend.
In fact, every single person I spoke with in the crowd was quick to tell me that not only is CC a great singer, but she is kind, humble, and down to earth. So the occasional notes she missed, and yes there were a few, made no difference to them, or me for that matter. You wanted to see her succeed as her personality erupted with every note, good or bad.
Stoney Nider, another fan and friend said to me “she has soul and emotion in her songs” and I couldn’t agree with him more. CC wasn’t just standing there collecting coin going from cover to cover without emotion, she made you feel every word. Her delivery felt personal, and story-telling rather than karaoke, which alone makes her stand out in SL.
So I conclude giving Camme Carver a strong 8 out of 10, losing points for volume and clarity of her equipment but gaining points on her performance and emotional connection with the crowd.
Rock on my sista, Rock on!!
 Camme Carver contact information-
Manager- BĄĐ (BadOne Resident) of “Bad Management”


Thursday, September 13, 2018

Come horse around at Copacabana Country Campground

At Copacabana Country Campgrounds we want you to have the best experience possible and involve the whole family. If you’ve ever gone on vacation and thought “I wish I could bring my horse” We have the solution you’ve been looking for in Second Life!

We are proud to announce the addition of Daneko Equestrian center to the Coapcabana Country Campground sim. At Daneko Ranch you can board your horse, learn to ride, get basic medical attention if needed and much more!

Located in the South East corner, near the lake, the equestrian center is run by Dali Daneko and her family. It’s fully equipped with anything your horse may need and is completely free to campers! They even offer trail rides and training for your horse!

You can contact Dali Daneko (DaliDaneko) for information about getting your horse a stall while you are staying at Copacabana Country and be sure to check out all the other fun activities we have to offer! Everything from Archery to a Zipline and even weekly activities such as campfire stories and family movie night!

Copacabana Country is the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We offer various sized campsite and even luxury cabins at an affordable 1.5L per prim!
Come on over and make yourself at home! You can join our visitors group to keep up with everything we do! For more information check out our website or contact jadey (jadeylynn) or Pen (arthuris1974) Dragon.

Group: secondlife:///app/group/2545eaab-814b-289d-a06a-8725da4309ba/about

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Spotlight on Copacabana County Campgrounds- A Family Friendly Virtual Camping Adventure

Copacabana County Campgrounds is a PG friendly outdoors escape from city life and into the mountains, valleys and coasts of Serena Copacabana. With Summer winding down and fall approaching, Second Life lights up with activity.  With so much to do, avatars are teleporting all over the grid in search of new and exciting past times with family and friends.

There is something about feeling one with nature when you can take a deep breath and smell  trees, flowers and crisp air. In Second Life, we get to experience the outdoors without the threat of mosquitos, spiders and bears and snakes! CopaCabana County Campgrounds is a creative and accurate interpretation of the Appalachian Mountains along the North Carolina and Tennessee border.

Blanketed with lush foliage, beautiful scenic views and a relaxing lake, there is plenty to do and see. When you first arrive, close your eyes and listen to the crackling of nearby campfires, birds and crickets chirping and maybe even the laughter of children. Absorb the nature that surrounds you.  If you listen close enough you may hear an owl hooting, a horse approaching or the call of an eagle overhead. CCC is abundant with wildlife and guests who love the outdoors.

Along the beaten path visitors are encouraged to interact with others at one of the 19 campsites with tents and some luxury cabins. During the day guests can go on excursions like hiking up a mountain and gliding all the way back down on a zipline.  For the real thrill seekers, go bungee jumping or grab a parachute and skydive over the breathtaking landscape. As the sun begins to settle, indulge in a horseback ride into the sunset, explore a hidden cave or participate in weekly events like Monday Movie night,  bingo, fishing and campfire stories. You'll also find group activities including paintball, bumper boats, archery and more. There have even been rumors that bigfoot has been spotted in the woods!

There is an element of roleplay at Copacabana County Campground to interactively immerse yourself into the environment.  With a fully functioning fire and rescue department, you can even be part of a team combatting a forest fire and other man vs nature situations that may occur. Just be mindful of the sign that indicates the threat level.

The SL Enquirer sat down with Pen and Jadey Dragon for an inside look at CCC and what inspired this great adventure.

Interview with Pen and Jadey Dragon

SLE: As I sat on a fold out chair at a campsite while absorbing my surrounding,  I felt a sense of calm. I can tell you two have put a lot of time into the details and activities at Copacabana County Campground. You truly captured the essence of nature and all its beauty. Can you tell me what inspired you to bring a virtual camping experience into SL?

Pen: We had looked all over the grid for a good, family friendly camping experience and were left sorely wanting. The old adage is, If you want something done and done right, do it yourself. So we did!

Jadey: The things our family needed just weren’t being met at the time we went camping. We travel as a pack, finding large spaces of just tents was not available where we looked. The activities, though pretty cool, again didn’t fit the theme. We wanted more than just a concert in the park.

SLE: You did a fantastic job creating CCC! Thank you for the tour, and my first SL zipline experience. That was exciting! While roaming around and taking in such a beautiful sim. I thought a hot air balloon ride would really put a birds eye view over the sim.

Pen: We actually had considered a Hot Air balloon in the beginning, and may yet add one as we are always looking to upgrade the experience we give our campers. We do take into consideration how scripted something might be as we try hard to keep the lag at Copacabana to a minimum.

Jadey:I am all about the realistic aspect of things, so I based the sim off personal experience.
I keep telling Pen, I have yet to find a hot air balloon ride camping, but maybe it’s just where I’ve been camping.

SLE: OH yes! That’s true lag and getting tangled in trees can cause problems. Lol
Do you offer any other activities I didn’t mention?

Pen/Jadey: We do have pottery as well as arts and crafts. We recently did a pine cone turkey where everyone hunted in the woods for the pieces such as feathers, the pine cones, acorns, fruit etc. assembled them to their pine cones, glued (linked) them together and took them home for show and tell. It was all done as an activity and a RP. Those are the kinds of activities that we looked for before we opened Copacabana Country. It’s our goal to make camping with us as fun and interactive as possible!

SLE:I will definately be back! Can I still make a cone turkey? That sounds creative and fun. You mentioned RPing. I heard there was a forest fire? What happened?

Pen: Yes! As I’d mentioned before, we like to keep things realistic and fun, plus we love to roleplay. In that spirit I notified the camp that the weather conditions were very dry and suitable for a forest fire. In response to that a few of our campers contacted me, asking if they could start a fire. Of course I said yes! As you said above, we have a fully functioning Fire/Rescue department for just such scenes. There is even a giant ‘Smokey the Bear’ sign next to our Ranger station that will alert campers to the fire danger that particular day. It’s all about having fun! Oh yeah! You can certainly get a pine cone’ll just have to search the woods for all the pieces like everyone else!

SLE: lol fine!  I love the realism of the environment.  With 19 campsites, there are a lot of choices! Can you describe some of the various campsites and the Cabins. Are they available for rent?

Jadey: Our goal for the campsites are really quite simple, you need it, we’ll get it! All of our tents, and cabins are just an example. In fact recently some campers decided to swap out their tents to adjust for RP winter. So we removed their tents, got them better fire, and set up a cozy little cottage.

SLE: Ohhh I can wait to see the winter activities! I’ve seen many campgrounds scattered around the grid. What is the competition like?

Pen: Yeah, there’s competition out there and we try to keep improving to stay on top of the game. Our goal is more to have a fun, safe place for families to camp than it is really to beat other campgrounds.

Jadey:Recently our competitors have been spotted copying our sim down to the cliffs, and literally the events we schedule. At first I was felt the same as our loyal visitors. Violated, angry, eager to set their place on fire! However, I decided that instead of feeling slighted or robbed, I wish to send a challenge out to them. Let’s keep the important things in sight, the families. Let’s work together, do field trips to each other’s campgrounds, and find a way to be friends not enemies.

SLE: Shame on them. That is an amazing challenge that I fully endorse. Not just amongst campgrounds but in other feuding genres.

Pen: I know, right? Lol We had a TON of people coming in telling us about this other campground. They even closed for a week to remodel and look like us. But we decided that was okay because if they want to be like us, then we must be doing something right. Our core values, such as the safety of the kids here, are more important than some feud. If they want to copy us, copy that part as well.

SLE: Great attitude. If someone wanted to rent a cottage? How can they go about getting information on what’s available?

Pen: We’ve tried to make that as easy as possible! We have our rentals listed on our website and facebook, we have rental cards available at our welcome center and if nothing else, there is always either a Park Ranger or Jadey and myself on the sim to answer questions.

Jadey: We are not just here to rent campsites. We live here, we interact with everyone, we’re always available in some capacity or another. We are not just notecard and warning senders when tier is do. We have had one on one conversations with each and every renter. If not me, then Pen or our other rangers. Not one person has gotten by without at the very least, a personal greeting. The hope is to always stay approachable to our campers for any questions, comments or concerns.

We also like to cater to special family events. Just recently a family of 3 informed us of their recent nuptials, So we put together a beautiful little reception and they were gracious enough to invite the entire sim to celebrate with them. A recent family reunion has been booked, and our onstaff DJ’s, photographer, videographer are on hand if needed to make it as special and memorable as possible.

SLE: Now that’s a community! Do you have a group discussions about activities and events?

Jadey: So here is how we operate, as I stated we’re family-owned. Each member of the family has a major role. I’m the bank, and I have final say over everything but the input comes from everyone and every where. If someone has an idea, they put it on the table, and everyone takes a vote. I have only had to override a few ideas. For example, my husband and brother wanted to set the ENTIRE sim on fire. This was not going to fly! Boys and their toys can get carried away.
Pen is the voice of reason, most of the time. He’ll play devil's advocate when we all are eager about something that could potentially blow up in our face. Nefertiti works behind the scenes, she comes in as a closer to verify things are actually making sense from an outside perspective.
Nick, is our social media, salesman, prankster, firefighter, and nosey neighbor. The kids, all of them, mine, his, hers the whole kit kaboodle are our welcoming committee. This is how events are created, discussed, argued about, and designed with possibly more arguing!   

Pen: Yeah, what she said! With that said, we also take into consideration event ideas that our campers suggest, and there have been a few. For example, one camper recently asked if she could help around the sim which had led to the creation of our jr Rangers. That will also be an avenue to teach the kids fire safety, first aid and more.

SLE:oooo I have a few ideas!  Relay races and obstacle courses dressed in costumes (Halloween).  It sounds like you have a great team and community, we should all roast  s'mores sometime. I once accidentally set a sim on fire using a spellcaster and it took the owner a couple hours to come find every particle. It was a nightmare!  A good friend but she slapped my hand and took my rezz rights away. Anyway, you both have done such an awesome job on CCC. Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Pen: Well, the obstacle course, races and the like...that was a secret project we were working on. Thanks for letting the cat out of the bag! We are also looking forward to making everything extra spooky for Halloween. Okay, well I’m looking forward to that, Jadey is always watching the prim and lag so she has me on a tight leash! And if ya want to roast some s’mores, come join us on Friday night for our campfire stories! We always has s’more room!

As far as something we’d like to share? We want our campground to be a safe, fun environment for families. We’re very vigilant about that, over all else. It’s important to us all that families, especially kids, have a place where they can just be, without the worries of the outside world.

Jadey: haha Rezz rights, that’s another topic all in itself. We’re very careful about who gets them. We don’t want floating adult toys landing on our campers! Or accidental explosions, so you don’t get a tag just for stopping by. It’s for your safety and ours. We do have a tag so people can keep up with the events, however rezzing is only for paid renters.

SLE: LOL Jadey you make a good idea lol.  Thank you both for sitting down with me for an inside look at Copacabana County Campground. I had a great time.

Experience Virtual Camping at its best. Teleport to Copacabana County Campground

Additional Information:

Group: secondlife:///app/group/2545eaab-814b-289d-a06a-8725da4309ba/about

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Spotlight on Knot Today Wedding Chapel - Affordable Do it Yourself Weddings! - Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Weddings have been practiced for centuries as a public display of love and union between two people who are joining each other’s life journey.  There are many traditions passed down through generations that can be seen practiced in modern cultures, such as the bride carrying a bouquet, the groomsmen and bridal party, the garter belt and lots of dancing and drinking. These practices have become more elaborate and expensive as new traditions are added to the celebration of love.

In Second Life, real world traditions do not always apply when couples can get married wherever and however they want using their own imagination and unique style.  There are many wedding venues in SL that offer a variety of packages that can range from 2,500L to 25,000L  and that doesn’t include the perfect attire and rings!
Knot Today Wedding Chapel is a do-it- yourself venue that is affordable but presents couples with top notch romantic scenes.  Hassle free planning is one of the reason couples are choosing KTWC. 

The SL Enquirer met up with jadey Ðragon (jadeylynn resident) to learn more about having the perfect wedding day and all the things you want for an easy, fast and stress free planning experience.

Interview with jadey Ðragon

SLE:  Jadey, I have to to say the venues are beautifully designed. You created a  place for couples to experience a perfect wedding. What inspired you to create Knot Today Wedding Chapel?

jadey Ðragon: Price! My SL wedding to Pen was over the top, and really quite stressful. From going over color schemes, to picking a concert band rather than the everyday DJ, I just didn’t care. I wanted to start my life with my partner, in a nice place, and what color the flowers were meant nothing to me. Yet, 25k later, I only remember the day for how much money we dropped and how much stress we were under. That shouldn’t be a memory!

SLE: I agree! For just 300L what can couples expect when they arrive at KTWC?

jadey Ðragon: A beautiful, stress free, easy to do wedding that will allow the memories to be about the two of them and not how much money they spent. Instead of the package deal that usually includes things you don’t really need, this is ala carte. You don’t need it, you don’t have to have it. If you want it, it can be done. There are no high pressured salesman IM’ing you the minute you land. Don’t get me wrong, anything within reason can be accommodated but that’s not really our target audience.

SLE: With Summer in full swing, I’m sure you are seeing an increase in unintended wedding crashers lol. To avoid overlapping weddings, what advice can you give couples who want to book a date?

jadey Ðragon: That’s just it, you don’t even have to book a date with us. You can show up in your pajamas in the middle of the night and runoff into the sunrise. With a 10-15 minute wedding it rarely, if ever, overlaps.

SLE: It sounds like everything is going great. Are there any rules couples should know about using the venues?

jadey Ðragon: The only really strong rule we ask is that you don’t linger if another party is waiting to go next. It doesn’t happen often, the officiant is quick, but sometimes people linger for photos or the drinks that are provided and that’s ok, just don’t interrupt the next party.

SLE:  Do you make the venue private for guests who want to ensure no wedding crashers disrupt their special moment?

jadey Ðragon: Upon request, absolutely. We’ll also turn voice on to allow them to have their ceremony that way was well. All you have to do is ask.

SLE:  What other types of weddings do you accommodate?

jadey Ðragon: Other than the traditional wedding ceremonies we also have a secret garden located below that provides an automated Collaring Ceremony for those in the BDSM lifestyle. There were 2 reasons for adding this to the venue. The first reason was that many new people to the lifestyle don’t know where to begin with a collaring ceremony in SL, so they usually skip the ceremony altogether and have very little memory of it happening at all. The second reason was, of course, personal to my heart and it needed to be part of my business as my business is part of me.

SLE: You cover everything lifestyle by offering traditional, customization and even collaring ceremonies.   For Elopements and weddings on the fly, how can they DIY their service?

jadey Ðragon: Everything you need is completely provided! You have the tradition walk down the aisle, the awkward stand as the officiant reads the vows, and the most important, a kissing pose. When the wedding is complete, the poses to walk back down the aisle together is also provided. All you have to do is show up, make a small payment and follow directions.

SLE: All of that for only 300L! Do you offer packages?

jadey Ðragon: No. Everything is ala carte available, but that’s not really what this chapel was designed for. If you need a photographer, videographer, DJ etc. it can be done but our target audience are more the ones who are not looking for fluff or high-end extras.

SLE: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about Knot Today Wedding Chapel & Studio?

jadey Ðragon: Just because we want you to do it yourself, doesn’t mean you have too. If you need help we’re available, but we won’t try to sell you anything or talk you into spending more money. We’re very approachable people and wanting to truly make your day special.

SLE:I wish Knot Today Wedding Chapel much success! How do you prefer to be contacted for special reservations and requests?

jadey Ðragon: Drop a notecard, I do not ever want anyone to feel as if they’re being neglected or ignored and IMs sometimes get capped.

Additional Info:
Preferred contact: Jadeylynn Resident or Arthuris1974 Resident