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Showing posts with label Halloween Party. Show all posts

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Halloween Destinations in Second Life- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...


Halloween originated by the Ancient Celts with an annual pagan festival of Samhain to welcome the harvest at the end of Summer. It was celebrated with bonfires, feasting and dancing in costumes to ward off ghosts. Wiccans honored their ancestors by building altars adorned with pumpkins, apples and other fall crops. Some Wiccans added photos of deceased family members and even special baked bread to feed visiting spirits. Storytelling was also part of the rituals. Samhain was one of the 66 seals, and he was worshiped as a God.

In Central and southern Mexico, “Dia de los Muertos” is also known as “Day of the Dead”.

The festivals seem to share the same concepts as the Festival of Samhain. However, rather than mourning the dead which was seen as disrespectful. They celebrate their deceased family members' lives with bright yellow marigold flowers, food and favorite drinks of the departed.

Halloween today in America morphed into some kind of joke. Parents dressing their kids up like cartoon characters and Memes to go around knocking on doors for candy only to come home and “inspect” your kids stash and put aside your favorite candies.  For adults that still like to dress up, go to Halloween parties and get all wrecked and take an Uber home.

In Second Life, Halloween is celebrated by a Global community to bring in their own special traditions for others to enjoy. Here are some locations in Second Life where you can experience Halloween in the comfort of your own home and go clubbing, check out some concerts, decorate your crib or go shopping for that perfect costume. Enter some contests for a chance at winning  Lindens for Best Costume like everrrr!

Here are some haunts below to check out! Happy Halloween!

LUXE Paris New Masquerade Shop

You don't want to be ugly for Halloween? LUXE Paris NEW MASQUERADE Shop is for you! Stylish disguises! Harajuku Girl, Lady Sheriff, Squid Guards, Private Benjamin, Mr Galaxy, Princess Anastasia, Marie-Antoinette, Witch in Flames... L$300 to L$350 for a complete costume! Once you are all ready for your Halloween party, have a look at our regular collection in the main store. Inspired by the European haute couture, LUXE Paris offers elegant clothes for ALL occasions. Need a pose to immortalize your new looks? Visit our ProPose store, professional fashion poses by the top model Ponchituti Boucher. And finally, hit our private jet for a ride to our SUPER OUTLET in the SKY where everything is L$50! All day every day! 


OCTOBER 27TH @ 1:00pm SLT





InspireMe City and InspireMe Estates Presents :DJ Sophia

October 27th @ 2pm SLT 

5000L+ Halloween Costume Contest

Linden giveaway for different costumes.

Trick or Treat 


October 31st @ 1:00pm SLT






Transylvania (/^VAMPIRE EMPIRE^\) Goth Vampire Community

October 31st @ 6:00pm SLT

Come Celebrate the best night of the year with your Bloody DJ's from 6pm-8pm slt as they spin some scary tunes. We have a Transylvanian at the wheel as they drive us screaming into the night. Don't be late!

Transylvania - Second Life's Oldest Vampire Community and home to some of the best DJs on the grid! Active Goth Scene ~ Strong Vampiric Style ~ Lycan ~ DJs ~ Residential Rentals 

Don’t forget to search the event listings for Halloween Events happening across the grid this month.

Wednesday, October 19, 2022


Join us on Saturday, October 29th beginning at 6pm SLT at the Pharmacy Speakeasy, your HOWLLLLLEEEEN place to be!  DJ Susie Cummings will be performing her magic to help you have a ghoulishly good time! Also, don't forget there will be lindens up for grabs to the top three winners in "Word Muddler", a word scrambling game with a Halloween twist!  Hope to see you there!!

Start with great music, add a few friends, mix in some good conversation and you're in for a night of fun at The Pharmacy Speakeasy Swing Music Club! Now open two nights a week - Tuesdays and Saturdays from 6pm - 8pm SLT. Vintage clothing from the 1930s-1940s is recommended but not required.

Contact: Pet (pet.pinklady)

Public Landmark:

Social Media:

Friday, October 30, 2020

The SL Enquirer is hosting an Exclusive SUPERHEROES & SIDEKICKS HALLOWEEN PARTY AT CLUB LANAI'S BAT CAVE! Oct 31st. 4-7pm SLT

 You are invited to the Halloween Party of the Year! 

 It's time to stop hiding behind those normal clothes and reveal your inner Superhero, Villain or Vixen and rub elbows with other action figures @ CLUB LANAI's exclusive Bat Cave!

In collaboration with The Chippendales Tribute of SL , DJ Talya Moleno, DJ Arisha Flame and the one and only Wolfie Moonshadow,! We are excited to deliver an a fantastic event of talented entertainment and mystery gifts so don't forget your Kung Fu grips and sidekicks!

Exclusive Party Details:

Date: Saturday October 31st 2020

Attire:  Superhero or Sidekick attire

Time: 4:00pm-7:00 pm SLT

Event Line up

4:00-5:30pm SLT- Chippendales Tribute of SL and DJ Talya Moleno

5:30-6:00pm SLT - DJ Arisha Flame

6:00pm-7:00pm SLT- Wolfie Moonshadow 

Secret Location:

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Shipyard Rock Club is proud to present to you our Grand Opening and Halloween Party- Oct 26th 12pm slt

 Are you tired of looking for a Club that plays NOTHING but rock? Wanting to feel welcome? A place to call your home away from home? Tired of songs being radio edited? Look no further... The Shipyard Rock Club is just the place for you. To kick off our Grand Opening AND Halloween Party starting at 12pm SLT, we'll have the oh soo sexy DJ Sky. Come down to SL's newest ROCK ONLY Club.. The Shipyard Rock Club and get ready to shake them pixels. DJ Sky will be here ready to take and play ALL of your fave 80's thru Today's rock song requests while her Host B does her best to make you feel welcome and at home. This is a party you won't want to miss... Put on your best Halloween Costume and come shake them pixels with us. This is one club you won't wanna miss out on...


**retrieved from SL Events

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Kinky Kostume Extravaganza at Aces Male Strip Club October 31st 2015 6-8pm SLT

Come join us  for our Kinky Kostume Extravaganza. This Spooktacular Event will be held October 31st 2015 from 6-8pm slt. Dress in your best Halloween Costume where we will have a 3000L prize on the contest board for Best Halloween Costume. 
The Sexy Men of Aces will be taking the stage to entertain and fulfill every desire and fantasy imaginable while dancing to the incredible tunes of our live DJ. Take a stroll around the sim to find our wall of dancers along with some souvenirs to make your night a memorable one.
About Aces Male Strip Club
Follow us

The Hollywood Ballroom Halloween Party October 31st at 7pm SLT

In Hollywood we have trailers for everything, for movies, for TV shows and now for our Halloween party!

The Pink Vampire stars at The Hollywood Ballroom October 31st at 7pm SLT in a new haunted venue created for this one night only event!  Come in your best costume, because the paparazzi will be there and who knows what society page you will appear in. 

The Hollywood Ballroom is THE place to be this Halloween night in SL.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

HALLOWEEN BASH ON THE BEACH AT DADDY-O's Thursday October 29th 6:00 - 8:00 PM SLT

Put on your favorite Halloween costume and join us in the graveyard on the beach at Daddy-O's for an early Halloween Bash! Our DJ will be spinning some great tunes as well as your requests! This will be one ghoulishly fun night you don't want to miss! So grab your significant other, your friends or just come alone and meet new friends at Daddy-O's....Where fun RULEZ!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Lastat Productions is Proud to Announce it's 6th Annual Halloween Party! October 30th 6-10pm SLT

If you haven't been to one before, you're in for a real treat! Every year for Halloween we host a huge event with live mix DJs, costume contests, hunts and more! We build a custom set with haunted buildings, an eerie forest, a scary pumpkin patch and plenty of ghosts too!

This year we'll have two costume contests with over $10,000L in cash prizes!
 We also have a hunt for Dead Fred's bones where everyone has the chance to walk away with over $2,500L in prizes from Lastat Productions. As an added bonus, all prices will be slashed to 50% during the event!

 This year is estimated to be our biggest party yet so don't miss out! We hope to see you there!

Halloween Party Location TBA!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Villian Halloween Costume Party Brought to you By American Justice League- October 24th 4-6pm SLT

You are cordially invited to attend  VILLIAN HALLOWEEN COSTUME PARTY aboard SLE's Luxury Yacht on Saturday October 24, 2015 4-6pm SLT. Featuring DJ:  Dinah Queen (Black Canary) of the ***Justice League of America***

Boarding Pass: SLE's Luxury Yacht:

Join the fight against cancer with The American Justice League and save the Ta-Tas!!

Dig deep into your pockets and raise some support!!!
Come ready in your best villain costume and meet the elite socialites from Metropolis and Gotham City; maybe even a chance to meet a “real” Justice League Member. 

 Music / Dance & Food / Drinks will be served. 

JLA Commercial:

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Center Ground Group presents " Halloween Party with Mizz Dibou at The Art Cafe of Center Ground”- October 28th 7pm SLT

Mizz Dibou makes her long awaited return with the Nu Soul Neo Soul Show broadcasting live from Center Ground'sHalloween Party at The Art Cafe, Tuesday October 28 at 7PM SLT. Curator Judi Lynn will be there with trivia and prizes along with host Charity Richez to keep the party popping.
Dress in your best costumes
Bring a friend and bring those dancing shoes
 Known in SL and 1st Life as Judi Lynn, she “has made it a mission to share her vision and message as an artist with the global community.”  Her work can be seen at various galleries throughout Second Life, and here:
About Center Ground Group: Originally started by 4 environmentally focused leaders to discuss and promote true sustainable modeling, and preserve their ideas and dreams in the SL metaverse, now expanded to include arts and cultural interest
SL Group
Center Ground
If you would like more information on this topic IM Luchenpur Darwin inwolrd or e-mail

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Night @ Speakeasy: October 31st @ 6-8pm SLT Featuring Jackie Lefko & Molly Serpente

The Speakeasy has been transformed from cozy to spooky to embrace two SL Singing Divas – one Blues Diva and one Country Diva – on Halloween night.  At 6 PM SLT, Jackie Lefko, the owner of the Speakeasy, takes the stage to enchant the audience with her sultry, bluesy voice.  Brace yourself!  That is just the beginning!  You will not doubt how much Molly Serpente loves to sing Country music when she takes the stage at 7 PM SLT to share her mesmerizing voice.  Yes we know!  There has been no shortage of opportunities to sport your favorite Halloween costume at the numerous parties in Second Life over the past week or so.  But, the big night is Thursday, October 31st

What better way to end the 2013 Halloween celebrating than with live music at the Speakeasy? 

Just give the taxi driver this address and we will see you there:
About the Singing Divas

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lastat Productions Presents their 4th Annual Halloween Party October 26th 6:00-10:00pm SLT

This year marks the 4th annual Lastat Productions Halloween Party! Every year we give away over $10,000L in cash prizes to a few lucky contest winners, and over $5,000L in prizes to everyone that participates in the Haunted Hunt

Our talented DJ's play various genre of music as part of our evenings spooky entertainment. The people that participate are phenomenal, the prizes are grand, and the entertainment is exciting! Don't miss out on this years 4th annual Lastat Productions Halloween Party!

Join Lastat Productions for Location Info!

Visit for more info