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Showing posts with label The Night Theater. Show all posts

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Night Theater Presents: My Heart Goes BOOM- February 14th @ Noon SLT

A Sweet and Sizzling Valentines show with something for everybody.

With 8 new numbers passionately choreographed by The Dream Dancers for your enjoyment this Valentines.

Valentines day Saturday 14th noon slt

Wednesday  February 18th at noon slt

Saturday February 21st noon slt & midnight slt.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Night Theater Presents: Winter Wishes- Thursday January 15 at 11am SLT

A fun show of dreams and wishes for this time of year. The Dreamdancers have worked their magic to bring you a few of their winter hopes and dreams to life. With 2 numbers choreographed by JenzZa Misfit & Martty Gehter, another number by Sarah Elisabeth Brenham and a few more as usual by Aelva.

To satisfy the requests of our audience, we are performing Winter Wishes one last time, before all the snow melts away. So if you could´t get in last time due to the unfortunate sim limit changes, or simply haven´t had time yet, come by and see the show on:

Thursday January 15th @ 11 am slt.

And, we have moved! So new surroundings to explore and hang out in;)

 New location: