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Saturday, August 15, 2015

What Will Become of Second Life When Project Sansar Opens it's Glorious Gates in 2016?- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

For a decade plus two years, Second Life has been a place of great promise, creativity, global culture and a virtual community like no other. It’s a distraction from the negatives in the world in which we live. With virtual culture comes great uncertainty. Having the ability to create our own paths in a virtual world, the tension of everyday life is soothed by our fantasies of what a perfect world could be. We have shared ideas, we’ve built, gained friendships, felt love and great loss. Can we survive more change?

On the other hand change is required to advance technology, or should that be to keep up with the advancement of technology.  We may be nothing but pixels in our virtual world, but we are very much human behind the screen.  Being human means that we will do our utmost to resist change.

Leadership is about leading, but it’s also about implementing change and this is where Linden Labs comes into the picture. While many people like to joke that the only constant in life is change, change has an interesting way of affecting people that can often result in resistance. This resistance can range from fairly subtle, such as avoidance or passive aggressive behavior, all the way to outright defiance, hostility, and sabotage. The best way to avoid resistance to change? Seek to uncover potential resistance prior to implementing change.  In the Linden interviews at SL12B, Ebbe Altberg CEO of Linden Labs made a commitment to have a monthly ‘Question Time’ with the Lindens, which does not appear to have transpired and so the resistance to change continues to gather momentum.

The culture of our virtual world is one that cannot be easily defined or provide one voice or perspective. For each of us, it tells a unique story, one that cannot be repeated in exact detail. Time is the only thing we all share as we spread out across the grid and into our own interests. None of us knows what the future holds but we all share in the uncertainty of what will become of us. We are a culture like no other. We’ve grown alongside technological advances and what the virtual world can do in the midst of this great computer age. Possibilities are endless, creativity is infinite but the end of a virtual world era, might be close at hand.  Perhaps for a few or thousands. For others there is promise of greater things to come in another virtual world; Sansar.

But do we willingly sacrifice all we have done, put our tools and creations down, and set our sights on a new virtual world built off the backs of everyone who has made Second Life what it is today? On the promise of what oculus rift has to offer?  A more immersive technology that grants us the ability to wear goggles to experience a virtual world we have struggled  to keep afloat? Is that enough?

How do we start over without repercussion, or giving up what we already have? I’ve witnessed mass exodus from one virtual world to another before, and the bonds of community and a unique culture were lost forever. How do we know this will not happen again and take years to rebuild? Nothing comes without a price and as for the approaching future of change,the price of our time will be unaffordable. It cannot be reimbursed or returned. How do we trust the promise of something greater when we have struggled with the same unfixable issues for over 12 years? Lag, Trolls, drama, greed and disrespect for others.  These will follow us into the next world only repeating the same issues we already fight against in Second Life. Does it make sense to even make an effort anymore?  We will really have to start from scratch all over again

To quote Mr. Ebbe Altberg from a recent interview in Variety -  (link to full interview at the bottom of this article)

“However, Linden Lab CEO Ebbe Altberg believes that Project Sansar can eclipse Second Life. “Second Life hit the ceiling at the hobbyist level,” he said during a recent interview, explaining that it once had slightly more than 1 million monthly active users, while still attracting just below 900,000 monthly users in 2015. Sansar isn’t just supposed to one day become bigger, but also much more instrumental to the success of virtual reality itself.”

He continued further on:

“But the most fundamental difference between Second Life and Project Sansar is a lot more conceptual: Second Life has always been first and foremost about Second Life itself. Sansar will be about individual VR experiences, powered by Linden Lab’s technology.
Project Sansar will allow brands and other developers to build their own VR experiences, and then deep-link to them from their websites or third-party apps. Users will still have to have the Project Sansar software installed to use them, but it will feel a lot more like custom experiences. “Second Life is a platform dressed as a product,” said Altberg. Project Sansar will be a platform that will allow others to build products. “The experience is the primary brand,” he said.”
So do we trust Linden Labs to lead us in the right direction?  The very ones who seem to have shown us abandonment for the promise of something better? Do we fall to our knees and praise words from those who moved on to other projects they are not 100% sure will succeed? Everything about virtual world advancement is based on speculation and words of a few. What power do they hold over our time and creativity? The power to pull the plug if they so desire?  What is our incentive to trust?

What about the media? Should we trust them? The free agents who spend their time involved in the community and share the happenings across the grid ( without influence from the Lindens as far as we know) They are the ones that have a greater understanding of what is going on within our virtual community and hear the concerns of residents.

The media who do their utmost to keep the community informed of what is happening in and around SL receive very little credit for their efforts.  This then causes rumour mongering while everyone chases their tails trying to figure out what the Lindens will do next. Linden Labs need to recognise that the SL Media can give them a voice much louder than just a few postings on the forums found on the dashboard of our accounts. That’s why I was so encouraged to read about the promise that Ebbe Altberg made to Jo Yardley and Saffia Widdershins about “Question Time”with the Lindens, which appears to be a non starter.

When was the last time a Linden showed interest in what you do unless you are making them thousands of dollars? Everything else is domestic issues and not of concern to them. Although apparently Xiola Linden is responsible for community engagement, whatever that means and I understand that Ebbe Altberg does walkabouts in SL at times and is even alleged to have a SL home somewhere too.

Sim Owners above all have special advantages because they pay huge fees and do all the leg work to provide a place for those who can only afford a parcel to rent. The ones who lose the most are venue owners who pay not only for the land they rent but also for the entertainment they provide visitors, who in turn rarely tip the venues or the musical talent. It is an uneven economy that is consumed with inside politics.

If and when these Land Barons move on to Sansar will they reach the same success as they have in SL or fall to the bottom of the totem pole only to claw their way to the top and repeat the same unfortunate events? That’s highly unlikely since it has been touted that everyone will be given land on signing up for SANSAR, so the need for residential estates will be negated, or is that just a rumour?

Much can be said for the creators of products in Second Life. With so many stores selling fashion, accessories, furniture and other necessities, the market is so saturated and spread thin it is nearly impossible to make a real world living for everyone. The lucky ones have found a niche in the market but the time they spend chasing new ideas and creating new products is traded in for having less of a personal real life that holds the same amount of value. They are forced to weigh the importance of making money and spending a lot of time in SL and being less present in their real world.

But wait! If the rumor that land will be free in Sansar and creators cannot transfer their products into the new world is true, where will that leave the competing creators and landlords when and if a mass exodus takes place? The speculation and unknowns have me wondering if it is even worth giving up everything for a new grid or even live a virtual life, when our real one is more important.

Only time will answer all these questions. My options are to wait to make my final decision and continue to write about Second Life, the virtual world I once loved so greatly and have invested 10 years in, or I can cut my loses and jump ship now.

What will you do?

*Special Thanks to Lacy Muircastle for her insight and contributions to this article

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

“The Growth and Evolution of Avatar Social Network (ASN)” -Bimala Tagore Reporting

Avatarsocial network-

Avatar Social Network (ASN), is an extensive and active virtual community, bringing together people from a variety of virtual games. ASN provides members with the opportunity to interact with each other and the site as their virtual avatar/character.
Members can create a personal avatar profile, share their thoughts, opinions, upload photos/videos of virtual interactions/adventures, engage in joint activities, conduct discussions on a variety of topics and make new friendships.
ASN has extended their focus well beyond just the creation of a profile. They cover many demands. Members are free to create blogs; group/business pages, promote upcoming events for their virtual worlds for free.
The accomplishment of ASN is not by pure luck. The rapid growth can be attributed to various forces working together. At the helm is Arkad Baxton, founder of Avatar Social Network. Arkad’s natural leadership skills, business acumen, drive and determination mean that his vision has turned into a wonderful virtual reality. Within its first active year, ASN has 70,000 posts and 12,000 friendships made. This shows that clearly ASN’s first year has been a success.

In this interview, Arkad Baxton shares with us how this huge community has developed and grown into a place for avatars to capture and communicate their virtual experiences in such an amazing, dynamic way.

Bimala Tagore:  The quick resident growth is a virtue to Avatar Social Network.

Arkad Baxton: Oh yes it's growing very fast.

Bimala Tagore: ASN reached 70,000 posts and 12,000 friendships in one year. The membership on the site has continued to rapidly grow throughout 2014. This positive response seems to indicate that ASN is well on its way to becoming a well-known name across the web. 

Arkad Baxton: Yes, hopefully those numbers will be at least 100 times more by next year :)

Bimala Tagore: What is the key to it's Success?

Arkad Baxton:  I don't think there is a recipe for that, but perhaps having a fantastic team to work with. Both, developers, admins and moderators helps to make the growth faster. It's great team work. Our mods are directly interacting with the members, offering support and keeping the content clean. The admins are addressing deeper issues, especially technical problems and the developers and scripters are responsible for the updates, upgrades and smooth operation of the website and of course the technical background. ASN runs on a strong and state of the art new generation server structure that keeps the website safer, stronger and faster.

Moreover we have serious investors. They are also part of ASN's success. See I am the founder of the website and my company is the owner but it also has investors that are helping the financial aspect for the growth.

Bimala Tagore: Their support and participation around the ASN community is strong. Clearly the roles of the Human Resource team, is fundamental. In this sense, your work enables you to create the result you want for ASN. Could you tell me what inspired you to create ASN?

Arkad Baxton: The people using virtual worlds and games like Second Life, World of Warcraft,, etc did not have a social network website that would allow them to interact as their avatar or character. Always some kind of real life information was required, at least a birth date at every social network. So I decided to make this one happen. No real life information required. Anyone can enjoy interacting as their avatar or game character. I already had a test community back then in 2008, but I didn't see this ready yet. In 2013, I made it reality and Avatar Social Network has been growing ever since.

Avatar Social Network is available on Android and soon on iOS as well

Bimala Tagore: Yes, you are achieving true success. Avatar Social Network covers many demands and interests.  Also every interaction on the site gives you “bonus points”. You can earn credits for their virtual world.

Arkad Baxton: Oh yes it's a website that offers it all. It's like having Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Wordpress and Flickr at one place all for avatars without the requirement of any real life information. At the same time, it has a credit system which is a unique concept to the website. No one has ever done it before. It's basically rewarding website activity and the credit can be used on the website to buy virtual gifts for each other, for games, etc. or yes members can exchange it for their virtual world's game currency. I believe in giving back to the community. It is also an important part of success.

State of the Art new generation server structure

Bimala Tagore: Definitely, all this you are doing could provide tremendous business benefit. In this respect, advertisers will find massive exposure. 

Arkad Baxton: Well, Avatar Social Network is already the highest ranked social media website for virtual worlds. So because of that, it has a lot of daily visitors which is of course great exposure for advertisers. We have different ad sizes available on the website and now the landing page also offers a large ad surface for bigger companies too. ASN is a good place to advertise.

Adding to that, we also offer business pages for free so clubs, designers, artists; businesses can create their own page and grow their visibility like that.

Bimala Tagore: Even when we don't have the ability to perfectly predict the future. How do you envision ASN?

Arkad Baxton: First we will have a celebration day right here on September 20th. We will have famous live singers, DJs, gifts, and all together an fantastic events. Then we have plans to add new features to the website to offer even more to the members. Without giving away too much just hinting: music. We already have an Android App but we have to upgrade that because of the new security we set up for the website and sometime this year or early next year we want to release our iPhone app as well.

The venue is ready for the 1st Year Anniversary Event

The future of Avatar Social Network in my vision is having a social media website for all the virtual world players and gamers that can hang out, share their photos, videos, interest, connect and promote their activity without the need of providing their real life information. There are thousands of people with their avatars and game characters to keep in touch with their virtual friends and make new ones.
It's already there and welcoming everyone from all walks of life without checking their information or limiting their number of accounts. On ASN people can have more than one account, one for each of their avatars "alts".
Bimala Tagore: You will celebrate the completion of your first year online. Congratulations on your anniversary.
Arkad Baxton: Thank you, it's going to be fun. As the first anniversary, it is always  a big deal.
We have a line of famous live singers, djs. Designers will offer their gifts as well. And of course we will promote ASN to everyone who is not a member yet. Although it's growing very fast, there are still people out there that are not familiar with it. It is time to break that circle :)

Avatar Social Netoerk offers business pages for free

Bimala Tagore: It is going to be fun. On the other hand, to be connecting with others and keeping real life safe are two principles in ASN. ASN is essentially a “virtual Facebook” for every avatar, but unobtrusive.

Arkad Baxton: Yes they call it "facebook" for virtual worlds but it's probably because facebook deactivates accounts that do not provide contain real information. Avatars, game characters are being removed and members are required to provide a copy of their real ID in order to get their account back.

That triggered a lot of people to move to ASN and I guess hence the connection to Facebook that way. Facebook allows only real life related accounts and only one account per real person. ASN allows any kind of fantasy or game related account and members can make an account for each of their avatar or character. It makes ASN a very attractive choice of social media and offers much more altogether.

Bimala Tagore: Could you extend your opinion about your team work?

Arkad Baxton: ASN has three staff groups. One is the developers and scripters. They pretty much stay in the background and they do not interact with the members. Then we have the administrators that have minimal interaction with members through Help Center but they get in contact when needed. The really visible team is the moderators. They are constantly on the website and being involved with the community, assisting members and of course moderating content that should not be there. They are a fun bunch and I feel blessed to have them. They are actually from virtual worlds so they know it all. I can only say that the entire crew of ASN is a fantastic talented group of people. Everyone knows their part and are doing a great job.

Bimala Tagore: ASN demonstrates virtuous ethics, because it encourages and promotes a harmonious community. ASN does not tolerate stalkers and classic abusers.

Arkad Baxton: It is important to add that Avatar Social Network has a very decent and friendly community. The ASN team takes spamming, griefing, trolling and stalking very seriously. ASN is highly moderated, luckily though we have only had a few of those issues in this one year.

Avatar Social Network for "Facebook" Refugees

Bimala Tagore: Arkad, would you like to add anything else?

Arkad Baxton: I think the only thing to add is that I would like to openly invite everyone to join Avatar Social Network and join us in celebrating our 1 year anniversary on September 20th, 2014.

Bimala Tagore: Once again I wish you happy first year. Congratulations on a wonderful accomplishment.

Arkad Baxton:  Thank you for contacting me about this Bimala.

Join Today!

25% Off SLE Advertising if you Join ASN and friend Lanai Jarrico! use promo code ASN#1friend in the prefer staff member section here

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Wilder Side of Business featuring Mandala!

Click Image for larger view
It's Sunday! Set your clocks for 6AM SLT, as we interview the lovely Polly Reina, manager of Mandala jewelry. Mandala is owned by the talented Kikunosuke Eel and due to language barriers and time zone differences Polly will step in and answer questions about Kikunosuke's gorgeous jewelry and his work with mesh. We are so excited to interview a representative of this amazing brand. Kikunosuke's work is full of realism and truly some of the best virtual jewelry we have worn in Second Life. If you have not seen Mandala  jewelry, be sure to checkout their blog.  Also be sure to visit their sim in-world.

Click the link below to listen to the interview with Polly live on Sunday:

Monday, April 30, 2012

Ding Dong....Avon Calling.

Ladies have you ever admired the make-up your Avatar can wear?
If you had the choice in Real Life would you get similar make-up?

Mother’s Day is coming and you just don’t have the time to shop. Why not buy her gift ONLINE from Second Life? Father’s Day is coming too...don’t leave dear old dad out.
There is a new store opening that will let you shop for Mom and Pop.