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Showing posts with label discount. Show all posts

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Join Us for the Grand Opening of the Cheeky WOW! Event Room


The Cheeky WOW! Event Room is here to celebrate designers of all levels in Second Life who each will offer Exclusives and 50% Cheeky Discounts each round from 7th-25th Every Month.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Dictatorshop 50% Sale! from Innocent to Adult High Quality Furniture with texture changer HUDs

Storewide save 50% on everything except gift cards and new releases from 2-8 July.
Furniture and decor items range from innocent, to PG, to Adult Vanilla right up through Adult Kink BDSM.

Creating quality furniture in SL since 2006

Main Store:

Sunday, May 21, 2017


After a few months of working hard, this weekend we release The KiX Aura BDSM Bed.
This bed is packed full of options that every D/s needs.  Did I say D/s?  well we might have a hint of D/s/D/s for you but best you test that out for yourselves.  For this Bonanza Weekend group members can purchase this bed for half price in the main store.

There is more!  Items in the KiX on The Beach range will be half price this weekend too, both in the main store and on the market place.
Want even more?  Oh you lucky people!  We have something special out for you in the 30L$ Saturday too.
Oh ok you can have a cherry on the top.  New group gift to be found in our new ErotiX building next to the main store.

All this starts Friday 26th May and as it's a Bank Holiday here in the UK will last until Midnight slt on Monday

Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Special! 15% Off All Advertising and Shop Space Rentals at the SL Enquirer Now!

Here's a perk for advertising with The SL Enquirer in the Spring!

Get  15% Off one Month Ad Packages & Long term rates.  Space is limited and will be at a first come first serve basis.

As an added bonus for advertisers with merchandise to sell, we are offering a 50 prim allowance and shop space as part of our monthly AD packages.  Not only will you get shop space but you can promote it with an Ad Banner/link on the SL Enquirer website,  weekly press release/event posts and access to sending notices in our SL Enquirer Media group!

Where else can you get a total promotional package like that?

Lock in your  Spring savings Now!

For Shop Set up assistance contact Lanai Jarrico

Offer expires  April 30th

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Introducing Discount Roulette- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Everyone loves a great deal when they are out and about shopping in Second Life. With the countless malls and stores across the grid it can become overwhelming trying to look for items that are both quality and match your shopping budget. Here is an interesting solution to your shopping dilemma, how about playing a little bit of Discount Roulette? It is the newest most exciting way for merchants to show off their newest products.

It works in two ways. For merchants, it allows them to put products in the machine and set the price. When customers pay the set price, they will receive a random discount anywhere from 10%, 20% or even 100% off! You may think nothing is free but why not take the chance and have some fun.

To learn more about this unique product, we sat down with creator Julya Lykin to talk more about it.

Interview with Julya Lykin

Lanai: Hi Julya, can you tell me a little bit about Shame Me Designs and what your brand has to offer Second Life residents?

Julya:  Shame Me Designs started off as a shape shop.  It had progressed into other things, dabbling in applier friendly clothing, and now Discount Roulette.  Thus far, Shame Me Designs has also been the home of the hunt Dare2Bare (next one is January 15th – February 15th).

Lanai:  You have an interesting product:  Discount Roulette.  What made you come up with the idea?

Julya:  I’ve always had a passion for marketing.  Being a designer myself, I know the price it takes to put out a freebie.  Designing anything takes time, and time is money.  This way the designers will be able to make their cost back from making the item, and give the customers an exciting reason to come frequently, to see what’s new.  It’s a true win, win!

Lanai:  The features for Discount Roulette seem simple. Can you explain how merchants can add items and set a price? Also, how many items can be put into this machine?

Julya:  Setting up the machine is quite simple.  Edit the machine, and put your price in the “Description” box.  Then click over to the “Contents” Tab, take out the “gift box,” and put your item inside.  While you’re in the “Contents” Tab, double click on the script and simply click the reset button, close everything up and your ready to rock.  One item per machine.

Lanai: Can merchants have multiple Discount Roulette Machines?
Julya:  Yes, the machine is sold as copy, no transfer.  You can set up as many as you like.  As other versions come out, there will be free updates.

Lanai: Do you have to join a group in order to receive discounts?
Julya:  No.  Anyone can play.  It is set up to be completely random.

Lanai: Where can merchants purchase this system?

Julya:  There are two different ways you can purchase the machine.  In-world you can purchase it at Shame Me Designs.  There is a machine set out with an item inside.  Or if you prefer, you can also purchase it on Marketplace.  It is available at both locations for L$350.

Lanai: With products like Discount Roulette available to shoppers, I think it makes shopping a bit more fun. Will you be coming up with other ways to bring merchants and customers together?

Yes, there is a group made called Discount Roulette, in which customers can find all the newest locations and designers can inform customers of their new items.  Once a week there will be an updated list posted in notices of stores with slurls attached for your convenience.  The Discount Roulette blog is now up and running, where the list will be maintained.  Another feature will be designer items blogged.  We have a few more tricks up our sleeves for the future =).

Additional Information
Group: secondlife:///app/group/f864696b-54bc-574c-e62e-7e20d53f97bb/about
Preferred contact: Julya Lykin

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Random End of Summer Discount Today Only! 50% off any Ad Option - SLE Media Group and Site Members Only! August 24th 2013


The SL Enquirer is giving a 50% discounts on all Ad options to SLE Group & Site members only!
* if you are not a member, join today for the discount!

To redeem this discount, email

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Perfect opportunity to see how SLE can help your business and or events!
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