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Showing posts with label fall colors. Show all posts
Showing posts with label fall colors. Show all posts

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Highlight What is Hot for Mid Fall 2016 - What are the trending fall colors and popular fashion choices - Camury Reporting

Can you believe we're already Mid November? Time flies and autumn leaves keep falling. 

The snow will be here soon ... But there's still time to dust off our inventory, clean that boot full of cobwebs and get out that  forgotten jacket, to remake new looks for the season.

Let’s see what some of the talented designers in SL have prepared for the fall 

- Hidden hands: the clothes’ sleeves are long, hiding avatar hands. Hands can also be covered by gloves that accompany the arm’s extension.
- 70’s and 80’s Retro: a continuation of 70’s trend, with flare pants, floral dresses, turtleneck, shoulder pads and leather. The stamps feature tribal, ethnic, gypsy and Peruvian boho styles. Take the opportunity to use strong colors, like orange, yellow and vinyl.  Fringe is also in high demand.

- Exposed bust: the bust is exposed openly, with transparency or naked effects.
- Unisex: unisex style provides skirts for men and suits for women.
- Overlays: overlays are fashionable, with the use of skirts over thick tights or long trousers.
- Military uniform: the military uniform keeps going on strong, with the military officer’s coat with double button.

 - Color: Prints all over is the autumn theme, not only through the usual colors such as leopards or tigers, but also in cheerful shades like green, blue and yellow.

 - Black and White Stripe: black and white stripes will wrap many fall fashion looks and will show up in pants, shirts and coats.

- Pink Color: This color was consecrated as one of the most important colors of fall fashion. Pieces such as pleated skirts, culottes and ballet flats will be the must-haves of this style. The  color pink can be used in a full look or combined with gray, beige, blue and mustard yellow, creating a mix of ingenuity and sensuality.

- Covers: The covers, pelerines and ponchos are also in fall fashion.

In fall fashion everything can overlap, merge and mix, ie, creativity and irreverence are the watchwords.

Different looks have their places: the romantic Victorian, the grim Gothic, the hard military,the sweet ballerina, the glamorous diva, the demure schoolgirl - all these styles have their place on stage without any restriction, so choose your own and have fun!

Additional Information:

The images that appear in this article were taken from the store Coco Designs:


Friday, November 7, 2014

Fashion:Autumn Color Picks - Tea Couturier Reporting...

Choosing the right color for autumn can be a bit daunting, however, if you get it right you can look amazing in whatever you wear. To help you on your way to start working on your autumn collection with the right colors here is my list to guide you.

GizzA - Donna Gown [Plum]

I love this evening dress. No one says autumn colors cannot also apply for evening wear and this evening dress works well in the autumn color code. It is rich in color and will make you look elegant when you walk into the room.
A floor length formal gown with daring cleavage adorned with a single flower. The dramatic, matching cloak gives a grandeur that will amaze anyone attending the season’s events.
The matching cloak can be worn as in a transparent or solid version and matching jewellery (necklace and earrings) are included in the purchase.
Mesh Transparent Cloak
Mesh Solid Cloak
Mesh Long Skirt
Layered Top
Rose on belt
Diamond Earrings
Diamond Necklace
Skirt Alpha
Cloak Alpha for Solid Version
Price 550L 

!!smesh ~ [PROMO 2 WEEKS] Ombre Double Outfit

This is a perfect autumn color. It is not too dark for those autumn days but yet also comfortable to wear with accessories. The shorts can be saved for spring time but for autumn the leggings work perfectly with either boots or heels.
Rigged Mesh Pullover in 5 sizes according to Standard Sizing and Fitted Mesh 
Rigged Mesh Pants in 5 sizes according to Standard Sizing 
Rigged Mesh Shorts in 5 sizes according to Standard Sizing and Fitted Mesh 
Rigged Mesh Pumps High Slink 
Alpha Mask For Pullover 
Alpha Mask For Pants 
Alpha Mask For Shorts 
Alpha Mask For Pullover & Shorts 
Alpha Mask For Pullover & Pants 
Shoe Base 

Priced 189L

(2Chez) Smile Brown Sweater, Skirt & Boots, Mesh - 5 Sizes Rigged Mesh,Leather Skirt & Thigh High Boots

This outfit is a perfect autumn color and look. High knee boots are so in this autumn and probably will continue into winter with a great pair of jeans. However, for autumn they work well with this leather brown skirt. The color is rich and warm.
It comes with 5 Sizes Rigged Mesh, Leather Skirt & Thigh High Boots - Sweet heather brown sweater with open back, brown leather miniskirt & thigh high brown leather boots - all in rigged mesh, 5 sizes. Multiple alphas and alpha textures, so you can find your best fit.

ALLFOR50 WARMY GIRL BEIGE casual outfit with boots

This is not only a good price at 50L but it is a lovely set and color for autumn. This outfit has a nice earthy warm feel.
It Includes: 
a shirt 
Sculpted pullover with belt 
Alpha shoes 
Prims copy and modify, clothing only copy
All this for simply 50L this is definitely a good starting point.

GAS [Mens MESH Shirt La Palma - 7 colors with HUD]

Autumn colors are not only for women, men can also follow the autumn color chart. This shirt is perfect. It will  allow you use a color HUD with 7 shirts in one. Its by GAS Clothing Company and it comes in:
7 Shirt Colors: orange, blue, dark blue, mint, steel, tan, twilight 
Texture Changer HUD 
100% Rigged MESH 
HQ Fabric Textures 
5 Standard Sizes: XS/XS/S/M/L/XL
It is perfect to be worn with jeans or pants.
Price 99L this is a good deal for what you are getting

So these are just a few options I found which to work with an autumn look. However, fashion is for experimenting so have fun doing so.

Happy Autumn Shopping!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fashion Colours for Fall - Tea Couturier Reporting...

Colours that are in for each season can be confusing because they are always changing with what is hot on today’s runways. Traditionally warm earthy colours are used for Autumn/Fall; usually matching the leaves when fall arrives.

 Warm colours such as browns, reds and oranges work perfectly for fall. Here are a few fall choices I found and feel is a perfect start to begin creating your fall wardrobe.

DeeTaleZ *THROWOUT* thick knit sweater comes in lovely fall colors. It is rich in color. This will work well with pants or jeans with pumps and shoes. Sweaters are perfect for fall and this is not a thick sweater so can be worn with a blouse underneath to complement it.