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Showing posts with label future. Show all posts

Friday, March 17, 2023

GeekSpeak – Breaking news: Time Travel is theoretically possible. Join the discussion Saturday, March 18th at 12pm SLT

Time travel (but only to the future) is possible soon.  Come and join us at GeekSpeak on Saturday at noon SLT to discuss how we can travel ahead in time and why we would want to do so.

Would you like to travel into the future?  Will you jump ahead 10 or 100 or maybe 1000 years? Or will you stay in the here and now?

Jumping ahead would satisfy your curiosity might make you rich if you have invested wisely, and might mean finding a cure for any disease you have.  But would you be able to understand future people?  Or would you be like a Neanderthal arriving in 2023?

Come to GeekSpeak and tell us how you feel about time.  Bring all your Neanderthal friends!

IM Vulcan Viper teaches a meditation class every Wednesday in the GeekSpeak auditorium if you have ideas for new subjects.

Friday, January 27, 2023

GeekSpeak – The City of 2050! What will it be like? Join the discussion Saturday Jan 28th at 12pm SLT


What will the cities of the future look like?  Flying drones everywhere?  Tunnels underground?  A dome over every city?

Will the cities of 2050 be filled with green plants and open spaces?  Or will they be made of tightly packed cubicles?

Will the streets be full of rubbish, or will bots clean it all up?  Will there still be cars on the streets?  Or will we see moving walkways everywhere?  Will there be buildings 1000 floors high, or perhaps 1000 floors deep? And vertical gardens and farms?

Would you like to live in any of these possible future cities?  Please join us in GeekSpeak on Saturday at noon SLT to talk about your future, if you are city dwellers.

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class every Wednesday in the GeekSpeak auditorium, if you have ideas for new subjects.

Friday, December 30, 2022

GeekSpeak - 2023! Where will it take us? Join the discussion Saturday, December 31st at 12pm SLT


What are your predictions, hopes, and fears, for 2023 and beyond?

Will we see asteroid mining, a moon base, people on Mars?  Worldwide democracy, an end to war?  A cure for cancer?

Or will we see World War 3?  And the collapse of civilisation? And new pandemics from artificial viruses?

Where do you see Europe, USA, Iran, China, Russia going in 2023? 

Tell us what you fear and hope for, for the world or personally. Where are we all going? And what do you want for yourself in this new year?

Join us at GeekSpeak on Saturday at noon SLT to talk about the future, and what we all hope from it.

IM Vulcan Viper teaches a meditation class every Wednesday in the GeekSpeak auditorium if you have ideas for new subjects.

Thursday, November 24, 2022

GeekSpeak subject for Saturday 26th November at noon SLT: What will you take with you to Mars?


What will the future Mars settlers need to take with them?  Will they have to take all the oxygen, water and food they need for 2 years?  And materials and tools for building a base?

Or will human settlers need to take nothing with them because robots will have prepared everything before they arrive?  Will the settlers simply step into a luxury base with all the food and oxygen already available?

What is needed for a human to survive on Mars?  And what is needed to thrive once you get there?  Do we know exactly what will be needed?  Will the robots we send before us be able to tell us just what we will need?  What will the ‘technology tree’ of a Mars settlement be? 

Come to GeekSpeak at noon on Saturday to discuss what we will need on Mars.  Serious people only.

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class every Wednesday in the GeekSpeak auditorium, if you have ideas for new subjects.

Thursday, November 10, 2022

GeekSpeak subject for 12th November at noon SLT: How will YOU live in the near future?


What will your life be like in 5 years, 10 years, 20 years?  Will you own a car or use a robotaxi?  Will you live in a car because it is cheaper than a house and technology will make it very comfortable?  Or maybe in a house that can transform into a car? 

10 years ago no one would think of owning more than one computer.  10 years from now, will you own several robots?  Will you have a robot pet that will double as a house alarm?  Or a robot child?  Will you still need a job?  Maybe all jobs will be taken by robots.

Things can change really fast.  Remember that 15 years ago nobody had even heard of a smartphone.  Come to GeekSpeak at noon SLT on Saturday to discuss your future.  Bring your friends and your robot pets!

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class every Wednesday in the GeekSpeak auditorium, if you have ideas for new subjects.

Thursday, February 10, 2022

GeekSpeak subject for Saturday 12th February at noon SLT: What will be the most profound technology in the next 10 years?


As a species, we are facing a future with huge changes.  AI, new materials, abundant energy, biotech, gen therapy, abundant internet, underpopulation, mass unemployment, all these, and many more will make big differences in the next 10 years.

How will we deal with all this? Is Universal Basic Income the answer?

If not, will we see a ‘digital divide’ with an elite and a lot of people in the useless masses?

And what is on the other side?

Come and discuss the future in GeekSpeak at noon SLT this Saturday.  Your life depends on it.  Bring your friends!

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class every Wednesday in the GeekSpeak auditorium, if you have ideas for new subjects.

Thursday, December 2, 2021

GeekSpeak subject for Saturday December 4th at noon SLT: What will Synthetic Biology lead to?


One of the big drivers of the future will be synthetic biology, the art of using DNA to program bacteria or yeast cells so that they will produce something useful.  There are plenty of examples.  DNA can be used to make fertiliser, to change the taste of food, to resurrect the scent of extinct flowers. 

And this is just the beginning.  As we learn more about nature’s code the only limits to what can be achieved may be the limits of human imagination.  Will we have chairs built by cells out of tusk ivory?  Future DNA coders who can program an arm for you?  Or, frighteningly, DNA programs that are used to create bioweapons.  A, C, G, and T programming will become much more important than the old 0 and 1 programming.

Come and test your imaginations at GeekSpeak.  Bring your brought-back-to-life dinosaur and your friends!

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class every Wednesday at 1pm SLT in the GeekSpeak auditorium, if you have ideas for new subjects.

Friday, July 30, 2021

GeekSpeak subject for Saturday 31st July at noon SLT: The Future of War!

What will we kill ourselves and our enemies about in the future?  If we don’t fight over oil what will we fight over?  Land on other planets, water, sunlight, air?  New religions?

And how will we fight?  We won’t send millions of soldiers to the trenches anymore.  Maybe we will send robotic poisonous mosquitoes.  Or swarms of drones.  Maybe all fighting will be done by robots on other planets.  Or maybe our minds will be attacked by nanobots.  Or will we be destroyed by bioweapons? 

Will war ever stop?  Will aliens in a few million years find 2 tribes of drones still killing each other on an Earth where all organic life has died?

Bring your kids!  Fun for the whole family!

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class every Wednesday at 1pm SLT in the GeekSpeak auditorium, if you have ideas for new subjects.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

GeekSpeak subject for Saturday 13th February at noon SLT: Where are we going?


Where are the moon bases that were so confidently predicted in 1969?  Where is the socialist utopia?  Every time humanity has plans for the future something else happens.  What makes our history jump about like a butterfly?  Is it because we depend on ‘black swan’ events that cannot be predicted? 

How can we control our future?  Can we invent something really new or do we have to build on earlier inventions? Could we have thought of flight without seeing birds?  Do we lack imagination? 

What do you see coming?  Let’s discuss why we are so certain about our future and why it will probably surprise us.  Bring your time machine.

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class every Wednesday at 1pm SLT in the GeekSpeak auditorium, if you have ideas for new subjects.

Friday, December 18, 2020

GeekSpeak subject for Saturday 19th December at noon SLT: The future of Transport!


Self-driving cars will be with us very soon.  And in Las Vegas, there is a very exciting tunnel project that will mean we can all travel underground and take hardly any time.  Hyperloop!! 
What if you can step into a taxi that is cheaper than a train?  What will happen to trains once electric trucks, with or without AI, are cheaper?  Will you want to use balloons, or teleportation, or what?

How will goods be transported in the future?  In just a few years, what will we see? Will goods be transported through space?   Will they be teleported?  Will nothing be transported over water or land?  What difference will that make, for jobs or towns?  What do you see in the future?  And what do you worry about?

Join us for a discussion about the future of transport!  IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class every Wednesday at 1pm SLT in the GeekSpeak auditorium, if you have ideas for new subjects.

Friday, April 10, 2020

Geekspeak: COVID 19 GLOBAL CRISIS. WHAT CHANGES WILL WE SEE IN OUR FUTURE? Join the discussion Saturday April 11th at 12pm SLT

Soon we will have overcome the current crisis.  But we will be left with a world where millions of people are jobless and where we are all scared of the future.  So how do we rebuild?  What permanent changes will we see?

More virtual worlds?  The invention of the holodeck?  A society where education and business conferences all take place online?  Where more people work from home all the time and there are no offices?  What will happen to all the empty office buildings?
Maybe there will be no more restaurants?  An army of delivery drones?  Maybe we will see a new interest in science?  Maybe we will refuse to pollute the air again now that it is clean.  Maybe we will see robot cleaners using UV light to kill viruses.
Let’s think of the positives here and try to predict the world as it will be in 2 years. Happy Easter!  Maybe next year Easter will be online.
IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class every Wednesday at the GeekSpeak auditorium at 1pm SLT, if you have ideas for new subjects.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

GeekSpeak – How will autonomous driving change our cities? Join the discussion Oct. 19th at 12pm SLT

In a few years from now self-driving electric cars will be a reality.  What will our cities be like?  Will there be more cars or fewer?  Will the possession of a car become a small business since cars can be robotaxis when they are not being used by the owner? 
Will cities become much pleasanter places to live?  Fewer cars, and maybe most of those driving in underground tunnels, less pollution, quiet streets with plenty of room for pedestrians.
How will the labour market be changed?  Millions of truck drivers, car mechanics, highway police, garage attendants will be jobless.  On the other hand, new jobs will be created.  Maybe you can get a hairdresser to ride along with you in a robotaxi, or some form of entertainment.
What will commuting be like in 10 years?  Come and discuss your vision of the future of transport.  Bring your friends!
IM Vulcan Viper if you have ideas for new subjects.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

SL GeekSpeak – Do you look at the future with Fear or with Hope? Join the discussion September 21st at 12pm SLT

On the one hand, we are all healthier than we were and living longer.  The number of people in severe poverty decreases all the time.  Technology improves all the time.  We now accept our responsibility to protect the natural world.  And we will soon be moving out into space and founding colonies on other planets.
On the other hand, there is always the danger of a third World War, government agencies increase in power all the time, new diseases have appeared, fanaticism of all sorts seems to be increasing, and of course the whole planet may be destroyed by an asteroid.
Can we solve our problems and continue our journey into a better future?  Or are we facing disaster?  Tell us what you think our chances are.  Are you hopeful or fearful?  Or both?  Bring your friends to discuss it.
IM Vulcan Viper if you have any ideas for new subjects.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

GeekSpeak – will humans have extra senses in the future? Join the discussion Saturday 6th July at 12pm SLT

Are we approaching a transhumanist future where we will have new senses?  Given DNA modification and technology, will we sense radiation, UV light, magnetic fields, the gravity of the moon?  Will our ordinary senses be enhanced so that we can navigate by means of sonar, slow down time so we can hear the songs of birds, smell as well as dogs?

A connection with AI will give us extra information.  At what point does the extra information become a true new sense?  Will we begin to be able to sense houses for sale, or sense how old our food is or sense if it is going to rain in a few seconds?

Do we need new senses? Do we want them?  What are the drawbacks? What will happen to the people who do not have the new senses? Will they be the ones that survive after sensemageddon?  Come and discuss your future self!

IM Vulcan Viper if you have ideas for future subjects.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

GeekSpeak – what if we had to restart civilisation?

Imagine being one of a hundred people suddenly stranded in a forest, maybe on a strange planet, while all the rest of humanity has disappeared along with all technology.

Would your small group be able to restart a civilization?  How long would it be before you could use electricity again?  How long before you had metal? Would a lot of knowledge just get lost over the generations before it could be used?

What would be the first technology you would reinvent?  Would you think of fire, clothes, houses, watermills, hunting skills?  What legal system, what stories, what songs would you preserve?  Would there be anything we have now that you would want to forget, anything you would never tell your descendants about?

Would the new history of humankind take a totally different route or would it all work out in the same way whatever you do?

Come and discuss how you would restart civilization.  Or maybe you think civilization is best forgotten?

IM Vulcan Viper if you have ideas for new subjects.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

GeekSpeak – are we heading for big trouble in the western world?

This month we have seen massive protests in European countries and in the USA.  Why are people so angry?  Could it escalate into something even bigger?

Which should be more afraid, the people or the governments?  What sort of obedience do we owe to our governments and what do they owe to us?

If the protesters succeed what difference will it make?  Will it just mean some other guy in office?  Or could the entire system be changed?  Could the western world fall apart any time soon?

Come and talk with us about the future of the western world as we know it.

IM Vulcan Viper if you have ideas for future subjects.

Best wishes

Saturday, October 6, 2018

GeekSpeak – what was the best invention ever?

Let’s vote on what was the best invention ever, the cleverest, the most productive of other inventions, the invention that caused the most happiness or the most health or maybe the invention that was the most beautiful and unexpected.  Was it politics, the toilet, cooking, writing, the use of fire, beer, antibiotics, contraceptives?

And what is the worst invention ever?  Are there inventions that should never have been invented?  Nuclear bombs, the internal combustion engine?

Should we consider animal inventions, such as the beaver dam, the structure of a beehive or the bubble net used by whales?

What do you hope to see invented in the future?  Come and discuss the past, present and future of inventions.  Bring a notebook.

IM Vulcan Viper if you have ideas for new subjects.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

GeekSpeak – will we understand the future? Join the discussion July 7th at 12pm SLT

Imagine it is the year 2050.  Humans have never done anything for 20 years.  If you want food it is there in a second, created, served, pre-chewed.  Actors have left the stage, teachers have left the schools, everything is CGI.  Roads, cities, buildings, all are controlled by AI.

Will the few humans who can understand the new world be like a new species that the rest of us cannot even talk to?  And what will happen to the rest of us?  Will we experience a short period of degeneration and end up as heads in a jar?

How will we find fulfilment in such a scenario?  Bring your biomatter to the auditorium to discuss the near future.

IM Vulcan Viper if you have any ideas for future subjects.


Saturday, April 21, 2018

GeekSpeak – the end of cities? Join the discussion April 21st at 12pm SLT

Will the future see people moving out of cities?  If there are self-driving electric cars on call all the time, goods are delivered by drones, schools are available on youtube and you can work in a virtual world why live in a city?  Will you need to be near a hospital if your house robot can be a heart surgeon?  And wouldn’t it be good to escape the pollution?

What do cities have to offer?  It may be that they will be the last refuge of wildlife.  Any number of species are now moving into cities and escaping the farming and hunting regimes of the countryside.  Would the death of cities mean the extinction of species?

Perhaps we would lose something if we never interacted with people at random, if we always chose the people we wanted to talk to.  

What will happen to the cities if we all abandon them?  Will they become drone hubs?  Will they be preserved as monuments to the past?

Come to our discussion and tell us where you prefer to live in 15, 30, 50 years.

IM Vulcan Viper if you have any suggestions for future discussion subjects.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Future Imperfect: The Art Of Gem Preiz - Persia Bravin Reporting...

Image by Gem Preiz

On board a spaceship circling a far distant planet, the Captain stares out of the window of the craft at the unfamiliar landscape beneath him. Soaring watchtowers hewn from jagged rocks thrust high into the alien atmosphere overlooking abandoned landing platforms and bathed by the light of the ships solar panels, he pensively writes into a logbook. The opening page reveals that the year is 2115 and he has blasted away from a dystopian Earth: a planet that is dying, desolate and ravaged by mankind. His logbook reveals his deepest fears, his human frailties and an overwhelming acceptance that life as he knew it might never be the same again.

This dark glimpse of what life could be like in a not so distant future has been brought to present times within Second Life at ‘Wrecks’ – an exhibition at LEA 26 created by SL artist, Gem Preiz. Wrecks takes the viewer on a journey – both emotionally and visually – through a series of logbook entries written on the exhibit’s starry walls and via the colossal pictures of alien landscapes and structures that Gem produces outside of SL using Mandelbulb 3D, a generator of 3D fractal objects and to complete the out of this world experience, Gem has included a haunting soundtrack that wouldn’t be out of place accompanying a movie such as The Martian or Gravity.

Image by Gem Preiz

“The background of ‘Wrecks’ is a pessimistic future of our planet,” admits Gem. “But I felt it would be interesting to give a human and individual dimension to it, by creating a parallel between the risk of giving up efforts to maintain our planet, and the runaway life of a man who doesn’t want to face his own responsibility and future. Wrecks takes place in 100 years’ time and the fifteen fractal artworks tell of a journey into space along with texts extracted from a logbook and personal mails written by the captain of a spaceship which leaves the Earth. Overall, it gives a vision of the future of our planet, which matches the destiny of the narrator. More futuristic, not very funny, but… holding hope.”

The foreboding atmosphere at Wrecks is almost tangible: from the moment you enter the exhibit through the doors of the Orpheus craft, you are immersed in the life of the Captain and became compelled to discover the outcome of his narrative. But it’s the fractal images that really capture your attention due to their size, intricacy and beauty. “I cut my fractals into plates that I stitch carefully so that the edges are almost invisible,” Gem explains. “It enables me to bring 15 or 20 times more information inworld than with a single texture. The images are much more precise, and when you zoom, you get additional details instead of getting a blurred image. That increases a lot the immersive feeling.”

Image by Gem Preiz

Visiting Wrecks leaves a long lasting impression on the viewer, and despite his shortcomings, you can’t help but hope for a better destiny for the Captain – and planet Earth. As for his own future, Gem says that he has plans for further artwork and exhibitions in SL that might include “an extended range of digital images: not only fractals. I am also curious about the new technology coming, with virtual reality masks, to see how I could use it.” If you visit Wrecks, be sure to see Gem’s other exhibition entitled ‘Vestiges’ too, because there is no one better in SL art right now than Gem Preiz for showing us how the choices we make can affect our present – and our future.

Wrecks and Vestiges run until the end of June