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Showing posts with label Medical. Show all posts

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Spotlight on Bayside Maternity Center


Family roleplaying is very popular in Second Life, just like in real life. It sets the stage for future relationships and is there for each other through challenging times. We all need a family to rely on. They are an essential source of encouragement and affection.

Bayside Maternity Center is the embodiment of building families in Second Life. They offer a unique blend of round-the-clock expertise and patient-centered care. Dr. Lelani Rayne and her team of nurses and doctors hold the highest standard in avatar healthcare and are available to help new patients every step of the way. From health insurance, maternity care, pediatrics, urgent care, and many other medical needs. The SL Enquirer is excited to be a sponsor of this well-thought-out medical facility. We sat down with the owner, Dr. Lelani Rayne to learn more about Bayside Maternity Center and what it has to offer the residents of Second Life.

Interview with Dr. Lelani Rayne

SLE: We thank you for taking the time to sit with us for this interview, with your company Bayside Maternity Center you have a lot going on. Can you tell our readers how your company started and the direction you would like to see it go?

Dr. Lelani Rayne: Thank You so much for taking the time out to interview me. My clinic started in a basement of a mansion I had, I wanted to provide a place where everyone could receive maternity services, regardless of sex, species, or income. The clinic grew quickly so I purchased my first clinic and saw about 5 patients for two months. That too grew even bigger and I needed a bigger clinic. Now I have so many patients a full staff of Drs, nurses, receptionists, and technicians. I am currently of services for maternity, general medicine, pediatrics as well as BeYou patients. The direction I'm headed is to have multiple locations within SL to offer the same as well as more services.

SLE: That’s great that you offer your services to anyone and everyone who wants to experience having a family in Second Life. Your center offers many different services from Maternity to Urgent Care. Can you explain to our readers the different types of care they can expect for each service?

Dr. Lelani Rayne: When a maternity package is selected, you will receive several weeks of exams, blood work, ultrasounds, prenatal care, assistance with the different HUDs, and Pregnancy bodies. General medicine will offer, physicals, blood work, x-rays, and any prescription that can be filled in our fully functional on-site pharmacy.

SLE: That is a full-service medical roleplay facility. You also stated that you offer Medical Insurance. Can you explain how that works in Second Life for residents?

Dr. Lelani Rayne: Yes! Medical insurance can be purchased for and paid monthly, 6 months, or annually and it will cover several services at the patient's request, such as Vision Health checkups & Immunizations 

SLE: That's the first time I’ve heard of insurance in SL. The maternity packages seem to be one of the most popular that you have. You offer many different levels of it, can you explain more to our readers what each package will offer and what kind of service they can expect with each?

Dr. Lelani Rayne: Yes! Maternity is the biggest. I offer three packages Standard, which covers short term pregnancies, Deluxe covers slightly longer, and VIP will cover up to a 9 month RL pregnancy. They can expect to receive:


  • Blood work, Urinalysis, Blood Pressure check, Glucose, and Fetal Heart rate

  • Sonograms 

  • Congratulations Package Gift

  • Customized birth Certificate.

  • Delivery in a luxury style suite or clinic water birth

  • The birth announcement in The SL Enquirer (optional for privacy)

SLE: There are many pregnancy / Belly HUDs in Second Life, which are compatible with your maternity center? Do you need a specific product to experience pregnancy and delivery with your services? Which HUD would you recommend and why?

Dr. Lelani Rayne: No. We work with all HUDs and pregnancy bodies. I'm a personal fan of the Lovemomma body because it is very user-friendly.

SLE: Huds and pregnancy bodies can be intimidating, thank you for sharing which is most user-friendly. I see that you offer Lamaze classes, do you find this a popular class for new mothers and fathers to join and learn what to expect before the arrival of their little one or two or three for that matter :)

Dr. Lelani Rayne: Yes, it's popular, it gives parents the opportunity to know what to expect during labor and delivery. It also answers lots of questions new moms and dads may have.

SLE: Since your company inception can you tell us how the clientele growth has been? Do you find that you have more mothers during specific months or times? 

Dr. Lelani Rayne: Clientele has grown in a major way. Went from getting 1-2 new patients every 2 weeks to 1 new patient a week, to now getting 31-33 new patients a day. 

SLE: That's some major growth! We are excited to sponsor Bayside Maternity Clinic and post the birth announcements in The SL Enquirer as part of your packages and look forward to working with you. Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Dr. Lelani Rayne: I'm appreciative and grateful for being able to provide affordable care for my patients and patients to come. :-) I want to thank the SLE for working with Me and my team. I look forward to more growth! 

Additional Information:



Bayside Medical Clinic Group: secondlife:///app/group/5f995adf-28b8-4ca5-fa3e-2bdfea9eac22/about



Preferred Contact: δΊ—Δβ„œ.β„’ (lalonee.bellic)

Thursday, December 2, 2021

GeekSpeak subject for Saturday December 4th at noon SLT: What will Synthetic Biology lead to?


One of the big drivers of the future will be synthetic biology, the art of using DNA to program bacteria or yeast cells so that they will produce something useful.  There are plenty of examples.  DNA can be used to make fertiliser, to change the taste of food, to resurrect the scent of extinct flowers. 

And this is just the beginning.  As we learn more about nature’s code the only limits to what can be achieved may be the limits of human imagination.  Will we have chairs built by cells out of tusk ivory?  Future DNA coders who can program an arm for you?  Or, frighteningly, DNA programs that are used to create bioweapons.  A, C, G, and T programming will become much more important than the old 0 and 1 programming.

Come and test your imaginations at GeekSpeak.  Bring your brought-back-to-life dinosaur and your friends!

IM Vulcan Viper, who teaches a meditation class every Wednesday at 1pm SLT in the GeekSpeak auditorium, if you have ideas for new subjects.

Friday, November 26, 2021



BMC, opened in 2020, is an integrated center that provides Maternity, Pediatric, and Urgent Care with same-day scheduling available. For Maternity we specialize in Pooterbilt, Twisting Fate, Deciduan, A&E, Mama Allpa, LoveMomma, Hands On Mommy and so much more. NOW offering Pediatric exams we deliver expert specialist care and treatment to children, infants and adolescents. Dedicated and passionate about who walks into our doors, our Doctors are drawn from top teaching hospitals and our technology and facilities are cutting-edge. Our policy is never to say no to a sick child. Health Insurance is also available, taking patients for Dental, X-rays, Vision, Lab Testing, Women's Wellness & Male Physicals & Emergencies. If you are looking for medical services you can trust, come in TODAY and let us provide the highest quality of care to you and your family.

You can find us here: Visit our website: For other info follow the link below:

Monday, December 3, 2012

Reporting Live On The Scene at EGOISME General Hospital- Marriellaanna Resident Reporting...


It had been a quiet night, there was nothing happening, no celebrities being smuggled in through the Hospitals backdoors for rehab, coated head bent low in shame and fear of discovery.  Not so much as a scrape or bump from the general population of SL city. Just another night,  like so many before.

THEN, it came, the sudden shrill of a banshee wail which shredded the peace and composure around me as the vibrant flash of approaching sirens screamed into the stillness,  the vibrant flash of lights illuminating the sky as if I was in the midst of an alien invasion and alerting the world to a crisis of global proportion.

 The cries of ‘Medic’ hit the air with a frantic urgency amongst the ensuing onslaught of paramedics, Drs and nurses which suddenly appeared,  throwing open the doors of the Egoisme General Hospital. Their faces were taut with fear and anticipation. It was clear, something desperate was happening as the hordes of medics around me suddenly swung into well-rehearsed and orchestrated practice. Moving like one, each a tiny cog In a machine that instantly functioned as a well oiled mechanism.

 The doors to the Egoisme General Hospital flew wide open, the gurney was pulled through in preparation, In the confusion, I struggled to see the face of the woman that lay prone on the hard and shiny plastic surface, screaming with agony, her face contorted, twisted into unrecognisable features, pulled from the ambulance with accelerated speed. Through the blur of movement all around me, I heard the words shouted ‘Lanai Jarrico’ female...and then a pause for the fateful diagnosis - the fateful diagnosis ‘Twinkie overdose’ A doctor carefully lubricated a latex gloved hand, snapping the cuff with a sharp snap, his eyes awash with terror.. “I’m going in..We need to act now or we’ll lose her. Lube me up.”

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Real Life: Is your Health in Danger? Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Long term sitting in front of a computer screen playing Second Life can kill you!

If this headline didn’t grab your attention, perhaps you could care less that something inside your body could be slowly building up a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) leading to a blood clot in your lungs, heart or brain also known as a pulmonary embolism.

Most people that are aware of these dangers usually associate this threat with travellers on airplanes and even office workers. The risks to Second Life © residents that spend hours upon hours sitting in the same position, are very real and dangerous.

Recently, I interviewed a Second Life © residents that wished to remain anonymous but wanted to share her story in hopes she can save a life and spread awareness to the dangerous many may not be aware of. “Jane’s” ordeal began when she thought she had bumped her leg. Her symptoms were redness, swelling and immense pain. Jane saw her doctor and was immediately rushed by ambulance to the hospital where she was saved from what could have been a very tragic situation.

Interview with Jane Doe