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Showing posts with label gamers. Show all posts

Monday, July 18, 2016

A Sane Lunatic Just Rambling about the World and its Increasing Ludicrousy

We live in a world controlled by technology. There are over 7 billion people on this earth; about 6.5 billion have a cell phone glued to their hand or in reaching distance. Now with the Pok√©mon craze, many have found a new reason to be more entranced by their handheld devices. I speculate more trips to the ER with injuries related to not paying attention in public, the divorce rate will jump another 15% and within 5 years babies will be born with a genetic disposition to anti socialism. That is assuming people will have actual sex for conception purposes.  Some people just don’t have the time for the kids they have or the donor of  the genes they need to reproduce. Call me crazy rightfully so but am I making enough sense to at least land a job at a local Walmart as a greeter?

Anyway, why bother even looking up from a screen anymore when all forms of communication are taking over old fashion face to face engagement?

We’ve become a society bored with each other and more self centered.  If we took a look at our Facebook feed we can tell who had what for breakfast, lunch and or dinner, stupid meme’s about life goals people don’t even follow, opinions about the mundane and just stupid selfies with the shameless duck face. Some have even mastered the perfect camera angle to eliminate double chins and all the rolls they have accumulated since the last time anyone seen them in public. Nothing seems to be real anymore. Most seem to trudge through life molding perceptions about themselves but not even owning up to their own reality.

The SL Enquirer sat down with a rambling lunatic to talk about the world through the eyes of the utterly deranged and for the love of humanity I make more sense than a person not loaded with medication.

What the FUDGE is going on around here? I have no flipping clue but who cares anyway? It has been approximately 15 hours since I’ve lifted my head from my phone to even absorbed the chaos that swirls around me. I may be wearing the same clothes for the past week, hardly had any sleep but I sure love the life I live. At least I think so, ask me that when I’m off meds and I might break down crying because it is my crutch. Or maybe I just can’t help the way my emotions change from hot and cold.

There really is no main objective to this article. I was asked to ramble on the record so I’m seizing the moment while I have at least one person’s attention.

If I was normal, I’d work all day for someone else and their unrealistic expectations, enjoy 2 breaks and a half hour lunch. My back would hurts and the corns on my feet will grow by the day in these damn shoes. Besides that, I’ll have no time to sit on my ass for a second to even check my calls, personal emails, Oh yeah or even spend quality time with my family.  Right now, I choose to ramble to the masses and get everything off my sloppy hairy chest because I’ve been given this monumental opportunity. I love the SL Enquirer and all that it stands for. It gives anyone a voice that is willing to take advantage of it. By you reading this is served a purpose. I just either wasted your time or made you reflect on your own life. 

That is more than I can say about those who share their thoughts in character limited posts on social media just waiting for someone to like or comment on it. I could give a blind flying nun on a broomstick what anyone thinks but it sure felt good to just ramble about the world and the decline of intelligence.

 That leaves me with one question for you. How do you see the world?

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Introducing Epic Gamer Radio in Second Life

Epic Gamer Radio, EGR, is not just any radio station, but an expanding community of volunteers and friends that have grown together as a family. Through years of experience, a small group of friends in the gaming community sought to improve and expand their horizons to new games and heights. A close knit family, these friends who met from within the internet radio industry, gaming, and podcasting, thus created an internet radio station for gamers, by gamers that provided a better choice of music complete with upcoming gaming news releases, great parties, that even gave back to the community and does charity work. A station that operated not just in one game or genre, but in many games and genres that began to expand at a rapid rate. Something this magnanimous could at the time only be described with one word, Epic. Thus Epic Gamer Radio was born. 

Epic Gamer Radio has been up and thriving for just over a year now. In turn we have hosted many events and parties, from the kick off our initial launch, to celebrating Valentines Day, the Canthan New Year event and celebration of Chinese New Year in Guild Wars, the Fourth of July, all the way through to our one year anniversary. EGR has also sponsored the Child's Play organization, a charity that raises money to provide less fortunate children who live in hospital care due to chronic or terminal illness with gaming entertainment in the hospital as gifts during the holidays. Currently, EGR is work on expanding its presence in Second Life, while maintaining its sense of community orientation to all gamers of all walks of life in such games like Guild Wars 2 and Star Trek Online, Epic Gamer Radio's mission at this point is to grow its audience to include many people from many walks of life, and Second Life is that place to be!

As EGR moves forward into this year, expanding the Second Life enterprise will be a task that will include advertisement for Second Life businesses, experience for DJ's needing it, as well as providing great parties, events, and concerts in Second Life. Epic Gamer Radio also owns a mall that needs small businesses to occupy those shops, on an area that has the potential to generate a great amount of traffic. As always EGR will also be looking to expand it's family of volunteers. Epic Gamer Radio is always looking for DJ's, Bloggers, Audio Engineers, Graphic Artists, Event Coordinator's, and other staff positions to fill it's ranks. EGR does not require it's applicants to have any software, hardware, or experience. The training and experience comes with being hired. 

You can go to and check out EGR!