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Showing posts with label painting. Show all posts

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Fly Kugin Unveils Her Water Colors in Janus Gallery III


You are cordially invited to join us Sunday, August 22nd from 12pm-2pm slt for the opening of Fly Kugin’s new exhibit in Janus Gallery III entitled, "The Falling Leaves." Zachh Cale and Maximillion Kleene will perform live, making for a wonderful afternoon of art and music. And who knows... Maybe Fly will dual stream with them? We can’t wait to share it with you! Proceeds from art sales at this show will be donated to TEMA to help support relief from the terrible wildfires happening in Turkey. Each young tree costs 10 Turkish Liras which is about $1.90 USD. NEWS: TEMA: About Fly and this Exhibit: FLY KUGIN / ARTIST INFO -------------------------------- WEBSITE: FACEBOOK: ------------------------------------------------------------------------ "All eyes look toward something, the beauty comes with how each of them sees it in a different way." [Fly K.] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ WATERCOLOR Fly Kugin began experimenting with the art of watercolor in June 2021. When she first tried out paints, she was attracted to the versatility of watercolors. "The Falling Leaves" her first watercolor series, showcases various pieces where she explores the medium as a beginner through the subject of flora. ✿ Van Gogh Watercolors & Brushes ✿ Winsor Newton Watercolors & Brushes ✿ Crayola Watercolor Pencils WATERCOLOR SAMPLES: As an amateur, Fly Kugin continues to draw and paint on her own with guidance from online resources. Drawing has become a pastime of increasing importance within her life.


Monday, December 26, 2016

Art for art’s Sake : Top five Virtual Galleries- Ceciliaroslie Reporting...

There is no price on creativity and it can only be estimated according to the difference it makes to those who embrace it. Numerous talented artists have chosen to express themselves through digital art by adding colour to our second life. For those who enjoy some quality time surrounded by masterpieces, the SL Enquirer presents the best galleries on the grid.
First stop to our artistic destination guide is Fractal Insanity, Timamoon  Arts. There you can find the abstract work of Milly Sharple, with a variety of interesting patterns and colours from vivid to dark it is certain that in this gallery you will find something  to hang on your living room wall. Iit is worth the visit.

Next stop is the exhibition of Peter Vos; a real life painting display which is set up by his son. White canvas and black ink can create artistic miracles when in the right hands. The exhibits are not set for sale but for those who can’t enjoy real art from first hand exhibition visits. This is a  a great opportunity to experience it in Second Life.

A visit to  Galleria Mexico is a must. You will love it if you are a collector. It hosts the works of a great number of artist who are very well known. I spent quite some time viewing all the exhibits, so I can assure you there’s a lot to see and it caters to every taste and style.

Moving on to the Windlight Art Gallery. It is said to be one of the biggest in SL with a new exhibition every month, featuring both new and established artists. Be sure to check it out.

Last but not least, the Lost Unicorn Gallery. The place where magical realism is expressed through fine arts. Featuring paintings with magical themes and mystical creatures. Ideal for those who love fairy tale and believe in magic.

This world is but a canvas to our imagination.
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, March 28, 2011

New RL Paintings at Parris Galli Art Show in SL

PARRIS GALLI has been hard at work creating new art in RL. You are invited to see his 12 new pieces which provoke thought & feeling. Join him @ GALLERY GALLI on SugarHill sim TUESDAY MARCH 29th @ 7PM slt FREE ARTWORK for ATTENDING & DJ DIBOU spinning NeoSoul RnB FUNK live on BLACK SOUL RHYTHMS RADIO.

*Black Thoughts w/ Colorless Limits, & Creativity *Teaching Art, Loving Art *Full-Time Father of One * Part time Doubter of Dreams *Aggressively Dominating & Sensitively Understanding----- Welcome to Me… Parris Galli…

Well I'm a 33-year-old aspiring artist from Gary Indiana.... I love to create; I love to meet creative people and in some way I think we inspire each other. Most if not all of my works are made to evoke thought & conversation. I’ve recently been working with watercolor adding here and there acrylic paint with fabric for texture. I’ve been away from the Gallery for almost two years; during that time a lot have changed in my RL. All 12 Paintings speak to a certain period during those 2 years. So, if you like what I do. Please leave me a Comment or shoot me a Message. I'm open to do custom piece and commission work.

Come meet me at Gallery Galli. There will be will be a Q & A during the second hour of the Exhibit. During this time feel free ask anything Via IM box and I will address each question over voice chat.

You can also connect with me IRL at the Links below.