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Showing posts with label realism. Show all posts

Friday, January 5, 2024

Mystory Roleplay! 3 awesome places to visit for an immersive experience- Hazel Silvermoon Reporting.


 As we all know, Second Life is an amazing world where we can experience virtually anything we desire. In the last few years, it has become a lot more realistic. We can have babies, dance in beautifully designed clubs, and even simulate our real life needs with RP Systems. One of the best RP systems I have found is Mystory.

Mystory has made my Second life not only more immersive, but it also gives me a sense of realism. With the detailed HUD system, Mystory allows you to track daily needs such as: Hunger, Thirst, Hygiene and more. To track each need, you must roleplay to fulfill them. You must eat when hungry, drink when thirsty, and even use the restroom! This has led to some amazing opportunities for creators in Second Life to build some awesome and immersive places to roleplay, as well as make their own products to sell. I am going to take you along on a journey to 3 of my favorites!

G Corner Mart
G Corner Mart is an incredibly detailed grocery store and bakery. It offers a variety of Goods and services such as: fresh baked pies and cakes, meats, fruits and veggies, and even a variety of drinks! You can purchase these items as if you were in a real store, which makes the experience amazing. You can even push a shopping cart and have a bag for your groceries. Located upstairs is a restaurant to eat in as well.

G Corner Mart-


Redwood Gym-Redwood Estates
Getting healthy is an essential part of every lifestyle. It does not matter if it is real or virtual, a healthy body means a healthy mind. Redwood gym offers just that. Participate in a variety of activities such as: yoga, running on the treadmill, punching bags, and more! Redwood gym gives us a great way to relax, refocus, and fill those stat bars!

Redwood Gym-

The Flamingo Café

There is nothing quite as cozy as walking into a little café and having lunch with a close friend. The Flamingo Café is a colorful addition to your roleplay experience! You can purchase a large variety of cakes, snacks, drinks, and lunch items. The selection is outstanding, and anyone can find a meal to suit their needs! Flamingo café also offers a small seating area where you can hang out with your friends. It is by far my favorite place to visit!

The Flamingo Cafe-

No matter what you choose to experience in Second Life, the opportunities for a realistic experience are endless, and Mystory has really improved that for me. I hope you can experience this wonderful RP system for yourself, and really dive into what it is like to roleplay in a virtual world!


Monday, December 26, 2016

Art for art’s Sake : Top five Virtual Galleries- Ceciliaroslie Reporting...

There is no price on creativity and it can only be estimated according to the difference it makes to those who embrace it. Numerous talented artists have chosen to express themselves through digital art by adding colour to our second life. For those who enjoy some quality time surrounded by masterpieces, the SL Enquirer presents the best galleries on the grid.
First stop to our artistic destination guide is Fractal Insanity, Timamoon  Arts. There you can find the abstract work of Milly Sharple, with a variety of interesting patterns and colours from vivid to dark it is certain that in this gallery you will find something  to hang on your living room wall. Iit is worth the visit.

Next stop is the exhibition of Peter Vos; a real life painting display which is set up by his son. White canvas and black ink can create artistic miracles when in the right hands. The exhibits are not set for sale but for those who can’t enjoy real art from first hand exhibition visits. This is a  a great opportunity to experience it in Second Life.

A visit to  Galleria Mexico is a must. You will love it if you are a collector. It hosts the works of a great number of artist who are very well known. I spent quite some time viewing all the exhibits, so I can assure you there’s a lot to see and it caters to every taste and style.

Moving on to the Windlight Art Gallery. It is said to be one of the biggest in SL with a new exhibition every month, featuring both new and established artists. Be sure to check it out.

Last but not least, the Lost Unicorn Gallery. The place where magical realism is expressed through fine arts. Featuring paintings with magical themes and mystical creatures. Ideal for those who love fairy tale and believe in magic.

This world is but a canvas to our imagination.
-Henry David Thoreau