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Showing posts with label parties. Show all posts

Thursday, November 12, 2020



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Grand Opening of Treasured Friends & Fearless Lovers with 2 live Artists on November 16th.


Ichie Kamachi    @ 4 PM
Jackie Lefko-Hawk  @ 5:30 PM


Come experience the fullness of dating in SL.  We offer:  Dinner, Dancing, Golf, A Meditation Center, and a Scenic Park.  Pop on over to Treasured Friends & Fearless Lovers to see what awaits your destiny.  Open hearts, open minds, open souls to the bliss of romance!  Here, you come as friends or guests and leave as lovers.

The perfect place for your wedding reception, birthday and rez day parties, hangout, and chill.
Monthly live events and DJs. Join the group for updates.

Golf Course @ Treasured Friends and Fearless Lovers

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hooray for Hollywood!!

The Hollywood Ballroom and Theater is a premier SL venue for romance and unique special performance. For instance, this Saturday September 19th at 7pm SLT, The Hollywood Ballroom is featuring the sultry and sensuous Pink Vampire, who has one of the best voices and stage performances in all SL. This is followed on Sunday night September 20th at 7pm SLT with the “Adele Live!” tribute show. It will be all Adele, all the time for your listening and dancing pleasure.
The Hollywood Ballroom started as a private venue for creator Origen Resident and his friends. He wanted a special, remarkably beautiful build for private parties and a place to get away from the heavy lag of other major venues. After a couple of parties and at the urging of his friends, Origen (who previously co-owned another venue in SL) decided to open the ballroom to the public. 

Origen says regarding this decision, “Yes, my friends twisted my arm, but they didn’t have to twist it hard. I really want to share the beauty of the Hollywood Ballroom with others. I am determined to make this something different than any other dance club in SL. I am not opening this venue to make money, as so many others do. I am opening it for my own enjoyment, for that of my friends and the new friends I will be making with those people who come to the club to enjoy the music, the dancing, the entertainment and the atmosphere at The Hollywood Ballroom.”

The music at the Hollywood Ballroom falls to the romantic side. The Ballroom is open 24/7 playing Martini in the Morning, when performers are not taking the stage. At the time of this writing, The Hollywood Ballroom has special events Thursday through Sunday.
Thursday night is always “Hot Latin Nights.” DJ Mandala spins everything from slow romantic Latin music to hot Carnivale style sambas.

Friday nights belong to “Love – Hollywood style.” Love is in the air and the songs range from romantic classics to modern hits. DJ Archer spins the tunes and takes your requests and dedications.

Saturday is “Saturday Night, Live!” The best live singing entertainment will appear every Saturday on the Stage of the Hollywood Ballroom. On Saturday, September 19th, The Hollywood Ballroom presents the amazing Pink Vampire. See her once and you will agree that her voice and performances are unlike anything else in Second Life.
Sunday nights are tribute nights. Each week a prominent singing star is highlighted. On Sunday, September 20th, Adele will be the featured artist. It will be all Adele, all the time.

All event begin at 7pm, SLT. Attire is always formal or cocktail.

As a real life ballroom and swing dancer, Origen comments, “Looking good on the dance floor and having options for each style of dance is important. It keeps people from getting bored. Since we don’t have the ability to perform each step as we do in RL, a good variety of dance animations is important to keep this fun. Why so many of the larger clubs have such a limited number of dances (and some very bad ones), is beyond me. At The Hollywood Ballroom we have 88 high quality dances, and we offer both Intan and TIS Hybrid systems for our guests. As new and better high quality, mocap dancing animations come out, they will either be added to the current set of dances or replace older animations.”

When asked to sum up The Hollywood Ballroom, Origen stated, “The Hollywood Ballroom and Theater is a stunning venue to bring and impress your date any time of day or night. The atmosphere of the ballroom, the romantic music, the dances, and the low lag all contribute to bringing about special moments. Moments that our guests will remember fondly over the years.”

Additional information:
Join our group! The Hollywood Ballroom & Theater

Contact: Origen

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Quick Tips on How to Book Entertainment in Second Life- Piers Diesel Reporting..

So you have a new venue and you want to book entertainment, however, you are not sure how to do this.
Well, it is not as hard as it sounds once you plan ahead and know what type of entertainment you wish to have as well as considering your budget and time.

Here are some tips on how to start.

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Blue Ice Wedding & Event Center is Available for Weddings, Birthday Celebrations, Reunions, Parties and Private functions.

Owned and operated by the Royal Secret Society, this  magnificent ice palace is located in the Nakiska Mountains. It is purposely hidden from Second Life civilization and requires special permissions for access.

Uniquely designed by whimsical designer Nila Byron, this event center offers an elegant and spacious ballroom, DJ area, seating and open space dance floors both inside or outdoors.