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Showing posts with label rl vs sl. Show all posts

Monday, July 29, 2013

The SL Experience through My Friend's Eyes - Shon Charisma reporting...

Every resident of Second Life experiences it differently. It's the beauty of the sluniverse, a vast place full of wonderful, engaging, unique goings on. AND the ability to create the life and space and places you might want to be a part of. My experience has been a fully-lived one that has brought me closer to my faith, that has expanded my family (even into first life), that has helped me recapture my love of video and storytelling, that has educated me on research interests of mine (race, online spaces, and identity), and that has brought me my wonderfully-awesome SL mate (love you, Earth!).

Recently, I snagged a dear friend of mine, Sweetz Fierenza [check her out on Facebook], and talked to her about her experiences in-world. She's been in-world a year longer than me, 4.5 years, and that time has shown that many of the experiences found in-world mirror what's experienced in first life.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Second Life © Effects on the Real Life of Avatars – Stareyes Galaxy Reporting…

When you go In Second Life © (SL), it is quite clear that the time spent is taken away from one’s real life (RL); this being the minimum effect of SL on RL, what other consequences on one’s RL are there due to various encounters in SL? 

Stareyes Galaxy polled avatars on this subject, and also asked an expert for an assessment.
I had the pleasure of discussing the subject with Hondo Slade (Lone Wolf), who had a heart-breaking RL story, and thing or two to say about services to veterans in SL. In his opinion, the strongest effects of SL on RL are in relationships.

SLE: So, you mean, when you are with someone in SL, it will carry over to RL?
Hondo: Yes, it does. Have you ever had a partner that you trusted so much that you start to talk about your RL to your companion?

Hondo told of his experience with a girl in a neighboring country, with whom he fell in love. After two years of dating in SL and in RL, she dropped him cold. After a few months, he’s still depressed and gets less on SL than when he was in this relationship. “Bottom line: [in] relationships just like in the real world, [breakups] hurt after many years of being together.”