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Showing posts with label LOTY. Show all posts

Sunday, April 14, 2024

LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR 2024 TRIBUTE to our FASHION ICONS L$200,000 IN PRIZES!


For its 9th edition, the LOOK of the YEAR competition will pay tribute to five fashion icons of who have particularly inspired LUXE Paris over the course of its 12 years of existence. 

Participants will have to draw inspiration from these stylish icons to create a LUXE Paris outfit that meets their vision of fashion, and snap a picture to send us. Yes! Oui! Si! It is that easy!

LUXE Paris legendary friends

Three of these icons have left us but their exceptional talent and charisma have forever marked our memory and the fashion world, in Second Life or in reality: Frolic Mills, famous editor-producer-designer-model and so many other things, sadly deceased last winter, Jade Pono, our very dear LOOK of the YEAR 2022 who left SL in March 2023 to fight cancer and never came back...  and Gabrielle Coco Chanel, the one who revolutionized fashion by freeing women from their corsets in the 20'!

Our two other icons are still alive and kicking and shaping our virtual fashion world. They also greatly inspired LUXE Paris: Ponchituti Boucher, top model, co-owner of One On One Agency, nicknamed The Mother of all Models because she discovered so many stars of the runway, and Zuri Rayna, designer of the jewelry that bears her name, accomplished businesswoman and ardent supporter of SL designers.

Each of the 5 weeks of the contest application period will be dedicated to one of these icons and participants will have to create a LUXE Paris outfit for this particular star.

You don't know them very well? Our muses are told in very evocative texts, in the ICONS section of our website at
LUXE Paris Fashion House

There is also a Special Edition LOOK of the YEAR 2024 of LUXE Paris Magazine available at our main store at

Each of our fashion icons has its text and it is in the light of these Inspiration Texts that our jury will evaluate the applications. There will be no points allocated for physical resemblance with the icon or exact copy of the images we present to you for inspiration.

It's your creativity that counts. We don't want you to copy the icon's style but to present a look that she/he would love, wear with enthusiasm, or highly suggest to a friend of the opposite sex.

New this year

Another big news this year, men can participate! Regardless of the gender of the icons you choose to interpret, the inspirational texts offer the possibility of presenting a feminine or masculine version and our LOOK of the YEAR 2024 can be both, a woman or a man. LUXE Paris creates a wide range of clothing for everyone.

The first week of the competition will be dedicated to Jade Pono, this exquisite Japanese lady who represented LUXE Paris so brilliantly. Known for her outside-the-box style, Jade was also a promoter of beauty diversity. Find out more about her in her inspirational text on LUXE Paris website.

FULL PERM photos of your LUXE Paris outfits inspired by Jade must be sent to the avatar LUXEParisLOOKoftheYEAR inworld by June 20th before midnight. You must include your legacy name and that of the icon that inspired you in the title of your photos. Misidentified photos will be disqualified.

On June 22th, the jury will choose the six best applications of the week, that is to say the participants who have best interpreted Jade's inspirational text. These semi-finalists will be revealed on June 26th on our website and in the SL Enquirer. The photos of the semi-finalists will also be featured in the Spanish magazine SL Confidencial.

The second week will be devoted to Ponchituti Boucher, the third to Zuri Rayna, the fourth to Coco Chanel and the last to Frolic Mills. We will then have 30 semi-finalists selected by the jury. Detailed chronology of the contest in the SCHEDULE section of our website.

A free LUXE Paris ensemble

All participants will receive a free LUXE Paris ensemble upon receipt of their 1st photo! 

You can submit your application for one, few or all our icons and you can present up to 3 photos for each of our icons as long as they show different LUXE Paris outfits. The more you participate, the more likely you are to be noticed by our jury.

This competition is open to fashion professionals as well as amateurs, simply in love with fashion. The evaluation by the jury will be strictly based on the quality and originality of the styling presented. The LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR organization will offer free modelling training and mentoring to the finalists, for beginners and professionals. The renowned ONE On ONE Agency and IN-NOVA Academy will lead these training sessions.

When we will have 30 semi-finalists (6 semi-finalists per week/icon), the jury will re-evaluate all the 30 photos in the race to choose 12 grand finalists.

The most generous fashion competition

The twelve finalists, who will be revealed on July 31th on our website and in the SL Enquirer, will win L$84,000 in prizes. The winners of the title LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR will receive L$ 50,000 cash while the two runners up will win L$10,000 cash each. The trio will also share almost L$100,000 in gifts from our sponsors.

On September 8th, for the grand finale, each finalist will have to interpret the style of one of our icons but this time live on stage. The selection of the icon awarded to each finalist will be made by drawing lots.

So what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the inspirational text of your chosen icon and let your creativity flow. We are looking for an ambassador for LUXE Paris, a woman or a man who evokes our brand with elegance, charisma and innovation. Surprise us! Who knows? Your Second Life may be changed forever...

The 2024 edition of LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR is carried out in collaboration with One On One Productions, Zuri Jewelry, In-Nova Modelling Academy, SL Confidencial magazine, The SL Enquirer news site, Swank Events, Women & Menstuff, Hayabusa Design, ProPose, the Latin Quarter, Hyacinth Poses & Designs and SL4Live-TV.

Friday, July 29, 2022


Have you ever seen a professional fashion show in Second Life? Well, the magic of SL fashion is to be discovered absolutely and the 12 LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR finalists will dazzle the catwalk for you this SUNDAY, July 31 at 9 AM SLT!

The first LOOK of the YEAR challenge will take place on the theme ''DECADES of FASHION 1950-2020''. The finalists will each interpret a decade while DJ Blueyes Bonetto will set the mood with some cool vintage music!

Starring: Arion Vella, Hunipet Delicioso, JadePono, Keira Rhapsody, Lathilda, Lokia Float, Nikkilici0us, Stormy Spires, Trinity Aironaut, VanessaJane66, Virginia775 and Wartooth.

From long satin gloves and socialite fifties party dresses to minimalist and ethical fashion of the 2020s, we'll travel back in time on the wings of LUXE Paris fashion and ZURI jewelry.

The jury will assign a score to each finalist by evaluating the accuracy and originality of the interpretation as well as the presence of LUXE Paris and ZURI elegance. They will also evaluate their stage presence and charisma as they walk the runway in a show produced by ONE On ONE.

The finalists will compete in a second challenge next Sunday, a challenge that will be immediately followed by the revealing of the new LOOK of the YEAR. The new LUXE Paris ambassador will win L$50,000 cash and numerous gifts from the sponsors as the two runners-up will also receive gifts and L$10,000 cash each.

Your limo will be waiting for you on our website Sunday morning. You will also find there the link to our live broadcast on YouTube by SL4Live-TV, if you cant make it inworld.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR



The LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR jury has chosen the last group of semi-finalists. Congratulations to Hunipet Delicioso, JadePono, Kendall Palmer, Lathilda, Redsonjaa & Virginia775!

Registration is now closed and the jury will review all the photos of all the 30 semi-finalists to elect 12 finalists. 303 photos were submitted as part of this competition to find an ambassador for LUXE Paris, an elegant woman who will represent the brand with grace and charisma.


The 12 finalists will be revealed Friday July 1st. They will then be invited to participate to 3 events inworld so the judges can evaluate their skills and select the best one to represent LUXE Paris.

There will be the Judge's Brunch where the jury will meet the finalists in person for the first time and where the great 12 will have to present a short speech (typed in chat) explaining why they would be a good ambassador for LUXE Paris.

Two challenges-shows will follow. In the first one, Decades of Fashion 1950-2020, the finalists will have to interpret a decade with LUXE Paris fashion and ZURI jewellery. The decades will be assigned to the finalists by draw.

The theme of the second challenge is Fashion Capitals - A Global Ball. For this challenge, the finalists will have to imagine a look to represent one of the 12 Fashion Capitals of the planet, to attend a prestigious charity ball organised by Rihanna, Cher and Madonna! Here again, the capitals will be assigned to the finalists by draw.


It is the sum of the scores awarded by the jury during the two challenges that will determine the winner and the two super finalists. The second challenge will be immediately followed by the crowning of the new LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR.

LUXE Paris 2022 ambassador will win L$50,000 cash and numerous gifts offered by the sponsors. The two runners up will each win L$10,000 cash and also many gifts.

The Judge's Brunch is a private event but the challenge-shows are open to the public. The challenge Decades of Fashion will be held on Sunday July 31th at 9 AM SLT, and the challenge Fashion Capitals, followed by the crowning, on Sunday August 7th at 9 AM SLT.

These shows are something to see as they present great fashion and a lots of beautiful emotions. More information at LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR 2022

Sunday, June 19, 2022

LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR SIX NEW SEMI-FINALISTS: Anicia, Kitty, Nikki, Pandora, Scarlett & Wartooth!


The LOOK of the YEAR semi-final is entering its final round! The jury has just selected six new semi-finalists in their search for a new ambassador for LUXE Paris fashion house. Kudos to AniciaSaphira, Nightskitten, Nikkilicious, Pandora Mureaux, ScarlettDarkness81 and Wartooth!

These women of style are now eligible for the grand finale of the LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR competition. The jury will make a last selection of 6 semi-finalists next week, bringing the grand total to 30 semi-finalists.

The judges will then review all of the photos from all of the semi-finalists to choose 12 finalists. These will then be invited to take part in three inworld events which will determine which of them will be the new ambassador of LUXE Paris.

The new LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR will win L$50,000 in cash as well as many gifts offered by the sponsors. The two runners up will win L$10,000 each and several gifts too.

Haven't snap your photo yet? Do not delay any longer! Registration ends June 23 at midnight! All information at

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

LOTY Swimsuits & Happy Sunny Challenges


It was hot, hot, hot Sunday at AIM theater as the LOOK of the YEAR finalists presented the Swimsuits Competition!

For the occasion, LUXE Paris designers, Parisian Skytower and Mika Palmyra, and LUXE Dot Be designer, Boniefacio, have created an exclusive swimsuit for each of the finalists, inspired by their RL national flag.

This challenge was the first of the LOOK of the YEAR finale and it was immediately followed by the Happy Sunny Afternoon Challenge. For this challenge, the finalists have been asked to prepare a LUXE Paris or LUXE Dot Be outfit expressing the joy of a beautiful sunny day.

The third and last LOOK of the YEAR challenge, Romance at the Ritz in Paris, will take place this Sunday, July 21th, as the grand finale, with the unveiling of the LUXE Paris 2019 LOOK of the YEAR and the LUXE Dot Be 2019 LOOK of the YEAR.

LUXE Paris and LUXE Dot be are looking for two ambassadors, a woman and a man, who distinguish themselves by the quality of their look and who will represent the brands with grace and charisma.

The winner of the Women's category will be the fifth LUXE Paris LOOK of the YEAR and the men's winner, the first LUXE Dot Be LOOK of the YEAR as it is the first year that the contest has a men's category.

The two winners will each receive L$50,000 cash, one year of free shopping at LUXE Paris/LUXE Dot Be (a value of L$30 000), a fashion feature in the magazines ModeLS,  SL Confidencial, L'Amour Diversity and The Second Life Enquirer (a value of L$30 000), a private dinner party for 20 at the Duplex Club (a value of L$5000), a scholarship at In-Nova Model Training (a value of L$4000), a gift card of L$3500 at ProPose, a gift card of L$3000 at Alma Makeup, a crown by Zuri Jewelry (a scepter for the man), a value of L$1500, an official picture by Jack Rock (a value of L$1000), an hour coaching with Ponchituti Boucher and a VIP invite to be part of AIM Modeling Agency.

A panel of 14 judges evaluates the finalists, assigning a score for each challenge and it is the addition of these scores that will determine the winners. The LOOK of the YEAR grand finale is not open to the public in order to keep the lag as low as possible so the finalists and the judges can be at their best. But the show will be broadcast on YouTube! Keep an eye on The SL Enquirer to get the link to watch this exciting event!