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Showing posts with label awakening. Show all posts

Monday, February 27, 2017

Sacred Cauldron School of Wicca in SL -Seersha Heart Reporting...

It is 7:00 pm slt and a class begins.  Each student of Woolston-Steen Theological Seminary is represented by an avi sitting in the classroom.  “Earn Your Degree From Anywhere” is what Woolston-Steen emphasizes to their prospective students.  All of their classes are held online in their SL virtual classroom environment so that all students may participant from any location in the world.  If the student has access to the internet, they have access to the campus through SL.

            Sponsored by the Aquarian Tabernacle Church, Woolston-Steen is recognized by the State of Washington as a religious seminary able to grant degrees in Wiccan Ministry.  You may earn an Associates’, a Bachelor’s, or a Doctorate in Wiccan Ministry.

The Dean of Seminary is Belladonna Laveau.  She is the Archpriestess of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church International.  She authored the book Awakening Spiritwhich is used by the U.S. Military to assist chaplains minister to Wiccan troops. 
            Today we get to hear from Dean Belladonna Laveau about the school and it’s connection to second life.

Dean Belladonna Laveau:  Thank you for the opportunity to talk to the SL Enquirer about what we do at WiccanSeminary.EDU, a real Wiccan College that holds classes in Secondlife.

Seersha Heart:  Happy to hear all about the college.  There are ways to make a class offering online, why did your school choose SL?

Dean Belladonna Laveau: We teach witchcraft at WiccanSeminary.EDU. Secondlife is a 'tween space where magic can be done and energy can be experienced. It's very similar to any other place "between the worlds". In this place we can teach magic easier, because we can generate the energy in the space with the students, and illustrate it. Students can see what we are doing energetically, and learn faster.

Seersha Heart:  Are any of your students veteran SL residents?  Are some familiar with SL before they begin school?

Dean Belladonna Laveau:We get a good bit of our student body through Secondlife residents. It's helpful to be familiar with, and a fan of Secondlife before starting school. Learning to navigate Secondlife can be an additional challenge for the student, who is not already adept with the software. Knowing how to shop, build, and edit makes it easier to turn in assignments and progress through the school.

Seersha Heart:  What training in SL do you offer students?  Do you have an orientation to SL?

Dean Belladonna Laveau:We take them to Caledon University, and accompany them while they go through. We also send them to Builder's Brewery, or provide a simple building class. We try to utilize the resources already provided on Secondlife, and be part of the greater community.

Seersha Heart:  How long has your school operated in the SL classrooms?

Dean Belladonna Laveau:Our school has been teaching classes in Secondlife since 2009. We first came in, when one of the students offered to let us set up on his private land. We then were offered to purchase Sacred Cauldron, which was already established. We couldn't resist such a beautiful and sacred offer. The Goddess provided us the funds for it in an immediate and miraculous way, and we were home.

Seersha Heart:  You list possible areas that need clergy on your website.  Does the school help students with job placement?

Dean Belladonna Laveau:  We do. The Aquarian Tabernacle Church sponsors the school. It has many departments where a student can work. You start out in intern positions that are volunteer, and learn the industry through experiencing it from the inside. We have a Career Counselor that is available for helping you map out your career path. 

Seersha Heart:  Is there a graduation ceremony?

Dean Belladonna Laveau:  Yes. It is held inworld in the spring.

Seersha Heart:  Do you know some rl jobs your graduates are doing now?

Dean Belladonna Laveau:  Most of our graduates continue in service as Ministers. They are running festivals and churches, writing books, and articles, being spiritual counselors, and serving to help Wiccans and Pagans all over the world. 

Seersha Heart:  Has SL proved to be a good location for your virtual classroom?  What are the good aspects and what are the aspects that challenge the school in SL?

Dean Belladonna Laveau:  We love working in Secondlife. We find it supportive of the many programs we have, and we continue to bring more programs inworld as we grow. The challenge is not having voice on cellphone viewers. We have started using Skype for Business for the voice chat aspect of the classroom instead of SL voice. It's more convenient for students on the go, and it allows us to record the class. We would be happier and more efficient if SL integrated with outside technologies.

Seersha Heart: Can someone apply to the school in SL from the campus?

Dean Belladonna Laveau:  Yes, just pop into the castle and as for help, or ask for help right on the Sacred Cauldron group list. There is almost always someone online to help. You do have to interface with a standard web browser to complete the forms and tuition requirements. The school does not accept Lindens for tuition.

Seersha Heart:  What do you want prospective students to know about the experience and the school?
Dean Belladonna Laveau:Sacred Cauldron is an open campus, come and see what it's like to do magic in a virtual 'tween space. There are so many layers that Secondlife brings to magical training, that I couldn't cover them within the space of this article. Having to create a world that changes with the seasons is a lesson of magical design that one wouldn't expect, and that is only one aspect to the depth of knowledge you will receive at WiccanSeminary.EDU. Another very important, but unexpected perk of working within secondlife is the exposure you have to the world-wide community of pagans. I have close friends all over the world, because of my work in Secondlife. These are the future leaders of Wicca, from all over the world. That's a networking perk that will prove to be invaluable to the students of today in years to come. Knowing each other across the globe, as you build your own churches, allows you to network, and form common goals, making it a stronger spiritual foundation for not only you, but for those who know you, and for the whole religion. 

Not only is it extremely valuable, it is a fun place to learn. Never discount the fun component when it comes to learning. Students that work in Secondlife can't wait to come to class. They spend more time on campus, more time focused on their studies, more time developing magical relationships, and more time learning. Our students advance faster, and become more accomplished, as their careers develop. We find Secondlife an invaluable addition to our online campus.

Seersha Heart:  Thank you so much for answering my questions.

Dean Belladonna Laveau:  Thank you for the opportunity to answer your questions. We at WiccanSeminary.EDU appreciate the chance to share our magic with you.
            For more information, visit their website or visit Sacred Cauldron at the links below.  It is a magical experience.

Additional Information:

**This article has been updated on 2/27/17 to correct the mispelling of Dean Belladonna Laveau. The SL Enquirer apologizes for any inconvience it may have caused 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Awakening The SL Movie Project and Doc Grun” -Saoirse Heart reporting...

There is an exciting new project on the grid being made entirely in Second Life.  Doc Grun [Douglas W. Green) it the author Awakening.  Working with Lou CasaBianca as director/publisher, he is bringing his science fiction series to life using an episodic Machinima format.

 ‘Awakening’ is set in the future approximately 340 years from now.  Earth has been struck by a rogue comet in the year 2048 bringing catastrophes world wide bringing man to the edge of extinction.  Space travelers from the center of the galaxy sent a rescue force to Earth.  These travelers were called Scaliens and helped to rebuild the civilization of earth at the cost of enslaving humanity.  Humanity then rose up to defeat and enslave their captors living that was in peace for the next 340 years.  The sins of the past long forgotten, mankind lives to regret all that has happened.  To read a more comprehensive introduction to the project, please click here.

Saoirse Heart:  I am here today speaking with Doc Grun [aka Douglas W. Green].  In real life, he has worked through and experienced the technical innovations and changes in the automotive industry.  He the author of The Awakening,  and is currently involved  in his life’s dream project; creating a full length movie filmed in VR format, right here in SL.  Doc in your last press release you had completed seven episodes, what has happened to those?

Doc Grun: they were consolidated into 1 movie.  the book is 83,000 words, I had to expand my goals.  we recorded the entire first 7 episodes in voice then would pump the VO into SL to make the avatar lips move while we did the animations.  but we are working on more synchronized movements so back to the drawing board.  It’s only the beginning.  we will also be using mocap for animations that sl cant reproduce.  The project will also spotlight AR VR and how to educate students in the STEAM

How far along are you in completing the entire movie?

Doc Grun: we are working with RL film partners to do it professionally.  filming is on hold while we retool.

Saoirse Heart: How can we follow the series while the movie is in production?

Doc Grun: we are now recording podcasts that will be released 1 a week for 18 weeks, each week reviewing one of the chapters in the book and a playback of my audiobook recording of that chapter. is our main site for now.  The podcast series is titled The Awakening Chronicles.

Saoirse Heart:  Will you have a crowdfunding or other type of fund raising site for people to visit?

Doc Grun: people can contribute on the website if they feel so inclined, every little bit helps.  the more grass roots support corp sponsors see the more they are convinced the project will make them money.  indiegogo campaign is not live yet.  soon.  Did you watch the promo vids?

Saoirse Heart: yes, they are fantastic.

Doc Grun: then you get the scope of the project

Saoirse Heart: huge

Doc Grun: very, We are launching everything at the same time, so as each section is done it is placed on ice and we move to the next.  There will be 3 books in the series.  A prequel next and then a sequel

Saoirse Heart: A project of this size takes a lot of time, how are you coping with the time and keeping your real life going smoothly?

Doc Grun: I am working 13 hours X6 days lately, not much time for me

Saoirse Heart: Wow that is a lot of time, and it is also spent learning the most cutting edge technologies.  Has the changing technology affected the project?

Doc Grun: in fact the book was written so long ago by me I had to go back and update the tech used as what I originally wrote seemed like 1960's sci-fi instead of futuristic lol

Saoirse Heart:  What is your social media presence now?

Doc Grun: my twitter feed is @docgrun.  currently have 530 followers, get about 50 new each day.  helps get the word out.  People can sign up for the newsletter and receive a free copy of the first chapter in pdf format [through the website]

Saoirse Heart:  Do you have a bigger goal beyond this project for your life and your life’s work?
Doc Grun: my goal is to quit my day job and write and produce this, and my partner and I will be starting up a service for people who want to do what we are doing and offer our experience to help them bring their projects to life.  we have made all the mistakes so we know how to help the next person not make them lol

Mostly it is time that is lost.  our team is world wide.  my partner is in California, my film editor is in Colorado, my graphics artist is in the UK.  even setting up a meeting is hard for someone no matter what time we pick.  The reality of Second Life collaborations.

Saoirse Heart: Who are members of your team?

Doc Grun: The team includes Lou CasaBianca [Director/Publisher], Bob Cook [Film Editor] and Andreea Laura Alp [Graphic Artist]

Saoirse Heart:  Thank you for speaking with me today Doc.  I know we all will want to watch the progress of Awakenings and your future projects.  I began reading the book this weekend and as you predicted.....I had a hard time setting it down to write this article.  You may purchase the book in PDF format, order a copy of the audio book and the original music soundtrack all from the website.


Sunday, February 7, 2016

AWAKENiNG Friends, Family & Colleagues Crowdfunding SNEAK PREVIEW FOR SECOND LIFE FANS

You love Science Fiction Books & Movies!
We want you to be part of what we believe will be
a new best selling Book & Animated Film & TV Series
"AWAKENiNG - The Eye of the Scalien”
By Author, Douglas Green & Director, Lou CasaBianca,
We have the book & scripts just about ready to go!
Join us in bringing this Visionary Project out to the world in 2016.