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Showing posts with label etiquette. Show all posts

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

SHOULD AVATARS WEAR MASKS? Stacey Cardalines Reporting...

Etiquette is a touchy thing. It is both timeless and ever evolving. There was a time when a lady had to know how to get into a stagecoach properly, for instance. The answer to that doesn't matter now, but other questions rose in place of it, and will continue to arise as we evolve as a species.

One particular question of Etiquette that arose on 2020, in an admittedly isolated niche within SL culture, is "Should avatars wear masks?" 

Note that I phrase it as a question of Etiquette, not as a question of Science. Science doesn't mesh well with the idea of avatars wearing masks. Avatars, which are not living organisms, are incapable of transmitting a physical virus from one to another. There is no scientific benefit to making your avatar wear a mask, not are there medical consequences if you walk around maskless. There may be social consequences, but we'll get to that later in the article. 

Yet, while researching this article, I went on SL Marketplace. I searched for "COVID masks." There were 297 pages of them available. Who is buying all of these masks, and why? Only a fool would buy one, right?

I should add that many of these sales are of the Greater Fool variety, meaning that people think of something simple and useless that they can make for a few pennies and sell for a few pennies more. Perhaps there are people out there who worry about getting sick from an multiple avatar interaction. "The CDC said nothing at all about animated characters being able to go maskless, so I'd better err on the side of caution." That is your target market. Get what you can from them, while you can get it. They are, to quote edited-for-television Scarface, "a great big chicken, waiting to get plucked."

Other people might wear a mask because they feel that SL should mirror RL. Granted, you can't teleport places or carry a lighthouse around with you in RL, but masks come down on the other side of that line. There is a little roleplay element to this that most SL users can slip into effortlessly. We live in a masked society RL, and some feel that this should reflect itself when they move among the animated masses.

Some people may do it for Discipline. If masks are mandatory, you wear them. If you're walking out to get the paper off the doorstep, you wear a mask. If you are running out to the store for one thing, you wear a mask. My grandfather was actually like this with ties. The tie wasn't necessary for what he was doing, but he was more comfortable with a tie on. That kind of discipline would transfer to SL if you were to animate such a man. 

I decided to strut around SL in a mask, just to see how I was reacted to. It was disappointing. Not in a bad way, but in an odd way. Disappointing in myself, if that is how one would phrase it.

I went to the gym first. I was the only one in a mask. Unfortunately, there are a lot of wrestlers in my gym (wrestling is a hugely popular sport on SL). They saw nothing at all odd with me walking around in a gas mask, and just assumed that I was in character. "The crowd is gonna LOVE that!" was a common refrain. "Can it be weaponized?" was another.

I went to my side job as a dancer at a fetish sim. There were 30 people around when I went on the dance pole, dressed exactly as I was in the picture accompanying the article. I was immediately conspicuous. A gas mask, however, is nothing special to fetish people, many of whom were disappointed that I wasn't bound. Several people were able to correctly name the brand.

In the end, you're on SL to amuse yourself. You won't hurt anyone if you don't feel like wearing one, nor will you save lives by wearing one. If someone else wants to wear one, it isn't your business to tell them otherwise.

Shoot, I have a friend on SL who is a 6 foot tall humanish Bat. In the real world, she would be right at the top of How The Virus Jumped To Humans suspect list. On SL, she's just someone I see at work. She's not harming anyone, and neither are you if you wear or refuse to wear a mask.

Do what thou wilt.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Second Life Do's and Don'ts - Seersha Heart reporting

I was having a conversation with someone new to SL recently.  She asked me why most of the material she pulled up via google was so dated.  I looked at some of her inquires and found out that much of the “how to get started” and basic etiquette of SL isn’t very recent.  In this article I have combined resources and asked my Facebook friends to help.  Thank you to those who offered suggestions of dos and don’ts.

Number one rule in SL; do not call SL a game.  It feels like a MMO, but it is like other social media.  There are no goals, no leaderboards it is a place to meet people or to create.  Go ahead and ask people in local sometime if SL is a game.  I guarantee a flurry of answers and opinions.  Every person in SL has an opinion on the topic of describing SL as a game.

Another basic rule to remember that immersion into the virtual grid is still a virtual experience.  You control your experience whether it is good, or it is not good.  If you don’t like a situation, you can always teleport out, turn off your computer; you are never ever someone’s prisoner unless you choose to be.   Even RLV* residents may power off, the ultimate control.  You may log into any location you wish.  If you left a bad area, relog at home or at a region of your choice.  I continue to hear stories from longtime residents who complain about their experiences in SL.  I complain about situations in sl to my friends and sometimes a stranger or two.  However, after some good old fashion whining it is time to take control of your sl life.

Here are some of the definite dos and don’ts I have written down to share.  We were all sl newbies at one time.  Reading these may remind you of your own experiences and make you cringe.

Let people know who your SL self is by customizing your profile and keep it current.  “Perving” profiles are a good way to make sure your profile is as you like it best.  Also Perving profiles is fun.
Try to glance at profiles before or while you are talking to someone.  This will give you their clues on what they enjoy in SL.
Learn some basic building skills such as how to rez a prim and to move an object.
Don’t beg for Lindens; there are ways to get some L inworld such as fishing.  There are also jobs inworld such as hosting for a DJ.
Don’t RLV if you don’t know what RLV means to your avatar.  Several CARP SIMs [Capture And Role Play] exist and you would be wise to avoid them unless you understand what may happen to you when you visit one of those SIMs.
There is a lot of free stuff.  The locations change but you can always ask around or use the SL search.

“Never play people! Sure, they're avatars... they're behind a computer screen halfway around the world... etc etc.
But, they're real people, real feelings, real reactions. Treat them as such”   - Harper

Don’t be offended if someone you IM doesn’t respond.  They may already be in a conversation, or AFK or perhaps they don’t want to talk to new people.  It isn’t you so don’t dwell on it and move on to someone who wants to talk to you.
Don’t immediately send a friend request.  It is much politer to ask before friending someone.  It is also general practice to say thank you whether you sent the request, or the other person did.
Don’t be offended if someone you don’t really know unfriends you the next day.  This happens because if you ask someone “may I friend you” it is easier to say yes than to say no to a direct request.
Don’t be surprised if the female avatar you really fancy turns out to be played by a man (or the male avatar you fancy turns out to be played by a woman).
Don’t Demand Anything; voice, RL information.  You reveal what you wish on your profile or in interactions.  Just because you are comfortable discussing your RL or using voice don’t use that as a reason to demand those of other people.
Don’t forget that people can see where your cam unless you change your preferences.  Yes, men look up women’s skirts so wear underwear or a smile. 
Always walk around other avatars not through them.  Much as you would in RL.  You wouldn’t walk “through” someone at the mall.
Always move off a landing point...even if you haven’t rezzed.  Move to the side, get out of the way of the next person.

Some Notes on Nudity & Sex
Don’t go to G or M SIMs naked.  If you have trouble dressing, stay on Adult SIMs.  I know one attention seeking avi who never wears clothing but insists on visiting G and M SIMs.  This is just uncool and a form of griefing.
Don’t wear a Frenis; no none of them look good.  [ Free + Penis = Frenis] It doesn’t matter if the description says it is a good penis.  In sexual attachments you get what you pay for.  Frenis is a big running gag in world but you can find them any day.  Stop by OrGaSms, usually someone wearing one at that SIM.
Don’t send dick pics.  No one ever wants a texture of your RL penis or your SL penis.  Period.
Don’t use the pose balls you find in someone else’s home.  This is a big deal infringement for many people.  There are plenty of places with a lot of pose balls.  Go use those.
Don’t bug every female [or male] you meet for sex.  No doesn’t mean she wants to be persuaded it means NO.  And to the woman harassed this is a good time to TP away.
DO use CTRL ATL T to see if anyone is wearing a penis or other object and hiding it.  You will be surprised the first few times.

“There is no real privacy in SL, remember that”…. Inch Sideways

Land is a sacred place for most residents.  They choose who and when they interact with others while on their own land so:
Don’t be offended if you are ejected from someone’s land.
Don’t expect someone to engage in a conversation with you while they are on their land

Emptying your trash will take something out of your inventory F O R E V E R.
Name your inventory pictures something meaningful to you so you know what they are later.
Ask around for hints on how to best organize your inventory, no one has an easy time with this task.  There is no one perfect answer.

Know your resources
Learn the preferences on your viewer or ask a friend for help.  Control your experience.
Don’t forget you can show pictures for free on your feed at
SL doesn’t end on the grid, we have bloggers, photographers, Facebook accounts and so on
Clothing and getting dressed; Never use “wear” always use “add”
Don’t let your groups get out of control; turn off notifications you don’t want to see.

A big don’t is age play.  While most understand this to be no sexual situations with child avis; many don’t understand what constitutes a child avi.  Some SIMs specific height, others may have a no child avi sign.  Generally speaking if your human avi is under 1.8m it will be considered a child by most.  If you want a short avi, be prepared to be reported a child avi in sexual situations.  Disclaimers in profiles are not a shield for this highly inappropriate behavior.  Don’t bother putting that you are “18 years old” if your avi is a child.  Readers if you witness age play please report it immediately.  If you click on the offending avi, you can report your suspicions to LL.  LL receives a picture, the location and all the details.  If you wonder if you should report it, the answer is yes.  LL is the one to investigate and make proper determinations.

Let’s talk about griefing.  Griefer activities take many varied forms.  The simplest definition is a resident who is in sl to disrupt or disturb others for their enjoyment.  There are groups that some residents belong to, so they make discuss griefing.  Most are familiar with “Classic Griefers” whose characteristics are:
Disturb others without physical contact:
abusing the message system, spamming advertisements, and similar
sexual messages or inappropriate dress on G or M SIMs
The offending avi will push against you, bump you
Attacking land parcels or abusing protected areas with
Particles, sound or unwanted object

DO avoid “flatterbots”, “copybots”, ignore and block any avatar you suspect to not have a real person behind it.
Some residents take griefing to a higher and disturbing level.  They call themselves terrorists.  This group targets resources such as increasing lags, blocking traffic or use of replicants.  This group of individuals spend all their time griefing while developing new ways to disrupt the peace.  For more information on thefting scripts read this great article “Theft and Fraud in Second Life – Scripts that Steal – Dean Lawson reporting”

If you are concerned, reach out for some fantastic resources on how to best handle griefers.  Free on SL Marketplace you can find GreenZone HYPERLINK "" HUD for $0L.  This is designed to aid you and protect your privacy in SL from griefers.

The dos and don’ts in SL are ever changing like the landscape of all SL.  Remember at the end of the day it is always, your SL.
“Just don’t be a d**k”  - ChipaquamanGriefers are a small group of SL residents.  Most residents are thoughtful wonderful human beings pursuing their interests peacefully.  Griefers frequent particularly vulnerable areas and vulnerable people [such as newbies].

Friday, October 11, 2013

Beach Etiquette in Second Life (C) - Stareyes Galaxy Reporting

One of the great features of Second Life © (SL) is that no matter what the real life (RL) weather, you can pack a rucksack and go to the beach.

At the many beaches of SL, it is possible to relax, swim, do watersports, and socialize with friends or previously unknown avatars. Beaches come in all categories, “G”, “M”, and “A”, and it may be confusing as to what is expected of a beach visitor at locations tagged with one category or the other. Stareyes Galaxy trekked some of the beach resorts to find out what the beach etiquette is and how it is observed in SL.

I started with beaches that advertise clothed-only policies. Kona Beach one beautiful location with surfboarding and big waves in the sea set as a curved beach. I met Glowdiamond, an ardent sunbather and asked her a few questions.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Second Life Etiquette Part 4- Good Business Sense- Pandora Drezelan Reporting...

Pandora Drezelan


As part four of The Second Life Etiquette series I am going to discuss etiquette within the work place, both as an employer and an employee, conducting business within Second Life is not really that much different to working situations in real life, however this may depend on your virtual job description. There is always a dress code as well as a code of ethics to maintain which also includes basic common sense and good manners. This may come across as a little harsh, but if you wish to relive your real life job within the virtual world or embark on your dream job that you never thought was possible then read on and please leave your comments and feedback.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Second Life Etiquette: Friendships And Deletions (part1)- Pandora Drezelan Reporting...

This is my first installment of a series of articles regarding etiquette in Second Life. In this series I will be addressing different forms of etiquette from how we mix and interact with people online in the virtual world to situations such as conducting friendships, business, deleting people to what makes a good profile and more. Everyone has their own opinion on good and bad behavior in an online situation and so I will begin this series by talking about friendships and deletions.

Making Friends In Second Life:

For most of us when we first arrive in Second Life making friends is a number one priority and to make as many friends as quickly as possible and for others Second Life is about learning as much as they can before embarking on a chain of friendships and some people choose to keep their contacts list to a very select few.