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Showing posts with label work. Show all posts

Sunday, August 15, 2021

SPOTLIGHT ON MYVIRTUALREALITYJOBS.- A New Breed of Professional Gamers - SLE Reporting


Second Life is a unique platform with countless places to explore with friends. What makes SL stand out from other virtual worlds is the active economy. Many creators do business in the virtual world and make a supplemental income working for themselves. 

If you are not a creator, there are still jobs available, like hosting and or managing venues, selling products and services for others, or even freelance “special services” but they pay in Linden currency that is so low, it isn’t considered a real-world livable wage job.

 Since Covid 19 lockdowns many jobs have turned remote with 80% of telecommuters experiencing less work-related stress. This is the perfect opportunity for Second Life residents who are retired, stay-at-home moms/dads, currently unemployed, or looking for some extra income due to the toll the lockdowns have taken on the workforce and those with health and safety concerns.

 MyvirtualRealityJobs is a real-world company brought into Second Life by Mr. Cortez looking to close the gap between virtual reality and reality with real job opportunities in IT and customer service that allows new hires to choose their weekly payment in Lindens or actual USD currency.

The SL Enquirer caught up with Mr. Cortez (kitila.cortes) to learn more about  MyvirtualRealityJobs, the job listings available, requirements, and how to apply.

Interview with Mr. Cortes

SLE: Thank you for meeting with us to talk about  MyvirtualRealityJobs.  This sounds like a unique job opportunity for residents in Second Life to do what they love and also work a real-life livable wage job on the grid. Can you give our readers some insight into you and your company?

Mr. Cortes - Based in the United States of America, but we are an international business that operates out of Canada and the UK currently. I have been in Second Life for nearly 14 years. The business joined this year. But I have been working off the grid, for five years to establish the enterprise. We want to create a new breed of professional gamers, and create a new industry in second life and create a platform that they can work from and make real-life livable wages.

SLE: People working in a virtual world and getting paid in Real Life is rather unheard of. Can you tell us how your company makes this happen?

Mr. Cortes:- Arise Solutions is our project partner that is seeking customer support reps and tech support from at-home employees around the United States and abroad. We utilize second life as a tool to connect various platforms within the world wide web to establish connections between businesses and employees.


SLE: As you know there are many scams that are happening with working from home and sometimes something “too good” to be true usually isn’t. I searched for your company website and was met with “Site can not be reached” Not that it is under maintenance as was once told. So tell the readers without a real-life website to be found to do any research how can you make potential employees believe in your company and this isn’t a scam?

Mr. Cortes: - The reason why the website is not public at the moment is that we want to control the flow of individuals inquiring about information about this project. It is easy to see how we can quickly be overwhelmed with the large volumes of inquiring individuals seeking employment. So we suggest and direct all individuals to our office staff and terminals. We want everything and everyone to come into our office and be guided by our staff on a one-on-one or small group basis to ensure the quality of both Arise and Employees and the customers being serviced maintains the highest standard for our industry.

SLE: We were informed that Myvirtualrealityjobs is a subcontracting company under Arise Solutions can you tell us what lines of business you are contracted to handle for them? 

Mr. Cortes: Customer Support and tech support are the main areas in which we seek to provide services. There are some accounting and financial programs but all programs offered to MyVirtualRealityJobs are at the discretion of the individual applying.

SLE: With the Pandemic still wreaking havoc on real-world jobs and many seeking employment remotely, this is a great opportunity you are offering residents in Second Life. Can you tell our readers why your company is focusing on virtual worlds to find employees and what type of positions are available and their requirements?

Mr. Cortes: We've actually been focused on virtual worlds since 2016 when the title Virtual Reality President became a thing for the Entropia Universe & we began the Virtual Reality Jobs in 2017 and campaigning for the VR President Position. We continued to work in Entropia only, until right before pre-covid, at which point we began looking into second life and are trying to be a multiplatform company, encouraging gamers to perform specific online and technical tasks at home. With the intention of creating a new breed of professional gamers.

SLE: Are you also employing people from any other Virtual World besides Second Life?

Mr. Cortes: - Entropia Universe, Star Citizen, however, Second Life is the only one that allows such open creative rights as a business. Which allows more of the funding to reach the players and employees working with MyVirtualRealityJobs.


SLE: From what we have been told your company will hire employees but they will need to file 1099 (if residing in the US) to claim taxes on their own. So they would be considered a subcontractor for your company. Is this true?

Mr. Cortes: - Correct, every individual is their own professional entity. Our goal is to create future business owners as an internal business project. We don't want to train future employees, we want to train future business owners.

SLE: Since this is a real-life job and a presence inside Second Life, is there anything particular the avies have to do while in Second Life to justify they are working or is it just a presence needed?

Mr. Cortes: - Playing Second Life is encouraged but not necessarily required. We just ask that you perform and act like a professional and we encourage you to come to hang out at our office with us, or somewhere in second life.

SLE: Where can interested residents go to apply?

Mr. Cortez: At our main office, one of the friendly support staff will help you along your way, and Pink Haven will help you with your application, followed by Kitila Cortes finishing the process personally, with you. The job itself does require real-life information, but we want to ensure those applying, that we do not see any of that information. We collect no RL information, we use a CSP ID number to Identify and connect all employees.

SLE: Thank you for sharing some very important and insightful information with our readers, is there anything else you would like to share?

Mr. Cortez:  Just visit our office, come talk to us and have fun.

Additional Information:

Pays up to 27kL$ a day or up to 135kL$ weekly!

MyVirtualRealityJob Main Office SLURL: 

Group: secondlife:///app/group/243655ce-4073-e683-8e77-fbca6262c21a/about


Facebook: Coming soon.


Preferred Contact: Come down to our Main Virtual office and fill out an application or message Pink Haven or Kitila Cortes in world for more information!

Monday, August 9, 2021

MyVirtualRealityJob is Hiring now!


Are you bored at home? Retired, wanting a little something to do on the side? Maybe a stay-at-home Mom/Dad? Hurting from the Covid19 lockdowns? Do you have great customer service skills or technical knowledge? Why not come work for us?

You can play in SL, while working from home and making real-world livable wages! We are a Real-world Company looking to bridge the gap between Reality and Virtual Reality.

MyVirtualRealityJob is a Real-World business that employs the residents of SecondLife. While Logged in to the grid Staff can earn a competitive real-world livable wage in L$. Our mission is to create a "New Breed Of Professional Gamer."

We are paying up to 27kL$ a day or upto 135kL$ weekly.

Everything you need to know is at the main office, just check out the terminals or click the live support for assistance! FAQ questions are in the main hallway at one of the 5 point terminals. Courses are paid for by the company [you do NOT have to spend any money to make money with us] Come down to our Main Virtual office and fill out an application or message Pink Haven or Kitila Cortes in world for more information!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Join the VIRTUALVillage Media Team Today!


VIRTUALVillage Media | VIRTUAL HQ is your International HUB to network and collaborate with CREATIVE and INNOVATIVE individuals and businesses all over the globe.  We are an organization whose goal is to provide a place where we extend our business, knowledge and assistance to those who may be looking for a place to meet and collaborate with like-minded persons.

VIRTUALVillage Media continuously seeks talented and driven professionals to join our ever growing team and brand.

Business District Lima (71,119,23)


If you have a talent or skill to offer that is not listed below, email us your resume and/or portfolio at

Hiring Bloggers, Digital Media Interns, Assistant Managers, Event Coordinators, and Marketing Coordinators.

Customer First | Team Oriented | Community Focused

If you have any questions, please contact:
Faith Aljon or HoneyGlaze Delicioso

Thank you,

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The SL Enquirer is Hiring in our Advertising Department!

We are looking for candidates who are social and can help us in the Advertising department. If you think you have what it takes to be part of Team SLE and the longest running news source in Second Life. Apply today!  


  • Assist ad clients with set up
  • give information businesses inquiring about advertising
  • Answer advertising question 
  • follow  leads and bring in new clients
  • submit progress reports

Pay: 35% commission per sale

To qualify you must be professional, a people person and commit to your job.

Contact Lanai Jarrico at

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

SPOTLIGHT ON VACANCY- Jobs & Recruitment Service in Second Life that Goes Above and Beyond just Displaying Jobs- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Vacancy Jobs & Recruitment Service

Let’s get brutally honest shall we? If you want to maintain a certain lifestyle in Second Life you have two options. You can become a premium member so you can transfer and convert funds to Lindens with the ability to purchase a sim or own a parcel on the grid.  But without Lindens it can be difficult to obtain all the things you need for a fulfilling Second Life. The other option is finding a virtual job because begging for lindens shamelessly at a club or welcome center will get you nowhere fast.
If you are reduced to holding a cup outside a club while looking like a noob, then maybe Second Life isn’t the place for you. There are plenty of jobs available on the grid. You just have to know where to look. Some experience is always a plus in the type of job you want  but it is not necessary if you  can be committed to whatever it is you apply for.

Vacancy is a new job & Recruitment Service that provides employers of Second Life with affordable AD Board rentals as well as additional services to help job seekers become great candidates. Owned and operated by JT Raynier and Jordan Shey, their objective is to treat Vacancy clients like partners and provide a high level of customer service. Each client is viewed as an individual. They believe Vacancy’s success is based on the people they provide a service to.
For 50L per week a business owner can post a help wanted Ad that provides useful information to job seekers. Job Seekers can easily browse the available job Ad quickly and easily. Resumes are an important part of matching employers with the perfect candidates so Vacancy helps build that bridge between the two.
The SL Enquirer went to Vacancy undercover to see what type of customer service was available and was pleasantly surprised that there was an actually person there to answer our questions. Good customer service is rare and to see it at Vacancy leads us to believe in their promise to treat each client with care and respect.

JT Raynier

Interview with JT Raynier
SLE: What inspired you to created Vacancy?  Can you tell our readers more about your objective and services?
JT: The Jobs market in Second Life is getting more and more competitive day by day. With Vacancy, we intend to bring something slightly different to the table. We’re in the process of fitting application drop boxes to as soon as as an applicant has filled out their application for a particular they can drop it back into the board and it goes direct to the advertiser. This cut’s down a lot on having to find the names of people to send the application too and streamlines the application process for both applicants and employers.

Jordan Shay

SLE: There are other job search agencies in Second Life. What separates your employment services from the others?
JT: What separates us is our level of customer service. We aim to contact new advertisers within 6hrs of taking out an advertisement with us to to set up their advertising privileges in our group. Unlike some other services we also undertake advertising with other businesses in SL to raise our profile in our target client and applicant markets.
SLE: Do you screen employers for certain criteria before they can post available jobs at Vacancy?
JT: At the moment no we believe it’s important for all businesses in SL that are looking for applicants to fill roles within their business or businesses to have the option to advertise with us.
SLE: What type of skills do you recommend for job seekers to have before they apply for a job? Do you offer training programs or help with creating a resume?
JT: The jobs that are most advertised in SL are roles in the entertainment sector, ie - Dj Jobs and Hosting jobs. We will in the very near future be offering training and support for this. But we’ll go more into that at another time as we are firming up plans at the moment to get this all done and to offer a good service to the customers who choose to undertake training with us.
Ad boards

SLE:  How do employers get set up at Vacancy? Can they choose any AD Board in the room or are there specific areas for the type of job they are offering?
JT: The way we’re setup at the moment employers can put their ads anywhere. We took this choice from construction mainly to keep cost down for employers. If they was for example to have three jobs for example, DJ, Host, Dancer that would be 150L$ a week for three standard boards as opposed to 50L$ for one standard board. But employers can have more than one board if they wish.
SLE: What type of information is shared in your group that will help employers and job seekers?
JT: We have a group setup for both employers and job seekers which employers can post their jobs in as group messages group messages. We’re always looking to innovate in the jobs sector of SL and have some interesting developments planned for the future but on these you’ll have to wait and see ;-)
SLE: is there anything else you would like to share about Vacancy?
JT: Yeah there is, We hope to see your readers employers and applicants really soo and hopefully we can help employers find the right people to fill the roles employers have and applicants the dream SL job they are looking for!

JT, Jordan  and Lanai at Vacancy

Additional Information
Group: secondlife:///app/group/68c8a85e-ae79-7bef-299c-3f643a40241b/about 
For Assistance contact : JT Raynier, Ĵòɍḋḁn Șɧȧŷ (jcshay) or
garrettjones Resident

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How to Make Money in Second Life(c) – Shaneos Howlett Reporting...

Just like in real life – there is a mulititude of different  jobs available in SL.

 In this feature we take a close look at popular job positions, which are the best paying, including taking a look at some freebie options on how to raise funds.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Finding a Balance: Are you Living in the Virtual Moment and Letting Real time pass you by? -Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

The virtual world has a way of sucking a person in and spitting them out years later with their head spinning. Some move on to bigger things while others continue the virtual path in search of something that needs to be fulfilled in their life.

 My inspiration for this article comes from a friend I recently spoke to about his virtual world experience and how he feels he let 6 years slip away with a snap of his fingers. I can certainly relate to how years can fly by in a virtual world but I also think that unless you are involved in something great that leads to positive changes in your real life, the virtual world can be very fulfilling or for some, a waste of time that they could be spending in the real world.

People involved in virtual worlds spend their time doing an assortment of things that satisfy their creativity and personal needs. Some venture around Second Life in search of companionship because it may be difficult for them in the real world due to social awkwardness or anxiety. Others come from loveless marriages or live in loneliness and are looking for that feeling of being loved and needed. Those things can be found in Second life, but does it mean there are real emotions involved or just an illusion that takes away from the words “living life”?

Saturday, April 27, 2013

HOT OFF THE PRESS! Check out a New Book Featuring Women of Second Life

Women in Second Life- Essays On Virtual Identity, Work and Play Written by Dianna Baldwin and Julie Achterberg

This new Kindle edition book features some of the top leading ladies doing big things in the virtual world Second Life © with a collection of essays that explore issues of identity, work and play within this fascinating virtual world. 

14 woman were interviewed including the talented media socialites Persia Bravin and Lanai Jarrico and their journeys to the top of SL’s leading media circuit. 

This book covers education, virtual journalism as well as explores using Second Life for creative discovery, human rights, gender crossing, race perception, the arts and more.  What was once viewed as a man’s world, might very well be changing in a digital way.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Second Life Etiquette Part 4- Good Business Sense- Pandora Drezelan Reporting...

Pandora Drezelan


As part four of The Second Life Etiquette series I am going to discuss etiquette within the work place, both as an employer and an employee, conducting business within Second Life is not really that much different to working situations in real life, however this may depend on your virtual job description. There is always a dress code as well as a code of ethics to maintain which also includes basic common sense and good manners. This may come across as a little harsh, but if you wish to relive your real life job within the virtual world or embark on your dream job that you never thought was possible then read on and please leave your comments and feedback.