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Monday, January 30, 2012

Spotlight Feature On Renowned Machinima Artist, RYSAN FALL Pandora Drezelan Reporting...

Rysan Fall

Rysan Fall is an amazing, charismatic machinima artist in Second
Life™. He has been a part of this virtual world for over four years.
This is an insight to his journey.

Regarding his very unique Second Life name and his inspiration to come
to Second Life:

‘At first, I was trying to be clever with the preset list of legacy
names that were being offered at the time. I saw the last name “Fall”
and I figured it would be easy to come up with something clever. But,
I also wanted my name to mean something. I came up with the name
“Rysan” and it seemed to fit well with the last name, kind of like a
play on the phrase “Rise and Fall”. In a way it explains the futility
of man. No matter what you accomplish, achieve or gain in life, you
still could lose it all. And that reminds me to be humble, and
grateful for any goodness in my life’.

‘I joined Second Life in December of 2007, after I heard of an
unfortunate news story on CNN™. The story exposed how some people were
using a Second Life sim for illicit activities and had to be shut

MUSIC SPOTLIGHT FEATURE: Music Grove Academy Starts Classes on February 12th. Allen Eppenberger

Music Grove Academy of Performance is a lovely campus, designed by Indi Vella. The grounds are well thought out, with a number of focal points to hold your attention without being overwhelming. The most eye catching feature is the school building itself. The front facade is stylishly curved. But as you continue, you're aware of a distinctive piano shape, that the Dean, Adevina Citron-Gearz, is quite proud of. She has been involved with music in physical reality since she was young, and as a performer in Second Life since March of 2010.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

GOHA Playoffs Starting Soon!

The Global Online Hockey Association is in Season 13's Playoffs!

Friday, January 27, 2012

"Soul Awakening" dance company is looking for volunteers to film a crowd for a " Mad World" dance clip.

Filming will begin on Saturday  February 4th  from NOON to 1 pm slt

If you have time and interested in helping us, please, send us a note with your name and choose an audition date that is convenient for you .

Audition dates and times
Wed Jan 25th 8pm
Thurs Jan 26th 11am
Tues Jan 31th 5pm
Wed Feb 1 11am to 1 pm
Thurs Feb 2 5pm

As the month of February approaches and romance permeates the metaverse, he popped the question and you said YES!!!! Now what? Tryst is the answer to that.

No matter what the style, every wedding celebrates a love story --literally, spiritually and aesthetically. Truly romantic weddings lie in the realm of personal taste, experience and association and they unfold through a series of sensory gestures and creative planning, a wedding is always a special even, and is just as special in Second Life.

Tryst Weddings offers a memorable experience coupled with exemplary value and style. This premier wedding venue is realistic and elegant. Not only will Tryst organise your actual wedding from beginning to end but the Wedding Package also includes a private FULL SIM for an intimate Honeymoon!

The management guarantee the best prices and value in Second Life.

Trust Kenzie Kytori and Devin09 Dover of Tryst Weddings with your special day.

A Tryst Wedding offers a full service package that includes:

*A thoughtfully arranged and romantic clutter free setting designed to optimize photo opportunities.

*An owner representative of Tryst available from initial contact until delivery of the Memory Album to ensure your needs are met.

*The option to customize the venue to suit your imagination. This includes but is not limited to Bridal Flowers and Cake Choice.

*A Tryst Wedding invitation delivered in copy-able and transfer form ten days prior to the ceremony.

*The Couple will be invited to visit the showroom where they will select their personal gift, gifts for the Wedding Party and gifts for the Wedding Guests. There are many options available and customization is available at no extra cost.

*Photos of the ceremony and reception bound in a convenient Album. Up to four will be provided upon request.

*A beautifully landscaped and fully appointed Full Sim for the bride and groom to enjoy a private honeymoon. Guests during your honeymoon will be allowed at the discretion of the bride and groom only.

Besides weddings, this venue hosts other events such as fashion shows, live music and art events. The venue is available for special occasion rentals and our Honeymoon Sim is available to rent for vacations as well.

For more information with regard to Trysts’ services and package costs for your special day, contact Kenzie Kytori or Devin09 Dover and they will gladly discuss your requirements with you.

Location: The Pier at Wild Beach

Teleport to that location to enter their FREE all inclusive Tryst Wedding Valentine Giveaway. Drawing on February 14th.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Too Close To Home

Buzzards Bay, from space... OK, from about 50 yards up...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy 2nd Rezzday to Press Pass Media!

Cheers to Press Pass Media for another year in the virtual media grind, we wish you the very best.

The SL Enquirer

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The Sale of the Season Begins! Wherever you find a potted plant you find a beautiful gown for 100-400 L!
Check out these locations

Paris Metro Couture just launched a project in RL to fund real life clothing!!!!!!!!
Paris Metro Art Gallery Opening
Curated by: Reezy Frequency
Mik Frequency (Main Floor)
Sledge Roffo (Top Floor
When: January 21, 2012
Time: 1:00 - 2:00 PM SL Time

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Advertising in The SL Enquirer- Got News? Get it Published!

The SL Enquirer Media Center

There is all kinds of News happening in Second Life. The SL Enquirer’s mission is to give exposure to anyone  that makes it their mission to provide news to residents about events, exceptional products and services.  We offer spotlight features, advertising and news coverage of events, with affordable prices.
Visit us in Second Life and take a tour of our virtual media center.

~Lanai Jarrico

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Spotlight Feature
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Event News Coverage...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Think I'll Coach Me A Football Team

Stacey doesn't come with the team, unless you're very handsome and wealthy...

Spotlight on Reign Congrejo; Creator, Designer, Event Director and Professional Model. Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Reign rezzed on the virtual scene in April of 2007 and has built quite the reputation in Second Life ©.  Her titles include Neiva Kumasi events director, Model Manager for AVCON, Pageant director for The Costa Rica Sims as well as one of the founders of the Miss Ebony International Competition and held the  crown as Miss Costa Rica Sims 2011 and was in the top 12 for Miss Virtual World 2011. Her more recent project is being the creator and designer for Evolve and the launch of her new line, Sista Gurl.

Monday, January 9, 2012

SLE On the Air Hosted By Marc Strassman Featuring Costa Rica Sims' Giancarlo Takacs

Second Life Enquirer on the air Episode 1 from Rysan Fall on Vimeo.

Brought to you by The SL Enquirer, Fall Films and Press Pass Media

Saturday, January 7, 2012

When Second Life impacts real life ....

Second Life is regularly touted as a place to be what you want to be or do what you are unable to do in your real life. And when one comes across an avatar with just such a story, of someone using SL to achieve RL dreams and overcoming RL’s cruel hand, it has to be told!!

I am incredibly honoured to introduce to you Johnathan Hiess. Many of you will already know of him in SL as he is a well-known DJ who performs at a number of SL’s most popular dance venues, and who can sing too!!

A more self-effacing person I have not encountered in SL. He is a man whose driving force hasbeen to make a difference in the real world, especially for his children and his daughters particularly. But in so doing his original ambitions of being a DJ in real life took the back seat. He was 16 years old and playing at KMEL Radio Stati

on in San Francisco, but his Mom and Dad convinced him that he should go to school. He went on to finish college majoring in criminal justice from Sonoma State. The market was heavy with applicants at the time so he joined the Marines.

Johnathan decided joining the Marines would give him the opportunity to make a difference to the world in which we live. In his time as a Marine he pulled an Army Soldier from a burning Humvee undoubtedly saving his life and before that it was four kids from a burning car, but he himself took a bomb blast in 2004 by an IED, which curtailed his career in the Marines.

Music is what pulled him through his darkest days following the bo

mb blast that took his legs. All that was available at the time was a compilation CD of Celine Dion’s. You can imagine that she has a special place in his heart now and as it turns out Celine has a soft spot for Marines herself, so she was somewhat of a guardian angel for him and now the core of the music he plays in SL is none other than, you guessed it, Celine Dion. Her music has been a healer for him, helping him deal with the anger, pain and nightmares. He has had to learn to walk again and wear prosthetics.

Johnathan says “when I take the stage now, whether it be here in SL or RL, when I see people moved by what I play and do, I forget what’s wrong with me, and for those moments I also belong. I see people smile. I see people cry, this is when I don’t feel so alone.”

The CIGNA Corp offered him a position and it was CIGNA th

at brought him to Second Life. When he learned he could DJ in here he was going to do it as a hobby but not before long his name as a DJ in here exceeded SL. Johnathan says “I got my dream in a way, that dream of me playing for thousands of people. A lady inside of Franks Jazz loved my voice. Her name was Tamara McDaniel in RL. She is a casting director for Paramount. When she told me who she was I said OK Lady SUUUUUUURE…..” She was not only the real thing she casted him as a DJ in a low budget movie named Suspicion where he played a DJ that gets shot!

He was then asked to do music between live bands for real life concer

ts. He recalls “Then I thought I had touched the sun when at Cricket Wireless Pavilion I was doing the music for Cheap Trick, Poison and Def Leppard. As you know they are setting up for the next act you play music as the crowd is going back and forth to get beer food and the restroom break. I was given a time hack because it was about time for Poison to take the stage. So my last song was AC DC ‘Highway to hell.’ Well as I played it, I was only allowed 1 minute 38 seconds before they took over, but the crowd got so into the song. The sound engineer was about to cut my stream when Bret Michaels and CC came out on stage and

began to sing along to the song. I was in awe. The crowd were screaming and were so into the song that I was allowed to continue. Once the song was over, Bret Michaels asked me to stand and he announced my name to the crowd and that I was an Injured US Marine and I was the one that played the AC DC song. I went home that night with a new sense of myself. I thought it could not get any better, but I was wrong. In January just a year ago I got a call from Live Nation to open for Slash and Myles Kennedy as they were opening for Ozzy Osbourne. This was at the Comerica Theater and I happened to run into Ozzy. The man t

ook me aside and we talked and he gave me the best ass chewing of my life. Here was a mega star sitting with me and I was asking myself if I was good enough to even be there and he said don’t you ever fucking question yourself. You are here for a reason. And he went on and on about how wrong I was. In the end he revealed some hard times he is going through, and then he said God bless you and he gave me his cloak! It’s amazing how he spent several minutes giving me an ass chewing and to turn around to say God Bless You and give me his cloak. He’s a good man, a really big man of character, totally opposite of what he sells himself as. All in all, I am grateful.”

His son DJ Sena Hirsch, is now following in his DJ’ing footsteps.

In posting this article it is my wish that others will see that Second Life can and does make a huge difference to people’s lives and that it can have a positive effect on their real lives too.

If you want to catch DJ Johnathan Hiess in action, check his facebook for his schedule:

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Yeah, I'm The Tax Man.....

Before you ask... no, you can't pay your taxes in Lindens.

SecondNights News: New Blood Wrestling Live! January 8, 2012

It is Official, New Blood Wrestling will host its first ever Free Per View at the Second Nights Ultra Lounge on January 8th 2012, 2 PM SLT!

NBW is looking forward to working with Second Nights on this deal. Second Nights CEO Simone Peterman announced that New Blood Wrestling will have special coverage over the next 3 Months leading into the big Event on there Website and Magazine! This is a big step in the right direction. What will happen next? Stay tuned for more information!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


January 2nd 2012

Last October Legendary Rock Gods Brian May and Roger Taylor of QUEEN handpicked Dublin based Film makers BUCKLED CRANIUM as first place WINNERS from hundreds of entries across the globe in a three heat competition to produce the group’s first video in over a decade.
The film-makers winning-entry ‘SHEER HEART ATTACK‘ has now been OFFICIALLY ENDORSED and distributed by QUEEN. Their nostalgic high energy video is being honored by California based creative network TALENTHOUSE.COM with a nomination for :
We need you to VOTE TWICE- through both FACEBOOK and TWITTER as VOTING CLOSES THIS FRIDAY 6th of January at Midnight. We are offering prizes inc.OFFICIAL QUEEN MERCHANDISE such as limited edition flight cases, cd's & postersto be awarded at an exclusive QUEEN PARTY which everyone who VOTES is invited to!
Note to the editors:
BUCKLED CRANIUM are Irish National Film School (IADT) graduates who alongside Dublin based tribute act THE QUEEN EXPERIENCE and energetic, young talent from theNational Performing Arts School (NPAS) AJ Banaghan, Sean Costelloe, Ericka Roe and Jessica Supple created a witty, lively and completely original music video for QUEEN. The video gathered momentum via Sunday Times, Sunday Independent, Hot Press Magazine Radio Nova and Newstalk.
Contact :
BUCKLED CRANIUM’s Creative Director LUKE LESLIE is available for more information or interview via email at : or by mobile at +353 087 91 46278QUEEN PARTY venue & date to be confirmed - for updates visit :

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Spotlight Feature Elvera Lerner’s challenge is Over Mehseti Resident Reporting

Elvera Lerner is a singer who takes with her voice, the hearts of hundreds of SL and RL listeners

       Recently, Elvera performed across 52 Second Life© venues. The venues were full of activity while she graced the stage and now with the Challenge of Elvera’s now over, I can introduce you to her. 
Elvera Lerner is not a stranger to the stage, having been singing and performing live since she was a small child. She is a natural soprano, but has a great range and voice which enables her to sing a mixture of songs that suit different venues and events across the grid. From romantic ballrooms, to night clubs, Elyera is flexible for a variety of genres.

She is unrivalled as the lady who brings real life theatre into SL and is famous for her incredible shows at The English Rose Theatre, The Rose Theatre and Opera House, Theatre on the Hill, Zentopia Theatre, Equinox Theatre, Duché de Coeur Opera House and many more.

She is currently touring as Christine in The Phantom of the Opera and in her one-woman show "The Julie Andrews Experience" and in the New Year opens as Sandy in Grease for its 40th anniversary. She has rightly been called "the voice of SL" and lives up to the name in every way possible

Monday, January 2, 2012

Ringing in 2012. Is Peace a Possibility? The War is Over and a New Year Begins. How will you contribute? -Lanai Jarrico

No matter where we are in the world there are things we all must face. Challenges and Opportunities surround us all the time. Many speak of world peace, other just need peace of their own.

Whichever you want more is up to each person and it begins with each day. It is a chance to do some good, improve on your health and meet goals you set for yourself. Time is often a problem. It cannot be bought without sacrificing or procrastinating on the other important things in life. Prioritizing is the first step.

Whether we are part of the real or virtual world, we all have the ability to make changes that will contribute to the type of peace we all desire.