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Sunday, March 12, 2023

PLAZA Is Coming!


Extravagant, visionary, and one-of-a-kind, PLAZA is haute couture for your home. May 20 - June 13 2023 brings the PLAZA event to Second Life. a multi-region event dedicated to all things for your home and garden. PLAZA is an opportunity to shop at more than 100 different businesses all at one event. If you’re looking for a new home or cottage or need some gardening ideas or a new car, this is the place to be. With the large variety of businesses in attendance, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you need. PLAZA offers you the chance to experience the latest offerings that come from the imaginations of Second Life’s most distinguished home and garden creators, all in one location. This luxury home show features sumptuous living spaces, inspired courtyards, fountains, blooming gardens, and beautiful communities in addition to an incredible assortment of vendors, you’ll find inspiration around every corner. Currently accepting registrations from designers and bloggers.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Spring is in the air with Clear Creek Nursery' s Lovers Scene

Clear Creek Nursery's Lovers Scene is made for lovers at heart. It has a swing where your lady can sit and you push her on the swing. Say I Love You to your special lady.

  • It is Copy/Mod so you can change it how you like.
  • 86 prims and sells for $L399!

Watch the video to see it in action!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019



For every photograph you buy, you get one FREE. Come in and buy your photo then IM me and give me the name of the one you want for FREE and I will send it to you.
Remember, all my photos can be re-sized from very small to very large. As you walk into my Gallery, go to the right and you will see an example on one of the walls.
Don’t’ forget to check out my Nursery to the left of my Gallery for all of your landscaping needs.

Ricardo Avalira
Reflections of Nature Photography

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Looking for the perfect home? Ariadknee Resident Reporting

Many of us have owned a home or two, or more!  I am one of those who collect well built homes in Second Life, why you may ask? I have no idea!  I think it’s like a shoe “thing” or maybe it’s the wonderful textures that catch my eye, one thing I do know when I see it, is good quality price and prims!

There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a house in Second Life –

  • size of the land you are wanting to place the house on
  • prim allowance (remember you need to keep some spare for rezzing other things)
  • style, depending where you are renting your land you may need to adhere to a certain style of housing

I went shopping to find what I would consider five great home & skybox stores in SL that were also value for money and good on the prim count.

Here are five great house and skybox businesses -

I managed to catch up with the owners and asked them what they felt was most important to them when creating a house.  Read on and see how their styles separate them all in a unique way.

Trompe Loeil

My first visit was to Trompe Loeil owned by Cory Endo, the lovely spacious store and grounds is a great showcase for all the houses.

I find the houses at Trompe Loeil to be of high quality and the textures are very realistic and the few times I have needed some help Cory was prompt with her replies and very helpful.

“The most important thing to me when creating a house is picking a design that is interesting, unique, and appeals to the sense of style and escapism that people look for in SL. SL is a place where you can experiment with builds that wouldn't or couldn't work as your real home, either for cost or location, weather or structure style, but people still want homes that are evocative of real spaces” Cory Endo

[BE] Barnesworth Anubis  

Established in 2004 I have owned many [BE] Homes in my time, and when you visit the
sim you will see why, there is a distinct air of elegance and old-world charm mixed with the new mesh designs that will keep your prim pockets happy.

There is something for everyone, with antique homes and classic mansions.  One of my very first purchases was his “beach house” and it still holds strong with the new designs as one of my favourites.
Barnsworth Anubis is always happy to help, so contact him so he can reply in his personable manner.

“I always put the most importance on the interior layout. I make a rough sketch of the rooms and walk around in it in world to see how it feels. I do my best to imagine what each area might be used for and make sure the home has a nice flow from one type of space to another.”  - Barnsworth Anubis

Scarlet Creative

A visit to Scarlet Creative greets you with a distinctive old-world charm and elegance, owner Charlotte Bartlett puts her heart and soul into her creations and it shows, from skyboxes to mansions and rugged rustic builds there is a home to suit everyone.

“For me it is really about putting a little piece of my heart into what I create so people know they are made with love.   People come into SL for many reasons, to have fun, or escape, or socialize across the world. So, to have the opportunity to provide them a design that makes their SL time special is very dear to me.” - Charlotte Bartlett

Dust Bunny

No inventory is complete without something from Dust Bunny, with its magical manors and cute chic skyboxes Dust Bunny’s eclectic style stands alone.

The romantic and cosy is what is aimed at with Dust Bunny homes and owner lxlNoel Resident makes sure she covers all those details when creating a home just for you.

lxlNoel Resident is always there to back up her quality builds with personal service.

“The most important thing for me when I create a house is making sure I have plenty of details inside and out to make the space feel cozy and a place you want to live in.”  lxlNoel Resident


Roost is a household name in SL when it comes to homes, with their undeniably classic, and well-made homes you can find one to suit all your needs, prim size and you also can’t beat the quality there. From mansions, cosy homes and beach side dwellings coupled with the accessories and little touches, you can come home to roost anytime (pun intended).

If you need some good old-fashioned customer support contact RoostHomes Resident, who is happy to help.

“I guess for us function is the most important thing, since you can draft out the most beautiful house plan in Real Life...but it doesn't necessarily work for Second Life and the camera view as you walk. So that for us takes a lot of consideration and adjusting to make a home that's beautiful but will work for the avatars and in-world limitations.” - RoostHomes Resident

I am absolutely in awe of these amazing creators who help bring our SL dreams to life with their builds and the love they put into them. It was my pleasure to present them and chat to the owners.

This is of course only a few of the many talented creators who design and sell houses and skyboxes in second life.

I hope this helps you and I wish you well whenever you are house hunting.  

Don't tell anyone but I purchased a new house on my ventures around these businesses, how could I resist?

Trompe Loeil


[BE] Barnesworth Anubis  

Barnsworth Anubis

Scarlet Creative

Group -secondlife:///app/group/489a5668-5e69-9f2a-3156-93258b3e7675/about

Dust Bunny

Group secondlife:///app/group/a55ac1ae-2f6f-83a3-295b-0ad4657df720/about
lxlNoel Resident

Roost Homes

Group – secondlife:///app/group/c8616bdf-5e8f-6dec-31f5-6ae69e1e4798/about
RoostHomes Resident

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

2017 SL Christmas Expo Opens December 1st Shopping, Entertainment & More in support of the Relay For Life of Second Life

The 7th Annual SL Christmas Expo opens Friday December 1stand will run through Sunday, December 10th .  More than 70 merchants spread out over 4 regions will offer shopping for Fashion, Home & Garden,Breedables and more.  Forty-five live performances, DJ& Live Radio shows, Dance Troupes and Tribute shows will provide nearly 70 hours of entertainment to shoppers.  Gotyas, raffles and contests will round out this year’s offerings at SL’s Premier Holiday shopping event.

The theme is “HOLIDAY WINDOWS” and merchants will be decorating their shoppe windows as part of the Holiday Window Contest.  There will be sleigh rides, ice skating, a Christmas tree lot and a Snowman building contest.

The Expo, which is sponsored by Athena Couture, BattlebeastBreedables, Botanica, Ever An’ Angel, T1Radio and WHIP Radio supports the American Cancer Society and the Relay For Life of Second Life and will conclude with the 8th Annual Holidays of Hope Gala Ball, Sunday December 10th 2-7pm .

For more information contact Nuala Maracas or visit

Contact Nuala Maracas

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Best Winter Sales -Tea Couturier Reporting...

If you are like me and love a good sale then there are still a few good deals to be sought in SL this Winter.

Depending on what you are looking for I have found some good deals in SL from homes to clothing for yourself.  Let’s start with fashion!


Nian Design Life 
Have a sale on their clothing range for men and women and what is even good all the clothing has full Permission which is always a plus. The store seems to be only available on Market Place as the in world store has gone but this should not stop you from looking online and seeing the bargains Nian has on offer.
Direct sale URL
Love 25

I have just discovered this store and actually like the clothing it offers. Love 25 has a sale and during my search I came across this lovely Drape Vest w/ Dress for only L$45. It comes in lots of different colors and is perfect with UGG boots or even knee high boots. This store is worth a visit.


NOYA designs
NOYA designs store has a sale and the items are very nice.
I was looking for some eyeshadows and lipsticks which were not only different from what I have already but also something a bit dramatic for the evenings.  I came across this selection for only L$99. The pack comes with Lip gloss, tribal eyeliners in big and small size shape cat-eyes, blue artistic eyeshadows, Lipstick soft pink, Black Smokey Eye Shadow, green eyeshadow, Purple Eyeshadow, soft red lipstick all in one pack. It is however only on sale for 1 week only.


I must admit I do like Truth hair and have quite a lot of their styles so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw they had a sale. I quickly got a few nice styles on sale.

I was looking for an updo casual hair style and came across this in the sale. It is not only perfect for a casual look with jeans etc but you can get away with it for semi causal wear also. Priced at L$100 I am sure you will think this is a good deal too.

 Looking for a new winter home? Here is something I found on sale!


A good deal does not  have to be for apparel or accessories only!  We all love to decorate and find that perfect house to be able to do that but it can be hard. However, I came across Villas a house store who are in the middle of a sale with their houses.  To be honest the houses are quiet nice. 
Now depending on what style and design of a house you are looking for I found this house to be very good for the sale price as it comes with a pool.  However, if interior designing is not your favorite thing to do then never fear as the house comes fully furnished so you can just simply move in!
The house comes equipped and furnished as follows:
Automatic security with visitor list
Animated window shutters with on/off switch
Lighting system with 4 independent zones and 5 different light modes for each. Night and day sensor included
Outdoor torch lights
All doors equipped with sensor, collision and touch mode
Animated pool
Animated Jacuzzi
Potted interior plants
Footprint 36 x 39 m
412 prims 

All of this for L$599.

So if you’re still looking for a sale in SL then you are not too late but do hurry because a sale cannot stay a sale for long.

Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


 My name is Tylar Resident and I am part of the  Second life community. I am a builder and creator. My store is called TYLAR'S TREASURES. I specialize in unique, one of a kind creations. I create home and garden items such as tulips and birdhouses with bird sounds, garden d├ęcor, ponds and gardens as well as decorative items, wall art, vases of flowers, animated furniture and scenes (beach theme, nautical, outdoor dining, outdoor couples animated furniture and many more). I try to impart an entire scenario with my animated builds.
In addition to my display at my main store, I also have a display at the Perfect 10 Event on the Cookie Jar Sim. The Perfect 10 Event runs from the 1st to the 15th of each month.
For a better look at my recent releases, please visit my blog at

Perfect 10 is an amazing sales event located on the Cookie Jar Sim. Specializing in home and garden items, you will find many designers with unique offerings. Come browse the beautiful sim, relax and shop in comfort and find incredible bargains.

Please support the Cookie Jar Sim. Visit here.