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Showing posts with label musician. Show all posts

Saturday, January 9, 2021

A voice from down under let me introduce you to SilverLight GypsyHeart - ORION BARAL REPORTING

One of the things that I love about Second Life is the ability to be surprised continuously. I was recently at Terry’s Place for their open mic night. Now as we all know sometimes open mic is a hit and miss. You get the shower singers who think they are the next Frank Sinatra or Usher or even the next Pink. But then just sometimes the stars align correctly and all the pygmies are dancing in sync and you hear a voice that stops you in your tracks. This happened to me on this night. On stage was Silverlight Gypsyheart. I was truly amazed at her voice and was rather upset it was an open mic because I was only able to hear three songs. After the set, I was able to sit down with her for an interview so I can introduce her to you so you too can appreciate her voice as much as I did. 


Orion  Baral (OB): How did you discover Second Life and get involved in the music scene? 

Silverlight  GypsyHeart: I first learned of the music scene in Second Life way back around 2008 when my son's band manager in the real world was organizing for them to stream a one-off gig in SL. A concept way beyond my comprehension at that time. It was during this year that I opened an account but didn't stay long due to the "pcs" capacity back then to cope with the speed of SL graphics rendering, I found it too frustrating so left for close to 4yrs. An email from a friend I had made back then brought me back to SL.I  became involved in the SL music scene only as a listener. I was hooked. In 2016 I was later asked by a well-known performer to be his manager, which I did for around 9 months. I later started organizing live music events at a venue a friend had asked me to build for them, so with 11 singers, some of whom are still with me today at my own venue *SPIRIT OF THE OUTBACK*​​. MY heavy involvement in the music scene had begun.

OB:  I’m glad you decided to give SL another shot! It sounds like you've been busy. How long have you been performing in RL and in SL?

Silverlight GypsyHeart: I have only been singing in Second Life for almost four years...mind you it took two years of coaxing and encouragement from good friends to build my courage and confidence to a level to take to the live mic. As far as RL... I have only performed in choirs as a child and teen with my favourite performances being part of a rock-folk group at a large local church where each Sunday where we performed full Rock Masses, we also competed in competitions around the state of Victoria Australia ...I was in the high harmony power vocal section of our group of eight and three guitarists.

OB: You have that kind of voice that you can sing many different kinds of genres of music, what is your favorite to cover?

Silverlight  GypsyHeart: While great love is the big power ballads from the great divas like Stevie Nicks, Chrissy Amphlett , Lita Ford, Anne Heart, Adele, Pink etc, I cover ballads from across the generations 1960s to present time, contemporary rock, alternative rock,  rock power ballads, even a bit of metal. As you can see Rock is my preferred genre and, while country is not, I do cover some of the more modern ballads that I love. It would be easier to say I don't sing opera or rap, I think you need a very special timbre for rap and it's definitely not in the mezzo-soprano range lol.

OB: AWW Too bad because I LOVE country music and gangster rap! JK. Have you ever written your own music?

Silverlight GypsyHeart: I wish. I have a son who is very talented in this area and who has written amazing music, but I think he got that particular talent from his Dad's side of the family.

OB: As you know I saw you at Terry’s Place at their open mic. But can you tell me how often you perform in Second Life?

Silverlight GypsyHeart: I used to sing six shows a week but for now I am only singing 3 shows a week along with any Charity Event I am asked to perform. I do love to sing open mics as they allow me to experiment with new songs, bring my true essence in a performer due to the freedom to express and experiment with my vocals to an appreciative set of listeners

OB: Every musician has a story about music and what it means to them or how it moves them. Can you share yours with our readers?

Silverlight GypsyHeart: Hmmm!!! What does music not mean to me? Music is everything. Music is the ultimate expression. Music evokes a plethora of emotions that stir the very essence of me, my soul. I was born with music in my ears, it brings joy, happiness, solace, excitement and passion just to name a few of the emotions that well up in me when I hear music. For me, music is the universal voice, the creator of peace, friendship. love, happiness. I always say "Nobody is fighting while they are singing or listening to music." Music,  whether through our very first instrument, 'our voice' or peripheral medium such as guitar, keys, etc is a gift, a gift to be shared to bring happiness and contentment to others.

OB: I fully agree. Music does inspire and invoke emotion and nostalgic moments.  Which musician influenced you to start playing music?

Silverlight GypsyHeart: My Darling Dad was my first music god. My Dad sang on stage in England from a six-year-old, he could also play piano and harmonica very well, my grandfather and all his sons were singers along with my much older cousin who would sing with his neighbour and friend Gordon Sumner you know who he is lol. Dad would always be singing around the house in his warm baritone voice, he would make up his own lyrics about me as he sang popular songs, much to my dismay when I was old enough to realize that there were not in fact the true lyrics to that particular music, just a Daddy singing to his little daughter lol. My Dad was part of a Handel's Messiah Choir when I was eight years old. I would follow him around the house singing his parts along with him even the parts he would make up for fun. So yes, my Dad was my first musical influence because there could never have been better. In Second Life: Remy Farman, a fantastic seasoned singer/ performer, helped me so very much with encouragement, advice, and support when my confidence was zero and my nerves would not let me crash through the too shy barrier. Canipanic from the O Lounge was the final confidence booster to say "go on you can do it", he held my virtual hand through my very first performance, solo, in both worlds as I belted  out " House of the Rising Sun."

OB: What are your goals in the music world? Where do you see yourself heading into the future with your music?

Silverlight GypsyHeart: You know, I am not in the music scene in SL to make money, I am not dependant on the money I make singing in SL to prop up my RL, I put it all back into my venue and performers, I sing for pure love and joy, so as far as a career goes if it happens it happens and I will be happy, I just want to make people happy, bring a smile to those who have had a rough day, to have a sing along and have fun, to leave their worries behind for an hour.. If I can do that in SL then for me, my future is gold.

OB: Now for the important part of this interview where can fans or Venue owners contact for bookings?

Silverlight GypsyHeart: They can contact me directly in SL as Silverlight GypsyHeart or Silverlight Moonites (calling card) or on Facebook as Silver Light

or via the *SPIRIT OF THE OUTBACK*​ MUSIC GROUP on Facebook.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Thera D Comeback Gig - Dec 5th

On December 5th Thera D will make her comeback appearance in Second Life.

For live music aficionados in Second Life Thera D needs little introduction.

Put quite simply, Thera remains one of the very best performers in Second Life today.

Her wide repertoire covers many genres of music, sometimes depending on her mood but ultimately aimed to please her audience, as she moves seamlessly. through romantic ballads, modern pop, sultry jazz, and energizing swing.  Her audiences are never disappointed.

A veteran of many years in SL, Thera is a popular night club performer in her native Holland, her sultry voice and witty charm captivating audiences in both "lives". 

No venue is too large or too small for Thera, and you can find her wowing her audiences across Second Life from prestigious venues like Franks to smaller intimate venues and outdoor concerts.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020









Since June of 2010, Wolfie has built a following becoming one of SL's most popular performers. He performs songs from several genres making his shows varied and adaptable for each venue he plays. His sheer love of entertaining shines through in every performance, with his fans becoming a part of the show, every time. :)

Wolfie has performed with several RL bands spanning over more than 20 years and three countries (Gibraltar, Spain and the UK).  Also, Wolfie has appeared on several television programs in Gibraltar in addition to performing for Gibraltar National Day concerts.

Some of his many accomplishments include awards for Gibraltar Young Musician Of The Year - Vocalist Category,  Professional Entertainer of the Year in Costa Del Sol, Spain and MEL Best Band of the Year and and MEL Best Front Man of the Year - Midlands England 2003/2004.

Friday, September 18, 2020

Maribol Inshan and Synergy Island Presents Diva's Of Song Concert


Wednesday September 23rd 6:30 – 7:30 PM

Join us at Synergy Island Beach for a spectacular Fully Staged & Produced Concert Show Experience featuring Songs From Barbara Streisand, Beth Hart, Bette Midler, Camilia Cabello, Celine Dione, Cher, Dua Lipa & Mariah Carey performed "Live" By Maribol Inshan and The Cool Cats Band.

Attire: Come dressed ready to dance!

Monday, August 10, 2020

Schedule of Performance for Week of August 9 at PETRA's

Tuesday, August 11

3:00 pm  Essence Bilasomo
4:00 pm  Edian Tey
5:00 pm  Agatha Martin
6:00 pm  PutriSoloSinger

Wednesday, August 12

4:00 pm  Savannah Rain
5:00 pm  Djembe Dragonfire
6:00 pm  Noma Falta
7:00 pm  Red Heaven

Thursday, August 13

10:00 pm  Remy Farman  
5:00 pm  Wolfie Moonshadow  
6:00 pm  Turner Harbrough  
7:00 pm  - 9;00 pm   
A Double Shot of  Wayne Davis

Friday, August 14

2:00 pm  Max Kleene
3:00 pm  AMforte Clarity
4:00 pm  Annette Cifuentes
5:00 pm  Savannah Rain
6:00 pm  Red Heaven
7:00 pm  TwinGhost ronas
8:00 pm  Voodoo Shilton
9:00 pm  Funky Freddy Republic

Monday, June 22, 2020

Charlie TooMuch- A New Star is born- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

The music scene in Second life is teeming with talented musicians, singers, and DJs that set the tone for parties and concerts across the grid. At any given time, there are events happening.  In the midst of all the entertainment, a new star rezzed in Second Life. He arrived with one thing in mind and that is to share his talent. Some quietly find their way or stumble upon someone who knows someone that can help get their name in lights.

Recently the SL Enquirer was introduced to Charlie TooMuch. With only two weeks of SL experience, he was just learning how performing on a virtual stage works. With a little work and some great connections behind the scenes, we are excited to interview this fresh new artist with our readers.  Meet Charlie Toomuch.

SLE: Can you share with our readers a little bit about your music background? 

Charlie:  Of Course!  It all started with my Uncle,  he used to be a sound engineer and songwriter.  When I was a kid, I always had a knack for patterns and technology, so around 8 years old, my uncle decided to show me music theory with a piano.  Next, he taught me Cakewalk, which used to be a very popular recording program.  Since then, I have been composing and producing for fun.  By 13, I was learning the drums and thus helped immensely with my rhythm and timing.  I actually grew up most of my life listening to Hip Hop, haha.   At around 18, like every other hipster on the planet, I picked up the guitar.  To many people's surprise, my favorite genre is actually Electronic Classical(Think Haywyre).

SLE: Where are you from and what brought you to Second Life?

Charlie:  I'm from the NYC tri-state area.  Grew up 5 minutes from where I live now, I've got 100 blood relatives in a 10-mile radius, so as you can imagine its hard to leave a support system like that, even though it's so dang expensive here!  As for finding SL, I found myself wanting to play out, since COVID had me trapped, so, like any rational person who doesn't know the answer to their problem, I used "the Googs".  The search engine led me here, and the rest is history.

SLE: You have only been in Second Life for under a month. What was your first impression of the concept of a music scene in a virtual world?

Charlie:  I was incredibly surprised!  Both in the artists I saw and the breadth of the capability to put on a show here. Being a content creator, in coding, music, art, and the like, I was pleasantly surprised I had an opportunity to bring all 3 to the table!  I immediately dove in and started reaching out to hosts and venue owners as I went to shows.  Everyone was pleasant, so far!

SLE: We went to our first concert at Gonjaland and was blown away by your performance. You can hit those high notes, your breathing is perfect and timing is right on point. That is key and very impressive. How long have you been singing in the real world?

Charlie: Believe it or not, I only recently began singing, within the last 7 years. When I was about 20, My first note in a failed audition was "You sing too quietly..", which makes me laugh now because I can get LOUD.  After around 21, I joined two Acapella groups and started a band that played some pretty impressive spots in NYC, playing mostly originals. I think the skill comes from two things, first and foremost, I am extremely lucky and blessed that it came naturally. Second, growing up I did voice impressions of cartoon characters and sorta beatboxed.  I think the control on my voice comes from the vocal impressions, the ability to change my voice at the drop of a hat.

SLE: You have such a broad range. You can perform most genres in a smooth transition This is unique in SL. How would you describe your genre?

Charlie: "Neo Pop-Soul-Funk-Rock", HA!  Only Joking, but I would say that I attribute the variety to the jazziness of my voice, and what I said earlier about my voice flexibility from doing impressions most of my life. For my originals, I think my music is definitely poppy, with a mix of shotgun-style rapping, I try to give it a healthy mix of catchiness and danciness.  You can find one of my originals at my Soundcloud to see what I mean:

SLE: Do you play any instruments?

Charlie: Heck yes!  I play the piano to produce my beats actually.  However, I also used to play drums, jam on acoustic guitar, and use a vocal loop station I won in a karaoke contest in college.  As a matter of fact, all my songwriting starts with my making a vocal loop with about 4 layers over 5 buttons, so 20 tracks of just my voice!

SLE: Most performers pick a genre that fits their voice.  Can you share with our readers, your music inspirations, and some of your most favorite songs to perform?

Charlie:  I actually try to do that, not always with success, haha.  But, fun fact, I write more than I listen, and many songs I sing, I don't listen to on my own time. Regarding my inspirations, I would say Jon Bellion(Pop/rap), Eric Hutchinson(Folk), Jason Mraz(pPop), Chet Faker(Soul), Haywyre(Electro classical), Grandson(Alt-rock), Murphy Lee(Hip hop), Nina Simone(Soul), Daft Punk(ElectroPop), AJR(Pop-Rock) Gorillaz(Trip Rock),Andy Grammar(Pop?) and Gnarles Barkley(Pop/Soul). Not necessarily in that order. It's hard to pick a favorite song, since there is such a variety and it depends what I'm feeling at the time.  But if I were to be totally honest, my own originals, "Come again", and "Ask What",  they are pretty new, and I love to guage the audience's liking to my writing.

SLE: How can venues book you?

Charlie:  Leave me a notecard, message me directly.  My username is charlietoomuch, my full name is "Charlie TooMuch"!  Not "too little", not "just enough", "TOO MUCH"!

SLE: It was a pleasure meeting you and wish you all the best in Second Life. IIs there anything you’d like to share with our readers?

Charlie: Yes of course.  I've already learned first hand, the rabbit hole that is SL.  And while I am no expert, I do want to mention a few mantras I live by that serve me well in SL:
"Meet others where they are at, not where you think they are, and chances are you don't know, SO ASK"

"What you are given in gifts you lack in character, the better you are at something, the higher you should raise your self-expectations, not everyone is so lucky. So be Humble"

"Humility is not putting yourself down or ignoring your skills. It's understanding exactly where you are at, how to use them for everyone, and knowing we are all equal"

"If you think you are perfect, that's when you stop improving."

Finally, I just want to say thank you to everyone for being so kind to me!  I have received so much help since I've been here, and I appreciate it so much.  There are a lot of good people in SL, and I look forward to meeting more and more of you.  Don't hesitate to shoot me a message, I don't bite and I encourage it!

Additional Information

SL Group:secondlife:///app/group/49de49b9-8fdf-c3a8-e43f-12e309a67418/about 



Preferred contact: In SL or (Myself, Myself and I just me, myself and I)

Saturday, November 30, 2019

SL MUSIC: Naughty Performs tonight at Solarwinds 9PM SLT

Naughty got his musical start at an early age playing percussion in school bands. During his teenage years he discovered guitar and played lead guitar in several bands. Naughty's love of playing guitar and a strong desire to hone his newly acquired skills led him to study music. He earned a degree in music composition with a songwriting emphasis from Boston's Berklee College of Music.

After months of listening in the live music scene in SL, he has decided to share his music. Focusing now on his vocals combined with guitar playing. His goal is to entertain people, be realistic and approachable in world. It's more important to have friends who enjoy music than just fans.

Check him out Saturday,  November 30th at 9pm SLT at Solarwinds Music Venue

For more Show times check out Naughty's Calendar:

Stream Info:

For bookings contact: Naughty (naughtyname)
$3,500L/+tips (For reoccurring shows)
$4,000L/+tips for single booking
$6,000L/no tip shows

Mon-Fri: 4pm-10pm SLT
Sat, Sun: 9am-10pm SLT

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Hunson Abadeer is an all original project of raw emotion.


Hunson Abadeer is Ryan Gabriel, a college student from a small town in Maryland. Breaking out of his small town shell, he expands his musical reach over SL via his solo project (Hunson Abadeer) in hopes of meeting new people, exploring the world, and broadening his musical horizon. 

Hunson Abadeer is an all original project of raw emotion. Influenced by underground punk, Into It. Over It., Stapleton, Kind of Like Spitting, and American Football, you can be sure to hear and experience something new! 

Like my page

For more information or bookings email:

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Voodoo Shilton - Live Guitarist, Multi-Instrumentalist and Songwriter

With great joy and passion Voodoo Shilton plays a huge span of musical styles on the nylon stringed guitar and many other instruments! His music is steeped in a background that includes jazz, world music, latin jazz, flamenco, gypsy jazz, fusion jazz, bossa nova,  blues, classical music,  indian music and more! His favorite approach is creating multi instrumental original music based on looping that features bass, vocals, percussion, synth, melodica, mandolin and more, with the nylon stringed guitar as primary focus. He also enjoys playing jazz covers, and original arrangements and instrumental melodies on guitar.

Voodoo also is an active and prolific dual stream performer; having "dualed" with many of the best musicians in Second Life.

2016 AviChoice award for Favorite Jazz Musician in Second Life
2016 AviChoice award for favorite Instrumentalist in Second Life
2015 AviChoice award for Favorite Jazz Musician in Second Life
2015 AviChoice award for Favorite Instrumentalist in Second Life
2013 AviChoice award for Favorite Jazz Musician in Second Life
2012 AviChoice award for Favorite Classical Musician in Second Life

'He does things on that nylon string guitar that oughtta be illegal!" - JimmyT49 Dukes

Bookings:  Please contact Voodoo directly.

facebook :

Friday, August 3, 2018

Spotlight on Amberle Janniah--Sean Lerner Reporting

The other night I popped into a club to check out an artist I never saw. She describes herself as an "acoustic pop musician & artist." She supported this statement with her refreshing voice and catchy guitar. Throughout the hour she constantly delivered through her original works and creative arrangements of cover tunes. Amberle is on her way to becoming a first class Second Life entertainer.

I should start by saying that Amberle's voice is flawless. She constantly demonstrates impeccable pitch and vocal control. Every vocal run was a succession of deliberate perfectly chosen notes. Never did they feel forced or like she was searching for the correct pitch. Most importantly, every run was timely and appropriate to the music. Amberle has the talent to throw these runs in every verse of every song, but the savvy to hold them for the perfect moments.

Amberle also has an impressive vocal range. Although her low end is not always as strong, her phenomenal breath-control allows her to push through and hit her low notes. The only area where she could use some improvement is in her diction and enunciation of consonants in some of the songs. To be completely fair, the only reason I found it distracting was because I was looking for a flaw.

There was also great range in Amberle's guitar playing. Her style ranged from soothing and subtle to upbeat and poppy from one song to the next. She performed "Counting Stars" with such inflection and rhythm that it brought all of the power of the original without missing the full band accompaniment. Her arrangement of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Curiosity" was the song that really showcased her talent on the guitar and her gift for vocal control.

Amberle played Yellow by Cold Play when I requested it. She said it is one of her favorite songs. She proved it with her handling of her interpretation. Amberle gave the song such a soothing touch that added a delicacy the original could never reach. Her crescendo at the bridge was moving with an emotional weight that made me feel as though she could have written the song herself.

She performed two original songs during her set. Both were well composed and heartfelt songs of unrequited love. Her lyrics spoke to common emotions using direct and earnest language. "Never Let You Know" starts with her soothing finger-picking that embraces the listener as it transitions into heartfelt strumming. My original note was that the lyrics felt juvenile yet relatable; this was quickly explained when she announced the song was written at 14. The second original, "Unmine," carried the heartbreak of losing love with an upbeat rhythm that left me feeling hopeful in spite of the pain.

Amberly closed with "Killing Me Softly." She plays a beautiful inviting intro before kicking into a more jazzy rhythmic strumming. She sings this song like she has lived it. Again, her control is astonishing. She sneaks the perfect notes in from underneath the melody.

My only major complaint during Amberle's set was the sound quality. When I mentioned this she said she was in the process of buying new equipment. I also suggested not to run her fan during her set because it created a distorted warble. However, her talent and energy broke through the distraction to deliver 60 minutes of pure entertainment.

I suggest that the next time you're looking for a live show you check out Amberle Janniah. You won’t be disappointed!

Check out her schedule at
Also be sure to visit her Soundcloud at

Interview with Amberle Janniah

I sat down with Amberle in her home to get to learn a little more about her. The first thing I noticed was her full band studio set up. "Wouldn't be my place without some sort of place for music," she said with a smile when I commented on it.

Sean: So let's start with, what was your introduction to the SL music scene?

Amberle: I started performing on SL last year because of a few friends, from Paltalk, that convinced me to come back here.My account is around 5 years and 7 months but I've probably played on SL for only about 2 years, even less.
Performance-wise I've barely reached the 6 month timeframe.

Sean: I'm glad they convinced you to sing for us. How did you come to SL in the first place?

Amberle: The way I got my first gig was a bit special too, but we can talk about that later. Regarding your question, I discovered SL through a good friend of mine, Jane, who knew I loved playing games. Not that SL is much of game, since i consider it much more.

Amberle: At first I was hesitant, but when I read about Second Life I got curious and that curiosity still keeps me here up to now. Lots of things to learn.

Sean: That is very true. We tend to put a lot more of ourselves into it than we would Fallout 4 or World of Warcraft.

Amberle: I agree with that. SL provides a creative output that has no limit or clear objective. It's awesome.

Sean: I want you to tell me about that first show, but first I want to ask, were you playing shows in RL before you took up the SL Stream?

Amberle: I have played RL gigs but never just me. It was always with my former acoustic band. In RL, I focus on vocals.That's one of the reasons why it's a preference to pursue acoustic sets. I get to practice and make up for lost time, if you could call it that. XD

Sean: Do you play any other instruments?

Amberle: Yes, I also play the piano but I've always been partial to the guitar. XD

Sean: I get that. If I could play the drums for an SL set I would.

Amberle: Would be an interesting set. XD

Sean: So let's her about that first SL gig. What made it so special?

Amberle: Well, an acquaintance I met at O Lounge convinced me to play at Lyrics... nothing out of the ordinary, just a couple of songs to see how people would respond. It turned out pretty well and Mace Paul, who was listening, asked me to play another song because she wanted someone to hear me. I didn't know that the person was a venue owner. Mind you, I had to do it on local because my net was acting up and it wouldn't let me stream properly. Anyway, Mace TP-ed Brindimere into the venue and the rest was history. That was the start of many shows.

Sean: That's awesome! Can you describe how it felt that first time you played for an SL audience?

Amberle: I may seem more comfortable on stage now but I'm actually glad that I still feel some things that resemble the first time I played for an SL audience. It was nerve-wracking and scary, at first, then you feel a warmth that just encapsulates you and urges to just open your mouth and sing.
Time flies by so fast that you don't even realize how many songs you've done until you are prompted to check the time.

Sean: I know what you mean. It's those nerves that keep you focused and awake. There's an old theater adage, "I never want to go on stage with an actor who isn't nervous."
 So how do you pick the songs you want to learn?

Amberle: I listen to the radio.
That's just it.
I wish it were a more fancy picking process but straight up, I listen to songs on the radio or anything on the net.

Sean: You have such creative arrangements. of your cover songs. How do you come up with them?

Amberle: Now that's a bit more complicated to explain for me.
When I listen to a song, I tend to break down the things that I like and not like much about it. And when I play it on the guitar, I focus on what I want to bring out of the song and emphasize on it. It doesn't come easy all the time. Sometimes, if I really wanted to cover a song and nothing really sounds nice to me... I usually listen to different takes on the song. Every cover of the same song is a different highlight of the beauty of the melody and the meaning of the lyrics.

Sean: Yes! Well said!

Amberle:That eventually points me to something that I can use and brings a lot of elements together.

Sean: What are you favorite songs to play?

Amberle: Wahhhhhhh! That's the hardest question you've asked so far.

Sean: (laughs)

Amberle: I don't know how to answer that question without taking a million years.

Sean: I mean, I've already told our readers about your treatment of Yellow.

Amberle: My originals are definitely a part of the list. They're an extension of me, even if the songs weren't about my firsthand experience at all.

Sean: I know exactly what you mean!

Amberle: Killing Me Softly, I feel is my most ambitious take that I'm very much in love with, so that's part of the list too.
Adele songs too, hard as they are. They just get me going. XD

Sean: I feel that way when I do Bowie.

Amberle: At this point, I am very much tempted to say that everything on my song list is... but there are a few that take precedence over some others.

Sean: So you mentioned your originals. What is your writing process?

Amberle: I would describe it as organized chaos. There are times when I can finish a song within minutes but there are some that are reflections of bits and pieces of different days.Maybe even years. Back then I'd always have a small notebook handy. Not it's either I write on said notebook or doodle on my phone. Perk of technology. :D

Sean: So what else would you like the readers of SLE to know about you?
Amberle: Hmmm, second hardest question of the day. Apart from which are my favorite songs.

Sean: I am a hard hitting journalist.

Amberle: Honestly, there's not anything about that they wouldn't hear in my music.

Sean: That's a great answer!

Amberle: If anything, I'd like people to listen, even for a couple of songs. And hopefully after, they'd get a firsthand experience of what I want to achieve through my music: for my audience to feel.

Sean: And they can do that by clicking on the link to your schedule I've included in the article.

Check out her schedule at
Also be sure to visit her Soundcloud at

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Getting the MAX from SL's Live Music Scene: A Spotlight on Maximillion Keene- Sean Lerner Reporting...

I haven't been fully active in my Second Life for the past 6 or 7 years. Coming back into this world, I searched for something familiar to remind me of why I loved it here back then. For me that something familiar was always live music. There is no better way to get re-acclimated to SL's live music scene than catching a Maximillion "Max" Kleene show. He's a veteran performer in SL with the chops to prove it.

I'm sure this isn't the first time someone wrote a review of Max. He was performing in SL back when I was working the scene; and he can still crush it like he did back then. My intention is to write a critique from a fellow musician's point of view. In actuality, this is going to sound more like a fanboy blog post. That's not from a lack of objectivity, but rather from a string of nearly flawless performances.

It would be to easy to simply say Max plays cover songs. Although he doesn't write the songs he performs, he puts together arrangements with amazing artistry and craftsmanship. He performs every tune with such conviction and heart that each song becomes his own.

A song like "Closing Time" by Semisonic is practically standard issue for anyone playing cover songs. Despite the countless times I've heard this song performed in SL clubs and RL bars by every caliber of musician, Max makes it sound like the song was specifically written for him to play. His rendition even includes insights of lyrical analysis without ever missing a beat.

Max also played the Led Zepplin classic "Going to California." He masterfully captures Robert Plant's tenderness while adding his own vocal growl that projects and undeniable emotional connection to the song. The same could be said for his rendition of "Rhiannon" by Fleetwood Mac. I will say that this song forces Max to push into the higher end of his vocal range. Even though I'd like to see his tweak the vocal arrangement just a touch, his guitar arrangement is so well crafted that it is hard to imagine the full band original.

His version of "Elanor Rigby" by the Beatles holds a special form of mastery. The original recording from Revolver was performed by a string quartet. Max has arranged the song for guitar in a way that not only captured the dark lyrics of the original, but also highlights the haunting loneliness through his steady strong strumming.

One more song from his set that I'd like to highlight is the 1961 Audry Hepburn hit "Moon River" from Breakfast at Tiffany's (not to be confused by the Deep Blue Something song by the same name that Max also crushed the last time I saw him). The original version of the song feels to me like it was a holdover from the music of the late fifties. This could be due to covers by crooners like Frank Sinatra and jazz artists like Louis Armstrong. Max, on the other hand, has arranged this classic to feel like a contemporary hit. He uses a crooning style of his own without ever trying to oversell it or give it that old timey feel that has come to be expected with this song. 

visit his web site at or look for his group Rhythm Collective

Friday, December 29, 2017

Tally musician: Making Wonderful Music” - “Seersha Heart

Seersha: Tally thank you for agreeing to this interview.

Tally: Thanks for asking me! I'm always humbled by people wanting to listen to me or know about me. It's a bit crazy really lol.

Seersha: Our readers will enjoy getting to know you.  There is a rumor you were a fashion optmista at one time.  Please share your story of Tally enters SL.

Tally:I first joined SL in 2009. A friend of mine had joined and was creating animations and asked me to do some graphics for him. So I joined and soon began designing clothes – back when it was all texture based. I've been singing in SL on and off for the last 7 years. I sang to a few of my friends on voice and they encouraged me to do a show. A close friend invited a friend of his who happened to  manage live acts in SL, and the rest is History.

Seersha:Tell me about your followers, your fans.  What do you think they enjoy most about your performances?  Which instruments do you play?

Tally: I'm quite uncomfortable calling them fans. They are friends who come to my show to enjoy hanging out and listening to some music. I don't know. I can't quite handle the idea of having Fans lol. I try to make my shows as real as I can. I try to be as authentic as I can.

*I'm an emotional guy and that will come through in my music.* If I am feeling happy and energetic, then so will my music, likewise, if I am feeling more melancholy, then my music tends to run much deeper with much more feeling. It's a way for me to express how I am feeling. I think that's what people like about my shows.

They are authentic and because of that I always connect with people. almost every show someone will IM me afterwards telling me how something in my music has touched them, the way I sing something, or just the feelings they have when I am singing. Music is so powerful, and maybe because I recognize that, I use it positively, and people recognize that. A rapper called Toby Mac says, "Music takes words to a place that words can't go on their own”. I play lots of instruments, but in SL I play acoustic Guitar and Keyboards.

Seersha: When did you first begin performing in SL?  Is that venue still on the grid?

Tally: My first show was at a club I owned in SL - there were only a few of us and I only did 30 minutes as I didn't have enough material to fill 1 hour lol.

My first regular show though, I remember well. It was at a venue called The Lost Continent, owned by Jodi Dubratt. I played after SaintessLarnia, who still performs sometimes in SL. It was so amazing. There was such a great crowd there and we all had so much fun. I was able to develop as a singer there so much and had so much help from Saintess, AM Forte and their manager at the time Lingual Markus, as well as my own manager Ryleigh. They were always so good to me, even when I screwed up (which happens a lot lol).

Seersha: What would you consider success for a new singer in SL?  What qualities would you recommend for someone new to singing in SL?

Tally:  What is the measure of success? Society today would tell you it's money - but money is not the measure of success in RL or in SL. A person's wealth is not in their possessions, but in their ability to affect those around them positively.

Success is when you can connect with those listening to you. That is what will bring them back to your shows. You don't need to have 50 or 60 listeners. You just need to make a connection. Be authentic and real - feel the music and mean what you sing!

In SL, nobody can see you, so you have to make that emotional connection just through your voice and that is harder. You have to imagine that everyone is looking at you and you have to perform to your screen - give everything, and you will receive it back.

Seersha:  I like your description of success.  Here is a hard question: How would you describe yourself?

Tally:  Wow haha - that is a difficult question. I think about myself a lot HAHAH. I am super critical of myself. I'm my most severe critic, so it's hard to describe me lol. I guess I would say I wear my heart on my sleeve. I am honest and loyal. I have no room in my life for hate. The phrase I am using lately for my RL work is "Love built this!" - I would like to think people look at me say that - they'd say - "hey there's Tally - Love built that". haha – that's my life's goal anyway.

Seersha: I think I will pass that along at your next show.  “Hey there’s Tally – Love built that” is fantastic thought!

Let’s dish: what was the funniest thing that ever happened while you were on stage?  Have you had any outlandish acts from an admiring female avi?  These are two things I have heard that most male performers in SL experience.

Tally: Ah man - there have been so many shows that have had me in stitches laughing so hard, even in the middle of songs. It's usually what is written in local chat! I've done a few shows drunk over the years too lol. I can't remember any of them, but I'm pretty sure they were hilarious haha.  I don't think I've had any outlandish acts from admiring female Avi's lol - I'm usually the outlandish one lmao. I've had a lot of comments and IM's I guess - but they are all harmless. It's always very flattering to hear your voice is sexy, or your accent is hot lol - but that's where it ends. I love everyone who makes the effort to come to my shows and support me with their hard earned Lindens.

Tally: I perform lots of different songs from various styles of music, but I try my best to put my own spin on them so that they suite my style of guitar and my voice. I like slowing down fast songs, although I do like a fast song now and again. I sing very chilled out songs from people like Sleeping At Last, Ed Sheeran, and then my own spin on some dance anthems from Bastille and Calvin Harris etc. It's eclectic.

Seersha: Do you take requests from your fans?  Is each performance a specific genre or do you mix it up?

Tally:   I do take requests yes. I also have a list of songs that people request that I don't know and I try to learn them for another time If I can or if I think it's suitable for me. I do all genres, but like I say - I try to make it all my own, so hopefully the style of the songs will be pretty similar.

Seersha: If I want to attend a performance, where should I go?  How does someone reach you who wants to book you?  [Readers I have attended many of his shows, this is for you]

Tally:  The best way is to join my group, which you can find in my profile, or keep an eye out on my website: and Song List Here; You can make contact about booking etc there also.

Seersha:I will chime in and say that joining your group or hitting that Google Calendar are the Best ways. You never spam send group messages.  You send the perfect amount.  All his contact information is at the bottom of the article.  I would add that his sl name when you search is Tallyesin or until the holidays are over “Jingle Tally’s Bells”

Seersha:What would you like to tell or to share with your fans? Tally? [anything you wish; plans for the future; what you do in world when not performing; what you enjoy most about fans; etc]

Tally:I love you all. You're the best bunch of crazies anyone could wish for haha. I am trying to play more in SL to support what I am doing in RL too, which is more music and the support I get from everyone is incredible and it gives me the confidence to do what I do in RL.

Don't ever be scared to reach out to me and chat - I love people and I love spreading love and positivity, and I know so many wonderful people here in SL - there is always hope and there is always someone willing to listen. Don't ever be alone - come to a show and enjoy good music while hanging with good people. Always be kind to one another and believe in love. It is necessary.

Seersha: Thank you for your time Tally, I wish you all the best with your promising career.

 Tally: Thank you so much Seersha. It's been great chatting to you. <3

Take a look at his google calendar and see when he is playing next.  He is on UK time so look for concerts in midafternoon to early evening.  He is exactly as nice as he sounds in person.  I attended a show this past weekend and one of his fans requested “the boob” song.  I contacted Tally and asked him what was this song?

Tally: haha - The boob song was written by a comedian called Rodney Carrington. Someone showed it to me once and asked me to cover it. So I did - it's not my normal type of song, but Jorr (my manager) quite often insists on it, and who am I to deny him his wishes?

Additional info:
Song List  Song List
Google Calendar  Tallyesin Resident