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Showing posts with label LadyLoveDr. Show all posts

Friday, October 31, 2014


A new company has emerged in the best interest of the people.  Auction Wars is an auction company that deals with more than the typical breedables and slaves.  They auction everyday items such as clothing and furniture as well.  Anything that is transferable, may be auctioned.

Auction Wars specializes in their custom made auction kiosks.  This allows people to stop by a kiosk during the time an auction is going on and check the status of the auction or place a bid.  If that person is outbid by another bidder, their money get's returned automatically.  There will also be special events in the form of live auctions at sponsored locations.

Second Lifers can keep up to date on all the Auction Wars news by joining their group or stopping by their place.  They are also on the lookout for bidders, sellers, and affiliates.  While they are currently not hiring any staff for their auction house locations, they will be hiring in the future for their live auction events.

You can find out more by visiting the auction house at:

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Second Lifers Open Their Skeleton Closets for a Quick Peek - LadyLoveDr Reporting

Everyone has skeletons in their closets.  The real question is, would you let a stranger take a peek in yours?  I polled 20 Second Life citizens and asked them all the same question, "What secrets are the skeletons in your closet hiding?"  The results were both unbelievable and surprising.  From this project, I noticed that women were more forthcoming with telling a stranger their deepest, darkest secret than men.  Out of everyone polled, there were 5 citizens who not only had skeletons in their closets, these skeletons were dancing!  Here are the five most intense and iniquitous skeletons, names have been concealed to protect their identities. 

Female nurse:  The major secret that I hide, is that I'm a nymphomaniac and I ended up in the middle of a 30 man gang-bang at Eroticon a few years ago.

LadyLoveDr:  Were you left with any gifts that keep on giving?

Female nurse:  Fortunately not!  All of it was protected and safe!

Female bartender:  I've done hard time for possession of narcotics with intent to sell.  It actually wasn't mine, it was just in my car and my passenger refused to admit it was his.

LadyLoveDr:  How long were you locked up?

Female bartender:  I was sentenced to three and a half years but ended up only doing a little under 2 years total.

Male librarian:  If you're talking real life, I'd have to say it's that I weigh over 350 pounds.  If your referring to second life, it would be that I had drunk sex with the stripper at my bachelor party.

LadyLoveDr:  Does your SL wife know about the drunk sex?

Male librarian:  She doesn't get on SL anymore so I guess you can say i'm a widower.  But I don't think she suspected anything.  Since we're on the subject, are you single  and looking?

LadyLoveDr:  Sorry to disappoint you, my SL avatar is A-sexual.

Male librarian:  I have no idea what that means.

LadyLoveDr:  Basically it means I don't attach myself to anyone else.  I'm strictly solo.

Female dog groomer:  I had sex with my boss for a raise in pay.  It was the biggest mistake of my life.

LadyLoveDr:  How much of a raise did you get?

Female dog groomer:  The deal was he would make it worth my while.  As it turned out, he wanted to get more of it than I did.  He wanted to give me 5 cents in raise every time I slept with him.

LadyLoveDr:  What was the final result?

Female dog groomer:  I got a better paying job and didn't have to sleep with anyone to advance my career. 

Male sous chef:  I lied on my job application about graduating from culinary school. Technically, I don't even have my high school diploma.

LadyLoveDr:  Where did you learn to cook?

Male sous chef:  I watched the cooking network like twenty-four seven.  I learned a bunch of great stuff on there!

LadyLoveDr:  Did they ever find out you lied?

Male sous chef:  No, I know so much about cooking, they never even question anything!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween Ex-FEAR-ience 2014 - LadyLoveDr Reporting...

Every October, haunted houses and other spooky attractions begin to pop up all over Second Life. There's no shortage of frightening things to do for all ages. In addition to the traditional haunted houses, there are plenty of unique events to keep you entertained throughout the month. Here is a short list to get you started, in no particular order: 

 SL Enquirer - Scary Movie Viewings
Grab some refreshments on your way in, sit back into one of our nice comfy chairs, and prepare to be frightened!  Here on the SL Enquirer grounds we have lots of things to do.  One of those things is our 24/7 movie theater.  The best part is that there is no admission price!  That's right folks, movies are always on us.  So bring some friends with you and let the free movies keep on rolling!

When:  Movies 24/7 all day every day!

 Fright Fest - Pumpkin Up Hunt
This spooky experience based on a pumpkin hunt, will have your inventory full of free tricks and treats.  There are 14 pumpkins to keep your eye out for, each with its own goodie to grab onto. Stop in and check out all the festivities at Fright Fest 2014, but keep your eyes out for the killer clown! Listen to ghost stories around a campfire, make s'mores, or just warm your piggies.  There's something for all ages here.

When: October 16th through November 1st.

Don't Panic! - Interactive Fear Experience
Participate in this legendary game starring you as the new paranormal investigator of The Spectre Collectors. Investigate this mansion and find out if it was evil spirits that convinced a man to carve up his family with a dull axe. The house's past events are vividly brought to life as you investigate each room.  There are 22 designers that have donated free gifts to all those who dare enter the mansion.  The gifts are found during gameplay by clicking on the dead black rats along the way.  Keep those eyes open!

When: October 17th through November 17th

Halloween Town 2014

This spooktacular town is recognized as one of the best places in SL to shop for all your Halloween needs. The kid-friendly exhibit takes visitors down a creepy spiral roadway, allowing them to visit each shop in search for treats and scares of all kinds.  Make sure to enter their Pumpkin Contest with a prize pot of 7,000 L$!!!  The end of the road features a haunted house where you can relive scenes from all the popular scary movies.

When: Open until November 1st

Forest of Zyn - Crystal Pumpkin Hunt

Ready to be treated? Visit the Forest of Zyn to search for the 5 hidden crystal pumpkins on the ground.  After you find them you bring them back into the store, rez them in the box, then once you click on the box you will receive your gift.

When: October 18th through November 2nd

Halloween @ Little Italy 2014 - $25,000L contest!

Bring your friends in their best Halloween costumes and spend the day having fun. Admission is free as long as you're wearing your costume. There is a costume contest worth $25,000L  but you must be a pre-planner!  All participants are required to be a part of a group before the event starts in order to qualify.  More info can be found at their haunted house.  Visit prior to the contest to be sure you have a fighting chance!

When: October 25th from 7pm - 10pm SLT

Monday, October 13, 2014

Interview with a Vampire - LadyLoveDr Reporting

Multiple mysterious sightings have been reported at various locations across  Second Life!  One witness detailed a white faced tall, dark figure with red eyes wondering around a seemingly abandoned cemetery.  Another witness spoke of a beautiful pale skinned woman he met in a bar who mesmerized him with the words she spoke.  His memory of what happened next is very vague and scrambled into bits and pieces as if he had been drugged.  His wife reported his disappearance after not coming from the bar. He remained missing for 5 days.  He finally came stumbling in at 11 am on the 5th day with a strange injury to his neck resembling the bite of a vampire.  After trying to contact his wife for a personal interview she replied with "no comment" and we later learned that her husband disappeared again one week later and never returned.  Many SL residents speculate, do vampires really exist?   Journalist LadyLoveDr decided to go deep into this dark world to uncover the truth and put an end to all the speculation. 

The journey started with one simple question, 'If vampires do exist, where would I most likely find one?'  This question posed a more complicated response than I imagined it would.  I finally came to the decision of visiting the bar where the woman vampire who's words memorized the missing man had been.  I became a regular at the bar after being there nightly for 2 whole weeks.  By then, I was well known to some and pretty sure the others were under the impression I was an alcoholic.  I was finally approached by a woman I had not recognized at the bar before.  She sat down next to me and put her cold hand on top of mine.  I glanced over at her and as our eyes met I heard her say "We're ready for you now."  I sat there dumbfounded for a few moments.  I knew exactly who, or should I say what, she was.  I needed to stand my ground. I needed to be in control.  "What makes you think you're what I've been looking for?"  I asked her.

            "You've been frequenting this bar for 2 weeks straight asking about us."
            "How would you know?"
            "I've been here watching you."
            "No you haven't.  I would have noticed you before tonight."
            "We're only noticed when we want to be."

She invited me back to her place.  I went willingly after making it well known that I was a guest and not dinner.  Once back in her domain I was able to obtain an interview with her and was granted permission to share it with the world to finally put an end to the famous question, 'Do vampires really exist?'

Interview with Alejandra Rassir

LadyLoveDr:  How would you define a vampire? 

Alejandra Rassir:  Vampires are creatures of the night who are cursed by God to drink blood in order to remain immortal.

LadyLoveDr:  You told me you're in a clan, what is its purpose? 

Alejandra Rassir:  My clan, Kindred Rose Noire, have a reputation for honesty, kindness and impeccable taste. Since the beginning of time our purpose has been to enforce the ancient traditions and shape the destiny of the Kindred. Currently we have 759 clan members that consist of vampires, lycans, and human hybrids.

LadyLoveDr:  Do vampires have any special powers? 

Alejandra Rassir:  We have the ability to transform into almost any animal: bats, cats, dogs and smaller.  Some can fly or levitate, use hypnosis to mentally subdue their victims, and have the ability to hypnotize.  Most vampires are psychic, can predict the immediate future, use telepathy to read minds , and move objects by telekinesis.  We have control over physical pain, although any light weakens us and the sun causes terrible burns. All injuries can be regenerated when we go dormant.

LadyLoveDr:  Are you currently involved with anyone romantically?

Alejandra Rassir:  I have a great love that will last for centuries!  His name is Antonio Pointe Du Lac and he is also a vampire in the same clan.

LadyLoveDr:  Have you encountered any vampire hunters or vampire haters in the SL community? 

Alejandra Rassir:  Yes, I've encountered vampire hunters.  I have personally killed some of them and tasted their blood on my lips.  I do not fear them, nor does any clan member of Rose Noire.

At the end of the interview I was treated to a tour of the Rose Noire grounds.  The architecture used to build their community is phenomenal!  There were things that scared me yet intrigued me at the same time.  Anyone is welcome to stop in and check it out, although almost all their members speak Spanish.  If you're an English speaking person like myself, I highly recommend picking up a free translator HUD from the SL MarketPlace.  They are always welcoming new members who want to take a walk on the dark side, be it vampire, lycan, or human hybrid.  So my fellow Second Lifers, do vampires really exist?  The answer is quite simple.  They always have.  Even for the speculators that will put denial at the top of their list.  They can deny all they want, but when it comes down to the cold hard truth, vampires are real.  Walking among us like normal citizens of Second Life.  They creep in the shadows hiding their real selves from the rest of the world and preying on the weak in order to survive another decade.  The next time you wake up in the morning and can't quite remember what you did at the bar last night, check yourself for the marks of a vampire because you might have just been someone's late night snack.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Laugh Your Way to the Joke Jar - LadyLoveDr Reporting

There are a lot of events and pleasurable activities that us Second Lifers can participate in to have a good time.   But where do we go when we really want a good laugh?  After searching high and low I finally stumbled into "The Joke Jar".  The outside is very welcoming with a big marquee above the entrance and a poster of the headliner off to the right as you enter.  The cost to get in the club itself is a pocket stunning NO CHARGE!  Once inside, you may have a seat on one of the oh so comfortable  couches and wait for the show to begin.  Tips are appreciated for the skillful comics, but not required.  I was lucky enough to snag an interview from Rezined 'Rez' Ruby, the founder of "The Joke Jar" when she wasn't booking her next comedians.

 Interview with Rezined

LadyLoveDr:  When did you open "the Joke Jar"?

Rez: The Joke Jar was officially opened to the public about 2 months ago in July.  I could have opened a lot sooner, but when we were doing the walls and the contractor was going over which colors to paint what, I would tell him a color and he would yell out the window "green side up".  After a few minutes of this I finally asked why he kept doing that when green wasn't my color? He informed me that he hired some blondes because they are cheaper and they were the ones installing the sod outside.  We finally just went with a nice wood walkway over a stream.

LadyLoveDr:  Where did you get the idea for such a place in SL?

Rez:  A friend of mine made me laugh until I cried my eyes out.  I kept telling her she needed to be a comedian.  She replied "I'd love to but I am afraid of getting booed off stage".  I then replied " Well, what do you think SL is for?  You might as well try it out and see if it's something you would like to do or not."  I built it in my shop for her to practice at.  She had an actual show and turned out to be crazy funny, even funnier than the nights previously.  I moved it to a different location and took on a co-owner-Jerkwad Borkotron, a very amazing friend & brother of mine that offered the land for the club, and here we are!

LadyLoveDr:  How far out do you book?

Rez:  We will book as far out as we can get.  We are always needing/looking for new acts.

LadyLoveDr:  Do you ever ask comedians at the club’s open mic back to headline?

Rez:  Yes.  I have also used the ones that turn in applications with us.  I do ask that they give us a show beforehand.  If they can't make me REALLY laugh from the get go.  Then they are not for us.  Unfortunately, with cancellations, this does not always happen.  I can tell you that open mic has become a bit disorganized and is chaotic at times, but we have and would always use a funny person!

LadyLoveDr:  Have you had many hecklers?

Rez:  Yes, we have had a couple.  I have been successful at keeping it down.  We want everyone to laugh from the bottom of their guts.  This doesn't mean to override the show with rudeness.  Heckling is not tolerated a the Joke Jar.  We ask that all keep it down to a minimum during the show.  I will step in myself if it gets out of control.

LadyLoveDr:  What is the number one mistake a new comedian can make on stage?

Rez:  Be unprepared!  If you're coming to do a show with us, please make sure to be there early for mic check, make sure you're ready to go a full set, and keep us laughing!

LadyLoveDr:  How many employees does "The Joke Jar" currently have and how do you see that changing in the future?

Rez:  I have 2 owners, 2 undercover recruiters, and 4 feature comedians.  We do not pay people to perform but they do get 100 % of tips they earn.  Also we don't really consider them employees.  Just fellow Jokesters!

This interview left me eagerly waiting for the Joke Jars next show!  If you're in the mood to laugh or make people laugh I'd recommend stopping by.  Show times are every Saturday night at 7:00 PM SLT.  As far as I am concerned, I would rather spend my Saturday night laughing at the Joke Jar than trying to explain to my young blonde patient what her stick of deodorant actually means when it says "To apply, push up bottom"; and why it is necessary for her to proceed with the removal surgery!