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Showing posts with label photography. Show all posts

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Teaser: LUXE Paris & LUXE Dot Be LOOK of the YEAR Contest Coming Soon!

More Details Next Month Here in The SL Enquirer!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019



For every photograph you buy, you get one FREE. Come in and buy your photo then IM me and give me the name of the one you want for FREE and I will send it to you.
Remember, all my photos can be re-sized from very small to very large. As you walk into my Gallery, go to the right and you will see an example on one of the walls.
Don’t’ forget to check out my Nursery to the left of my Gallery for all of your landscaping needs.

Ricardo Avalira
Reflections of Nature Photography

Tuesday, February 26, 2019



Ricardo Avalira, owner of Clear Creek Nursery, is also a RL Nature Photographer and has just opened his Gallery right next to his nursery. He has been a photographer for over 20 years and has a unique way of capturing images of Nature.

He has brought these amazing images into Second Life to share with everyone. The frames he uses are unlike any other frames in Second Life. When you purchase one of his images and click on the photo, you get a menu whereby you can re-size the frame either smaller or larger. They can be re-sized small enough to fit on your coffee table or large enough to cover your whole wall without losing any clarity of the image. Even though his images are displayed at different sizes, the price for each one is the same.

Life can become so busy that we loose ourselves in the process of living. Ricardo’s vision in providing these images is to allow you to connect with Nature. His hope is that if you would allow the rest of the world to fall away while gazing at the image, this connection will happen.

He also provides a custom service whereby, if you send your favorite image to him, he will insert it in the frame. Since these frames come in different formats, he asks that you allow his discretion in choosing the perfect one for your image.

You can visit his Gallery here -

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Quality Photos @ Affordable Prices! We promise!

Amereck Arabello Photography: Why does a great picture of yourself and friends have to cost so much?  Well No More!  You are already beautiful!  You don't need a photographer in Second Life to do that. 

Why is Amereck Arabello Photography different?  You do not pay until you approve your photos.. No deposits upfront! There are no sales agents, appointment setters, commission rates or hassles.  Prices posted are the prices you pay.  That's it!

In addition to fantastic photographs for you and/or your friends, wedding or promotional pictures, we are a SmartBots Franchisee!  So how are we different again?  If you want a demonstration of ANY of the products and services of the SmartBot services, we can show you what they can do instead of just reading about it.   While your here browsing the gallery, grab a stream rental with available AutoDJ options too at AFFORDABLE, AND RELIABLE pricing!

Just stop by, it's that easy!

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Do you need to update your profile picture? Visit Backdrop Cove today!

Ran out of studios to go to that won't let you rez your own props and use your own poses?

Well come to Backdrop Cove, a free backdrop and photo studio with a sim wide photogenic gardens for all your nature pictures as well as a place to hang out and chat at!

Check out our [ Flickr] group for a small selection of what we have. Always adding new things!!
Contact KhaleesiShinn resident

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

More Than Meets The Eye: The Work Of Vlad Sharktooth- Persia Bravin Reporting...

Vlad Sharktooth is not a man who is afraid of embracing a creative challenge. Over his eight years in Second Life, it’s fair to say that Vlad has gone from being a relatively low key photographer to an exceptionally creative force. A quick look through his flickr account rapidly tells you that this a man with a sharp eye for artistic detail; a creative soul with a penchant for perfectionism and a slightly edgy, self-assured and sensual style. But perhaps Vlad’s most impressive attributes are his less visual aspects, because his phenomenal personality, constant desire to hone his craft and genuine willingness to support other SL Photographers make him one of the most likeable characters in the SL photography community.

So how did Vlad start his photographic journey in Second Life? “Someone I knew a long time ago was starting to take pictures and when I told her I knew some photoshop from work, she asked me if I could help her,” remembers Vlad. “I then realized - when I tried SL photography - that it was a completely different thing, and it was extremely exciting to learn more about it at first…and after that, I discovered that it also allowed me to express myself in ways that I otherwise couldn't.”

That personal creative discovery has since set Vlad on the path of most artistic people: one of constantly trying out ideas, honing technique and developing a unique style - but it hasn’t always been easy for him, as he admits, “I remember starting out in flickr and Photoshop with SL photos and I remember how frustrating it can be at times - that never goes away! - and how clueless I was to some things. I also remember being a bit annoyed at times when I thought that maybe I had reached my peak and that's as good as I would get!”

Vlad’s understanding of the often painful creative process means that he is always responsive to others that are learning the SL photographic ropes. “I've had flickr mail from people that have felt similarly, so I'll always, always, do whatever I can to support people in whatever way I can,” he says generously, so what advice can he give to any fledging SL photographers – or those stuck firmly in a creative funk? “The best artists draw from their own experiences and if you think you just don't have anything exceptional to tell, you're probably wrong! Everyone has things that make them unique, things they have lived, things that they struggle with, maybe even by themselves.”

All artists – whatever their genre – will recognize that sense of struggle, but finding the inspiration for his photos doesn’t appear to be something that Vlad has to fight with. He regularly posts photos to his flickr account and his images always prove popular with his myriad of followers. Other things that make Vlad’s work stand out is the witty and insightful text he produces to accompany each photo (by his own admission – he enjoys a good rant), as well as a ‘soundtrack’ in the form of a YouTube song that he feels best illustrates each photograph.

“Usually I either have Spotify on shuffle all, YouTube on auto run, or one specific song on a loop,” he says, explaining how music motivates his work. “The first lands me on songs I know, which helps mix things up, the second... sometimes gets me to songs I hate or that make me cringe for one reason or another - not that they're bad - so it's always like a little Pandora’s box and the last one is when I’m set on a mood or specific song for a picture.”
As for the future, Vlad intends on creating more of his photos and is enjoying experimenting with creating different photo sets using items found in Second Life rather than created in Photoshop – even if it does cost him a small fortune playing the gacha machines in the hope of winning a specific piece. “If I see some set or furniture in SL that I like that has a theme, and I go and try to build something around it, granted, this method sometimes ends up with me spending a lot to get the set and then never using it because I forgot about it or procrastinated about it!” he says laughing.

None of us can create in isolation, so I ask Vlad if there is anyone he would like to thank for helping him – as he helps others. He thinks for a moment before replying: “I'd thank everyone that I have ever interacted with: from simple conversations, to all that believe in me, to those who trust me, to the people that help me when I need their opinion, to those that have inspired me, to the ones that are always there when I've needed someone, of course, to every victim that has ever had to endure the hardships of posing for and with me, to every person who I owe a picture, and lastly, to everyone that reads my writing or likes my pictures.  A tiny little piece of my heart belongs to each one of you.” And that is the essence of Vlad Sharktooth: creative, generous – but always grateful. Long may he continue.

Want to get started in SL photography or improve what you do? Here are Vlad’s top tips:

1: Watch, a lot, be it tutorial videos or SL tuition videos.Check out videos by SL photographers DaeberethwenArbenlow and Katey Coppola and others on YouTube. Also check out tutorials on sl photography, meaning windlights, projector lights, settings for DoF, shadows.

2: Don't compare your work to others, especially don't compare your work to people who have had years of practice, even if they don't keep their old pictures, or if they seemed to be that good from the start, always remember you are only seeing what they are comfortable with sharing, you don't see their failures or struggles, you only see the work they deem 'good enough'.

3: Don't be afraid to reach out if you need help, some will provide it, some won't. I’m always up for helping, but I know others might be less inclined to do so, don't let it phase you, it's not personal.

4: As Carrie Fisher once said: "Take your broken heart, make it into art." This goes for happy feelings as well, take your joy, sorrow, lust, convictions, etc., and explore them in pictures, don't just be someone who takes a random picture of the latest event, there are hundreds of those, and sooner or later, it gets old.

Friday, May 12, 2017

The new camera in town: Xilion – Digital Art

Photography in Second Life has been a staple of the digital content creation on the grid. Most avatars have one or more (semi-)professional photos on their profiles. And why not? Having a pretty picture is almost mandatory in today’s Second Life.
When it comes to photography, there are many, many different styles to choose from. One of those is to take a picture in-world, and edit it outside of the Viewer, to create a truly unique work of art.

Starting May 2017, Xilion Iceberg has opened his Digital Art shop, located at the Big Daddy’s 80’s club Mall, specializing in three distinct areas:

-          (Profile) pictures; beautifully rendered with any special effect you’d want;
-          Tailor-suited logo design; Digital Art, for sale to put on your wall!

For the pictures, a basic picture is taken in Second Life, after which the photo is manipulated according to your personal wishes. An old sepia-style photo? Or perhaps a glamour shot on the beach? Or do you prefer to be surprised? Anything is possible.
Want to make group pictures, or need a wedding photographer? That too is definitely possible!

Logo design follows a slightly different approach as it does not require input from Second Life. To start, all that is required is a fresh, empty document and your imagination. After the initial draft, the logo is made following the same precision and artistic approach of all pictures.

Digital art is rarely made on commission; instead, all non-commissioned artwork is sold in-store as a single copy texture.

On our Flickr page we post the latest works (if permitted), so have a look!

Interested in seeing some more examples in-world? Contact Xilion Iceberg, or come see the new shop

We have warm coffee, as well as a free catalog and a free posestand with animations J Hope to see you there!

Saturday, April 1, 2017



Residents are familiar with the large scale fundraising activities on the Second Life Grid: mustering a world-wide volunteer base on an economic virtual platform to raise thousands of dollars for such causes as the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life, Live and Learn in Kenya's "Feed a Smile," Creations Park’s work to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. Hundreds of volunteers donate time, talent, and treasure to make these virtual activities have a real world impact. Every now and again the opportunity comes along for such efforts to be personal. Filling the Cauldron - Saturday April 1st through Sunday, April 9th - is such an opportunity.

Elicio Ember is a brilliant Second Life creator and artist, known for highly imaginative plants and fantasy designs provided through his Cerridwen's Cauldron brand, and for his generous spirit and his involvement in charitable events such as Fantasy Faire. A serious stroke suffered by his father has left Elicio and his sisters with profound medical expenses. The medical situation in Mexico, where Elicio and his family reside, does not provide reasonable medical support for the care and rehabilitation that will be required. Dozens of artists, musicians, and creators who only know Elicio through his creations and generosity have banded together to fill his "Cauldron" - raising money to help Elicio and his family.

Filling the Cauldron is a week-long celebration of Elicio's work in Second Life beginning this Saturday, April 1st. The nine day jubilee will feature live performances, music, over 20 vendor stalls (including Roawenwood, Ozimals, and Fallen Gods), an Art Show with the work of supportive artists as well as Elicio's own works, and both silent and live auctions of unique items contributed to the fundraising effort by their creators.  Live events kick off at 9 am slt Saturday with musician Lazarus Doghouse.

The Holly Kai Estate is host to all these features and more.  Over half a dozen designers have created fanciful gardens using pieces from the Cerridwen's Cauldron catalogue for the Design a Garden Contest.  Visitors can vote for their favorite garden creation, as well as place their votes in the Filling the Cauldron Photo Contest. Cerridwen's Corner will provide an opportunity to purchase a sampling of Elicio's creations, and to visit his main store.

This amazing gathering of talent clearly pays tribute to Ember's contributions to Second Life as both artist and generous spirit, including pieces from his real world artworks available in the silent auction.  "So many people have been touched by Elicio's kindness, and found joy in his art," said Inara Pey, organizer, "This is such a tremendous tribute to the many lives he has touched."  "There are so many unique one-of-a-kind items to be got at this event," added Saffia Widdershins, also among the organizers, "I hope that people will take advantage of the opportunity to get some of these items and have it benefit such a wonderful person and his family when they really need the help."

Filling the Cauldron officially opens at 12:00am slt on Saturday, April 1st and continues until midnight on Sunday, April 9th.

More information on the event including schedule, and letter from Elicio himself, can be found at:


FTC Main Welcome Area:


Direct enquires should be forwarded to Inara Pey or Saffia Widdershins at the e-mail address above, or via notecard in-world.

CONTACTS:  Inara Pey (
                        Saffia Widdershins (

All images by Inara Pey

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The School of WrenNoir: An in depth interview with SL Artist WrenNoir Cerise - Dean Lawson reporting

WrenNoir Cerise is a Second Life Artist who creates incredible images using her skills as a mesh designer and her exploration of Second Life. I had the good fortune to chat with WrenNoir and learn more about the process by which she creates her images.
Dean : Could you tell me about your artistic experience in Second and Real Life?
Wren : I entered SL reluctantly at the urging of a friend. The reluctance was not because I didn't think I'd like it, but rather I thought I'd like it too much.  When I eventually relented, I found my expectations to be justified and maybe even overly so. As a visual artist in RL -- I have a Master's in Art Therapy --  the beauty of this world captured me and I immediately wanted to capture it right back. I began by taking photos of my avatar and soon friends were asking for photos. Then businesses asked for photos for vendor images, eventually I was hired as a photographer for various SL magazines, and then on to exhibit at SL art galleries. Throughout, I found people were hungry to find out how to create better images, but received few answers as many talented photographers are busy honing their craft. In the Spring of 2013 together with Nariko Okawa, I started an SL photography school where we teach everything we know from how to use the SL tools, composition, lighting, and how to truly SEE. I don't see this as creating competitors, but rather as supporting future colleagues who will push me to always improve my own craft. You can find information about the school, Visionaire, here:

Dean : Could you tell me about your artistic influences in Second Life and Real Life?
Wren : I am not sure you have enough room here, Dean! There is such a huge number of creative people just in SL never mind RL. If you take a look at my Flickr stream, you will see that I follow over 500 people. But I will try to name a few for you since you asked. I love the work of Deborah Lombardo ( she has the most amazing way of using color... and that's no easy! People get Ph.D.s in RL for color theory! It's hard! Needless to say, my work is nothing like hers but I hope to one day approximate it. I think pretty much everyone also loves Anouk Anna ( She is incredible with crips clarity, lights, and shadows. A brilliant image maker. Nic Bour is another amazing image maker ( who is a genius of the use of light, as is SL Senna ( I honestly could name so many more: Laura (Mrs. S), Magissa Denver, Isa Messioptra, Lil' Frenchie elo, Nimoe Constantine. Ah, I see a pattern now, the ones I truly admire are using the SL image-making tools to the utmost to showcase the beautiful lights and shadows and colors we can achieve.
As for RL, I love Vermeer, Chagall, Magritte, even Dali. But what influences my SL image-making is not painters, but photography from the fashion industry. I love being able to represent people/avatars in a way that just grabs a viewer.

Dean : I’m impressed by the use of texture and shadows in your images. Do you use an editing software such as Photoshop? If so could you elaborate on what software you use and what types of adjustments you make to your Second Life images?
Wren : Thank you. Shadows are completely done in SL and SL gives us tremendously beautiful shadows. People don't realize just how powerful the SL tools are for image making, and I think it might be hard to believe that I use exceptionally little post-processing software in my images; however, when I do, it's Photoshop all the way. Sometimes, I just get a bug and want to push playing around with Photoshop, so those image are well worked over. My favorite things are layers. I usually take many snapshots of exactly the same image but with different lighting conditions, I layer them, and then use masking techniques and layer modes, to combine the layers. Sometimes I overlay textures for extra oomph, and those are images that I pull from the internet making sure they have the proper rights. is a great source as is Flickr. People just need to be sure to respect the usage rights of the image creators.
Dean : The avatars featured in your images have great detail as do the clothes they are dressed in. Are there avatar and mesh clothes designers you would recommend to photographers who are starting out in Second Life?
Wren : Thank you again. Yes, it really is important to choose good work from SL creators because in the end that saves you from having to 'fix' things in post processing programs. Skins in SL are a big thing if you want to photograph avatars. A cheap skin can look flat and cartoonish, but a well-crafted skin can show off skin pores, moles, highlights, and look natural. Some of my favorite skin designers are Lara Hurley, League, The Skinnery, YS&YS, Atelier Pepe, DeeTaleZ, and the very artsy Kooqla. I am enjoying the introduction of mesh heads very much too. This saves you from once again 'fixing' the SL classic avatar from showing all the triangular planes. With mesh, the curves are really curves, rather than flat small planes arranged to look like a curve. As for the clothes, that is a completely mixed bag. Since mesh bodies came about I stick strictly with mesh clothes. Applied textures are still not crisp enough for me. You will will I have lots of stuff on the avatars' heads, those flowers are from Lode and LaGyo, while the jewerly is often from Mandala.

Dean : As detailed and compelling as some of your avatars are I also find your backgrounds very interesting, do you create your own backgrounds or do you find them by exploring different sims?
Wren : I do both, Dean. Sometimes I rezz trees and objects I own around the avatar, and other times I go to a sim and pose there. I adore SL. I really do. I will never use a flat, pre-photographed background because you just can't get a realistic depth to it, in my opinion. I came to SL for the promise of visually creativity (which it delivers in spades!) and want to utilize it as much as possible. When I can completely get away from post-processing I do!

Dean : Some of your images contain more than one avatar, do you collaborate with other SL artists?
Wren : It's always a pleasure to work with other people. The only criteria I require from them is patience! hehehe.  When you have more than one avatar, the time for the work doubles as one must adjust shadows, light, objects, and poses for both. 'Night Fishing for Mermaids' and 'When Venus Rises' were collaborations with Alles Klaar who is well-known for having multiple avatars in her work, and little Quintense also makes an appearance in 'When Venus Rises.' SL is a social platform after all!
Dean : You have a lot of positive reviews from students. How could someone contact you regarding lessons? Do you charge for lessons?
Wren : I do teach in SL. Myself and Nariko Okawa founded Visionaire which is an SL photography school. We realized that there was a real thirst for people to learn how to create better images. Many amazing photographers are so busy with creating images that they just don't have time to answer questions or teach, so we decided to carve out a bit of time to be able to do so. In the end, when everyone's work improves, we all benefit. We teach everything we know and hold nothing back. However, nobody is compared to anyone else. We all start at a certain point, and what we want is for people to improve from that point. Classes are intense, though. We meet for a minimum of 2 hours (usually 3), once a week for 10 weeks, then we have a break and a graduation exhibit. It requires real commitment on the students' part as well as our own. Yes, we do charge. My philosophy is that while there is real satisfaction in making a contribution (and I have volunteered in both SL and RL), this level of commitment shouldn't be cheapened. Payment actually insures that the student will stick with it and pay attention too. As Adriel Huntress, one of our graduates said: "[17:05]: ahh i had so much fun and learned so much! i met some fantastic people and got to know you more. I have walked away with not only a better understanding of photography and art but also some very lovely friendships :) I spend money all the time here in sl lol have regretted a lot of it lol but I would have paid double knowing now what I know about your class :) You have an amazing way about you and are so positive and supportive. You really are a fantastic person and have a wonderful skill at what you do :)"
If people are interested in learning more, they can go to They can send an e-mail to or send me a NC if they have any questions or want to be put on an advisory list.  There is a new semester starting on April 23rd and we only teach 2 semesters per year (Spring and Fall).
Dean: Is there anything you would like people to know about you or your work?
Wren : I am super friendly and down to earth. I adore people who want to learn and it doesn't matter to me how far they are on their path. As long as they want to learn I have the greatest respect for them. As for my work, I just hope it resonates with people in some way and that it showcases the tremendous possibilities for beauty in Second Life.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

ART DREAMS : An in depth interview with SL Artist Jolie.Lisa - Dean Lawson Reporting


Taught by Masters from the Cape School of Art in Provincetown, Massachusetts.... Jolie's  style and techniques blossom with color and sensuality.  Her work is post -Impressionist and Fantasy. Additionally Jolie earned a dual B.A. in Art Studio, Art History and received a state Teacher Certification in Art Education K-12.  After many rewarding years teaching Art in public schools Jolie is happily exploring new worlds in digital arts.  

Dean : Could you tell me about your experience as an artist in real life?
Jolie : My work in virtual/digital art is a new direction in a long art career.  I am classically trained in plein-air technique in real life and studied intensively to painting from life, be it portrait, still life or landscape.  I started showing in publlc shows at the age of 19 and that same year worked as a sidewalk portrait artist for Walt Disney World.  In the next few years I was often involved in instruction of drawing and painting as well.  It was then I decided to complete a university degree in Studio Art and Art History combined with a state certificate in Art K-12.  I taught many wonderful children in many schools, mostly inner city. After finding myself retired I discovered an extremely enjoyable virtual world with my new computer and became immersed in Second Life.  In this world the landscapes and tableaux available seem never ending and various;  there is always a new scene or setting to challenge me and to capture.

Dean : Could you tell me about your experience as an artist in Second Life?
Jolie : I explored first and made many noob blunders : ) learning to navigate.  As soon as I was comfortable with things I started noticing avatars in poses with light and shadow . I learned I could assess them as a figure or portrait study. That is when I started taking photographs and looking around for editing programs that would not be too complex.

Dean :  Some of your images appear to have multiple layers, including text, could you elaborate on the technical process by which you create your images?
Jolie : I work as much as possible in the same manner I would in RL.  I start with the broad composition and add general color scheme and tonal layer first.  I work up from non detailed to highly detailed things in the picture plane, balancing the tone and contrast all through.  And I "save" in between each layer.

Dean : What are your artistic influences? What inspires you?
Jolie : I studied with Elliott McMurrough and with Henry Hensche, both teachers from the Cape School of Art in Massachusetts. I will add a link where the theory and lineage of this awesome school can be learned.
Dean : Is there anything you would like our readers to know about you and your art work?
Jolie : Art work is not, first of all, a product. It is a working of the mind whose outcome improves with practice and skill.  Not trying to sound lofty but many people see a gallery as a "business" where the success is measure in number of sales.  Truly if I were to be concerned with these matters above everything I would be making products more easily sold. 
However my studies with Elliott and Henry began when I was a terribly confused yet talented adolescent who had no idea where to go or what to do.  The strength of character, the orderly thinking , the ability to qualitativeley assess art all began in my studies with these two great teachers whose names are well known in the American art world of plein-air painters.
My life took a few turns that made relying on my career as an artist impossible although I always kept painting.  I eventually earned a college degree and certificate to teach public school art which I did for 10 years.
Happily I discovered a thriving art community in SL and the option of using new techniques, the wonder of windlight settings and the ability to virtually travel to so many exceptional locations.  My personal art career revived itself and here I am learning something new and extraordinary every day.  The more I exhibit or use Flickr to share my work the more skilled I become at pushing boundaries and striving for excellence in my work.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

A MODICUM OF COLOR: An in depth interview with SL Artist Ilyra Chardin - Dean Lawson Reporting


Ilyra Chardin is a real life and Second Life artist. In a previous interview I had a chance to discuss Ilyra's Second Life images, this time Ilyra treated me to a tour of her art installation “A Modicum of Color”.
Dean : Hi, thanks for taking the time to meet with me, is the name “A Modicum of Color” intended to be ironic?
Ilyra : Well, no.  there are tiny bits of color here and there … like the flowers over by the barn ... or the red or blue sailboats ... tiny bits of color here and there.  that was the intention

Dean : We both seem to be dressed for this installation, with grey clothes ... Did you build the objects in the installation or did you modify objects to reduce the color?
Ilyra : A little of both.  i uploaded tons of new textures.  and i also built some things from scratch.  I didn't do any mesh for this installation, but I am currently working on brand new - original - and I hope unique - meshes for the next installation, which is planned for sometime in March.

Dean : What inspired you to create an installation that is primarily black and white?
Ilyra : The primary reason was to create a 3 dimensional environment that highlighted pockets of color.  I thought a predominately black, white and grey build would create a dreamlike environment.  I also thought it would be soothing ... I thought, too, that anyone coming to pose here would stand out - their av and their clothing - if they wore colorful clothes
Dean : You mentioned that there was a problem with the color of the sky as seen through your viewer, for people to get the best effect of your installation is there a windlight setting they should choose incase it doesn't automatically adjust when they arrive at the installation?
Ilyra : Phototools B/W Light 02 … let me show the garden of flowers that i had mentioned … this was one of the first things that I envisioned and built - the flowers with parts of color.  I later made the flowerr painters and had them painting sections of the flowers.

Dean : It's very nice, why didn't you give color to all the flowers?
Ilyra : i really wanted to show the transition from greyscale to a colorful world ... and really highlight it by coloring just pieces of the flowers
Dean : What’s next on our tour?
Ilyra : This is Art in the Park - a gallery with other artists - some of my work - that is in theme - in tandem with A Modicum of Color … Sandi is a close friend ... she shot that on the sim as I was building it.

To find out more about Art in the Park or Ilyra Chardin you can visit her blog or visit the art installation “A Modicum Of Color"

Dean Lawson

Monday, January 23, 2017

Photohunt at LEA Theatre: Machinima Multimedia Interactive Shows: NE corner- Jan 23rd at 11:30am SLT

Do you enjoy taking SL photographs? Join an amiable group of fellow photogs at PhotoHunt. 

PhotoHunt is a game in which participants must shoot their best Second Life snapshot that embodies a theme or landmark provided by a moderator within a time limit of 60 minutes. 

No outside modifications of photos are allowed. 

Spectators are welcome. 

L$ prizes based on donations.

* SLE Pick retreived from SL Events

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Second Life Portraits: An in depth interview with Cameron Cove - Dean Lawson reporting

Cameron Cove is a Second Life artist and explorer who finds inspiration in the dark and murky shadows of the virtual world. I had the good fortune to chat with Cameron and learn more about his attempts to "capture the horrific atrocity of imagination.”
Dean : Could you tell me a bit about yourself?
Cameron Cove : I'm a real life photographer and graphic artist. I joined Second Life out of curiosity. At first I thought it was an RP game but with no clear objective I was about to quit when I discovered the snapshot application. After taking snapshots in Second Life I began to look for work as a Second Life photographer which was very difficult because there are a lot of SL Photographers and most of them have a lot more experience with Second Life photography than I.
Dean : Your blog is titled “Second Life Portraits by Cameron Cove” but most of your images are landscapes with your avatar appearing almost inconspicuously as part of the background. Is this intended to be ironic?
Cameron Cove : It wasn't my intention to be ironic. The reason why I refer to my collection of Second Life images as "Portraits" is because the places I explore and find interesting enough to photograph is more an expression of who I am than the appearance of my avatar. I include my avatar in the snapshots to provide a subject or, in some cases, to provide context for the scale of other objects in the frame but the true subject of the image is the moment or memory that is captured by the snapshot. In this sense, the word "Portrait" is a portrayal of my spiritual self more so than my physical which, of course, doesn't exist in Second Life.
Dean : Most of your images are engulfed in shadow with your avatar’s back to the viewer, is this intended to create an enigmatic impression? 
Cameron Cove : I use one of the generic avatars that people can choose when they first register with Second Life. I added spectacles and, in some snapshots, the avatar is carrying a flashlight but, because the focus of my images are the different locations I visit as opposed to my avatar, I frequently face the avatar away from the viewer to create a sense of anonymity, as if to say, the individual is less important than the environment. I consider my images to be a collaboration between myself, the people who create the sim and the people who create the objects within the sim.
Dean :  The depth of shadows in your images reminds me of the paintings of Carravagio, what are some of your artistic influences?
Cameron Cove : Thanks for the compliment. Michelangelo da Carravagio is definitely an influence. I think he is a master of creating shadows within shadows. The Spanish painter Francisco Goya is another big influence when it comes to the way I try to capture details within the shadows. Another influence is the French Iranian cinematographer Darius Khondji who worked on the films Delicatessen, The City of Lost Children,  Alien Resurrection, In Dreams, The Beach and Panic Room. His work on the movie "Seven" is probably the most influential as this is visually a dark and moody film that spends a lot of time in the shadows.
Dean : Some of your work has been featured in MAGE Magazine. How did you get involved with this group?
Cameron Cove : I posted an announcement in the SL Creation Forum asking if there were any Second Life photography groups I could join that would help me learn about the different techniques used to create great images. I had visited some art galleries and seen some images that were truly incredible and realized I had a lot to learn but the only person who responded to my questions was Othella, who is the editor of MAGE Magazine. After becoming friends with Othella I joined the MAGE Magazine group and found the creative team was very helpful. Andressa, Sizzelle and Ozymandius were surprisingly generous with advice and would even give me things like a green screen studio, props, accessories and different lighting equipment to help improve the quality of my work. Out of gratitude for their help and support I've contributed some of my images to MAGE Magazine which can be seen in the SL Perspectives section.