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Showing posts with label role play. Show all posts

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Belly Dancing at Temple of Nefertari- Mondays 10 am-1pm SLT

Em hotep and Greetings.  Let us please the Gods and goddesses together!   Belly Dance session at the Temple of Bastet,   Mondays from 10 am - 12 pm SLT

 Lead dancer and hostess:  Tut-hathor-hon-totti

If you are interested please come join us, dances are available!

All, are welcome, Women, Men, or Furries etc.

Respectful Watchers  are welcomed as well. 

Please try and arrive promptly and have fun !

Looking forward to dancing with you!

About Temple of Nefetari

Egyptian Temple complex based around 1250 BC Temples for meditation, philosophy, music, dancing, and adult entertainment. Also galleries, quests, costume, bazaar and authentic buildings . Modern music events twice a week!

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Top picks of the best RP Sims- Sarah Elisabeth Brenham reporting

Are you looking for a sim to role-play in, but don't know where to go? Then keep on reading to discover my top picks of the best RP sims that are currently on the grid!

I had to begin our journey through Second Life with a Gorean sim, as this is the type of role-playing that I am the most familiar with. For those who don't know what Gor is, the planet and culture of Gor were conjured up by John Frederick Lange Jr aka John Norman. The premises for this world and its traditions are based, in my mind. off of Colonial America. What does that mean exactly? Well during the Colonial times in The U.S.A., gender roles were very defined, slavery was popular and modern conveniences didn't exist. The Gorean community in Second Life is one of the platform's longest-running colonies. With over 50 sims to choose from, where does one even start? Thank goodness that you have me to guide you! In my opinion, I believe that one should look for a place that has stood the test of time. While there are two Gorean sims that fit the bill, the one that I would like to present to you all today is geared towards role-playing, instead of lifestyle (yes some people do practice a form of this life offline.) So, what sim am I referring to? Why but Svago of course! Svago has been on the grid for over three years and although it is classified as a place that follows the Gor novels as closely as possible, it truly does welcome all Goreans.


Calling all Game Of Throne fans! Do you miss the show dearly and hope it returns one day? While that may or may not happen, there is a place where you can create your own characters and storylines within this theme. This location is called HIGHGARDEN. So, if you loved the hit Medieval HBO drama, then I highly recommend that you check out this sim!


 Centauri Alpha Prime 
Are you a Trekkie? Do you think that you would have been friends with someone like Spock? Then Centauri Alpha Prime might be right for you!


Tulagi Seaport & WWII Central [VICE]
Do you have a passion for WWII? Tulagi Seaport & WWII Central [VICE] is comprised of over forty sims and I believe has something for everyone who wishes to reenact one or more parts of this time in history.


 Cedar Creek
I could not conclude a round-up of role-playing sims without including one for Family RP, as it's one of the most popular forms of role-play that people decide to do. Individuals choose to participate in Family RP for a variety of reasons. Regardless of why you are interested in Family role-play, I feel that there is one sim that you should check out if you wish to go down that path. That sim is Cedar Creek. This location has everything that you can think of when it comes to a typical American small town and so much more.


So, there you have it, my recommendations of the hottest RP sims on the grid right now. All you need to do is just to bring your creativity and of course, have fun!

Thursday, July 9, 2020

SL Renaissance Festival Unites Medieval Role Play Communities to Crusade Against Breast Cancer

July 9, 2020

This September role-players are uniting kingdoms and realms for a new community based event to take up the crusade against breast cancer in support of the American Cancer Society Strides Campaigns in Second Life.

Opening on September 25th and running for 10 days the 1st Annual SL Renaissance Festival will feature merchants, minstrels and entertainment, melees and jousts, and other activities in a 15th century build spanning four regions. Residents will be invited to take part in Role Play Classes, Jousts, Archery and more. The Festival will include shoppes and booths for participating merchants, the Minstrel’s Corner entertainment stage, and the Conquer Trail highlighting breast cancer information and a daily King and Queen chosen from breast cancer survivors and caregivers.

The event is being led by former Relay For Life chair Nuala Maracas, who also serves as director of the SL Christmas Expo. She states, “I am excited to introduce the SL Renaissance Festival to all residents of Second Life. The organizing committee is going above and beyond to make this a fun filled special event.” Nuala leads a team of volunteers from many different guilds who, as she says “have enthusiastically lowered their swords against one another and raised them in a united front against our common enemy - Breast Cancer."

The SL Renaissance Festival has something for everyone,From the opening Parade of Knights Ceremony though to the closing Royal Gala - Roleplay Classes, Learn To Joust, Best In Helm and Festival Princess contests and lots more, even pony rides for kids. So polish your armor, saddle your steed and join us, September 25 through October 4th and prepare to stand together with Lords and Ladies and Knights and Squires from the 4 corners of the SL grid;

For sponsorships and merchant registration and information please visit

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is the largest network of breast cancer events in the nation. Strides unites communities in the fight against this deadly disease and helps to raise money to help the American Cancer Society fund groundbreaking breast cancer research and provide patient services like free rides to chemo, free places to stay near treatment, and a live 24/7 cancer helpline.

If you or a loved one has questions or needs help with a breast cancer diagnosis call the American Cancer Society 800 227-2345 visit or the American Cancer Society region in Second Life.

CONTACT: Nuala Maracas, Festival Director

Thursday, April 9, 2020

The Allen Bar & Grill - A Role play experience with a server! Dine in or Take out.

Come and Join Us with your Friends & Family to enjoy the role play Experience..
Enjoy Our Well Presented Caribbean Dishes and International Delicacies.
Our Bartender is here to Mix-Up/Shake-Up those taste buds.
We Also Offer Take-A-Ways [Pizza & Chef Specials]

Delivery / Reservation Service 2020

We also offer Doorstep Delivery & Collection; 
Call us on [NBS]   (376)876-5251    Allen Bar & Grill [ Dinner Reservations ]
                            (376)876-5252    The Allen Bar & Grill [Pizza Delivery/Checkout]


•Join Us secondlife:///app/group/98fc45b8-d73b-8dc4-bd97-3c922b9bbbf3/about

•••Mon-Sat 8am-8pm•••
•[BreakFast] > 9am-11am
•[Lunch] > 12:30pm-2:30pm
•[Dinner] > 5pm-8pm
*Closed Sundays

Special Offer
-Buy 1 & get 1 free Pizza🍕🍕TUESDAY🍕🍕

Tuesday, July 2, 2019


“I've been in the Navy all me bloomin' life, sir.
Me mother was a mermaid, me father was King Neptune.
I was born on the crest of a wave and rocked in the cradle of the deep.
Seaweed and barnacles are me clothes.
Every tooth in me head is a marlinspike; the hair on me head is hemp.
Every bone in me body is a spar, and when I spits, I spits tar!
I’se hard, I is, I am, I are!”

*And thus began my interview with Rear Admiral (Upper Half) Izzy Harcassle, Commander of the Second Life’s US Navy Second Fleet, homeported at  Naval Base Jeogeot Point. Along with his wife, Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Daniella Harcassle, Chief of 2nd Fleet Personnel, they have created one of the most amazing RP Sims on the entire Grid.

SL is a land bounded only by the creativity of its residents, and some of those residents create elaborate  Role Playing (RP) scenarios. One such group is the US Navy SecondLife.

Josh Bellic (JB):  Good Afternoon, Admiral.  Thank you for agreeing to meet with me today and share with our readers some of the wonders of the US Navy in Second Life. Please tell us how you came to be involved with US Navy SL?

 Admiral Harcassle (AH) : When I joined SL, I had no idea that there was a military roleplay community in-world. Forming this group, and watching it grow from its birth in 2013, is my way of continuing to serve. We have members who were in the RL service, and others who were not.  Our membership fluctuates depending on season, but we have a good core. We also collaborate with other Navy groups on SL like US 7th Fleet, who are a Vietnam War-era simulation. Currently, our basic training program at Naval Service Training Command (NSTC) Nautilus provides basic training to three Navy groups.  The 2nd Fleet trains enlisted recruits through Recruit Training Command (RTC) and qualified officer candidates through Officer Candidate School (OCS). Then we send them back to their fleets for duty.

JB: Excellent!  And how long are each of those courses?

AH:  Right now, recruit training is one week long, and officer school is four weeks long. One of the reasons training takes long is because we owe it to the RL Navy to be authentic. This means teaching civilians the basics of military customs and courtesies. Each prospective member needs to learn the basics of being a sailor.  This includes how to wear a uniform, when to salute and who to salute, and how to address their shipmates by name and rate.

JB: Something the RL Navy calls “Sailorization” is very much a part of your program then? 

AH: Yes it is, very much so. Because if you're not gonna try to be real, what's the point of wearing the uniform?  All I ask in return is that members *try*. Make an effort to be a part of the group. In return we provide everything they need.

JB:  So then, Admiral, what are the stated objectives of your group?

AH:  As you know, the United States Navy is all about maintaining a presence at sea.  On SL, this is primarily accomplished through surface warfare operations on both the Blake Sea and Jeogeot Gulf.
Furthermore, we have an extensive aviation program for prospective pilots, in addition to search and rescue. But I believe what we really strive for is the culture and experience of being in the military in general. This means living on base, interacting with your shipmates, in addition to your family.

JB: That is a very worthwhile goal, Admiral.

AH: We try! It's not always successful lol. Many people would rather just blow stuff up.

JB: Wellllllll...that can be fun too, can’t it?

AH: If you're looking for a group that's strictly about combat, then we may not be the group for you. We're not in the business of lying to people just to increase our numbers. We are more than happy to point you in the direction of one of the many combat groups in the SL Military community. 

AH:  Additionally, we hold many events for our members like balls and dances, movie nights, and memorial events on special occasions.  It's a part of my RL that I miss, so I try to share that experience with our members.

So there you have it, Folks.  If you were ever In the Navy, or if you wanted to get a taste of what life in the Navy might be like, information is available at the first URL below

Military entrance Processing Station (MEPS)  Naval Base Jeogeot Point

Flight Deck of the USS Kitty Hawk

* title correction 7/5/19

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Trying out an SL Pregnancy : One Woman’s Story” - “Seersha Heart

Seersha Heart: I’ve been a resident of SL for a few years now.  I have never investigated SL pregnancy or had any close friends who experienced one.  I know I have a couple friends with kids, yet I could not tell you if they started at pregnancy or began with children.  Pregnancy is big business in SL, there are a multitude of resources available.  It can be relatively inexpensive or costly.  Much like an SL wedding, you decide your investment.  This story is one woman’s experience from conception to birth using the Mama Allpa birth system. 
The mother to be is has never tried an SL pregnancy.  For this story I recruited Durn for many reasons.  She is a honeypot of a gal with a salacious appetite for carnal pleasures.  I gifted her with a Mama Allpa female system and marked off the calendar.  I made notes of conversations with Ms. Durn.  Her opinions are all her own.  Here is her story;

Durn: I can be a bit of a party girl.  I make no apologies for making the most of my social life here in SL.  I knew that Seersha was working on something with SL pregnancies.  Most of what she works on is pretty interesting.  I saw a chance to participate so I volunteered.  It's not as if I will get stretch marks right?
I began this story by putting on the Mama Allpa and wearing it as I experienced a ‘normal’ week.  I didn’t read up about it, just added the HUD and took off.  I decided to begin by visiting the Mama Allpa main store.  Wow what a hookup place!!  My IMs lit up before I rezzed all the way.  There are men there wanting all kinds of things.  And wearing black, showing off one's chest is a rather frequent occurrence.

Some are not my thing.  There was a man there who asked me if I ever thought of becoming a horse.  Apparently, he wanted to mate me in horse form.  He was quite polite about it when I told him that no I didn’t want to be a horse.  Another interesting character was a man RPing a priest.  I admit to spending a little time with him to see what his ‘rp’ was about.  I will tell you more about the priest later.  There was a man there who wanted me to let his friend get me pregnant while he watched.  I’ll call him Military man.  He wanted me to insult him and to demean him as his friend was impregnating me.  I would like to say Horse, Priest and Military were the most unusual men I met there yet that would be a lie.
I met a couple nice and sweet men too.  One man, Ken, IMed me that he wanted to find a “one man” woman and settled down with her.  He confessed that he did not seem to be meeting family-oriented women at the clubs he visited, and a friend suggested he try this location.  I hope Ken found someone nice to settle down with in SL.
For me, no judgement here, the most unusual was a half man half demon that is hung like a horse.  He doesn’t bother getting dressed.  Watson, yes, I thought it was a strange name for a man/demon too, made his avi.  Impressive and large, his sole purpose in SL was to spend his time recruiting slaves and other women who wanted to be “breeders”.  He offered to make me a “treasured” pet but I passed on the offer.  There are several men who visit this location who desire to make as many women pregnant as possible.  I never found out why.

One day, not long after I added the HUD, I noticed that I was pregnant.  Just like that, I clicked on the HUD and my status was pregnant.  The only candidates for baby daddy are men wearing the corresponding Mama Allpa male HUD.  The baby daddy?  This is where my story gets funnier.  There were three possible candidates, Priest, Military and an up and comer I will call Deadbeat.    I wasn’t quite sure which it was, you may be impregnated without having sex.  All you need to do is be close to the person and exchange HUD info.  Since I wanted to get pregnant fast I pretty much took any opportunity.  Sometimes proximately, sometimes the old fashioned fun way.  I did not keep track of who and when.  I thought the HUD will tell me who the daddy was.  I was wrong.  To determine baby daddy, the daddy must be within 10 meters of me while I am tested.
The first 10-meter test was for Military man.   I had my fingers crossed for him.  A bit kinky but very nice guy.  He was not “the guy”, the daddy.  I was sure it would be the Priest or the Deadbeat.  It just so happened that I spent time with them both on the day I believed to be the day of conception.  Deadbeat daddy showed up for the test.  As you probably figured out already, Deadbeat turned out to be my baby daddy.  The baby was a boy!  The Priest was disappointed.  An ironic turn of events, the Priest asked me if I would get an abortion, so he could make me pregnant.  At this point I was pretty done with hanging with the studs at main store.
Now that I was pregnant there were things to consider.  To me, the most important was my shape.  My landlady made a nursery for me in my skybox, so I was free to spend my time figuring out these details.  I decided to design my own shape using the measurements on existing shapes.  I also decided to update my shape at each four-week mark.  I learned I was pregnant at 10 weeks so that is where I began.
Now, after the fact, I started reading a bit about SL pregnancy.  I visited a couple clinics.  I wondered what the baby daddy did in this relationship.  Turns out my baby daddy didn’t even IM me once after.  Being industrious, I made #1 Deadbeat Dad signs with his picture and passed them to all my friends.  I had other men step forward offering to RP the daddy role.  I decided to just see what happened.  I sent the baby daddy a present.  A kiosk from marketplace of a book titled “Having a Baby in SL Guidebook”.  I found the best source of information to be mid-wives and doctors at the clinics.  Everyone I spoke to was super friendly.

Clock started, and life goes on in SL.  When I hit my 30th week, I was feeling a bit curious.  Happy with my shape design, I decided to visit the main store location again.  Who was standing there where I met him?  You guessed it; Baby daddy.  He didn’t even notice me there which worked well for me as I didn’t want to continue a relationship with him.  I planned to stay a few minutes.  I wanted to see how people would react to pregnant me.  I was chatted up quite a bit.  Mostly the same kinds of men as before.  Some getting their kink on and some wanting a relationship.
At this point, since I really wasn’t into family life in SL, I started getting bored.  My clothes didn’t fit well, and I was running out of ways to shock and to surprise people.  That had been my main source of fun during the “weeks” of pregnancy.  By shock, I mean showing up at an ex boyfriend’s DJ gig.  He got a kick out of it.  By surprise, I mean just being in SL and pregnant.  People act differently around you.  It was interesting to see how people behaved.  The strangest reaction was when I donned a formal gown with my big round belly and showed up at a popular club.  Suffice to say I have never seen any pregnant women there and I won’t say the club name.

Birth time rolled around quickly after that slow part in the middle.  I wanted a birth partner and Seersha said she would be it.  I picked out a clinic, a birth method and all the extras.  In the end I decided I did not want to simulate birth.  I’m a simple gal.  In the end I just changed my shape back to “normal”.  The baby is nestled in inventory.

Seersha Heart: Thank you for all your energy, Durn.  I feel like you aren’t telling the full story of the people you met at main store.  Care to elaborate?

Durn: Hmmm…I won’t tell details of the people who were nice folks just wanting to experience an SL pregnancy.  I met several of those.  I will say I was surprised at how many men stake out the main store location.

Seersha Heart: Would you do it again?  Get pregnant?

Durn: Anything is possible.  I am not planning it now, but I am like SL.  Things change a lot.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Story of O in Second Life - Pen Dragon Reporting...

The Story of O, maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe not. If not, it is a must read for those who are interested in Domination and submission. The book was penned in 1957 by French author Ann Desclos under the Pen name of Pauline Réage as a series of letters to her lover Jean Paulhan. It is an erotic tale of a young female photographer from Paris who is trained and educated by a secret D/s society to which her lover Rene belonged. It is quite graphic and detailed, causing a great deal of controversy when it was released. In fact, French authorities attempted to bring obscenity charges against the author, however; those charged were later dropped. That did not stop the popularity of the novel and it has survived, even today, as a classic book set in the BDSM lifestyle. It is from those pages, written over 60 years ago, that many have an understanding of the training involved in BDSM and how it exists today in Second Life. But to bring that novel, and it’s ideals, into a virtual world would seem almost counterintuitive and near impossible because of dynamic explicit and detailed training involved in both the book and D/s.

In the book the main character, named O, is sent to a chateau in Paris, near Roissy, where she is trained to sexually serve the members of an elite club. From there she is given to a new Master, Sir Stephen, and taken to another location, Samois. These two pivotal locations have inspired the long running sim called Roissy Val d'Oise. Taking many of the educational and training aspects of the Story of O novel and translating them into an immersive roleplay environment. But the question remains, how do the ideals and ideas of the Story of O remain relevant and still work in Second Life. To find that answer I interviewed Sir Thomas, the Roissy Supervisor. I asked what aspects of the Story of O were taken from the book and applied at the Roissy Val d'Oise sim.
Sir Thomas replied,“Our owner Rene Geir believes that the Story of O is a good example of submissive behavior and also what responsible Dominants are. He wanted to provide a place in SL, that both recreated the visual environment but also a place for submissives and Dominants to learn what it truly  means to be in the lifestyle. We believe in SSC (Safe, Sane, Consensual), D/s and protection of submissives and also the proper behavior of Gentlemen Dominants.”

This is a concept taken directly from the story. During her time at Roissy O underwent very particular training, especially in how to please a man was punished for not following the rules or being disobedient. The training was intense and intended to create a more obedient submissive. In the BDSM lifestyle such training is necessary and it helps to develop the submissive’s skill set and her behavior. This includes everything from sexual service and interpersonal skills to household management. Beyond that general training, each Dominant will train his submissive more specifically on his own personal preferences and to help define her personal goals as a submissive. Training and education isn’t exclusive to the submissive however. Many, but not all, Dominants began as submissives and have had similar training. The education of a Dom is just as vital as that of a sub. Roissy provides both Dominants and submissives with a mentor who can help guide them through their journey. This all culminates in both the Dom and sub being more well rounded and educated both socially and emotionally. This kind of training, both the general and specific, is something that is lacking, more often than not, in Second Life.

Continuing my conversation with Sir Thomas, I asked him how the training described in the book translates to Second Life. “We have training logs that dictate what the Dominant and Submissive must learn before advancing. The tasks are very similar to the Story of O or related to the Story of O. We also have Workshops and Discussions.”
This also corresponds directly to the erotic novel. All submissives were given specific tasks and were tracked on their performance. This, again, is another important part of the training of a submissive. Training can include tasks such as cleaning or be more elaborate like learning proper etiquette when setting a dinner table. Despite popular belief, not everything is sex in the BDSM lifestyle. Again this is lost on many of those who practice the lifestyle in Second Life, but is very intact at the Roissy Val d'Oise sim.
As an ‘Old School’ Dominant, I was very impressed with how well behaves, intelligent and courteous the submissives were at Roissy.

I also asked Sir Thomas about the difficulty in bringing the training practices from the Story of O into Second Life because of the lack of physical contact. He answered by saying, “We have to instruct and help them to understand that feelings are real here and so is pain, from punishment, etc.  So for example, whipping is very harsh in the real world and we need to not over due them, just since it's only sl. In short keep it real.”

Roissy Val d'Oise certainly pays attention to every detail in the training of it’s submissives, just as described in the book. But something the book doesn’t focus as much on is the effect this training has on the submissives. I wanted to know, from one of the Roissy submissives, just how the training has impacted her. I spoke with Jaymelie, a sister of Roissy who has been at the sim for 5 years, who was able to provide some very insightful information. I began by asking her what it was about Roissy that made her feel comfortable enough to stay.  She said “Its, family... It may sound corny, but I have been a Sister for nearly 3 years now, and I love to come back here and be a mentor, come back to a place the gives meaning to people. And so many amazing people find their way here, so I still experience new things, new feelings, by coming here - and for that, I am grateful.”

I continued by asking her how the training she received at Roissy has impacted her life.
“It's been a journey for sure.... I started the path back in 2013, but never finished - then I returned and started over, finally graduating in 2015.... And I have evolved as a submissive, found my weaknesses first, then my strengths - and that has definitely made me a more assertive person. In RL as well, Sir.” she explained. Her response sums up exactly the importance and purpose of the training a submissive should receive.

The Story of O, despite being written over 60 years ago, has remained relevant in the BDSM lifestyle and has even provided many with their first glimpse into that world. It’s a dark, erotic, entertaining and important book that one would think couldn’t be brought to a virtual world like Second Life. Yet, as we’ve seen, Roissy Val d'Oise does just that and in doing so provides an important aspect of the BDSM community that seems to be in short supply here. If you have any interest in D/s, you should read the book and maybe pay a visit to Roissy.



Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Agriculture RP with G&S: How One System Bloomed - Seersha Heart Reporting...

Role play is very popular in SL, from escapades in outer space to western sims and anything the mind may imagine in between those examples.  One of the most popular RP groups are those modeled after the planet of Gor.  Gor was conceived within the science fiction novels of John Norman.  SL resident’s participant in Gorean culture either as BTB [by the book] or GE [Gorean evolved].  For more information on Gor, I have provided links below.

A resident of a Turia [Spanish Gorean SIM], Sombra.Magic developed an intricate role playing agricultural society.  Originally it was designed for his SIM and other practicing Gorean SIMS.  Today G&S products may be seen throughout SL used by many different individuals as well as RP groups.  All aspects of the G&S products are modeled after the lives in the John Norman novels.  The clever G&S designs have objects that both interact with each other and interact with the player.  This RP system has evolved to a wide array of activities for the user.  

One example of the circular nature of one of the processes would begin with crops.  I began with a Grain field.  This field needs water to survive and thrive.  I obtained my buckets of water from a water well.  I placed water on the field and would replace it if it disappeared [was used].  After 5 days, the field would display that it was ready to be harvested.  By clicking on the field, I would receive 1 bag of grain for that field.  Next, I purchased a Verr [goat] for my farm.  The Verr needs both water from the well and grain from the field.  The Verr may be bred with other Verr for increasing livestock.  The Verr only ‘live’ for 40 days so I must manage my livestock carefully.  The lives and the breeding of animals is thoughtfully designed using Gregor Johann Mendel’s Principles of Inheritance.  The Verr provide many products; Milk, meat, wool and skin.  Each of these products may be used with other products to make items such as thread, rugs, tapestries or to cook several recipes.

That Verr example is one of hundreds of scenarios one can set up using the G&S RP items.  This RP system has definitely ‘bloomed’ in SL and continues to grow within and outside of the Gor communities.  Exciting news

After working with several of the G&S items, I submitted some questions to Sombra and G&S right hand Erica to learn more about the system and the future.

SEERSHA:    When [what year] did G&S begin within the Spanish Gorean SIM it was designed for?

SOMBRA:    G&S started in 2008 in the Spanish sim of Turia.

SEERSHA:    When did G&S begin selling products beyond that SIM?

SOMBRA:    It was that same year, a few months after starting. The English sim of Turia, convinced me to sell the products in all SL.

SEERSHA:    For our readers, the main G&S page [below] also has a “G&S trading list”.  This provides G&S product providers.  I am very curious, who are the developers?

SOMBRA: Guardian Baron is the main developer of the Mesh. And I of the scripts, Erica participates in different phases of development and customer service.

SEERSHA:   I have met Erica through my use of the G&S products.  She provides excellent and quick answers to a lot of questions.  I have spoked to a few different developers of RP environments in SL.  One thing I love to learn is what the developers notice in player behavior that emerges as the product is put into service.  Have you noticed any emergent behavior that you did not anticipate once you began selling G&S products to everyone in SL?

SOMBRA: Above all I notice it in fishing. At first, we thought that there would not be many people fishing, but it exceeded all our calculations, we even had to put an extra server to support it.

SEERSHA:  I noticed the fishing as well.  I haven’t tried it yet but I am sure too at one point.  Are there any plans to make different types of HUDs for the RP?

SOMBRA:there will be updates for the Hud, but not different types.

SEERSHA:    Is there any plan to add some of the other 102 insects and animals found on GOR such as larls or sleens?

SOMBRA:  For animals, yes, sleens, kailas, larls, tarns, but I had never thought about insects, it could be interesting.

“Suddenly a great shadow covered the ledge. My tarn had returned. I looked up and, to my horror, saw that it was not my tarn. It was another tarn, a wild tarn. He lit on the ledge, snapping his beak. This time I had none of the careful conditioning of the tarn keepers working in my favor.”
Tarnsman of Gor     Book 1     Page 143

SEERSHA:   *smiles* From my research I learned that generally Tharlarions are for those who have not yet mastered Tarns.  Any plans to develop Tarns?  The G&S crowd loves to race those Tharlarions!

SOMBRA: Of course, I always have tarns in mind. :)
“There are different varieties of domestic tarns, some bred for war, some for racing, and some for draft purposes, the haulage of tarn baskets, which may contain cargo or passengers, or, in the case of slaves, slave cargo. A tarnster commonly controls the tarn with reins from the basket, unless there is a line of tarns, tied together, which commonly follows a lead tarn, with its own tarnster and basket.”
Rebels of Gor     Book 33     Page 90

SEERSHA:   I am using the G&S system.  I know of other individuals using G&S.  What are some of the other RP communities that you know are using G&S?

SOMBRA: I've seen some very varied, almost all set in medieval RP, and I've seen some very curious, Star Wars, and another set in the Europe of 1800

SEERSHA:    Star Wars?  *laughs* may the force be with them, right?  I read from on your G&S Trading page that there have been hackers to your system.  Have you experienced support from LL to curb this practice?  Have you taken this abuse outside of SL to pursue violators in a rl court?

SOMBRA: LL Helped a little, especially in the illegal copies put on sale in the market,but, I’m from the old school,and these battles also fascinate me, and sincerely, I have not received attacks so strong or that could not be rejected with a little ingenuity to use the laws outside of SL.

SEERSHA:   That is good to know that LL has lended some support.  I have provided links to the main G&S page below.  What other items would you like the readers of this article to know about G&S and the roleplay system?

SOMBRA:  I think this is all, we have no facebook or twitter.

G&S is the only group to make a full range of Gorean roleplay agricultural and animal roleplay items.  There are other Gor items produced by residents of SL you will find on Market Place.  Many thinks of the Gor SIMs only for the human interaction from the novels.  As with most things in SL, dig a little deeper and there is much more to be found.  In the case of the Gorean RP, this is much more complex than one might imagine.  And on these SIMs and in this roleplay, there are many creative members who are dedicated to making the experience close to the novels.

Main Information Webpage:

On their webpage there are instructions to submit questions via NC to Kristal Clarity.

Seersha Heart [saoirseheart resident]