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Friday, November 19, 2021

Pour Up Winery & Vineyard: A Second Life Destination to Visit During the Autumn Season - Rita MiChe Reporting

 As a long-time Second Life user, I am always on the lookout for new places to visit, especially now that we are in the midst of the lovely holiday season. We are fortunate to have such talented people from all around the world introducing us to fascinating themed locations created with meticulous attention to detail and realism. Places that provide opportunities for my character growth are always a bonus for me as a roleplayer. With fall here and the holidays approaching, if you're anything like me, you will be looking for places and events to enhance your holiday experiences with a significant other, family, and friends. This article will cover visiting Pour Up Winery & Vineyard, owned by Mach K Disick, as a single or group excursion.

This location caught my eye when scrolling through my Second Life Instagram feed. Pour Up Winery & Vineyard is a one-of-a-kind establishment. The place is quite engaging, and fortunately for us, it is currently free to the public. To begin, I must mention that the scenery is impressive. The landscaping gives real-life winery and vineyard realism as soon as you land. It was clear that the owner's primary purpose was to provide a realistic experience. I value this as someone who enjoys exploring, and I am sure many of you do as well.


Horseback rides, ziplines, sip, and paint, are just a few of the activities available at Pour Up Winery & Vineyard. They also added various roleplaying aspects, such as beYou and grape treading, into their activities. If you visit the vineyard, search for the Papi Wine, which is the house brand. If you are feeling fancy, you can also order a customized bottle. 


Pour Up Winery & Vineyard also hosts live music and events. This month, I attended a live performance from one of the top second life singers Virgil Flowers and a standup comedy show. Both events were accessible to the general public and featured a bar with finger food and refreshments for attendees to enjoy. It is also possible to book the space for a specific group. A socialite group to which I belong recently held an event there exclusively for our members.

Overall, I loved my time at Pour Up Winery & Vineyard. The location is ideal for date nights, group outings, and photo opportunities. The owner clearly took their time infusing reality into the vineyard to ensure that there was something for everyone to enjoy.

I am looking forward to returning to Pour Up Winery & Vineyard for upcoming events and hope to see you there! 


Group: secondlife:///app/group/93d97dfa-e811-2557-d9c1-ac585bc50930/about


Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Omerta City is a must visit for any SL Resident


Omerta City pushes the limit when it comes to what Second Life is capable of. The attention to detail really makes the sim a must-go-to for photography, sightseeing, and plenty more hidden ventures. "Omerta will continue to be improved as long as Second Life is still active," says Lux Voxel. "It is more of a virtual home for me and I hope others will gain some interest and want to improve the city too". The possibilities are endless when it comes to what can be imagined in a virtual world. Step into Lux Voxel's Omerta City and see for yourself.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Your Invitation to the NeoVictoria 2021 Photo Contest - October 15 - November 15th


Calling all Second Life Photographers! We are hosting a photo contest to celebrate the project’s eleven (11) years in Second Life! The contest is about capturing the spirit of NeoVictoria’s roleplay. Dates: 15 October to 15 November 2021 Location:
The NeoVictoria Estate in Second Life (that’s NeoVictoria and Machinima SIMs). SLURL: Prizes: 1st Place – L$5000 2nd Place – L$4000 3rd Place – L$2000 4rd Place through 12thPlace – L$1000 per winner

More Info:

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Haunting Halloween Hunt - Tartarus Hideout 10/12/21 ongoing till oct 31st


Tartarus Haunting Halloween Hunt
Search in the Asylum of Tartarus
Find the Magic Keys that are hidden there from now to the 31st of October.
(Asylum area only)
Take the purple teleporter down from the Hub
The Red keys Contain a free random gacha as a gift, that is only one so finders keeps and first come first serve on that. (red ones you must buy it for 0 Zero, linden and take it after, please remember to take the key after paying zero for it, that is important) Silver Keys contain more gold as a bonus. The Gold key contains a special surprise. (do consider what you would like to keep with that) A limited-edition battle crystal is available as well in the hub, after October it will not be seen again. You can buy it with gold that is accumulated in the sim or lindens if don't wish to wait, the battle crystal is very worthy of its title and a very cute addition. The tarot system is complete and ready to be used, when a level is made you get multipliers that enhance battle hits. If you need help with leveling please contact us. Thank you from Tartarus Hideout and we hope you have a great hallows eve. yay, spooky month <3


Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Grand Opening of Moon Haven RP on October 1st at 10:30 AM SLT


Moon Haven is a town that can be found deep in the woods of Mudeungsan Mountain. It is hidden from prying eyes and is to help protect those living inside of it. People who wonder too close get turned around and those who leave forget about the mystic town of Moon Haven. Once they leave all is forgotten about the beings and humans that reside in the town. Moon Haven is a Family RP community catering to those of a supernatural background. We have a hospital, police, fire station, rentals, and many more. Join us to discover the world of Moon Haven...... ♥ The event will take place in the middle of Moon Haven



Sunday, August 29, 2021



  • Victorian Gothic Supernatural Roleplay
  • Location: Small Heath, England
  • Year: 1913
  • Inspiration: Peaky Blinders, Van Helsing, Underworld, Penny Dreadful
  • Races: Lycans, Vampires, Witches, Humans
  • Accepting: Everyone!
  • No Meters!

Train Awaits: Discord: Flickr: Group:

Thursday, May 27, 2021

SL Events Today: WHAT IF IT WAS TRUE..- May 27th starting at 7:30 am SLT (10 hour event)


What you suspect might be happening here...
Hosted by Brandi Questi

*SL Events

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The Lindens Are Coming! The Lindens Are Coming! To The 2020 SL Renaissance Festival

The Lindens are Coming to the 2020 SL Renaissance Festival! They bring fabulous booty from foreign shores and are challenging the Champions of the Medieval Realms to a Tournament!
The SL Renaissance Festival unites Medieval Role Play Communities to Crusade Against Breast Cancer. The 10 Day event in support of the American Cancer Society Strides Campaigns in Second Life kicks off September 25th and will feature Merchants, Gatchas, Auctions and Entertainment. Spreading over 6 beautiful autumn regions the, Festival fills the countryside with Castles and Shoppes and Fields of Honor.
Spies of the Realm have learned that the Lindens will be taking part in the Festival and will be bringing some very special treasures of immense Value.   Some of the Lindens have been sentenced to be Pilloried for their misbehavior during their journey to the Festival.  They will serve their sentences on Friday October 2 from 1 to 3 pm.
Among the mischievous members are:
•    Patch Linden
•    Derrick Linden
•    Constantine Linden
•    Abnor Mole
•    Madori Linden
•    Whitney Linden
It has also been communicated to the united Realms that the Lindens have dropped the Gauntlet and are challenging all members of the Realms of the Festival to a Joust, The event, to be held on Thursday October 1, noon until 3 pm, will feature:
•    Sir Patch Linden
•    Sir Derek Linden
•    Sir Constantine Linden
•    Sir Guy Linden
They challenge all comers and promise this will be the most unique tournament in the annals of Second Life
Lastly it has been learned that the Lindens are bringing a very special treasure, The One Of A Kind American Cancer Society SWORD OF HOPE and the LINDEN SHEILD, to be auctioned to the Highest Bidder on Sunday October 4th at 10am. The swordsmiths and armorers of Linden Lab have created these unique One Of A Kind arms from the most precious of metallic textures available in the virtual worlds.
With so much to do and see the SL Renaissance Festival is sure to be the biggest virtual event of Autumn, Join us, September 25 through October 4th and help the American Cancer Society vanquish Breast Cancer.

For more information please visit
Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is the largest network of breast cancer events in the nation. Strides unites communities in the fight against this deadly disease and helps to raise money to help the American Cancer Society fund groundbreaking breast cancer research and provide patient services like free rides to chemo, free places to stay near treatment, and a live 24/7 cancer helpline.
If you or a loved one has questions or needs help with a breast cancer diagnosis call the American Cancer Society 800 227-2345 visit or the American Cancer Society region in Second Life.

CONTACT: Nuala Maracas, Festival Director 

Saturday, July 11, 2020

The (R)esistance GRAND OPENING! Monday, June 13, Starting @ 1 pm SLT

Can you survive the Apocalypse?

A small group of survivors have banned together and created a safe zone in the city of Columbus, Ohio. The compound is swarmed with flesh eating monsters! It's been almost a year since the outbreak started. We have managed to become almost self reliant but we need more people, supplies, weapons and ammo to survive!

Our sim is based off the Grim Combat System (GCS). Come and roleplay, or just hang out, play games, listen to music, do some quests, earn some coins, prizes & xp, and of course... KILL SOME ZOMBIES!

Tuesday, July 7, 2020


For most of us, we logon to an online experience, wait for our avatar to materialize and away we go. We leave the physical world and all its responsibilities behind us. No thinking about making a hair appointment or what’s covered on our health insurance plan. Just relax, unwind and leave all our stress of the physical world behind. It’s time to move ahead to whatever your destiny has in store for you.
But what if your adventure was “responsibility”? In Second Life, the care of virtual pets and livestock is pretty commonplace now. Logging in everyday to make sure your Amaretto Horse or Dragon has been fed is all too familiar. But what if your responsibility was not for an animal but was the upbringing of a child? People have been able to partner in Second Life almost since its inception. Shortly after that, the ability to get pregnant and give birth became available. Avatar body modifications and scripting have led couples to experience virtual childbirth. But beyond that, the offspring was little more than a wire frame and polygons and that left an intellectual emptiness for new parents wanting to interact with their new bundle of joy. Now those voids are being filled by other avatars role playing as children. However unsettling age play is to some, it’s perfectly normal to others. A completely non-sexual plutonic experience with adults playing the role as minors. This might sound like something you don’t want any part of, but for those who do, the reasons are as diverse as grains of sand on a beach.

Is role playing as a minor that much different from role playing as a hundred year old mythical creature or possibly a newly born woodland animal? Those situations don’t seem far fetched but the thought of it being an adolescent human played by an adult is off putting to many. We have been taught to fear those people, that they have some secret hidden agenda. But the vast majority are and just have chosen to let their inner child come out. Of those that do enjoy this, some are compensating for a traumatic and abusive physical childhood or wanting to return to a time when they can only remember that life was good. And what about the people who choose to be parents? Some of these adults can’t have children of their own and the long road of spending hours wondering when they will receive a phone call from a physical world adoption agency can take a toll on their mental stability. Some feel a sense of guilt from thinking they are keeping their spouse from being a parent. These and many other issues can be eased with role playing filling that immediate void of parenting.

An incredible sense of joy from this symbiotic relationship can have a powerful impact in someone’s mental state. But does that experience need to end with only an immediate family? In the physical world we have many family members… aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins even God parents. All of them share, help and interact to make us who we are. Why can’t that be the case in Second Life? Lots of people make long lasting virtual world friendships with people of all walks of life. The Empty nester who comes here to express their art. The middle-aged builder who sees what kind of monument can be created. Newlywed couples seeking to spend time talking with other like minded couples. These people make friendships that turn into substantial family bonds. A sense of family from all over the globe helping, sharing and interacting in each other’s lives. These people have their own role to play tailored to their unique lifestyle.
Virtual world families, just like physical world families, enjoy spending time together. Grandparents may take their grandchildren to an amusement park SIM and try to get to know them a little better. Cousins who would have never met any other way, hangout and chat about how they cope with real life issues. And parents may confide with older avatars how different parenting techniques differ from years ago. The interaction is as endless as it is in the physical world.

This may come as a shock to some of you because it doesn’t fit your cookie cutter experiences. I for one didn’t know this entire genre existed until I started researching it. We are so used to traveling in our own linear directions we don’t stop and think there may be a path we haven’t traveled yet. But isn’t that what life’s journey has in store for us? We all start out with a plan in life, whatever that might be and very rarely does that plan become reality. There is truth in the cliché “If you want to make God laugh, then make a plan”. It’s these detours that make us who we are today. Life’s stumbles and how we cope with them makes us stronger. We all need a support network and not everyone has that in the physical world. Isn’t it nice to know that even if we feel alone, we can still have that support just a few clicks away? I for one am grateful for the friendships I have made here in Second Life. Their kind words of encouragement they express to me every day, standing by me in hard times, laughing with me when I feel silly and giving me some of their wisdom whether I asked for it or not! Isn’t that what families really are?
In my next segment, I interview children and parents of families to see exactly why they have chosen to become a Second Life Family. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Shadowfall Grand Opening February 12th at 12pm SLT- Join the community!

Shadowfall is a new adult role play community. Police, fire criminals, and much more. Kidnappers and assorted criminals roam the streets. The local police have their hands full trying to keep law and order. 

Shadowfall is a city on the verge of total chaos. Police and criminals battle for control of the crime ridden streets.

Come to our Grand Opening to meet with members of our community to join and get involved. 

There will be demonstrations throughout the day from police chases to bank robberies. Daring rescues to fully involved fires. Come see why Shadowfall is THE place to role play.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Fractured Realty Roleplay- Join in the Sci Fi Action February 6th at 4am SLT

The place that finally answers the age old question. What if 'Gilligan's Island' was a sci-fi, 'The Minnow' a space ship, the 'Uncharted Desert Isle' a fracture in interdimensional spacetime, the 'five passengers' actually escaped mental patients, the 'fearless crew' actually mercenaries & scientists with conflicting agendas, and it was produced for 'Cinemax Late Night'.

What is Fracturd Reality Roleplay?

The Fractured, a stranded, a spaceship, crashed in a time and space fold into Worlds. to explore,
Experience , RLV, Meter Assisted, Themed Role Play Area. No child, or non-human like Avatars in this erotic sci-fi area 
(Vulcan/Andorian yes, wookies, no)

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Spotlight on Copacabana County Campgrounds- A Family Friendly Virtual Camping Adventure

Copacabana County Campgrounds is a PG friendly outdoors escape from city life and into the mountains, valleys and coasts of Serena Copacabana. With Summer winding down and fall approaching, Second Life lights up with activity.  With so much to do, avatars are teleporting all over the grid in search of new and exciting past times with family and friends.

There is something about feeling one with nature when you can take a deep breath and smell  trees, flowers and crisp air. In Second Life, we get to experience the outdoors without the threat of mosquitos, spiders and bears and snakes! CopaCabana County Campgrounds is a creative and accurate interpretation of the Appalachian Mountains along the North Carolina and Tennessee border.

Blanketed with lush foliage, beautiful scenic views and a relaxing lake, there is plenty to do and see. When you first arrive, close your eyes and listen to the crackling of nearby campfires, birds and crickets chirping and maybe even the laughter of children. Absorb the nature that surrounds you.  If you listen close enough you may hear an owl hooting, a horse approaching or the call of an eagle overhead. CCC is abundant with wildlife and guests who love the outdoors.

Along the beaten path visitors are encouraged to interact with others at one of the 19 campsites with tents and some luxury cabins. During the day guests can go on excursions like hiking up a mountain and gliding all the way back down on a zipline.  For the real thrill seekers, go bungee jumping or grab a parachute and skydive over the breathtaking landscape. As the sun begins to settle, indulge in a horseback ride into the sunset, explore a hidden cave or participate in weekly events like Monday Movie night,  bingo, fishing and campfire stories. You'll also find group activities including paintball, bumper boats, archery and more. There have even been rumors that bigfoot has been spotted in the woods!

There is an element of roleplay at Copacabana County Campground to interactively immerse yourself into the environment.  With a fully functioning fire and rescue department, you can even be part of a team combatting a forest fire and other man vs nature situations that may occur. Just be mindful of the sign that indicates the threat level.

The SL Enquirer sat down with Pen and Jadey Dragon for an inside look at CCC and what inspired this great adventure.

Interview with Pen and Jadey Dragon

SLE: As I sat on a fold out chair at a campsite while absorbing my surrounding,  I felt a sense of calm. I can tell you two have put a lot of time into the details and activities at Copacabana County Campground. You truly captured the essence of nature and all its beauty. Can you tell me what inspired you to bring a virtual camping experience into SL?

Pen: We had looked all over the grid for a good, family friendly camping experience and were left sorely wanting. The old adage is, If you want something done and done right, do it yourself. So we did!

Jadey: The things our family needed just weren’t being met at the time we went camping. We travel as a pack, finding large spaces of just tents was not available where we looked. The activities, though pretty cool, again didn’t fit the theme. We wanted more than just a concert in the park.

SLE: You did a fantastic job creating CCC! Thank you for the tour, and my first SL zipline experience. That was exciting! While roaming around and taking in such a beautiful sim. I thought a hot air balloon ride would really put a birds eye view over the sim.

Pen: We actually had considered a Hot Air balloon in the beginning, and may yet add one as we are always looking to upgrade the experience we give our campers. We do take into consideration how scripted something might be as we try hard to keep the lag at Copacabana to a minimum.

Jadey:I am all about the realistic aspect of things, so I based the sim off personal experience.
I keep telling Pen, I have yet to find a hot air balloon ride camping, but maybe it’s just where I’ve been camping.

SLE: OH yes! That’s true lag and getting tangled in trees can cause problems. Lol
Do you offer any other activities I didn’t mention?

Pen/Jadey: We do have pottery as well as arts and crafts. We recently did a pine cone turkey where everyone hunted in the woods for the pieces such as feathers, the pine cones, acorns, fruit etc. assembled them to their pine cones, glued (linked) them together and took them home for show and tell. It was all done as an activity and a RP. Those are the kinds of activities that we looked for before we opened Copacabana Country. It’s our goal to make camping with us as fun and interactive as possible!

SLE:I will definately be back! Can I still make a cone turkey? That sounds creative and fun. You mentioned RPing. I heard there was a forest fire? What happened?

Pen: Yes! As I’d mentioned before, we like to keep things realistic and fun, plus we love to roleplay. In that spirit I notified the camp that the weather conditions were very dry and suitable for a forest fire. In response to that a few of our campers contacted me, asking if they could start a fire. Of course I said yes! As you said above, we have a fully functioning Fire/Rescue department for just such scenes. There is even a giant ‘Smokey the Bear’ sign next to our Ranger station that will alert campers to the fire danger that particular day. It’s all about having fun! Oh yeah! You can certainly get a pine cone’ll just have to search the woods for all the pieces like everyone else!

SLE: lol fine!  I love the realism of the environment.  With 19 campsites, there are a lot of choices! Can you describe some of the various campsites and the Cabins. Are they available for rent?

Jadey: Our goal for the campsites are really quite simple, you need it, we’ll get it! All of our tents, and cabins are just an example. In fact recently some campers decided to swap out their tents to adjust for RP winter. So we removed their tents, got them better fire, and set up a cozy little cottage.

SLE: Ohhh I can wait to see the winter activities! I’ve seen many campgrounds scattered around the grid. What is the competition like?

Pen: Yeah, there’s competition out there and we try to keep improving to stay on top of the game. Our goal is more to have a fun, safe place for families to camp than it is really to beat other campgrounds.

Jadey:Recently our competitors have been spotted copying our sim down to the cliffs, and literally the events we schedule. At first I was felt the same as our loyal visitors. Violated, angry, eager to set their place on fire! However, I decided that instead of feeling slighted or robbed, I wish to send a challenge out to them. Let’s keep the important things in sight, the families. Let’s work together, do field trips to each other’s campgrounds, and find a way to be friends not enemies.

SLE: Shame on them. That is an amazing challenge that I fully endorse. Not just amongst campgrounds but in other feuding genres.

Pen: I know, right? Lol We had a TON of people coming in telling us about this other campground. They even closed for a week to remodel and look like us. But we decided that was okay because if they want to be like us, then we must be doing something right. Our core values, such as the safety of the kids here, are more important than some feud. If they want to copy us, copy that part as well.

SLE: Great attitude. If someone wanted to rent a cottage? How can they go about getting information on what’s available?

Pen: We’ve tried to make that as easy as possible! We have our rentals listed on our website and facebook, we have rental cards available at our welcome center and if nothing else, there is always either a Park Ranger or Jadey and myself on the sim to answer questions.

Jadey: We are not just here to rent campsites. We live here, we interact with everyone, we’re always available in some capacity or another. We are not just notecard and warning senders when tier is do. We have had one on one conversations with each and every renter. If not me, then Pen or our other rangers. Not one person has gotten by without at the very least, a personal greeting. The hope is to always stay approachable to our campers for any questions, comments or concerns.

We also like to cater to special family events. Just recently a family of 3 informed us of their recent nuptials, So we put together a beautiful little reception and they were gracious enough to invite the entire sim to celebrate with them. A recent family reunion has been booked, and our onstaff DJ’s, photographer, videographer are on hand if needed to make it as special and memorable as possible.

SLE: Now that’s a community! Do you have a group discussions about activities and events?

Jadey: So here is how we operate, as I stated we’re family-owned. Each member of the family has a major role. I’m the bank, and I have final say over everything but the input comes from everyone and every where. If someone has an idea, they put it on the table, and everyone takes a vote. I have only had to override a few ideas. For example, my husband and brother wanted to set the ENTIRE sim on fire. This was not going to fly! Boys and their toys can get carried away.
Pen is the voice of reason, most of the time. He’ll play devil's advocate when we all are eager about something that could potentially blow up in our face. Nefertiti works behind the scenes, she comes in as a closer to verify things are actually making sense from an outside perspective.
Nick, is our social media, salesman, prankster, firefighter, and nosey neighbor. The kids, all of them, mine, his, hers the whole kit kaboodle are our welcoming committee. This is how events are created, discussed, argued about, and designed with possibly more arguing!   

Pen: Yeah, what she said! With that said, we also take into consideration event ideas that our campers suggest, and there have been a few. For example, one camper recently asked if she could help around the sim which had led to the creation of our jr Rangers. That will also be an avenue to teach the kids fire safety, first aid and more.

SLE:oooo I have a few ideas!  Relay races and obstacle courses dressed in costumes (Halloween).  It sounds like you have a great team and community, we should all roast  s'mores sometime. I once accidentally set a sim on fire using a spellcaster and it took the owner a couple hours to come find every particle. It was a nightmare!  A good friend but she slapped my hand and took my rezz rights away. Anyway, you both have done such an awesome job on CCC. Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Pen: Well, the obstacle course, races and the like...that was a secret project we were working on. Thanks for letting the cat out of the bag! We are also looking forward to making everything extra spooky for Halloween. Okay, well I’m looking forward to that, Jadey is always watching the prim and lag so she has me on a tight leash! And if ya want to roast some s’mores, come join us on Friday night for our campfire stories! We always has s’more room!

As far as something we’d like to share? We want our campground to be a safe, fun environment for families. We’re very vigilant about that, over all else. It’s important to us all that families, especially kids, have a place where they can just be, without the worries of the outside world.

Jadey: haha Rezz rights, that’s another topic all in itself. We’re very careful about who gets them. We don’t want floating adult toys landing on our campers! Or accidental explosions, so you don’t get a tag just for stopping by. It’s for your safety and ours. We do have a tag so people can keep up with the events, however rezzing is only for paid renters.

SLE: LOL Jadey you make a good idea lol.  Thank you both for sitting down with me for an inside look at Copacabana County Campground. I had a great time.

Experience Virtual Camping at its best. Teleport to Copacabana County Campground

Additional Information:

Group: secondlife:///app/group/2545eaab-814b-289d-a06a-8725da4309ba/about

Monday, July 23, 2018

Role-play & Achievements Drive Play in the beYou World Shiny Blackheart reporting

The life simulation game,The Sims, is one of the mot successful video game franchises series of all time. No one might have predicted this at the start of the games creation. Designer Will Wright had conceived the game while recovering from the trauma of losing his home to fire and using the construction of a “virtual dollhouse” to rebuild his life while also creating a new home in the physical realm. A game without winners or losers, driven by an AI built on an armature of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and Hamden Turner’s mind maps, role playing life in the digital universe has been a great success and it should be no surprise that in the world’s largest virtual community, Second Life, a game within the game called beYOU World help players strive for life’s big and little achievements, giving them a sense of accomplishment.

After months of brainstorming in 2013 Brianna Altneu, Moxie Polano and a few other community members like Gunner Walker, Forda Fairlane wanted to begin this “game within the grid of second life.”

Brianna Altneu and Moxie Polano are the founders of beYOU World but the team has had a few different members as the beYOU project developed.They say they have the “perfect team” currently: Moxie Polano (art, design, game play and 3-D Mesh), Brianna Altneu (in-world scripting, game development, art) Treon Bikcin (backend developer/web design and in-world communications and scripting) and Denis Tristan (3-D Mesh Art wizard and animations guru).

The game is very complex and the team took over a year testing in a beta version and adding things as the process unfolded. The developers explained, “The game will always be released in steps as its real-life based ideas, so it’s never ending and always changing in natural order.  There will always be more stages and things to add like professions, new quests, crafting supply's, recipes for cooking in the kitchen, farming crops and more and more!”

When asked what is the core mission that drives all this effort founders sayIn beYou you can be me, be you, or be virtually anything or anybody you want. The beYou team realizes that everyday real life can be overwhelming and hard at times. Some of us may have disabilities that hold us back from things we would love to do in the real life. Some don't have real families or friends to even interact with. Regardless of your RL situations, our main goal is to provide players just that and to make it fun and entertaining. We want to give the players a game where they can feel like they are apart of a family and community that care for each other. Community, it’s what brings people together.  Players can also choose from out many professions available. Perhaps be a Doctor, Lawyer, Farmer, or even a Chef. All of these professions are geared with the end goal of personal accomplishment.”

“The goal is to create a community based economy that grows from different professions that are interconnected between each other.  This progression acts just like real life progression, which takes the time and drive, depending on the level of role play you wish to involve. You make it your life to enjoy and fulfill as you wish.”

The game begins with retrieving the role-playing HUD system, found and purchased for free in the SL marketplace, and creating an account. Of course a player must agree to the terms of service, and should read them because like in any community not understanding them or abiding by guide, can get you exiled.  A note card with account creation instructions is delivered along with the HUD.

“The HUD isn't the main focus of the game. Although you do need it to interact with beYou World and it will show a player their personal stats. It's just one part of the whole system. [The beYOU website is] more important because the game is based on assets you hold in your beYou account.” the founders explained. The website, http://www.beyouworld.comis a crucial part of the gaming experience.

Some information in the registration process like your account key and legacy name are set-up automatically but then you will choose some attributes that begin to create your game experience. Is your player a teen, adult or child, male or female are the first few choices.A player who wants to be the best furry lawyer in SL for example is also available; just select the option from human, vampire, furry, or supernatural as per your preference from the race selections.

Once registration is complete just login and make sure you have the beYOU HUD and your beWorld meter.

The meter tells the player their stats in the categories: Hygiene, Energy, Reputation, Social, Wellness, Mana, Mood, and Dedication. As soon as game play commences the player’s 100% reading begins to diminish, as these stats require sustenance, care and skilled activity to sustain.

Skill Points are rewarded by wearing the HUD and being in world as well as game-play. As Skill points become available they can be allotted to seven different abilities: Charisma, Logic, Creativity, Spirituality, Fitness, Cooking, and Mechanical.

The community in beYOU world is very diverse and anyone who has watched the group chat of beYOU World will find a helpful community of administrators and players managing the beginning learning curve and strategizing their gameplay. Founders are encouraging helpfulness in the game because they claim the community is“still growing [and] we are seeing all kinds of different types of people from everywhere
beYou is a very versatile gaming environmentand gameplay is approached in different ways. Some players are role-playing the family unit, while others are happy totest their culinary skills and farm all on their own.

Founders saywhat makes beYOU different from other experiences in SL is “that there are no bounds to what can be added to this experience, you decide.  We will continue to provide the tools and content to enhance your experience by enhancing and expanding out he careers and game features as much as possible.”

When asked if beYOU is solely about the virtual experience or is it a RL educational tool as well the team says, “We think that with everything in SL there is a commitment from RL if you plan to progress in anything worthwhile and productive. Some people may make huge commitments to their careers in beYou because they can generate Lindens by selling their products to other customers. Others however might only use beYou in passing and stay clear from any RL time commitment.”

Visit the website for information and registration. In Second Life visit the beYOU City Hall to get started, explore careers. In the Learning Center you will find links to informative instructional videos or go direct to their beYOU World YouTube channel.

Additional Information: 
Group: beYOU World

Preferred contact: InWorld Ticket System

Spotlight Interview

Q. Shiny: How did beYou begin?

A. beYOU Founders: Back in 2013 Brianna Altneu, Moxie Polano and a few other community member like Gunner Walker, Forda Fairlane  come up with some ideas to make a game within the grid of second life. Moxie and Brianna had worked together on some other projects in world and become great friends. They enjoyed working together as well as shared the same rare work ethics. Although it took months playing with ideas even to begin a foundation, they come up with a game based on real life role-playing with achievements based on gameplay that gave the players a feeling of accomplishment.

Q. Shiny: When did the community launch? Did it go through stages?
A. beYOU Founders: We started testing with the community in a beta, and add things as we went. It took about a year in beta because the game is so complex. The game will always be released in steps as its Real life based ideas, so it’s never ending and always changing in natural order.  There will always be more stages and things to add like professions, new quest, crafting supply's, recipes for cooking in the kitchen, farming crops and more

Q. Shiny: Who are the founders? builders?
Brianna Altneu and Moxie Polano are the founders. Through the years there had been a few other team members but we found the perfect match for the current team that includes Moxie Polano (Art, design, game play and 3d Mesh), Brianna Altneu (In world scripting, game development, art and overall master), Treon Bikcin (Back End Developer/Web Design and in-world communications and scripting) and Denis Tristan (3d Mesh Art Wizard and animations guru).

Q. Shiny: Who designed the HUD?
A. beYOU Founders: Overall it was a collaborative team effort on the function of the Hud. Moxie Polano did the HUD design /art and Treon Bikcin did the scripting. The meter was designed by Denis Tristan and also scripted by Treon Bikcin.

Q. Shiny: What is beYou’s core mission and goal?

A. beYOU Founders: In beYou you can be me, be you, or be virtually anything or anybody you want.   The beYou team realizes that everyday real life can be overwhelming and hard at times. Some of us may have disabilities that hold us back from things we would love to do in the real Life. Some don't have real families or friends to even intervene with . Regardless of you RL situations, our main goal is to provide players just that and to make it fun and entertaining.  We want to give the players a game where they can feel like they are apart of a family and community that cares for each other.. Community..  it’s what brings people together.  Players can also choose from out many professions available. Perhaps be a Doctor,  Lawyer, Farmer, or even a Chef. All of these professions are geared with the end goal of personal accomplishment.

Q. Shiny: How would you describe the community? What makes it distinct from other experiences in SL?

A. beYOU Founders: We have a very diverse and helpful community. Because it is still growing we are seeing all kinds of different types of people from everywhere and  one common trait we like to push within our group is helpfulness. Users always help each other out with information they’ve gained over time. Of course, we also provide the community with experienced CSR’s as well as encourage player interaction to assist in anyway possible. beYou is so versatile, gameplay can be approached in several different ways.  For example, some people really enjoy role-playing the family unit, while others just want to cook and farm and keep to themselves and do their own thing. I think what makes it different from other experiences in SL is that there are no bounds to what can be added to this experience, you decide.  We will continue to provide the tools and content to enhance your experience by enhancing and expanding out he careers and game features as much as possible.

Q. Shiny: Is beYOU solely about the virtual experience or is an RL educational tool as well? Or both? How does that relationship work? What do you think users are looking for in the beYou Community?

A. beYOU Founders: We think that with everything in SL there is a commitment from RL if you plan to progress in anything worthwhile and productive. There are certainly some aspects of careers that allow for learning and may translate over to RL in some ways. Additionally these may not always translate over as people would expect. There is certainly a dichotomy to it. Some people may make huge commitments to their careers in beYou because they can generate Lindens by selling their products to other customers. Others however might only use beYou in passing and stay clear from any RL time commitment.

Q. Shiny: Why should other SL users join beYou in you opinion?
A. beYOU Founders: Not only is it fun and exciting but it can make them lindens. Players can create their own farmers markets and craft things to sell as each profession offers items that others professions may need in their business. It is a great way to meet other people and share common interests. We are always taking suggestions from our users on how to improve the game and the more people there are contributing the better the experience ends up being.

Q. Shiny: What I one of the greatest success stories, or interesting moments in beYou’s history you would like to share?
A. beYOU Founders: It’s difficult to pinpoint any specific success story to stand out from the rest, however we think it’s safe to say our biggest success story is getting beYou off the ground and running. The amount of work that goes into building and maintaining a successful role play system like this is huge, so huge it took years of development. We have managed to get to where we are now with a relatively small group of people actually grinding away behind the scenes so we are proud of our progress so far.

Q. Shiny: What are beYou’s current challenges?
A. beYOU Founders: Current Challenges is keeping up with the community's excitement. We have shared many things that will be added to the gaming system and they want them as soon as possible. It can be quite complex to add one thing even as small as a recipe let alone a new profession. The beYou team works diligently to provide more content on a regular basis to enrich the gaming experience.

Q. Shiny: What are beYou’s future goals and visions?
A. beYOU Founders: This game is so expandable so really the sky's the limit.  Plus we can't share all the secrets :) The goal is to create a community based economy that grows from different professions that are interconnected between each other.  This progression acts just like real life progression, which takes the time and drive, depending on the level of role play you wish to involve.   You make it your life to enjoy and fulfill as you wish.

Q. Shiny: Decribe the beYou HUD?Speak to its development and features. What do you want readers to know about the HUD?

A. beYOU Founders: The HUD isn't the main focus of the game. Although you do need it to interact with beYou and it will show a player their personal stats. It's just one part of the whole system. More important because the game is based on assets you hold in your beYou account , the website located at is a crucial part of the gaming experience.

Q. Shiny: What are the important landmarks for beYOU? Where should people visit to learn more?

A. beYOU Founders:  is the landmark to our help area and learning center.

Q. Shiny: Are there any important upcoming events that you would like readers to know about?

A. beYOU Founders: We are heading into our one-year anniversary for going live. There aren’t any specific events that we are holding right now but one thing is for sure, we are expecting to make many more improvements and add more careers in year two. Expect for more beYou products and fun game additions to come out in the next few months.

Q. Shiny: Is there anything I haven’t asked and you want to share with readers? Any images?

A. beYOU Founders: We are continuously working on game content on daily basis to add to the already literally thousands of items already implemented into the game.  Each and every item is scripted to enhance the gaming experience of each and every player.  For example, living room suites, yoga mats, bedrooms, dinners, drinks and so much more.  beYou developers have introduced crafting items to expand each profession's productivity.  Every item for beYou is made to directly interact with the game HUD and enhance the RP experience or each and every player. And if you want to have a little laugh the team here at beYou has great humor, just start reading the back of some of the product labels and packaging as we do like to have a little fun as we work!!!

- Shiny Blackheart
digital artwork by Shiny Blackheart