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Showing posts with label club. Show all posts

Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Many people believe an SL Motorcycle Club is of the 1% variety with wannabe tough guys (1% in rl means any member(s) who have a criminal record even if it is a misdemeanor). In SL, as in real life, there are Riding Clubs and MCs (Motorcycle Clubs) who enjoy cycle ride-outs (going together on long rides on more than 90 tracks that can go up to 4k m). More important, like a social club, members feel connected, run events and charities, host dance parties, celebrate life just like anyone else does in SL. Like any group in SL, there are good ones and there are bad (filled with drama) clubs.

Anyone wishing to understand and try an MC way of life has to do their due diligence and research, meet & greet, and get to know members before deciding if "ride outs" and "fellowship" mean what they hope it means. There are many clubs with retired RL bikers. However, there are many RL social riders who retired from business, universities, the military, and many other venerable professions who choose to connect with people who are like-minded. For example, an MC Mission: Ride outs Together; Motto: Respect, Diversity, Inclusiveness, Fellowship, Freedom & Fun.

I would gather that since most sex clubs are full most of the time (and not by many MC members), everyone might want to step back and look a little deeper at what MC's actually represent (family, friends, connection, honesty, and a lot of fun).

If anyone has questions, feel free to contact Angelor Galanter or Karlee Heartsong.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

SPOTLIGHT ON THE FOX CLUB- A premier VIP Club for all adults!

The Fox Club is a unique venue with boasts the main club, ballroom, neon bar and features Tabby’s Club with a collection of strippers and escorts ready to satisfy your every desire. If people-watching is more your thing, you are welcome to kick back and observe the crowd at weekly themed events. There is plenty to do and see with live DJs and singers gladly taking your requests and dedications. 

SLE caught up with The Fox Club Owner for more information about this premier VIP club.

Interview with Neternal

SLE: Where are you from and how did you discover Second Life?

Neternal: I am from the UK and I discovered Second Life in the bottom of a box of Cocoa Krispies, while I was looking for a free gift.

SLE: Interesting. Not sure what to say to that but OK! Would you say Second Life is an extension of your real life or just a game?

Neternal: Second Life is an immersive experience, it's both a game and an extension of my real life. There are people from my real life that I have brought into Second Life, as well.

SLE: Oh very cool.  Congratulations on your grand opening of The Fox Club! Can you tell us about The Fox Club and your team?

Neternal: The Fox Club is an upscale, very adult venue with a lot to offer. We have a beautifully peaceful landscaped beach for folks to enjoy and relax on at the ground level. In our sky, we have a stunning mystical wintry ballroom for those romantic moments you want to just lose yourself in another's arms. There is the new Neon Bar room for those with a colorful flair for fun. Our main dance club area features dance platforms, poles. a bar to sit - if people-watching is more your thing! Fridays through Mondays have live DJs performing from 12 pm - 6 pm SLT. Thursdays through Saturday, after 6 pm, Tabby's After Dark takes over the main club from 6 pm - ? depending on how festive the crowd is. And every day, 24/7 Tabby's upscale strip club is open for your pleasure! And there is adult furniture throughout the sim for your kinks and happiness!

My team in a word is magnificent. My General Manager, Tabitha Mercury has really come in pumped up and ready to take Fox Club to the next level with me. We really are on the same page, it's almost scary. My Assistant Manager, DonovanQuinn, comes with vast management experience and was Tabby's General Manager for over the past year. They are reliable and dependable. They work closely together with me to make Fox Club the finest adult establishment on the grid.

SLE: You have a lot going on at The Fox Club and it sounds like you have a tight team. That’s always a good thing. This is a very adult establishment. What type of services do you offer?

Neternal: Bl**jobs and steak sandwiches. But on a serious note, we have a beach, a stunning mystical ballroom, a modern main dance club with cells, fun and new Neon Bar, and an upscale strip club, Tabby's on-site. We have adult furniture throughout for everyone to enjoy and the craziest wild parties and fun themes on the grid!

SLE: Wow! Whatever happened to chicken wings being a thing at the strip club? Lol Anyway.  With all the club venues in Second Life, what made you decide to open one, and what will be different from the others that will attract your clientele?

Neternal: Several years ago, I owned Equine Island Vanity Fair Horseshow and had won an Avi Choice Award after entering the first time at the last one they held. After some time, I decided that maybe I would try my hand at a club owner, as I am a bit of a party person and I could see if I could be a success in that as well.

SLE: Congrats on that prestigious award! We wish you great success in your new venture. With owning an adult club it comes with some responsibilities. What types of rules do you enforce at The Fox Club to keep youngins out of the club and your dancers and escorts safe?

Neternal: The Fox Club is on Adult land, so we do not allow persons less than adult age on our sim. We ban child avatars on the spot and report those who are suspected to be minors to LL.

SLE: You have DJs and you state Live Music also. Have you booked any live music and if so tell the readers of the musicians you have coming to your venue soon?

Neternal: We have had Mavenn perform here twice already, and she will be coming back again in the future. Right now, we are in talks with several performers to try to provide a variety of live music to feature as well on a regular basis. We will keep you posted! We currently are working on booking a performer for our October 30th Fall Formal dance in our Mystic Ballroom.

SLE: You say that you have themed events. What kinds of themes do you cover or do they change weekly?

Neternal: We have a changing weekly theme on Saturdays for Fox Club, last month they are Neon Night, which just passed, Schoolgirls Saturday Detention, Star Wars, and Luxurious Lingerie Ladies Night. Tabby's After Dark features themes on Fridays. Fetish Friday that just passed, was a double birthday party as well. We also have a Beach Party on our beach, One Item party, Angels & Demons and more coming up.

SLE: Are you currently hiring? If so, what positions do you have available? And if so, who shall they contact to give you their resume?

Neternal: We are always hiring. We need DJs and Hosts for Fox Club and Tabby's is always hiring dancers and escorts as well. Anyone who would like to work for Fox Club can contact:

Hosts/DJs: DonovanQuinn Resident or Tabitha.Mercury

Dancers/Escorts: Angelixa69 Resident or Tabitha.Mercury

Additional Information:



Preferred Contact: Neternal (neternal)

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Spotlight on Maverick’s MC @ Ruffneck Falls- Respect, Diversity, Inclusion, Friendship, Fellowship, and Fun.- SLE Reporting...


Motorcycle Clubs in the real world are usually organized by the riding type, style, brand of bike or events and have evolved since the early 1900s when it is said MCs first originated right after world war II with the New York Motorcycle Club, which merged with the Alpha MC of Brooklyn to become the federation of American Motorcyclists. Eventually, it grew into the American Motorcyclist Association. 

Today there are many motorcycle clubs around the world involved in charity rides and other activities for the greater good slowly shedding the stigma of criminal activities by the biker gangs considered “outlaws” of society.

In Second Life, you can be part of a Motorcycle club and virtually ride across scenic terrains with your group of friends and be involved in charity events and other fun and entertaining activities without spending a single lick of gas or running up miles on your hog or crotch rocket. 

The great thing about MCs in Second Life is the bond it creates between members from around the world, sharing a virtual highway.  The SL Enquirer caught up with Maverick’s MCs owner  Λ G (angelor.galanter) and his business partner  Karlee (karlee.heartsong) to learn more about this motorcycle club and what it stands for.

Interview with Λ G (angelor.galanter) and Karlee (karlee.heartsong) 

SLE: Before we get into Maverick’s MC @ Ruffneck Falls, we’d love to know where you are from and how you discovered Second Life?

Λ G: I am in California and have lived here for many years. I became the sole parent, both mother, and father, if you will, of my youngest daughter who was 6 at the time. I wanted a way for us to play together and learn together. So, supervised, I joined SL to let her play barbie on a safe sim.

Karlee:  I live in Colorado. My RL husband introduced me to SL about 10 years ago. I hated it but tried it again a few years later and I am still here.

SLE: AG that’s an awesome way to bond with your child and Karlee glad you gave SL another shot.  Would you consider Second Life an extension of your real life or just a game to pass some time?

Λ G:  From day 1 I have acted and believed that SL is an extension and an enhancement of my real life (think video-conference with friends and loved ones!).

Karlee: I consider SL to be an extension of real-life as my feelings are involved here. I have found a great community, love to build, and even talk to many people I met here, outside of SL proper.

SLE: What inspired you to create  Maverick’s MC @ Ruffneck Falls? Can you tell our readers more about your MC motto and what you expect from members?

Λ G: Very simply we are an upscale hybrid MC within the mainstream of SL'ers who love SL and being part of a community for connection, adventure, and fun. We seek anyone who loves motorcycles, MC way of life, and brings skills, talents, and passion. 

Our Motto is Respect, Diversity, Inclusion, Friendship, Fellowship, and Fun.

We expect our members to be themselves, and share their journey in SL/life with us as we do with them.

Karlee: Angelor and I both have set this as our mission.

SLE: That is a great motto. Are you all invite-only or can anyone go to the MC events or is it exclusively for members only?

 Λ G: In general, our MC is open to the public, including events and concerts. Anyone can come and simply hang out if they enjoy the community Karlee and I (and many others) have created.

Karlee: I think other than those events specifically for patched members, anyone can join in. We love having people here and visiting with them.

SLE: That is great you are open to the public, please tell our readers more of the  types of events do you host?

Λ G: Our MC, which Karlee and I both envisioned together, and have hosted DJs and Live singers. We look forward to other events during rallies, bike build-offs, and, perhaps, even re-imagining products and services that are a benefit to the MC community as a whole.

SLE: How can visitors interested in becoming a patched member of Maverick’s MC @ Ruffneck Falls join the MC and be part of your community?

Λ G: My first suggestion for anyone is to come to meet us, ride our tracks, and get a feel for who, what, why, and how we operate. We, essentially, have no restrictions as to race, creed, sex, sexual orientation, physical or mental conditions, religious/political affiliations, or citizenship. If members can't ride directly, they can either ride as a passenger for our ride-outs or be a non-riding but equally essential contributing patched member.

 Karlee: The way I see it, people should attempt to get to know the current members of Mavericks MC by joining our support group, attending our events, hanging out with us, and deciding if what we offer would be what they would want in their lives. After that, fill out an application to join and go from there.

SLE:  There are multiple Motorcycle clubs in Second Life. What separates Maverick’s MC from the rest?

Λ G:  I think a more important part is how we "fit" the fabric of all the MCs. MCs are all different but work together for the community as a whole. Every MC is a unique part of the larger community on a spectrum of all possible human potentials. Basically, we can't separate ourselves from other MCs anymore than people can separate themselves from humanity.

Karlee: In addition to that, Mavericks are different in that we are not fighting or griefing MC. We are here to enjoy our lives, have a great time with a community that all of us have built together.

SLE:  Many MCs do a lot for the community. Orion is a rider and has done many Toys for Tots and Poker Runs and many other charity rides. What kind of charities are you involved in or special events within Second Life?

Λ G:  As a vet myself, as well as Karlee, I am going to defer to her answer on that, she summarizes it so well. I will add that we assist other MCs with creating and building their sims, tracks, or any other projects they ask us to help with. We've shared the essence of our bylaws with others, as well. In addition, Karlee and I are working on tech products that will be useful not only in MCs but SL in general that will be free to all who wish to use them.

Karlee: We had a Wounded Warrior Project event on Memorial Day and we are currently planning where we go from there. Basically, as veterans, we not only hold events but help out other MCs with their events whenever possible.

SLE: Are you looking for more patched members or people for support? Can you tell us if you are currently recruiting or hiring for any positions within the motorcycle club?

Λ G:  We just started our recruitment drive about two weeks ago. This drive includes classified ads, notifications, posters, and more. Realistically, it's about us as an MC getting out there meeting/greeting people and making alliances primarily outside of MC's. There are many SL'ers who don't even know that up to 200 full track sims exist for their enjoyment. We can't and do not accept other current MC members or those who recently left an MC. (See our Recruitment Poster)

SLE: You have a Dedicated Highway here on the sim, can you tell our readers more about that?

Λ G: Yes, well, if you have anything you'd like to dedicate a track to you can. Passed or living. rip or birthday, especially vets, disabled, retired, and more.  it puts heart in what we do. We also have a Wounded Warrior Sign up and HFOT kiosk to donate for homes for our troops

Karlee: I did one level for a real-life navy friend of mine who passed away recently. The honorarium stays up for one month.

SLE: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Karlee: We welcome everyone to come to visit Mavericks MC @ Ruffneck Falls to enjoy the natural and beautiful tracks that we have here. We have 15 total tracks. 13 of these are nice wide tracks with beautiful surrounds, a speed track to test your skills on, and our newest track, Blade Runner.

 Λ G:  I will add our primary mission: Mavericks MC's mission is to create, join, and participate in SL events, including ride-outs and/with other MCs, public, and related activities. Ride Outs typically highlight our connections with each other in a fun and unique way (usually in-voice).

Mavericks MC, Angelor Galanter, is one of many MC Estate owners and SL Estate owners spearheading a movement to eradicate griefing as a tool to strike fear in Owners of sims and businesses, and causing a huge loss in traffic and revenue. If you are an Estate owner and wish to join get an invite 


 here is the link: 



MC Command and Sim Owners Alliance. It is really up to all Estate Owners to insist griefing remain inside of RP sims.

Maverick’s MC

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Grand Opening of Wild Nomads MC riding sim on 24th July 2021

 Grand Opening for Wild Nomads MC! Enter our Raffle for a chance to win a Motorcycle from California Choppers, courtesy of Trace Summer, owner. Bo W. Shim and the Country Bandits will be entertaining at 3:pm. After the show come ride our new track if you wish, bikes will be supplied if you don't have one.

Come party with us!

Langholm (146,158,3706)

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Club Lanai Music for the week of September 13th 2020


Wednesday 16 September
DJ Milan from France
12PM - 2PM SLT
Rock, R&B, Blues, and Soul

DJ Flame from The Netherlands
2PM - 4 PM SLT
FreeStyle Rock

Friday 18 September
DJ MZ Morbid from the USA
12PM - 2PM SLT
Mix: Rock, Oldies, Mash-Up

DJ Flame from The Netherlands

Sat 19 September

DJ Wizzerd from Switzerland
12PM - 2PM
Mixed Music

DJ Micka from France
Mix: Soulful Disco Deep

Sunday 20 September

DJ Sifis from Greece
12PM - 2PM SLT
Rock 80's

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Grand opening at Kiss me Hard Club & Beach Lounge Weekend July 11th-12th

Who: Kiss me Hard Club & Beach Loung - Grand Opening Party
What: Live Music at the Beach Stage and Trance/House Music in the club
Live Events this weekend:
Saturday: 2pm SLT - Renfoyle
Sunday: 11am SLT Paul Nowles
Sunday: 12pm SLT Woolfie Moonshadow
We organize various live events in a beautiful beach environment. There are also evenings in the separated club offering trance/house music. If you feel like shopping before, during or after the events, we also rent out a few shops and smaller beach houses, for those who prefer to party privately. Relax - shop - celebrate - that's what Kiss me Hard Club & Beach Lounge stands for. We look forward to you and your support. Join our group for more informations about the upcoming events.
Owner: Panjana Capristo & KatharinaKonrad

Sunday, June 28, 2020

SPOTLIGHT ON BIOLOGY CLUB- A Multi-Genre Experience- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

“Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science.” - Edwin Powell Hubble

Scientists like Edwin Powel Hubble, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Nicola Tesla, and other great minds throughout history helped shape our world with their findings. Science in all forms of study provides us with a greater understanding of the world around us.  

The very essence of science begins with biology. It is the study of all living organisms. Plants, animals, physiology, and behavior are what it is to be alive. Second life is the perfect social experiment that thrives on human behavior. It allows us to experience things to which we may not have physical access.  As a virtual world community, we have certainly evolved bringing together technology and life with a virtually realistic perspective. 

For all you wisdom explorers out there we have a special treat for you! Biology Club is a multi-leveled venue with many areas into which to delve. Dresi Ligati (dresella.joubert) is the mastermind behind Biology Club and with her team, Brit Kitora (holly65) and Solgazer Kitora (solgazer.sittingbull), they are skilled professionals in their field of expertise.  

Much of the inspiration for this venue comes from Dresi’s background as a science teacher. Her love of education combined with over a decade of experience in Second Life inspired this multi-genre marvel. This isn’t her first venue by any stretch. She has also created venues that took visitors back to the prohibition era and to the ice age with dinosaurs.

Like Science, Dresi and her team are always evolving. Recently, SLE met up with Dresi, Solgazer, and Brit to learn more about the Biology Club, who they are, and what they do.

SLE: How did you ladies discover Second Life and come to work together?

Dresi: I got into SL because my RL sister was in world and she brought me in here.  Interestingly, after she brought me in, she was interested in things that were of no interest to me.  So, I took a different path.  I started working in clubs.  Along my journey, I came to know Brit and Sol.  Brit and I started working together when, on New Year's Eve about 7 years ago, she came into one of my clubs (Safari Club) because she was curious about the name and what kind of a club it might be.   She liked the vibe of the place. The next time she visited, she filled out an application.  I asked her to do an audition after my set.  Her favorite story is that the next thing she knew, I was telling everyone in the club that I had a surprise - that DJ Brit would be playing right after me!  LOL  She did, she was great, and the rest is history.  She's my daughter and I can tell you that this feeling goes way beyond SecondLife.  

Brit:  My RL sister played in SL all the time.  She came to stay with me and got me into it.  I played for about a week and got tired of it and then came back sometime later and then stayed. Sol and I met at a club, she took a picture of me to send to her sister.  Then, Sol was helping someone set up some events and I had been working with Dresi and we were doing some events as well.  So I went to one of their events and Sol was there.  She and I became friends and after some time Sol and I started dating each other and over time we got married.

Solgazer:   I actually was playing Sims Online, so when that was no longer available one of the options was Second Life!  I’ve been here ever since.

SLE:  Tell our readers more about your experience with clubs in SL? What other venues have you designed separately and or together and what has drawn you to be in the entertainment business?

Dresi:  I kind of got into the entertainment business in sort of a backward way.  As I mentioned above, my interests in SL led me into hosting at a club where a friend, Rebelheart Sabra, was the GM. I learned to host and then she asked me to open a club with her. Unfortunately, she soon had to leave SL due to health problems and I was left to figure out club ownership on my own.  As a struggling newbie with a club, I was fortunate enough to have met Dave Gran who picked up where Rebel left off and taught me a how to operate a club and how to get into DJing.  I started DJing out of a need to have a backup DJ at my club.  Turns out, that's become a true passion of mine. 

Over the years, I have owned several clubs individually and in partnerships - Heavenly Bodiez/Heavenly Destinations was my first club with Rebel.  Next, I had Xtinction, Prohibition – owned with two other friends, Safari Club, and now, Biology Club.

Brit: At 45 days old, I had a club.  I had met someone named Kelynn who was my first friend in SL.  She worked at a club and the boss of that club had a second club called Mingles and asked me if I wanted to run it.  I was taught to DJ by a woman named Sophie and she was a RL DJ.  I had a lot of music to start with and she felt that I had a good sense of music and would be a good DJ.  She would give me tapes of her real DJ sets and she critiques my sets.  I helped her build a club and wound up DJing for her at her club.  Clubs owned:  Mingles, Club Dragonfly, Dragonfly on the Water, now Biology Club.
Clubs managed:  Safari Club, Sophie's Haven

Solgazer: Before I met Brit, most of my time in SL was spending time with friends dancing.  I ended up helping my SL sister with a club, Backcourt, decorating for themes and fun parties.  I also managed another small club. 

SLE:   This is a pretty amazing undertaking.  Have any of you done anything like this before?

Dresi: Yes.  I’m an ideas person and so I have concocted a few thematic clubs in SL.  My first foray into the themed club approach, Prohibition, was a 1920's speakeasy.  It was co-owned by myself and two other friends.  Xtinction was a themed rock club inside a cave, complete with dino fossils and indoor waterfalls.  Next, I decided to build a club that had animals and the rainforest as its backdrop.  The idea was inspired by the RL Rainforest Cafe and the club was called, "Safari Club".  I was approached by Brit and Sol to go into a joint venture.  Since I am a science teacher by profession, Biology Club was born.

Brit: Yes, after successfully managing Safari Club with Dresi, Sol, and I decided to embark on a new adventure building and running a club called Club Dragonfly.  We began with a smaller place that we eventually outgrew and rebuilt Club Dragonfly to accommodate the need for a larger space.  Then, Sol wanted to have a club with a more intimate setting, so we built Dragonfly on the Water, a waterfront club with a rustic cozy setting.

Solgazer: When I met Brit, she was working with Dresi at Safari Club.  Once we started dating, I became more involved with understanding the DJ side of things as Brit DJs all over the grid.  Once Safari closed, Brit and I opened Club Dragonfly!   We had that for 4 years I believe, but due to some health issues, we decided to close. 

SLE:  Tell us about you three individually?  What skills do you bring to the table to make this Club a success? 

Dresi:  All of us come to the table with a very similar SL skill set.  We all have been in the club business for quite some time.  Sol has developed strong skills in hosting and managing hosts for many years.  Both Brit and I have been DJing for many years and we bring not only those skills but also club management and prior ownership (as does Sol).  Brit and I bring building skills to the mix and Sol is a wonderful decorator.  I also have business organizational skills in RL that I bring.  

Solgazer:  We love what we do, each one of us has a different skill set.  One thing I’m not is a builder, but I love to decorate.  Brit and I have been doing monthly events for as long as we’ve had Club Dragonfly, and we work well together.  Brit gets an idea in her head of what she wants, we put that idea into play and  then I do the final “fluff stuff” as she calls it! Lol

SLE:   How did you come up with the Name, “Biology Club”?

Dresi / Brit: We wanted a way to mesh our independent passions:  Brit and Sol's love for the dragonfly and its meaning and being a RL science teacher, we could also satisfy my passion for science.  Since Biology is the study of living things, we thought it would be a way that we could mesh it all together. 

Solgazer:  Dresi is a science teacher.  We had been talking about different ideas that could incorporate aspects from all our interests.  Once we started talking about biology, she knew where it was going to go from there!    She looked up the name, saw there were none with the same name, and there we have it!

SLE:   Could you share some of the events here...what the club is about?

Dresi / Brit: We are a multi-genre venue that hosts live DJ'd events and live musicians.  We are for adults only (18+).  We have 4 separate party venue sites:  The main club, a futuristic set of science labs; A poolside venue that is adjacent to a beautiful garden site for lovely photo ops; a beachfront venue with a wonderful beach bar; and the Big Event site where we host monthly events with a different theme every month.   At the moment, we are open Thursday - Saturday.  On Thursdays, we feature EDM/dance/pop music.  On this night, you will want to wear club attire and be ready to dance the night away.  Fridays are our naughty nights where explicit music is played and sexy attire is allowed, provided all bits are covered.  Saturdays, Rock music is the focus and we have some of the finest Rock DJs on the grid!  Once per month, we host a large-scale event that spans the entire weekend, from Thursday to Saturday.  It is a themed event whereby participants are encouraged to dress to the theme, making sure that they have on one piece of free club merchandise to join a contest worth Lindens and gift cards.

Solgazer:  If you think of Science, each room is a different lab.  Biology, physics and so on.  We also have Marine Biology as well.  We actually had our first monthly event on May 28th,  “Coming Out of Quarantine.”  It was a huge hit!  We’re looking forward to our next event, “The Masquerade”.  Details forthcoming.

SLE:  The grid has many nightclubs all vying for guests.  What makes Biology Club different from the other places out there?

Dresi / Brit: It is unique in its theme and its approach to multiple party sites to keep guests interested and intrigued.  It is a highly interactive venue with a lot of photo opportunities and exploration potential.

Solgazer:  It’s something that hasn’t been done before!

SLE:  Who are you hoping to attract?  What kind of clientele? 

Dresi / Brit: We hope to attract people who enjoy a variety of music and are looking for a club home.  We work very hard to create a welcoming environment and we want to attract a clientele who wants a regular place to hang out that offers variety and excellent entertainment.

Solgazer:  All those who love all music! Each day is a different music genre!  Thursday is EDM/dance, Friday is Naughty Night, Saturday is Rock!

SLE:  How might someone learn more about this amazing place?

Dresi / Brit: The best way to get a feel for the energy of Biology Club is to actually visit and become a member of our "social experiment".  Potential guests can follow the SLURL below or join our Facebook page (also listed below) to keep well informed about club events.

Solgazer:  We have a Facebook page and a group that people can join.   But everyone needs to come out and see for themselves how awesome a place it is!

SLE:   Anything else you would like our readers to know about Biology Club?

Dresi / Brit: We want to make sure that everyone knows that Biology Club prides itself on providing a welcoming environment for all.   We do not discriminate on any basis whatsoever.  We are all about Love and Acceptance... and are a No Drama Zone!

Solgazer:  You really have to look around!  There is something unique in every place you look and it’s not just in the main club! There is the garden, the poolside dance area, and a gacha area.  Take a trip with the seahorses down to the beach.

Additional information

Monday, May 20, 2019


I recently had the very real pleasure of visiting Skyhill Island, home of the Sapphire Beach Club.  Newly arrived on the SL Grid, Skyhill is the brainchild of Claudine Jewell and her business partner , John Sinclair. Together with Live Talent Manager, Amber LeFavre, they have built a region uniquely suited for the Music Lover in Second Life.  In addition to the Club, Skyhill has a beach area for swimming or sunbathing, or just enjoying good conversation with friends. Complete with Beach House and waterfall, Gaming events, and a Yoga and Meditation place to come and refresh and relax.

I was fortunate to spend a delightful afternoon in the company of Claudine Jewell and Amber LeFavre.  My visit proved most informative as they shared perspectives on Skyhill Island and the Sapphire Beach Club.
Josh (thomas1.bellic): Claudine, what is it that drew you to Second Life in the first place?
Claudine Jewell: Well….I always liked to play computer games and I read a magazine article at the gym about Anshe Chung, SecondLife land baron and its first millionaire.  When I got home I registered to see what this is all about ...that was 2007. I showed it to John later and he joined too
JB:   And Sapphire Beach Club?  How did you decide to build that?
CJ:   Well, John co-owned a club in RL and loves clubbing here and he talked about it all the time.  So, so I suggested we should get a full region, since full regions are more stable than individual Sims and with a Region you can host up to 100 people

JB:  There are dozens, if not scores of Beach clubs in SL.  How is Skyhill Island different from the others, and how will Sapphire Beach Club make a distinctive contribution to life on the grid?
CJ:   Well, I don’t know if you remember the old clubs back in the day.  John wanted it to be similar to Sleek which was beach themed....I wanted something classy like Elements,  so we hope we can provide that to the people. We also don’t want to compete with 24 hour clubs. We just want to organize some quality Live events that people won’t forget.

JB:  So Amber, are there sizable numbers of live music lovers here?
Amber Lefavre: Yes there are.  DJ people and live singer people are different.  One way to help get maximum exposure for the club is to do both. ... live singers performances are not perfect,  expect something happening or not working... but its live...its personal….it shows the person. With DJs you know you are getting the exact song you thought you would.  But its the same every time...Lots more gestures used… chatting etc. Its just different...neither is wrong...or better.

JB:  But seriously. Are live singers really that much better than recorded music? I have heard live singers who...well..their hearts are certainly in the right place….but you can see that their passion greatly exceeds their ability.
AL:  Laughs.  True. BUT when a venue pays a singer up to 7000 lindens for an hour, they are going to be what the  the Club owners hope, and the crowd is going to love them as much as they do, because they will never make their money back.   You do not do live music to make money. You do it for the love of music. Live musicians are a real draw for their personality, interactions and talent.  
JB:  One of the first things I noticed when I landed here was that Skyhill is rated “M” is only rated Mature.  Many, if not most beaches here are rated “R”. Most beach clubs allow..and in fact encourage, nudity. You do not.  Can you share with our readers why you are different from the pack? What is it that sets you apart from others?
AL:  Claudine does not want sex and nudity here.  That is not why they did this. The emphasis will be that it is a quality sim with quality acts.  That will help it appeal to folks who are tired of seeing public sex and naked avis everywhere.
CJ:  Yes. Its that simple :-) I think SL is full of those places...lots and lots of adult clubs.  Besides, why would you spend 1000s of lindens on clothes and then you go party at a nude beach :)))   No, we don’t want people to run around naked all the time. We want to do formal events too..classy, but also modern.

JB:   Tell our readers about your event scheduled for May 31.  What can we expect to see there?
CJ:  On May 31 at 1:00 PM SLT we will host Gabriel da Silva.  Hes a great live singer and his specialty is Rock. The stage will be on the beach close to the pool and after that DJ Tabasco will stream at the pool.   We have other great musical talent lined up as well. On June 8th at 12 PM we have a Lynard Skynard tribute by Lightning Strikes, June 14th at noon we have David Hauptman with a formal dance event and June 23rd at noon we have Toxic Darkmatter.  Additionally, there will be various DJs performing around these scheduled live musicians.

AL:   For Gabe, his stage will be on the water and dancing will on the beach.  In June for the formal dance with David Hauptman we will place his stage on the beach and cover the water with a clear dance people can dance on the water.  

JB:   Is there anything else you would like to say?  Anything else you want to tell our readers?
CJ:   I’m just really grateful for the opportunity to share our space and music with people here in SL
There you have it folks.   Second Life’s newest venue for Live entertainment kicks off on May 31st with Gabriel da Silva at 1:00 PM SLT.  This is one show you do NOT want to miss.

Be there!  Aloha! - J.B.