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Showing posts with label lifestyle. Show all posts

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Grand Opening of Vegan HQ November 1st at 12.30 pm SLT


We are proud to bring Vegan HQ to the growing vegan community of Second Life. Set in a relaxing countryside environment perfect to explore on your own or with friends, Vegan HQ welcomes anyone interested or curious about leading a more compassionate lifestyle, whether it is for ethical, environmental, or health reasons. We also provide a fun and friendly hangout place for existing vegans who would like to meet like-minded people.

As well as having a chilled vibe and a good selection of playable games which we will change on a regular basis, we will hold regular events so be sure to join our group “SL vegans” to be kept up to date and join in the conversations. Vegan HQ also aims to provide reliable information and promote the benefit of living vegan in an inclusive way sharing experiences and knowledge between newcomers and more experienced members of the community. We hold weekly informal meetings to discuss various topics ranging from the health benefits of delicious vegan food, animal rights, and how to best be a voice for them or review books and recently published articles. We speak English, Dutch French, and German.
Our grand opening will take place to coincide with World Vegan Day on the 1st of November from 12 noon with an excellent lineup:

1.30PM SLT Les Chats Furieux

Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Story of O in Second Life - Pen Dragon Reporting...

The Story of O, maybe you’ve heard of it, maybe not. If not, it is a must read for those who are interested in Domination and submission. The book was penned in 1957 by French author Ann Desclos under the Pen name of Pauline Réage as a series of letters to her lover Jean Paulhan. It is an erotic tale of a young female photographer from Paris who is trained and educated by a secret D/s society to which her lover Rene belonged. It is quite graphic and detailed, causing a great deal of controversy when it was released. In fact, French authorities attempted to bring obscenity charges against the author, however; those charged were later dropped. That did not stop the popularity of the novel and it has survived, even today, as a classic book set in the BDSM lifestyle. It is from those pages, written over 60 years ago, that many have an understanding of the training involved in BDSM and how it exists today in Second Life. But to bring that novel, and it’s ideals, into a virtual world would seem almost counterintuitive and near impossible because of dynamic explicit and detailed training involved in both the book and D/s.

In the book the main character, named O, is sent to a chateau in Paris, near Roissy, where she is trained to sexually serve the members of an elite club. From there she is given to a new Master, Sir Stephen, and taken to another location, Samois. These two pivotal locations have inspired the long running sim called Roissy Val d'Oise. Taking many of the educational and training aspects of the Story of O novel and translating them into an immersive roleplay environment. But the question remains, how do the ideals and ideas of the Story of O remain relevant and still work in Second Life. To find that answer I interviewed Sir Thomas, the Roissy Supervisor. I asked what aspects of the Story of O were taken from the book and applied at the Roissy Val d'Oise sim.
Sir Thomas replied,“Our owner Rene Geir believes that the Story of O is a good example of submissive behavior and also what responsible Dominants are. He wanted to provide a place in SL, that both recreated the visual environment but also a place for submissives and Dominants to learn what it truly  means to be in the lifestyle. We believe in SSC (Safe, Sane, Consensual), D/s and protection of submissives and also the proper behavior of Gentlemen Dominants.”

This is a concept taken directly from the story. During her time at Roissy O underwent very particular training, especially in how to please a man was punished for not following the rules or being disobedient. The training was intense and intended to create a more obedient submissive. In the BDSM lifestyle such training is necessary and it helps to develop the submissive’s skill set and her behavior. This includes everything from sexual service and interpersonal skills to household management. Beyond that general training, each Dominant will train his submissive more specifically on his own personal preferences and to help define her personal goals as a submissive. Training and education isn’t exclusive to the submissive however. Many, but not all, Dominants began as submissives and have had similar training. The education of a Dom is just as vital as that of a sub. Roissy provides both Dominants and submissives with a mentor who can help guide them through their journey. This all culminates in both the Dom and sub being more well rounded and educated both socially and emotionally. This kind of training, both the general and specific, is something that is lacking, more often than not, in Second Life.

Continuing my conversation with Sir Thomas, I asked him how the training described in the book translates to Second Life. “We have training logs that dictate what the Dominant and Submissive must learn before advancing. The tasks are very similar to the Story of O or related to the Story of O. We also have Workshops and Discussions.”
This also corresponds directly to the erotic novel. All submissives were given specific tasks and were tracked on their performance. This, again, is another important part of the training of a submissive. Training can include tasks such as cleaning or be more elaborate like learning proper etiquette when setting a dinner table. Despite popular belief, not everything is sex in the BDSM lifestyle. Again this is lost on many of those who practice the lifestyle in Second Life, but is very intact at the Roissy Val d'Oise sim.
As an ‘Old School’ Dominant, I was very impressed with how well behaves, intelligent and courteous the submissives were at Roissy.

I also asked Sir Thomas about the difficulty in bringing the training practices from the Story of O into Second Life because of the lack of physical contact. He answered by saying, “We have to instruct and help them to understand that feelings are real here and so is pain, from punishment, etc.  So for example, whipping is very harsh in the real world and we need to not over due them, just since it's only sl. In short keep it real.”

Roissy Val d'Oise certainly pays attention to every detail in the training of it’s submissives, just as described in the book. But something the book doesn’t focus as much on is the effect this training has on the submissives. I wanted to know, from one of the Roissy submissives, just how the training has impacted her. I spoke with Jaymelie, a sister of Roissy who has been at the sim for 5 years, who was able to provide some very insightful information. I began by asking her what it was about Roissy that made her feel comfortable enough to stay.  She said “Its, family... It may sound corny, but I have been a Sister for nearly 3 years now, and I love to come back here and be a mentor, come back to a place the gives meaning to people. And so many amazing people find their way here, so I still experience new things, new feelings, by coming here - and for that, I am grateful.”

I continued by asking her how the training she received at Roissy has impacted her life.
“It's been a journey for sure.... I started the path back in 2013, but never finished - then I returned and started over, finally graduating in 2015.... And I have evolved as a submissive, found my weaknesses first, then my strengths - and that has definitely made me a more assertive person. In RL as well, Sir.” she explained. Her response sums up exactly the importance and purpose of the training a submissive should receive.

The Story of O, despite being written over 60 years ago, has remained relevant in the BDSM lifestyle and has even provided many with their first glimpse into that world. It’s a dark, erotic, entertaining and important book that one would think couldn’t be brought to a virtual world like Second Life. Yet, as we’ve seen, Roissy Val d'Oise does just that and in doing so provides an important aspect of the BDSM community that seems to be in short supply here. If you have any interest in D/s, you should read the book and maybe pay a visit to Roissy.



Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The softer side of kink” -Pen Dragon reporting

Second Life has a lot to offer. The choices you can make are almost limitless and fueled only by your imagination. It’s not hard to agree that there is something for everyone. Most people enjoy shopping, going to clubs and living a pretty normal, happy life but there are those whose tastes and preferences run more on the wild, kinky side.

At some point almost everyone has come across a sex sim, maybe even a BDSM sim and wondered what all the hype and interest was about for these places. Some may even take a deeper look out of curiosity and may or may not have found something they were interested in exploring while others are turned away because it offends their sensibilities or find it too taboo. Some think of BDSM and imagine whips, leather, cuffs and chains and see it as a form of emotional and physical abuse.

The term BDSM is like an umbrella; it covers many varied and different things. The acronym itself means Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & submission, Sadism & Masochism. Within each of those categories there are an almost unlimited number of specific kinks, decisions and lifestyle choices with just as many people who make those choices and live the way that suits them best. Many who do not know about that lifestyle may be under the impression that there is only one to participate in BDSM, only one way things are done.

Allow me to introduce you to something different about BDSM, an aspect of that lifestyle that is quite often misunderstood and maligned. It is called the Daddy Dom (Dominant) and babygirl relationship. At some point you may have seen someone with a Daddy tag or a babygirl tag and wondered what that was about or what it involved. Some have the idea that it is incestous or a form of illegal age play, but as you’ll discover, but it can be something completely different.

The roles in the relationship, Daddy and babygirl, are similar to that of a Dom and a sub (submissive) insofar as the Daddy is the head of the relationship and the babygirl consensually agrees to obey his rules and decisions and agrees that she belongs to him. While this is typical, there are open and even polyamorous Daddy & babygirl relationships. To me one of the most beautiful things about a lifestyle relationship is that it is defined by you to meet the needs and desires you have instead of following traditional societal standards of how a relationship works.

What differentiates a Daddy babygirl relationship is the dynamic on which it is based. Typically a babygirl behaves in a more innocent, childlike manner allowing her Daddy to care for her and allowing her to be free from the stresses and drama of the world around her. That is what leads to the biggest misconception about the relationship, age play. The babygirl is not pretending to be a young child, she is simply behaving as a child might, there is no age given. A babygirl can be any age, it’s the state of mind that drives her. She may want to color in a coloring book, be given a bath or read a story. Sometime it is just a temporary need to retreat to a more carefree mental attitude. The Daddy is responsible for meeting her needs when she is in this headspace. He will take total control and make sure that her needs and desires are met. The Daddy is also responsible for her discipline, as well as rewarding her for good behavior. This is another BDSM aspect of the relationship.

Another popular misconception is that the relationship is incestious. Because of the title Daddy, many think of this role as that of the father and the babygirl being the daughter. Typically, that is not the case, however; as states earlier, there are those who choose to roleplay that particular relationship, but it is not the norm. The Daddy is a father-like figure, but not the father. He is still her husband, boyfriend or Dom. The Daddy is her caregiver, her lover and her disciplinarian and in many cases gets to know his babygirl on a deeper, more intimate level than what most relationships allow.

As with any relationship there is, of course, a sexual component and within the umbrella of BDSM this can and often does involve bondage, sadism, masochism and the aforementioned whips, chains, and cuffs. Again, every relationship is different, tailored to the couple involved  and no two are the same. But it is the use of such devices and toys that will deepen and strengthen a relationship. The deep trust a babygirl, or submissive, must place into her Daddy or Dom in order for her to consensually submit herself to him and allow him to use these devices and toys, trusting that he knows what he is doing, is what brings about the unsurpassed intimacy of a BDSM relationship.

Just as important as the sexual encounter can be, so is the time taken afterwards to make sure that the babygirl or sub is okay both mentally and physically. This is called aftercare and is a vital part of the experience. This is time taken to mend any wounds, comfort and calm. This reinforces the bond between the two and deepens the relationship further.

Any BDSM relationship can be complicated, involved and satisfying but, and this is my own opinion, the relationship between a Daddy Dom and his babygirl is a special one. It’s a deeply trusting, inconceivably intimate and extremely loving one. Most people find love, at least once in their lives, but few will ever know the tight bond that develops between a Daddy and his babygirl.

If you are interested in learning more about this lifestyle, I strongly suggest you visit the Babygirl Skygarden or Omega D/s library.

Additional Information
OMEGA D/s library
Group: !Omega

Babygirl Skygarden

Group:  .:BabyGirlsSkyGarden:.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

GeekSpeak – if you were a billionaire which science projects would you support? Join the discussion June 9th at 12pm SLT

Imagine that you have suddenly become a billionaire.  You buy yourself a yacht, a castle, a Lamborghini, presents for all your friends and the most expensive hairstyle imaginable.  Now what? 

Now of course you want to help your fellow humans.  The best way to do that is to fund science projects but there are so many to choose from.  Which will it be?  You could fund medical research and find cures for malaria or Alzheimer’s or any of the other diseases that kill so many people.  You could fund climate research or space travel or robotics.  Maybe you could find a new source of energy.

Do you have a secret dream of a discovery that will change the world?  Come to GeekSpeak and tell us about it.

Join the boardroom in the executive science council 😊

IM Vulcan Viper if you have any ideas for new subjects.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Polyamory; Free Love in a New Age

Polyamory is a lifestyle which consists of trust and personal freedom. Without those traits, this lifestyle would seize to exist.
In Second Life true Poly couples are hard to find. They do not scout the grid for random sexual encounters and one night stands, or approach just anyone to enter their beds.  In fact, sex isn’t really the main agenda. Seeking like-minded individuals is the goal but it can be a challenge.

 Most people are into a traditional or even non traditional monogamous relationship, yet cheating and jealousy seem to create the most issues for them. Have you ever wondered why people cheat on their partners, even if they love them? In fact, 50% of marriages fail today. It isn’t always because of financial reasons, inability to fight fair, control, abuse, or other things that cause damage to a union.  Quite frankly, it is because people changed.  Boredom and or new found independence makes people seek something new to stimulate them.  That goes for anything from new hobbies, jobs, movies, books, cars, houses, change of environment, personal style, a new haircut- just about anything.
Keeping things fresh and exciting in a relationship is important but even then, some people just want or need new experiences.  This has only intensified through the years thanks to internet and social media. We all have the ability to find those special interests we don’t find in our local community or in our own home.
Why do you think   more people are choosing a Poly Lifestyle?
The answer is simple. Humans were not born with a limit on whom they fall in love with or who they become attracted to when they begin to experience attraction.  Manmade rules are what govern how we should commit to others and even act.  Just like government and religion was created to contain some form of civilization and order. There has to be a way to contain the madness right?

With scandals in the church and government getting out of control, it lessens the respect people have for order. Social norms, a belief system, upbringing and other environmental contributors are factors which form how we perceive things should be in our lives.
 But is that how it should be in this day and age? It seems those who chose their own path are seen as different or rebels. Why can’t people just see it as individualism?
 We are all different.  How can we all fit the same mold of what society THINKS is “normal”?  We all have our own needs, wants and desires. How can they all be fulfilled by one person or even put into one set of rules for all to abide by?

Many go through life thinking they are happy with the person they chose to be with. Others settle even further. Some are unhappy but don’t know how to express what they really want or are afraid of what others will think of them if they decide on a certain lifestyle or even express their inner desires.
 What truly makes a person happy? Or should the word be content?  Should a person settle and just go through life secretly thinking about what they really want?
How is that living?
Or worse yet, looking back at life wishing they would have made different decisions when it is too late. Nobody wants to live their golden years with regrets and missed opportunities for a better quality of life.

Those who practice poly believe that everyone has the right to be free to find their own happiness. They support each other, love unconditionally without judgment and for the most part feel more fulfilled in their own lives.
 It doesn’t mean polyamorists love any less. It is quite the opposite. They love more and worry less.  All the issues that can cause a relationship to fall apart such as cheating and jealousy are the least of their worries.  However, some form of communication and agreements need to be put in place to ensure all parties involved understand what they are getting into.

Swingers and Polyamorists should not be confused as the same things. Swingers are couples who agree to swap with other couples, have rules yet they remain loyal to each other. Polyamorists on the other hand can have multiple partners/lovers without restrictions or loyalty to just one.

Imagine living life with the people you choose to love and who love you, without being judged for your preferences. You could love freely and explore your sexuality. That is Poly.
These types of relationships can only become complicated when people are not honest with themselves or others, irresponsible or disrespectful.  For example, participants having unrealistic expectations of partners by creating rules or causing problems, because they want to suddenly become monogamous.  

 In order for this lifestyle to work, everyone involved needs to lay the cards on the table and agree to the freedoms of Polyamorists. If you are unsure, then do not get involved in the lifestyle.

 Safety should be first in the discussion.   By taking the initiative to protect yourself by practicing safe sex is very important to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.  Also, if you are not comfortable with a partner it is best to not engage in situations with them. Do not do things just to make other people happy. Do what makes YOU happy first.
The whole point is being true to yourself and to others about what you want in a Polyamorists lifestyle and being respectful not to impose on others.

People who are quick to judge polyamorists for the lifestyle they choose are usually the biggest hypocrites. No one is perfect and just because you choose a lifestyle that does not fit the norms of someone else, doesn’t make what you do wrong.

It is all about personal preference. The world would be a better place is everyone looked within themselves, rather than looking for faults or reason to judge someone else. The phrase “Mind your own business of it does not directly affect you” comes to mind.
Take a good look around you. Observe the couples you know. Evaluate your own situation and make a decision that best suits what you want out of your life and go for what will enhance your quality of living. Surrounding yourself with people who support and love you for you is what matters the most.

Don’t settle. You only live once. Start by nurturing your personal freedom and if monogamy suits you best- stick with what works for you and your partner.

-J. Fiertze

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The D/S Lifestyle in SL- Interview with Doms, Mistresses and Slaves about the meaning of a D/S Lifestyle – Camury Reporting

D/S is an acronym for Dominance and Submission that are directly related to the practice of sadomasochism and part of BDSM (bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism and masochism). D/S provides fans the possibility of obtaining pleasure through the erotic power exchange, which may or may not involve submission, psychological torture and other means that hold some misconceptions.

The D/S lifestyle for many people who don't understand it- see it as taboo or something "morally wrong". However, talking to some people practicing D/s in second life, I realized that the vast majority of people who play D/s in second life, do not practice this relationship in their real lives.

Some avatars I interviewed told me that the D/s relationship SL is generally an erotic activity and the sessions are permeated with virtual sex. However, D/S in general is predominantly a source of pleasure and not always all about sex. It involves rules and compliance, which may or may not have sexual overtones. Depending on your agreement, a dominant, for example, may require that his/her submissive is online at specific  SL times.

By default, the practice requires, honor, trust and respect.  These practices are carried out with the mutual consent of the participants, causing them to enjoy the pleasure together.
In a D/s, power is given to the dominant. The submissive must obey, by free will, performing tasks and obeying orders.

Miss Ebbage is a Slave in SL. I asked her about the submission and slave relationship with her owner, and she told me: The Dominator/submissive relationship is based on the pleasure of giving the submissive and to command the dominant. The most important is that the meek are the property of their dominant. The submission does not have the option of serving more than one Dominant unless their dominant specifically instructs you to do this.”

In Second Life, it is common Dominants are addressed with noble titles such as Sir, Lord, Queen, master, owner, among other titles chosen by the dom. Submissive individuals can identify themselves in several ways from the most humble being a servant, slave or even sissy is commonplace for those who like to be humiliated.

Mr. Colossus is a Master in SL. I asked him about how it is as a master, and he told me: “The master is the dominator.  One way of expressing D/S relationships in-world is the use of a collar that is belonging to the Top (Dominator or Dominatrix) concerning its use to submissive. When receive the collar, the submissive must honor its owner and the teachings that his owner gave him during the so-called period of training”. The use of collar is widespread in second life, even among couples who claim not to use other practices of the D / S relationship.

Miss Visconti is Mistress in SL. I asked her about the D/S relationship, and she told me: In a D/S relationship, the dominant imposes rules to submissive avatar. If the rules are not followed there will be punishment. The Spanking is a form of punishment, which is widespread in second life. In addition to the spanking, other more recreational activities such as petplay, or the use of ropes, sales and gags can be used to humiliate and punish the Submissive. Several devices can be used with the same purpose as objects that simulate physical and sexual torture.”

The relationship D/S should be seen as an erotic game for adults where the submissive  individual is controlled in detail, from the clothes he/she wears to the things he or she says and does during the game.

 After the conversations I had with the supporters of this practice in the second life, I discovered that many people come into play D/S are curious.  But in general, are little lasting relationships that dissolve quickly, as soon as one party is tired of the "game".

My conclusion is that there are few who take the D/s relationship seriously. The vast majority consider it an erotic game and just one among so many other ways to have fun in Second Life.

What are your thoughts on D/s in Second life? Share your comment below.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

From BDSM Exploration to Becoming a Mistress- Becca Drascol Reporting…

When you think BDSM you think hardcore, whips and chains, and a strict Mistress or Master. Don’t you? Well not with this girl.  It was around a year ago when my real life husband and I decided to explore BDSM within our real life marriage as well as in our SL.  Now to best explain how one goes from exploring BDSM to becoming a mistress, I must first relate that my hubby and I are currently living apart but are happily married.  In our separation from each other we chose to revisit playing second life as a way to be closer to each other.  We began to explore the things we liked about BDSM and took those experiences quickly to SL.  It was around this time that my hubby brought up the idea of me being a mistress.  Taking on pets and not slaves.  Slaves being more common in most Domme/Sub relationships.  After a lot of discussion I was quite enthused and aroused by the idea.  I found in our personal exploration that I quite enjoyed the control aspect of domination.  I too enjoyed the type of adoration and love I was receiving from my own husband via our Sub/Domme relationship.  It was very much so not only a new but exciting experience to live, to be called his queen, his mistress and other pet names a sub has for their dominant.  To say the least I was hooked. 

Our love and adoration of each other was always and still is a very strong bond.  And yet I feel we were quick to find a rush of sorts in becoming new roles to one another.  We began to live our day to day lives with my husband as my pet, me, his mistress.  It started slow, as role plays and learning what we wanted to do and try.  Learning about BDSM in general as well.  Then we began to branch out and to visit SIMS that were of the BDSM nature.  I had changed my display name to “Mistress Sex Kitten,” a loving pet name from my husband.  And with that small seemingly unimportant change, I was viewed differently within SL.  Those who were deep into their roles as subs would automatically show me a respect that comes with that title of “mistress.”  Some would kneel, others would simply be close and take the time to either admire me, or to message me and say something simple but respectful.  This was of course an upside to this new title I had chosen.  And for a very long while within the first few months or more there was only one small downside I had found to being a mistress within second life.  That being the constant requests to take someone as my slave after only a, “Hello. How are ya?”

Okay so there were some things to feel were nagging and even some that were lacking.  Then we come to what was lacking.  True that my husband and I were indeed exploring our relationship as sub/Domme outside of SL, we had not fully explored it within SL. I did want subs, but not in the form of what I felt was not a good mix for me of a slave and myself mistress, but instead a closer more loving bond of pet and mistress.  A pet being someone I could get to know, care about even.  Be loving and kind with while still within the roles of sub/Domme.  Needless to say my searching was a harder effort than it would seem it needed to be.

I had allowed some to become my pet.  I had explained that I myself was a mistress like no other they would meet and the role they would take on as my pet.  And thus I opened a new part of SL and began to explore this, with my hubby at my side ever so adoringly.  However for each that I took on as pet, each became unhappy for their own reasons.  A part of me felt I had failed.  I felt that perhaps I should have left this “being a mistress,” unexplored within SL.  That perhaps being the softer, loving Domme, I did not fit in and therefore, was making my pets run.  What was a girl to do? I still wished to be Domme, and to have pets.  I still longed to explore all that hubby and I had discussed.  But with no pets I felt lost and even got to the point of being sidetracked to other ventures.

A mistress with no pet, was what?  A girl with a title.  Simply put yes.  I still got the respect of subs as a mistress, still received requests to be someone’s Domme, yes.   For a while I took none on. I was truly discouraged.  Then one day during our role plays, I said to my husband, “Why not be my pet in SL?” His reply wasn’t what one would think.  “I guess so.”  It wasn’t that he did not wish to be my pet.  He wasn’t being defiant as my sub.  I think the idea had not quite set in yet.  We talked.  And after a very open conversation we had come to the conclusion to be one of many things to each other in SL.  And now…him my pet.  This in-world sub/Domme relationship has only heightened our bond, perhaps even strengthened our marriage.

We continue to explore new places that happen to be a BDSM haunt so to speak.  I still have many requests to be the mistress of others.  But this is my story of becoming his mistress and exploring my path to learning as a mistress.  I no longer feel I failed as a mistress, or am a misfit in this world of BDSM.  I have obtained my own comfort amongst this lifestyle and with it my own respect of becoming who I am.