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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

How to Create a Press Release that gets results! Here's some FREE Exposure on Us!

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 The who, what, where, when about the event/service/product/location. This information should be between  450-  1000 words)
The average blog readers like their information quick and to the point!

* LM, SLURL(s), Urls, social networks and preferred contact info.

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Charities in Second Life
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Monday, May 29, 2017

GizzA - Fever Sequin Mini Dresses

THE party dress for those aren't afraid to shine!
GizzA - Fever Sequin Mini Dresses will bring out your inner Disco Queen with its fun design and eye catching belted back straps.Glitzy and Glam colors are ready and waiting for you to slip them on and dance the night away! Sold separate are matching boots, also in red and purple.

Sunday, May 28, 2017


Many men are interested in joining the mesh revolution and investing in one of the bodies that the market offers. If you are one of those people who have not yet invested in a mesh body, but want to buy one, we hope to help you with that decision, with basic information about Second Life's most popular mesh bodies.

SLink Physique – Male
The Body Slink is much appreciated by men who want a slim shape. This body fits pattern knit very well and it is not necessary to make many adjustments, not form for a decent look. The body sliders are very good, which means that it is possible to increase the muscles, etc, without deforming the body. The body is compatible with Omega, which expands as possibilities of applicators for skins and tattoos.

It is necessary to buy hands (which have already been updated for Bento) and slink feet separately, which can discourage the laziest. The body comes with "male parts" (not functional), this facilitates to undress the clothes without worrying about putting an attachment. The Alpha cuts are detailed enough to allow wearing most knit clothing. The body also fits with most knit heads, perfectly.

Resuming, Slink is a practical body if you plan to use your existing, well-constructed mesh closet, for your applier, and nice looking needs.

Cost - L$1.250,00

Includes – Fitmesh Body, applier shorts, fitmesh boxer shorts and fitmesh tank top and jeans

TMP – Men’s Body
The TMP body is shapely, sexy is ideal for those who like a sturdier body with more muscles. I see a lot of this body, circling SL beaches. This body is sold in the versions: free, starter, basic and deluxe. I recommend starting with the free version and playing around with it for a while before deciding to go for other versions. All versions feature 32 well-detailed skin tones to choose from, but you need to purchase Deluxe Body to get Alpha HUD, and you'll need that HUD to wear clothes, believe me! This body is built with its skeleton somewhat different from the system skeleton, which makes it difficult to adjust standard knit trousers. The body is not compatible with slink hands and there is no update forecast for Bento hands.
TMP provides a developer kit for other designers, so, more and more, you will find fitmesh in the market for this article. Clothing layers are available in the Basic and Deluxe bodies, but are not compatible with the OMEGA system. The body has trouble adjusting mesh heads from other stores and you will have to struggle to adjust the neck line unless you purchase the TMP mesh head. The body does not come with the "male parts" but the aeros men's set perfectly.

And why "The Shops" set up their shopping system like they did, I have no idea ... it's a bit daunting but do not give up if this is the body you want!
TMP Mesh Body

Cost – L$ 5.000,00 ( Deluxe body)

Includes – Fitmesh Body, hands, feet and fitmesh boxer shorts.

Signature – Gianni
Men are loving this body muscularly, but not excessively. This body is compatible with standard size clothing and classic fitmesh, and there is plenty of fitmesh available in the market for this body. The body comes with some great skintones and there are signature applicators available in some stores to help you find the perfect skin. The body was upgraded to bento hands. The feet have alpha cuts on them to hide the feet and there is a medium foot, very useful for unmanned shoes and some men's boots. The alpha HUD is a bit difficult to see with tiny slices. HUD has the ability to send you updates, which is a great time saver.
Signature – Gianni
Cost – L$3.500,00
Includes – Fitmesh Body, hands, feet & HUD

Niramyth – Aesthetic
This is the ideal body for those who want a muscular avatar. The body and the skins are really detailed, with hairs, eyebrows and other detailed options. The body includes Fitmesh Body, Mesh Head, 5 shapes and an AO. In the last update, Bento mesh head and Bento mesh hands with 18 hand poses were added.
The Body will not fit in most standard size clothing but Designer kits are available and there are different designers currently working on knit garments and footwear for this body.
The Body has a Alpha Hud friendly and HUD RGB that helps adjust the skin tone. To look different, you can invest a little more and buy one of the various skin applicators that are already available in the market for this body.
Cost – L$2.799,00
includes – Fitmesh Body, Mesh Head, 5 shapes and an AO

Tellaq – Broderick
This is another muscular body, much appreciated by men in SL. This body includes: Mesh Head, Body (fitted and normal mesh versions), HUD, Shapes, Fitted Mesh outfits, Eyes and a variety of skin tones. Body hair is optional and can be easily removed and placed.
This body is easy to use and understand and the package comes with some clothes including two knit jeans, two knit cardigans, boxer, etc, all with HUDS color. Having clothes in the hud is a great plus for those who are lazy to shop.
This body does not have an alpha HUD and available alpha selections are designed to suit the clothing included with the body. This makes it difficult to find normal-knit clothing that fits this body.

Cost – L$2.400,00
Includes –  Mesh Head, Body (fitted and normal mesh versions), HUD, Shapes, Fitted Mesh outfits, Eyes and skin tones.

Remember to pick up the DEMO before you choose!

Saturday, May 27, 2017

NIC- The People Behind the Government-Nomad Aries reporting...

  NIC is a company that designs, implements, streamlines and manages electronic business solutions for local, state and the federal governments of the United States of America. The CEO and chairman of the board is Harry Herington.  NIC describes their business as that of public servants because they enable governments to be more accessible and user friendly to their constituents.  NIC's  slogan is “ Making Good Governments Better”.

 Often, the complaints about government processes are;  they are too slow, tedious , generate reams of paperwork and are too complicated for the average person to negotiate.  NIC aims to streamline government processes to reduce wait times, travel to different agencies, time constrictions, reduction in  volumes of paperwork and make business with the government more user friendly and accessible.
Everyone in business knows time is money and streamlining these processes saves money for the government and the people. NIC does not use public money or money generated by taxes to provide any of their solutions, it is a private company that was listed in Forbes magazine as one of the top 100 successful small businesses in 2014.
 Technology has changed the way people and businesses act with government agencies. NIC has taken advantage of technology by integrating government processes so anyone can access government portals from their computer or phone in real time. 
One example of the type of integration of government forms can be found in the Arkansas Scholarship portal.  A person can use their computer to access the portal and once there, they will be prompted to enter certain information about their qualifications. After entering the information the site brings up all scholarships that match the information and gives you only the ones you qualify for. You do not have to be tech savvy to use the portals, they are user friendly.  Arkansas has found that more people can attend college because they now can easily access the scholarship programs that apply to their particular needs.

How Do the Use of the Government Portals Improve the Average Person's Business with Government?

  Through government portals a person can access their local, state or federal governments. All someone has to do is enter the information they need into a search bar or click on a topic. You will be directed to the web page and you can begin entering your information, depending on your need, you will be able to ; fill out government forms,register to vote in an election,  pay property taxes, pay traffic fines, car tag fees and even fill out the required documents to start a new business.

The new business start up page is a Onestop application that combines all the different forms from the five agencies needed and you can pay the fees right away.  Onestop has reduced the wait times for new business approval from a ten week waiting period , down to two days. Utah, has a wizard approach on their new business app that recognizes the key forms necessary for certain businesses so it will bring up all the necessary forms to be filled out. New businesses generate income for the state and hire workers. Making it easier to start new businesses has helped boost local and state economies.

 The list of available services will vary from state to state . All are available online but currently only some are available on mobile application to your phone.  NIC is working to get all apps available on all phones in the future and applications , once available are free. 

  In the state of Indiana , Law Enforcement is using an app for temporary plates on vehicles. In the past, there was no way for an officer to know from the temporary plate on a vehicle, if it was stolen from a dealership or involved in any crime.  With the Temporary Plate Check App they are able to access all information on the vehicle with the temporary plates and know if they are approaching a dangerous situation.  All officers in Indiana are equipped with a laptop inside their vehicles.

There is also a mobile bus safety inspection application available to police officers.  An officer can inspect buses transporting school children.  Should an officer find an infraction they report it with the application and also check to make sure the repair has been made. This has resulted in fewer buses breaking down and buses are being repaired more quickly ensuring greater safety for school children.

NIC in SecondLife

NIC is located in SecondLife at NIC - .
 The sim is comprised of three main buildings; The Corporate Head Quarters, The Hall of States and the Innovation Building. 

  Corporate Headquarters
In this building you will find the Lobby ,The auditorium , gift shop and corporate offices. The auditorium is used for shareholder meetings and company meetings. The offices are for sales and monitoring state portals.  The building resembles the NIC building in real life.

The Hall of States

The Hall of States is where you can find the portals.  Inside this building there are huge interactive maps of the United States and on those maps are the states.  You can click on a state and your web browser will open to that State's webpage.  The webpage will either be a search bar asking what you wish to find or tabs to click on to , for instance, pay a property tax bill or get tags for your vehicle. It will prompt you as to what county you reside in .  You can also pay traffic fines from these portals.
As previously mentioned ,the services available depend on the state .You can apply for hunting licenses in states like Arkansas and Mississippi and regardless of all the forms needed you only have to fill out the information once.

Is it Safe to use the online portals for money transactions?
 Yes it is as safe as it can be. NIC handles government money and accounts, for this reason they have a full department of accountants and lawyers to constantly check transactions. They are trained to look for fraud or scams and monitor sites constantly. When a portal is set up for an agency this team makes sure payments can be made across multiple channels, build custom check out pages, and check to make sure all portals are in compliance with convenience rules, security and the PCI council and report refunds and chargebacks.

Through these portals you can also see where money has been allotted through the state budget -where and how your tax dollars are being spent.
There is also another portal where you can click on any state and it will give you the population of that state. 

The Innovation Building

The Innovation building is where the “next best thing” is produced.  It is a place where like minded creative thinkers come up with the next application and how to apply it across all media.  This is where the bugs get fixed and all apps must work in all media before they are adopted and put into practice at NIC.
 Inside this building are conference rooms, group huddles and labs to discuss and test new information.
This is a recreation of the real life group in production at NIC. These are the people who come up with a way to integrate more features into their existing apps along with new ones to reach more people .  Essentially NIC is doing on SL exactly what they do in real life and all other media . NIC using all media , facebook, twitter and youtube for all their apps.  The virtual world is just another medium that NIC is using to make government more accessible to more people at all age ranges. 

Friday, May 26, 2017

Free, Free, Free!–Camury Reporting

Are there great quality mesh feebies out there?

In Second Life, people spend a lot of time and lindens to make their avatar look nice. In the absence of L $ we must resort to free things that we can get Inworld, known as freebies, group gifts, dollarbies, luck letters, lucky chairs, etc.

In Second Life there are hundreds of stores where you can get items for free. They are places that increase the flow of visitors and popularity distribute gifts of all kinds. And you can find many quality mesh products, believe me!

There are many websites on the internet that you can visit and get information on all the free products available inworld:

When you log inWorld, you can also search by groups and places using the words "Freebies", "Camping", "Midnight Mania Board" and "Lucky Chairs".  Join these groups and meet other people who help each other in publicizing these "freebies".

Many stores offer group gifts in mesh, of excellent quality. We'll suggest some stores where you can get quality mesh clothes that will give your avatar a cool look.

By joining the Gizza store group, you can pick up the lot of gifts in the store's garden. They are party dresses and casual clothes for men and women, in mesh, of excellent quality. The group is free to join.

Beautiful dresses await you in the Azul shop. They are party dresses, cocktail dresses and casual clothes for women. To get these clothes, in mesh, of excellent quality, just join the group that is free!

American bazaar
The American bazaar store offers members of the group monthly beautiful gifts for men and women. In the back of the Lodge you will also find stands of excellent quality clothes, for 10 Lindens, for both sexes.

The Coco store has a very special little corner with group gifts for women. They are pants, sweaters, dresses and casual clothes, in mesh of excellent quality. The group is free to join!


There is a huge variety of quality group gifts, waiting for you at the Gabriel Store. They are clothes and accessories for men and women. You can choose the gifts you want to pick up at the booth that is just inside the store entrance.

How To Grab Your Gift!

·         To get the gifts from the groups, you must go in each of the stores and click on the group membership card. Generally speaking, these plates are well in the entrance of the stores;
·         Pay attention! Adhesion to store groups, presented in this article, is free but other stores may charge membership fee;
·         You need to have your group tag in SL inworld activated to pick up the group gifts and then just click on the chosen gifts to get them;
·         Follow the warnings of inworld groups as these stores always offer new gifts.

There are a wide variety of freebies waiting for you while you are visiting the shops. Grab yours!

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Unmasking A Cure Relay For Life Team (#38)  presents the Third Annual Medieval Faire, beginning May 19 - June 19, 2017.  The faire, similar to a real world 'Ren - Faire', offers medieval tournaments in jousting, en garde, sword melee, magic, archery, and horse racing. There are over 50 merchants participating.  They are supporting Relay For Life with items that will be sold for 100% profit to Relay.  On the entertainment front a dozen live performers and many djs are all donating their time, talent and treasure to Relay For Life. Don't miss this exciting month long event; try your hand at all the sports, find that perfect outfit or decor item, enjoy live musicians and dj sets! For more information click here!

teleport :

URGENT NEWS: OZIMAL'S CLOSING -How are Breeders/Merchants and Owners Coping? Nomad Aries reporting...


   On May 17th ,2017  Ozimals closed it's doors and shut down all services to Pufflings and Bunnies.
The closing is due to an ongoing legal issue that has continued for seven years. A Cease and Desist Order was delivered to Malkavyn Eldritch on May 15th, 2017.   Malkavyn sent out a notice and offered free eternal timepieces and other “goodies” so people could keep their bunnies with them after the servers went down. The Pufflings  were not so lucky, there was nothing to save them.

Lanai consuling hysterical bunnies

If you are not familiar with Ozimals, what this means for the bunnies after the servers are down is; the bunnies will not be able to eat and enter into a hibernation state, in other words shut down and sleep forever.  As stated ,Pufflings ceased to function as soon as the servers went down. Bunnies who are Everlasting will continue to function as usual. Bunnies with the Eternal Timepieces will also be able to function without cost . The drawback is that the Bunnies are now sterile.  Bunnies who are not Everlasting will cease to function and enter into hibernation. 

 While this effort was generous, it has still left many owners, breeders and merchants with little consolation and very big losses.

 Touring around various locations where Ozimals are sold, bred and more importantly, owned, one begins to understand the scope of this action.  This has effected a large number of SL residents who have spent enormous amounts of money on stock, food, accessories and housing for their Ozimals and countless time in caring and monitoring them. The emotional cost cannot be measured in Lindens nor money, just as in RL, our pets are not just dogs or cats to us , neither were the Ozimal Pufflings and Bunnies to those who avidly cared for them. 

Staicy Halsey

  One visit I made was to Purple Rain Breedables owned and operated by Staicy Halsey.  It is a beautiful place and Staicy has many animals all very well cared for.  Staicy was kind enough to answer some questions regarding her Ozimals, what follows is her answers to my questions;

How does this event affect Breeders, Merchants and Owners on SL?

Staicy :” This effects us a lot mostly in our hearts . When I got the news I cried and felt devastated  and I still am. We all miss the bunny/Puffling game a lot. Stores are empty and lands are gone.”

Has any long term solution been brought forth or any indication that should legal issues be resolved in the future, that all owners can "wake" or revive their bunnies .?

   Staicy : Well, we all keep the nest in our inventory , so if this would be resolved in the future I don't think it will be a problem to wake them up , but I'm not 100% sure of that.
And for now we got a big pack from Ozimals with goodies to save the bunnies , you can make them a forever pet for free but your bunny will not be able to breed anymore .

 Is there still a market for collectors or people who simply love their Ozimal rabbits?  Can they trade or sell what they have to others ?

Staicy : “Yes there is a new group its called For The Love Of Oz .
A group for the remaining lovers of Ozimals Bunnies and Pufflings - intending to support each other and deal with the loss of Ozimals as we move forward. ♥ “

Pixel Ghost

 The losses from Ozimals are widespread and have left some people with more questions than answers and they feel worried for other stock they have .  As Pixel Ghost ( Pixel Pets Market) explained  there is little protection it seems, for breedable owners in general. 

“I am devastated by the loss of my bunnies and my Pufflings™. I will never do any other breedable animal in the virtual world of Second Life. I invested most of my SL with my bunnies and puffies. I had friends in the community who bred both of these virtual pets. I have thousands of nests and eggs that will now be placed in boxes just in case. But, I know they won't ever be back. And, if they were, I wouldn't be involved in them again.”

 “I am extremely angry with the coder who sued Ozimals as well as with the texture artist who had attorneys issue the Cease and Desist order against Ozimals. Those two people had no concern or consideration for how their actions affected the community as a whole with regard to the end user. They care only about their profit margin. The entire community plans to boycott them and anything they touch in SL. I have contacted my Senator and Congressmen and encouraged others to do so because the texture artist is from Canada and she is sometimes paid by my USA government for 3D projects in SL. I'm sure we have wonderful 3D artists in the United States so there is no need to go outside our country for it.”

 “While I will not do another breedable animal, my friends are concerned about other breedables. If this could happen to bunnies and pufflings, then it could happen to any breedable. What if KittyCats' owner decides to close her servers. What if Fawns' owners tires of their "game." Who protects their communities from financial and emotional loss? No one protects the end user in any virtual game.”

 “For me, this new attitude extends to the VR World of SL and to everything on the Internet. With the flip of a switch on a server it can all end in the blink of an eye. It's not worth it anymore to even be in this world. I am kindling all my bunnies and boxing them by fur type in case someone still wants to collect them. But, absolutely nothing can be done to save our Pufflings™ even though we paid L$1150 to perpetuate many of them. They are totally worthless.”

 “The bunnies will hibernate only if the owner did not make it to the shop to get the free box of tools to save them". 

 I am incredibly sad. I got bunnies on my Father's birthday one year after he died and 2 weeks after my only sister died. The bunnies helped me heal emotionally from my grief while I finished nursing school. I miss them. I am lost in SL. It's all I ever did for the past seven years. They are just pixels to many but so much more to those who cared for them.”

“I pay LL for a full sim tier because I needed the prims for my bunnies/puffies. I no longer need it. I spent an additional $100 USD a month on virtual food. This will hurt the SL Market in addition to breeders. But, for the breeders it is an emotional loss; not just a financial loss.”
 for a look at Pixel Ghost's Pufflings -


 Even the most pragmatic of dealers in the Ozimal world acknowleges the real loss and anger from the sudden end  of  breedables.  Giada Visconti owner of “ LIL BUNNY PATCH and PETS! “ ,
says when asked how merchants are dealing with events

 “  Cope....this is not the end of the world or my life existed outside of Ozimals and it will continue to do so...I think it sucks that we have invested so much money into it and now...all is wasted...You would think that someone that starts a business would make sure to have all copyrights straight for a product for which they are makes me mad is all.”

There have been other issues in the past with some breedables . With the closing of Ozimals in SL, the fall out has far reaching effects.,both in the real world and the virtual world.   The people who bred, sold and owned Ozimals are left wondering about the future of the stock they own at the moment and where that will lead in the future . They don't know if there is a future.  Some of these breeders and merchants have stock from other companies and this issue with Ozimals is raising some real questions about the future of breedables on SL. Pixel Ghost asked some important questions about the financial losses and risks breedable groups face.  There seems no protection for the customer and no recourse in an event like this one. 

 The fact that these people , Staicy Halsey, Pixel Ghost and Giada Visconti, still reeling from the whirlwind of events, took the time to speak with this reporter and answer my questions, says an enormous amount about the heart of the Ozimal community.

 For information on the legal issues regarding Ozimals :

 Inara Pey's -Living in the Modern World

Press Release of the Legal Issues

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The Last Forever -Nomad Aries reporting

 The Last Forever is a new sim, completed March 29th, 2017 by Kraftwork (Nodnol Jameson and Oobleck Allagash) also creators of the sim West of the Rain, along with a very creative team consisting of;  Kai Mannequin, Brooke Barmy, Rooky Yootz ,Triin. Misty and Jack Hanby.   The Last Forever is actually the recreation of the real life town of  Marfa. located in west Texas  U.S.A., on the Chihuahuan Desert plateau. It is a small ranching town and trendy tourist destination with a present day population of  2,316 . 

The real life Marfa has quite a few famous and popular spots such as  the mystery lights of Marfa, and the fact that it was used as the location for the 1956 movie classic Giant , starring Elizabeth Taylor , Rock Hudson and James Dean.  Marfa was also used as a U.S. military base during World War two and many of the buildings are former army buildings.  Marfa is also a great fashion and shopping place , it even has a Prada store.  This Prada location though, is not a working store and is actually an art instalment. You can gaze through the window at the purses and shoes but the door does not actually work .  At any other place this would be an oddity , but in Marfa it just seems to fit. 

The main reason that Marfa is an important destination is because it is the home of the Chinati Foundation and the Judd Foundation.  For anyone who has ever studied art , they will know the name of Donald Judd. 

Donald Judd

 Donald Judd is one of the most influential and famous minimalist American artists of the 20th century(1928 to 1994).   Although Donald disavowed minimalism, saying he sought autonomy and clarity for the constructed object and the space created by it, ultimately achieving a rigorously democratic presentation without compositional hierarchy” he later wrote volumes supporting minimalism and is largely associated with it.
Donald Judd started out in NYC creating works that spread from floor to ceiling then all five floors of his building.  In the 1970's Judd  moved to Marfa, rented a house and began large scale works .  Later , Judd bought a ranch just outside Marfa and continued to build massive structures. Judd's works were done in metal, concrete, plexiglass and wood. 

Donald Judd wrote, taught and lectured in the U.S. , Europe and Asia.  In his later years , he produced furniture that was purely functional .  At first glance, it reminds one of  Asian design or Scandinavian design. 

Today the Judd Foundation in Marfa is the home to many of Judd's works as well as other artists and is one of the main reasons people visit.

SecondLife Marfa

  Arriving in Marfa SL. after the dust settles, proves to be an astonishing moment . It is Marfa.  A small desert town with cracked pavement, tumbleweeds and surrounded by desert and mountains.  There are scrub bushes, cacti and wind bent trees.  The town buildings  are a mixture of new buildings and refurbished army ones.  Right away ,some of the more famous buildings stand out, The Marfa Contemporary Gallery , Building 98 (also known as the Ballroom), The Palace movie theatre and even the Food Shark truck (offering free burgers).  
 Walking around the sim I headed towards the open desert plateau and there in plain sight are Donald Judd's Boxes.  Framed against the desert sky and parched earth, they are part of the landscape  of the plateau. 
 There are numerous references to Judd's work in the sim.  Even the furniture ,similar to which Judd designed in the latter part of his career . is for sale on the sim at Kraftwork.

  Over at the Marfa Contemporary Gallery is another exhibit featuring works by Melusina Parkin. The show is titled “ Americana-American Icons in SecondLife”.
 “Americana exhibit aims to show how American pop culture is reflected in Second Life. Since SL is a world made by residents, the choice of things they reproduced in this world looks like a catalogue of that can be called "icons". That includes typical landscapes, historical symbols, daily life objects and places, architectural styles, vintage objects and much more.”

Melusina is the CEO of MEB as well as a multi-talented artist in design, photography and building objects.  She has won various awards for her works and designs, and gives talks on her work in Art Deco.  Melusina is also Chief Editor of Esselle Movie Magazine.  Complete information about Melusina Parkin is given out at the exhibit and it will also provide you with her links to her store and other works .   It is a beautiful exhibit, with many stunning photographs and it is suited to Marfa in its minimalist style.

   Art is everywhere in Marfa and not just in galleries.  There are sculptures on the streets , photographs, paintings, graffiti and even the remnants of old planes and vintage cars.  Absolutely nothing is random, everything is placed in exactly the right way in the exact right spot. The entire sim is a work of art, the desert, the buildings, the streets and the mountains.
It is no surprise that the creators of the sim all have home bases for their stores here .  Kraftwork has a main store in a building that looks remarkably like the Chinati Foundation building . Big Bully and Powder Pack are in equally impressive structures that blend in beautifully with the sim and the streets are named after the creators.  The Last Forever  is an incredible feat of design, art and creativity that pays homage to Donald Judd.  Truly an enjoyable trip through Marfa .