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Monday, May 22, 2017

Whispering Sands Live: Join us this week for the best ♥ LIVE MUSIC ♥ on the grid!

The days of May are dwindling down. Join us this week, (22nd - 28th) for some of the best LIVE MUSIC in SL. As always, this is just a taste of what WSL has to offer this week. For a full schedule please check the website:

Monday ♥
Jack Slade at The Blarney Stone: 2pm - 3pm (Casual)
Essence Bilasimo at Acoustic Cave: 6pm - 7pm (Casual)
Maxx Sabertooth at Nat's Jazz Club: 7pm - 8pm (Formal)
Raven at Twilight Under The Moon: 10pm - 11pm (Casual)

Tuesday ♥
Savannah Rain at Two Moon Paradise: 5pm - 6pm (Casual)
Agatha at Elegant Decadence: 6pm - 7pm (Casual/Nudity Allowed)
Gina Stella at Elegant Decadence: 7pm - 8pm (Casual/Nudity Allowed)
Essence Bilasimo at Live Vibrations: 8pm - 9pm (Casual)
Maximillion Kleene at After Dark: 8pm - 9pm (Casual)

Wednesday ♥
Toxie Darkmatter at Saddle's Canyon Country: 1pm - 2pm (Casual)
AleyKat at Jagged Edge: 4pm - 5pm (Casual)
Savannah Rain at Dolphin Cafe: 7pm - 8pm (Casual)
DirtyDee Sweetwater at SolarWinds: 10pm - 11pm (Casual)
Thursday ♥
AleyKat at Mango Yacht Club: 2pm - 3pm (Casual)
Phi Mayo at The Cellar Jazz Club: 7pm - 8pm (Smart Casual)
Raven at The Peacock Lounge: 8pm - 9pm (Casual)
Savannah Rain at Acoustic Cave: 8pm - 9pm (Casual)

Friday ♥
AleyKat at Branagh's Jazz: 3pm - 4pm (Formal)
Gina Stella at Prim Economy: 6pm - 7pm (Casual)
Liam Wakeman at Seaside Lounge: 6pm - 7pm (Casual)
JimmyT49 at Live Vibrations: 7pm - 8pm (Casual)

Saturday ♥
Agatha at Love Kats: 2pm - 3pm (Casual)
Jack Slade at Holy Ground: 4pm - 5pm (Casual)
Phi Mayo at Savoy Jazz Club: 6pm - 7pm (Formal requested)
Zachh Cale at Key West: 7pm - 8pm (Casual)

Sunday ♥
Jack Slade at Spirit of the Outback: 6am - 7am (Casual)
Greg Kat at The Stage in Nashville: 4pm - 5pm (Casual)
Gina Stella at Seaside Lounge 6pm - 7pm (Casual)
DirtyDee Sweetwater at The Peacock Lounge: 7pm - 8pm (Casual)

Don't forget to grab your friends!! See you at the show!

Contact Jorrdan Jarman for all your SL LIVE MUSIC needs:

GizzA - Thea Embellished Set

With it's subtle Spanish influence, the new GizzA - Thea Embellished Set pairs an eye catching bolero with high waist, belted shorts. In either rich red or lush dark purple, the GizzA - Thea Embellished Set has detailed and intricate embellishments in gold.

Sold separate are matching boots, also in red and purple.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Level Up Round 6 is now open!

Like wine, we are getting better with time! Level Up Round  is amazing. Our designers have some really great items available for you this round. This round is open from 5/16-5/29. Don't miss out on these great creations.


After a few months of working hard, this weekend we release The KiX Aura BDSM Bed.
This bed is packed full of options that every D/s needs.  Did I say D/s?  well we might have a hint of D/s/D/s for you but best you test that out for yourselves.  For this Bonanza Weekend group members can purchase this bed for half price in the main store.

There is more!  Items in the KiX on The Beach range will be half price this weekend too, both in the main store and on the market place.
Want even more?  Oh you lucky people!  We have something special out for you in the 30L$ Saturday too.
Oh ok you can have a cherry on the top.  New group gift to be found in our new ErotiX building next to the main store.

All this starts Friday 26th May and as it's a Bank Holiday here in the UK will last until Midnight slt on Monday

Monday, May 15, 2017

Second Time Around by Lacy Muircastle...

It’s finally done…  This manuscript took a long time to come to fruition but I’ve enjoyed the journey immensely, and I have Lanai Jarrico, she of the SL Enquirer, to thank for its existence.  

Out of curiosity, I joined Second Life, which was back in 2008.  What a mind bend it was.  The learning curve was incredible and coming to terms with the technical aspects of just moving around never mind making the avatar look halfway presentable was daunting.  But I persevered and with time things began to fall into place.

But now what?  I decided that if I were to remain in Second Life that I needed to do something constructive.  In Second Life you can do what you want, be what you want and as a creative platform, the options are many and varied. In 2000 I’d dabbled with the idea of writing, but I filed it away and didn’t think about it again till early 2009.  I’d come across several virtual publications in SL and decided that’s what I wanted to do.  Write.

I applied to two virtual newspapers, one of which I never heard back from and which subsequently closed and the other was the SL Enquirer.  Lanai Jarrico, the CEO, and publisher of SLE gave me a chance and now here I am.  She became a good friend and I will forever be in her debt.  Persia Bravin, another colleague at the SL Enquirer, showed me the ropes and with her encouragement, I was on my way.   

Lanai Jarrico
Back in real life, I came to the conclusion that I’d like to write a book.  Apparently, we all have one in us…  I took an online writing course offered by Get Smarter and facilitated by UCT lecturer Dr Ron Irwin.  Second Time Around was born.  My first draft was, well let’s just say not awfully good and I obviously needed to learn a whole lot more about the craft of writing.  Who knew just how difficult it was to write.

I rewrote my manuscript, several times... and along the way, I connected with All About Writing, run by Richard Beynon and Dr Jo-Anne Richards.  They coached and mentored me, and the final version of the book is the result of that collaboration.

To my friends, Persia, Maxes, Mal, Peny, Dallin, Nigal, Lowell, Craig, Giancarlo and IrishGent amongst others, thank you for being part of my journey.   And to all those avatars I’ve had the honour of interviewing over the years, I have enough material to write several Second Life related books…

Huckleberry Hax
A big thank you goes to Huckleberry Hax for allowing his character, Definitely Thursday, to have a cameo role in this book.  Definitely Thursday is one of the main protagonists from the Second Life based AFK series written by Huckleberry Hax.



Last but not least, thank you to Linden Lab for providing the platform for creativity in a virtual environment and to Philip Rosedale for coming up with the concept in the first place.

Second Time Around by Lacy Muircastle

A 21st Century romance in which virtual life intertwines with real life

Sheridan King had it all and then she didn’t.  Her trust in men irrevocably shattered, or so she thought.

Luke Ashton, accomplished Ad man and artist, surfer and ladies’ man.  His pain and distrust of women run deep.

Having a Second Life© complicates matters even further.  What is real and what is imagined?

Josh Magic and Callista Hancroft

Second Time Around is available on Kindle by Amazon.

Whispering Sands Live: This weeks LIVE MUSIC lineup ♥ May 15th - 21st

Here is a list of just some of the shows WSL has to offer this week.
As always, check the website for a full lineup:

Monday ♥
AleyKat at Ville de Coeur Harbor Square: 1pm - 2pm (Casual) 
GregKat at Club Zydeco: 6pm - 7pm (Casual) 
Liam Wakeman at Live Vibrations: 6pm - 7pm (Casual) 
Maxx Sabertooth at Nat's Jazz Club: 7pm - 8pm (Formal) 
Raven at Twilight Under The Moon: 10pm - 11pm (Casual) 

Tuesday ♥
Savannah Rain at Two Moon Paradise: 5pm - 6pm (Casual) 
DirtyDee Sweetwater at Seaside Lounge: 6pm - 7pm (Casual) 
Essence Bilamiso at Elegant Decadence: 7pm - 8pm (Casual/Nudity Allowed) 
Noma Falta at Live Vibrations: 8pm - 9pm (Casual) 

Wednesday ♥
Phi Mayo at The Waterfront: 5pm - 6pm (Casual)
Quartz at Panorama: 5pm - 6pm (Casual)
Keeba Tammas at Panorama: 6pm - 7pm (Casual)
Toxie Darkmatter at Elegant Decadence: 7pm - 8pm (Casual/Nudity Allowed) Limo:

Thursday ♥
AleyKat at Mango Yacht Club: 2pm - 3pm (Casual)
Maximillion Kleene at Panorama: 4pm - 5pm (Casual)
Agatha at Seaside Lounge: 5pm - 6pm (Casual)
Savannah Rain at Acoustic Cave: 8pm - 9pm (Casual)

Friday ♥
Maximillion Kleene at Creamy's: 2pm - 3pm (Casual)
Toxie Darkmatter at Frisky Beaver Beach Club: 4pm - 5pm (Casual)
Quartz at Love Kats II: 5pm - 6pm (Casual)
Gina Stella at Prim Economy: 6pm - 7pm (Casual)
Jack Slade at Georgia Classic Rock Cafe: 6pm - 7pm (Casual)

Saturday ♥
Quartz at Helle's Angel Music Club and Arts: 1pm - 2pm (Casual)
Phil Setner at Live Vibrations: 3pm - 4pm (Casual)
Savannah Rain at Wildcat Country: 6pm - 7pm (Casual)
Jack Slade at Dirty Rythms: 7pm - 8pm (Casual/Nudity Allowed)

Sunday ♥
Savannah Rain at Imports Wine Bar: 12pm - 1pm (Classy Casual)
Zachh Cale at Seaside Lounge: 4pm - 5pm (Casual)
Essence Bilasimo at The Vault: 6pm - 7pm (Smart Casual)
Raven at The Peacock Lounge: 9pm - 10pm (Casual)

Grab your friends and join us for another week of fantastic LIVE MUSIC performances brought to you by WSL.

For all your SL LIVE MUSIC needs contact Jorrdan Jarman:

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