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Showing posts with label communication. Show all posts

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Relationship Empowerment in SL and Beyond- Join the Discussion Sept. 20th at 8:30 am SLT

Join the discussion at WBH Towers of Invention Down & WBH Theater of Ideas Up

Relationships in Second Life can be confusing and painful...or they can bring new joy and meaning into our lives.  

Positive relationships are one of the major contributors to everyone's well-being. That's why Whole Brain Health is beginning a series of conversations about relationships in Second Life and beyond, facilitated by coaches Jami and Marla Keller (of Invite Inc, a 501c3), with the assistance of Muza Waco.

Communication is trickier than ever these days, especially in SL, so it pays to have clarity about what you want and who you are in each situation you encounter. Join us to find out how you can empower yourself to have more satisfying relationships... with just a little practice.

* retrieved from SL Events

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Embracing Memories of the Other Side by Linda Lauren

I recently moved into a new house, and in my attempts to make it a “home,” I have been transferring boxes that I have had in storage for some forty years! Someone asked me what was in some of the boxes. My reply was “memories,” as that is what I am about. Not nostalgia, but memories of my life and the people who embraced, and continue to embrace, sharing that life with me.

Many of those memories are of family who are long gone, particularly my mother and father. I miss them the most. Memories create a vortex of emotion that can be overwhelming, but important to the messages that have those people into it. Admittedly, keeping those emotions in perspective are difficult, yet they can be ultimately rewarding.

In the case of my new home, it is my mother I sense around me the strongest. It’s as if she has been waiting for this connection to happen for over a decade. Now that it’s here, I can sense her energy in very strong and familiar ways. Most especially, it is the desire to pick up the telephone and speak to her in real time that is the most intensely felt. It is as if she did not die at all. Yes, as a medium I can connect with her in the manner of communication, but this feeling transcends that. With every new or old discovery, I have the immediate reflex to actually believe that she is still alive in this world and that I can share with her all that is transpiring. The spirit does not die with the body, so when we think of the person and experience the body, we are embracing a part of them we remember as still living in this earthly existence.

My clients and friends have all told me that they have touched upon the same sentiments and ask how to deal with them. I have discovered that the way to work with this energy is to fully seize it and focus our attention on the actual communication. Doing that is easier than one might realize:
  • The key to communication of any kind, particularly that of the other side, is meditation. It is the single most important way to open yourself up to the vibration that is expressed from any spiritual connection. 
  • Listening and acting upon these sensations. This will help you feel better about it, so don’t be afraid to reach out to your loved ones who have passed away. They are reaching out to you and what you are experiencing is the intensity of them moving closer to you. 
  • Journal your documentation of this special dialog, as that will enrich your familiarization and enhance your own ability for that special connection.
Remember that your connection is like a telephone, and with practice you can enjoy a rich, rewarding “visit” with loved ones.

When I began to have the familiar “conversation” with my mother, I decided to write down the details of what I wanted to share. That is when I realized that those “memories” have opened up a way to be consoled by her energy. So if this is happening to you, don’t be afraid to act upon it, as it is one of the most healing aspects of communication you can deliver to yourself.

originally posted on 1-13-16 

Monday, March 9, 2015

My Reflection of a Second Life and How we are all Part of the Ripple Effect – Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

The beauty of Second Life may not be understood by people who are not immersed in the culture and get to know others in this virtual community. It is a combination of personalities, cultures and experiences that only the people who spend time in Second Life understand. To some it is just a game. To many others it is a journey of self discovery. Second Life helps people have a voice, go beyond physical limitations and disabilities, share their skills, talents and even make profound connections with people they would have never met in their city, state or even country.  Having the ability to communicate with people from all over the world has fascinated me from the very beginning and I am still amazed by the people I meet today.
  I don’t consider myself an expert in Second Life. I am an elder and with that institutes wisdom. I still bump into walls and struggle hanging pictures on the wall but I do understand the community and how it works. My observation of people and their actions has inspired the majority of my writing. I wonder if my experiences would make a best seller one day.

We each have a story to tell as we branch off into our own interests and journeys.  For me Second Life has been a part of my life for nearly a decade. It grew from an idea I had sharing my experiences as a newbie with my circle of friends in The SIMS Online. I never thought that documenting what was happening around me would go viral and turn into one of the top news sources in Second Life.

The SL Enquirer is a true testament to just how special this virtual world is that I would dedicate years of my life to provide a platform for not only my writers but a bridge of communication between the residents who share the many things that happen here. The positive growth in my personal life has been doing what I love and earning a Bachelor’s degree in Communication & Technology in the process. I have Second Life to thank for inspiring and helping me achieving that goal.

 My journey has not been easy but my achievements have been worth working hard for. I understand the power of media and the role it plays in the lives of others.  At times the pressure of it can be stressful and overwhelming being pulled in different directions and being spread thin. Pleasing people while upsetting others is a hurdle I must get passed often. Sometimes I feel like I am holding a scale and struggling to keep it balanced.

 I had to accept I cannot please everyone and at times I would be faced with difficult people and situations.  In order to survive the demands of my position I had to trust and surround myself with my closest friends for protection and guidance.

 All media sources in Second Life (Not just SLE) play a very important role in the community. Being a leader takes strength and courage. I respect other sources in SL that do what I do. I am sure they can relate to the struggles I face.  We are the record keepers documenting SL history and should be respected for how significant our job really is. I’ve been told I was insignificant before, even a useless individual. Those things can be hurtful to anyone but I know what I do is not useless or insignificant.

Virtual world media in all genres (blogs, in- world magazines, Machinima and radio) provide a window for the real world where anyone with access to the internet can read about us, listen to or watch pieces of our culture.  Fans of our work get to know more about the people that make up Second Life. That is why it is important to remember there is a human being behind ever avatar and our actions will define who we are as individuals. 

None of us are perfect but if we are capable of managing in a virtual world despite the drama and issues we are presented with, we are competent to make choices that do not disrupt other people’s virtual experience. 

 I speak for us all when I say WE are all connected like pieces to a puzzle.  No matter what we contribute to the community our individual actions create a ripple on the grid that can affect others in a positive or negative way. Those emotions may include excitement, happiness, love, lust sadness, angry, confusion and betrayal. Each of these emotions can linger with us even after we log out and into our real world. Sometimes lines get blurred leaving us to deal with new type of emotions not yet fully understood by the psych experts.  In Second Life we all live inside our own heads and meet others from the inside out; most of the time through text communication.  

 Sometimes things get misinterpreted or lost in translation when facial expressions, hand gestures and voice tones are absent. Yet, we have adapted, erased the global lines and barriers that keep us all apart and we have grown as a virtual culture. 

 Together we will continue to exist as long as we all strive for one common goal; survival as a community and not as insolents who cannot handle our own freedom of expression.
As we approach Spring, the season of renewal, let's bring with us a brighter perspective on the world, strive for personal improvements and celebrate life. 

-Lanai Jarrico

Thursday, November 13, 2014

University of Delaware Center for Political Communication- NATIONAL AGENDA 2014

National Agenda 2014 focuses on the battle for control of congress midway through the Obama second term, with some of the biggest and most experienced names in American politics. We span the transition from an earlier era of political strategy to the age when social media can make or break a candidate.

These events are live simulcasts of guest speaker talks and interviews taking place on the UD Campus in Newark Delaware USA.
They are moderated by Ralph Begleiter, Director, Center for Political Communication and former CNN World News Correspondent.
Questions will be taken from the Second Life audience. 

Join us on the following Wednesdays at 4:30 slt.

Coming Up

***   Nov 19 - 4:30 pm    *** 
Post-Election Analysis
David Plouffe and Steve Schmidt return to their alma mater for incisive analysis of the election and their political outlook.

Plouffe is a former White House adviser to President Obama, and helped lead his successful campaigns in 2008 and 2012.
Schmidt is an international political strategist who was John McCain’s campaign manager in 2008. He is Vice President of Edelman, the world’s largest public relations firm.

*********      More information at the website *********

National Agenda is Presented by
Institute for Global Studies,
Department of Communication,
Department of Political Science & International Relations
Center for Political Communication
Moderated by Ralph Begleiter, Director, Center for Political Communication

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Getting Connected with; a new avatar social network available for virtual worlds- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Social Media plays an important role in how many people network and socialize in today’s technological age. It provides a digital place to share information, photo and videos with the masses at the click of a button. 

There are a variety of social networks available across the web that provide a presence for free and can certainly replace the high costs of advertising if you know how to use them. Facebook is the most widely used social media network available today but because of their terms of service, many virtual world residents are finding themselves locked out and unable to expand their following because avatars are not considered “real people”. Some would agree that avatars are not while the business side of virtual worlds disagrees as it hinders their ability to grow their business without this vital social media tool.

Xandria Winterwolf created a social media network that was designed to cater to Avatar not such in Second Life but in virtual worlds as a whole. It provides the same concept as the “real world” social media networks but it is a place where an Avatar name is just as important as a real one. Let’s find out more about

Interview with Xandria Winterwolf

Monday, January 13, 2014

Technology and Communication Techniques within SL – Shaneos Howlett Reporting...

There are a few different types of communication methods one can use within Second Life including  Text Chat, Video Chat and Audio Chat.

 Let‘s take a closer look at some of the utilities used for each communication method.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Another kind of Art: Starting a Conversation- Ccoursey Reporting…

Art is a way of expressing ourselves.  It has been around since cavemen drew pictures of stick people on cave walls or on stone.  Many can agree that not all art is something pretty to look upon.  There is art each of us use every day, with every interaction and with each word we chose.  It is the art of conversation.

 Conversation is something that takes talent to approach someone and start a discussion that could lead to everything or nothing, and the hardest part is that first time.
 Second Life offers an outlet for this communication art.  In Real Life not many of us will walk up to a complete stranger and start chatting away, but SL gives us so many openings to chose from that it is unheard of not to take advantage of open chat.  Have you made a friend on Second Life?  A lover perhaps?  At some time or another there was a first conversation and to make it work there had to be more than a “Hi, how you doin'?” involved.

How to Become a Tech Genius in SL – Shaneos Howlett Reporting

We all know that Second Life is an advanced form of a 3D chat program but how many of us actually know the true full capabilities ?
 Below we will explore some of the features that make SL advanced and a very unique communication platform.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Blurring the Lines Between SL and RL -DoctorKaren Kanto Reporting…

There is, and has always been, a lot of discussion and even argument about the lines and boundaries between "real life" and "second life".

In this short piece, I hope to explore some of the issues involved in this, some of the potential dangers, potential benefits, and, ultimately, answer the question, "Can an SL relationship lead to lasting love?" In this, I am following many other authors who have written great pieces on the subject. This is simply my contribution to the mix.

For the purposes of this discussion, let's start with some definitions. Real Life (RL) is that set of experiences you have while you are alive. Second Life (SL), on the other hand, is a computer network-mediated means of communication and interaction. As such, it is just one of all the various ways you might communicate or interact in your RL. SL is a part of RL. SL IS RL. So those who assert that "this is a REAL person behind my avatar" are quite correct. Up to a point. Not all of RL is "the same thing". To understand SL better, let's look a moment at RL and the concept of multiplicity of personality.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Things You Should Know About Using Social Media and How It Can Affect You -Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Technology has made it easy for people from all over the world to communicate and express themselves in real time with family, friends, co- workers and other sources that you cannot otherwise connect with in local settings. 

 Users pick up new friends fast and easy by common interests, through mutual friends or an association with jobs and other resources.  The important thing in maintaining a successful social media network is by monitoring it for unwanted content and removing those that create negative energy for you and others that can read all the feeds and posts available in your network.  The most important thing to know is, you are in control of your social media and should practice common sense when allowing others into your space because if something goes wrong, you are responsible for it.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Drama - The Good The bad And The Necessary? Jaded Exonar Reporting....

Even the most recent of SL residents can’t escape the reality we label ‘drama’ – But what is it, and why is it there at all? Perhaps most importantly, can we really avoid it?

Second Life is saturated with this phenomenon of ‘drama’,and at times it seems impossible to avoid, even without any personal involvement at all! Confused? I used to be. I can remember very clearly bobbing through a welcome area as a noob, all dressed in my very best (and only) pink dotty dress, my hair tied neatly back into a pony tail, fresh pale skin blinding people in the sunlight. The virtual world was opening up before me, and there it was. BAM. A couple were shouting in Local Chat, and everyone around me slowly began taking sides. That was the moment I began to hobble swiftly and uncomfortably down the road I still try to walk today – The one that leads away from the problem. Has this always worked? In a word, no. But why?