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Showing posts with label shopping. Show all posts

Sunday, October 10, 2021



Some like it posh, and it's here! If you like to shop and looking for quality, then this event can only speak volumes. Here at the Posh Event, we strive to captivate our shoppers with quality products. With the multitude of vendors, you are sure to find something to your liking. Ranging from Sexy, cool to sophisticated shopping events to desire one's needs. "If shopping doesn't make you happy, then you're in the wrong shop" -Mimosa Rose. Poshbarby the owner of Posh Event, has worked hard to give the community of Second Life a fun-filled experience shopping.
Open from the 1st to the 23rd of every month / 12pm SLT.
Be sure to visit the official event site to take in the evolution of classic posh fashion to another level.




Monday, October 4, 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Out Shop Cancer 2021 is Here


The 4th annual Out Shop Cancer event is now open with more than 70 participating stores both in-world and on Marketplace featuring items for men, women, children, animesh Zooby babies, plus home and garden, DFS items and more. New for this year there is a grid-wide hunt along with all of the shopping opportunities. Speaking with Savannah Annamemnon, event co-lead, “Yes, we are very excited about adding the hunt feature to the event. There are so many wonderful things designers have donated, it is definitely time to shop ’til you drop for a great cause.” Additionally, there will be special raffles throughout the month. LumiPro has donated two complete systems to be raffled. The first raffle runs October 1 – 15 and tickets can be purchased at the Out Shop Cancer office. While there you can also pick up the Shopping Directory notecard to plan your shopping excursion. Aside from in-world shopping, shoppers can visit the Second Life Marketplace and use the keywords “Out Shop Cancer” or “Making Strides” to find items on sale with proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. Looking forward to mid-month there will be a Pop-Up Market where many of the participating designers will set out their vendors. The Out Shop Cancer Pop-Up Market will run from October 15 – 31. More details will be coming soon on the location. Out Shop Cancer is a main store and marketplace shopping event and a signature Strides Campaign in Second Life in support of the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer programs and research which started in 2018. Now in its fourth year, the event continues to grow. The goal remains the same – to raise funds for breast cancer research and support while driving traffic to merchant’s places of business. All proceeds from this event go directly to the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer programs and services. It’s important to note that your support is helping! Even though breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide, rates are down 40% in the U.S., meaning 375,900 lives saved from breast cancer. These decreases are believed to be the result of earlier detection through screening and increased awareness, as well as improved treatments.

Office LM/ Hunt Starting point/ Raffles - Website - Facebook - Flickr -

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Halloween Month Long Special for Men and Women!!!

Special only 1 month.. Starting Sept 1st, 2021 to Nov 1st, 2021. A vintage-style Dress for her with a Halloween texture and a men's turtleneck sweater with a Halloween Pumpkin applique on it! It is at the main store!!! We are also having a big sale !! Autumn/Fall sale 20% off all regular priced items.

Slurl - Facebook - Twitter - Flickr - Discord -

Monday, September 20, 2021

WIP Event...September LAST DAYS


Featuring: Accessories, Apparel, Cosmetics, Decor, HUDs, Poses, Shoes
Event Opening Date: September 2, 2021 Event Closing Date: September 22, 2021

More than 60 special designers....special creations...DON"T miss them

⭐Come and get the New Arrivals, Giveaways & Group Gift ♥


Friday, September 17, 2021

PRESS RELEASE: For Immediate Release The Chupacabra Hunt for MSF


The hunt runs: 9/18 9 AM SLT - 10/2 6PM SLT To help make-up for the new gacha policy in SL, we have added a new event! To participate, you'll pay $500 L at the group join sign located here:

100% of fees paid goes directly to MSF. Hunters must wear the group tag to obtain the hunt gifts. Hunters will have a very special friend with them along the hunt, a plushie Chupacabra that is your gift from us for participating.􀀉 A list of stores, gift photos, and a hint will be provided on the website. You have from 9/18 9 AM SLT until 10/2 6PM SLT to hunt down all of your gifts. The hunt list of stores and gift photos can be located here: Group: secondlife:///app/group/38a6dc8b-8e19-7470-c5f5-4e7d72a240ee/about

Taxi: Website: Website:

Thursday, September 9, 2021

WIP Event: September OPEN NOW! Sept 2-Sept 22nd


WIP is a shopping event that takes place from the 2nd to the 22nd monthly.

The essential stop for the most select SL's community.

Our goal is to provide you the latest fashion trends through our awesome participating brands.

Featuring: Accessories, Apparel, Cosmetics, Decor, HUDs, Poses, Shoes
Event Opening Date: September 2, 2021
Event Closing Date: September 22, 2021

More than 60 special designers....special creations...DON"T miss them

⭐Come and get the New Arrivals, Giveaways & Group Gift ♥


Connect with us on

➡️ Facebook

➡️ IG

➡️ Flickr

➡️ Flickr pool

➡️ Join us on Discord

Saturday, September 4, 2021

The Darkness Event September round is open September 5th-28th


The Darkness Event it's open!! We open the new Darkness event, new environment, darker than ever and fashionable as always!!!

Cos everyone has a dark side...come to The Darkness Event and discover yours!!!! Clothes, shoes, hair, shapes, jewels, poses, tattoos, makeup, eyes, nails, piercings, accessories... More designers, more exclusiveness....come and enjoy The Darkness Event.

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Oh! For the love of Bacon! All Gatcha Machines will no longer be permitted in Second Life Beginning September 1st 2021


Linden Labs announced that content sold through Gacha machines will no longer be permitted in Second Life. Starting September 1, 2021, abuse reports can be filed as a gaming policy violation for anyone using gatcha machines to sell content. This comes as a surprise to many involved with Gatcha, especially in the over 2300+ gacha related search results in Second Life. This might be devastating news to the popular shopping events and many arcades in SL that use these machines for their traffic and sales. For those wondering if they can still have Gatcha machines in their stores, vendors are permitted to resell existing Gacha products as long as the buyers know what content they are getting. This includes breaking down the gatcha machines and selling the contents regularly. It’s the sales method that is no longer permitted, not the products themselves.

There are many questions and concerns as residents both agree and disagree with Linden Lab’s decision while Gatcha vendors shuffle to find new ways to engage with shoppers and make sales. 

For more information about policy changes regarding Gacha Machines visit:

Sunday, August 29, 2021

MadCatCreations present an exclusive for ladies


֎֎MadCatCreations Boutique Presents!֎֎

A Fall Sweater and Bra Top in 10 colors or a Fatpack. Only 125LD Each or 599LD for the FatPack
≈ We have Weekly Specials! ≈
♀ Female Mesh Clothes ♂ Male Mesh Clothes Fatpacks and Singles ╬ New stuff Weekly╬
I do Events and Hunts… come check out the Events Board and Hunts Board!!

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Little, Big Designs


   A fun shop where your imagination can roam.  Specializing in Dollhouses & Miniatures~ Handcrafted miniatures ~ 10 LI (prims) or less  All items easily moved around with no loose parts :)



Oldesoul Resident 


Cashew Writer 

Tuesday, August 10, 2021



Jail Event opens its doors for August round with a great selection of brands just for you. Come to Jail Event and enjoy of all the great creations our designers have for all of you!!!!!.

This round we have a great GROUP GIFT by Noveny

This round you also can find in the event the amazing HERACLES BODY by INVICTUS our special sponsor for this amazing round.

Don't miss what our fabulous designers made for you!
The Best Brands for YOU !!!!!!!!!!


Monday, August 9, 2021


One of the Joys of life in the Grid, and especially as a reporter covering  life on the grid, is that I get to travel around and learn about some of the real gems of SecondLife, often tucked away in the most unlikely of locations. It was on just such a day that I found myself in the quaint little village of White Harbor.  The fresh air blowing in from the ocean, the scent of sea heavy in the breeze. Sea Gulls circling about, with their distinctive chatter, and the familiar sounds of wind-whipped halyards, slapping against main masts on dozens of sails boats and watercraft. It was here that I first met Silken Sydney, owner, and curator of White Harbor Gacha, puttering about in her shop, and I was instantly captivated by her story.  She was busily preparing for the arrival of the Ferry, due any minute from City by The Bay, carrying tourists who would descend on the Gacha shops and paw over the treasures there. Sydney graciously agreed to chat with me about her operation, as long as I agreed to help with the dusting.  She handed me a dust rag without further comment on the matter and pointed me toward a shelf of already sparkling Gachas

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB):  So tell me, Sydney. What is a Gacha, anyway? 

Silken Sydney (SS): A Gacha is a Collection of items or an item from a collection that is randomly attained by a game of chance.  In other words, you pay per pull on a machine, much like slots, and get an item from a grouping.  No guarantees what it will be.  You pay to play to get what you want. Items range from common, to uncommon, rare, and Ultra Rare.  Each is harder to get based on its ranking.

JB: So, where are the Gacha machines?  Where do I pay my money and take my chances?  Isn’t there usually a bank of these “slot machines” somewhere?

SS: see, Josh.  That is what makes White Harbor Gacha different.  We take the element of chance out of the purchase.  We have already paid for the “random pulls”.  We have taken the chance out of the game for you, by paying for the random pulls and throw-away prizes.  When we win the good prizes, we display them here and resell them to the customer at a fraction of what they would pay for the same item retail. 

JB: I have seen Gachas advertised in various locations on the grid. Just what is different about your Gacha place from the others out there?

SS: White Harbor is restricted to 9 Shops ONLY.  This helps reduce lag and Vendors are voted in should an opening become available.  We give our shopkeepers their store.  There is no rent and they get 1000 prim to work with.  With no overhead, they stand to make a clear profit but they are also solely responsible for the traffic to their stores.  While I advertise for everyone naturally, they are expected to go above and beyond.  Quality and exclusivity is the goal.

JB: This sounds expensive.  How do you fund the operation?  

SS: White Harbor functions on donations only.  Often the tier is not met but we cover the cost personally.

JB: So then,  where, and how, are your operators expected to advertise?

SS: In order to maintain their status of a storekeeper at the Harbor, each is expected to advertise 4 times a week as well as maintain a cohesiveness to the environment.  There are Gacha groups that they can join and advertise.

JB: Do you do this all by yourself, or do you have business partners?

SS:  Yes and no.  The Land is owned by Benton Torkelsonn who has allowed me to have The Harbor built in order to house the Co-Op Gacha Guild, established just for the Harbor.  The Co-Op consists of 9 people who all get a vote and get input on what they would like to see happen or changes that may come up.  In doing that, I guess you can say they are business partners.

JB: I understand your operators have to sign a covenant?   How is your covenant different?

SS: We are offering more than just a place to rent.  This is a community and its very specific on the level of quality we wish to maintain.  It’s very clear on the expectations, violations and end results.  Everyone is asked to read this before accepting a Shop here.

JB: How many shop owners can you work with? 

SS: There are a total of nine shop owners, including myself.  That is the maximum capacity for the Harbor.

JB: Can you share with us some of the more unusual Gacha items for sale at White Harbor?

SS: You will find many quality items at the Harbor.  Listing them isn't possible due to the fluctuation of availability. They can be there one day and gone the next.  I encourage everyone to speak to the shopkeepers if they are looking for anything specific.  Many of us have a surplus not even in the stores yet.

JB: I saw a sign on my way here advertising something called a “TGE”?    What is this “TGE Gacha Resell Event” that read about? 

SS: Tempting Gacha Event is for resellers.  This is done every 3 months along the pier adjacent to the Harbor.  24 spaces only are allowed and it runs for a full month!  You can come by sea, air, or teleport in.  Vendors from all over including some of our shop keepers bring their best items and offer great deals.

JB: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?

SS: White Harbor and the TGE Event are simply things to experience. It's not just a bunch of stores.  It's an actual sail-able Harbor with other scenic features.  The Stores are amazing and they are surrounded by an interactive environment.  You just have to come and see for yourselves.

So there you have it, folks. If you have an eye for the unusual, the eclectic, the curiosity, or that perfect item to add to your collection of other items, scoot on down to White Harbor and look through their collection of one-of-a-kind treasures.  Hurry now!  Once these precious finds are gone, they’re gone.


Be There!






Evil Bunny Productions presents FABLE 6...Once Upon A Time, August 7-31, 2021. What is your fairytale or horror story? Fairies, elves, fantasy, horror, the choice is yours. It is your story to write. 50 designers bring you their visions of what their story holds. Exclusives, 10L specials at every shop, and last call gachas!


Flickr: Facebook: Website:

Saturday, July 10, 2021



Jail Event opens its doors for the July round with a great selection of brands just for you. Come to Jail Event and enjoy all the great creations our designers have for all of you!!!!!.

This round we have a great GROUP GIFT by [Angry Store]

In this round you also can find in the event the amazing HERACLES BODY by INVICTUS our special sponsor for this amazing round.

Don't miss what our fabulous designers made for you!
The Best Brands for YOU !!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, July 6, 2021

The Darkness Event 6th Anniversary round- July 5th-28th

Come to celebrate our 6th anniversary and enjoy the NEW Darkness Event. This round we have lots of gifts for all of you!!! Don´t miss them!!!!!

The Darkness Event it's open!! We open the new Darkness event, new environment, darker than ever and fashionable as always!!! Cos everyone has a dark side...come to The Darkness Event and discover yours! Clothes, shoes, hair, shapes, jewels, poses, tattoos, makeup, eyes, nails, piercings, accessories... More designers, more exclusiveness....come and enjoy The Darkness Event.

Friday, June 18, 2021



The NEW 101 L EVENT  it's open!! We open the new 101 L EVENT where the protagonist is the "1" !!!

Clothes, shoes, hair, shapes, jewels, poses, tattoos, makeup, eyes, nails, piercings, accessories... All you need at the amazing prices of 101L, 201L, 301L...

Don´t miss the amazing group gift by 1 hundred this round!!

June19th - July13th

Event Gallery:

Sunday, May 16, 2021


Simply Chic Boutique is a shop that sells a variety of merchandise from women’s fashion, jewelry, children’s items, home decor, artwork, and more. Situated in a small Paris town with charming little shops and places to grab a coffee or have a romantic dinner date followed by a hot air balloon ride or some ice cream. Owners, Patrick Pearson and Addi Ohare always have fun ideas and new additions in mind for guests. SLE met up with Patrick and Addi to learn more about them and what’s to come for Simply Chic Boutique.

Interview with Patrick & Addi 



SLE: It’s a pleasure to meet you both, where are you from and how did you discover Second Life?

Patrick: It's a pleasure meeting you as well. Addi and I met in another virtual world around 2009. She told me about Second Life about 8 years ago and we then decided to move to Second Life as we enjoyed our time here.

SLE: Everyone has a unique story about what brought them to Second Life. We are glad you came here, we love meeting new people and checking out their talents.  What inspired Simply Chic Boutique?

Patrick: Addi has always been passionate about clothing and design and loves to try her hand on everything available within reason given our daily RL world schedules and whatnot. When she wanted to look into this together in Second Life, I was 100% behind her to give anything I can and we settled on a name that is simple yet classy and fun, and Simply Chic Boutique was born.

Addi: I started creating clothes in the other virtual world we were in, so I wanted to give it a try in SL too.  It was easy to learn and I enjoy being creative with the patterns and textures in Photoshop. I also love decorating in SL, so there may be more additions down the road.

SLE: Being supportive of each other is very important in both RL and SL. You two seem to work well together. There are many shops in Second Life. What type of merchandise do you sell?

Patrick: Simply Chic Boutique has a variety of items to give a wider range of selection for, home decor, gift items, artwork, musical items...Simply Chic Boutique gives a little bit of everything.  We also have a Simply Chic Boutique group and a unique gift for members. Customers can also subscribe to be notified of sales and special events.

SLE: You have a new location grand opening coming up on June 13th, 2021 that resembles a little Paris town, can you tell our readers about it?

Patrick: We both dream of Paris and would love to visit Paris someday. But for now, any elements that trigger the imagination in our hearts to cascade down to the homestead we have and give a little character and charm. From offering a small jazz club to enjoying an intimate dining area to simply take in the overall affair with some fun for everyone as well as children, and we'd like to share that same sentiment with you by coming to experience our venue on June 13th.  We’ll have store discounts, some prizes from our stores and offer a raffle as well. We'll be DJing at the event too, playing a variety of music if anyone feels like dancing and having fun.

SLE: Aside from all the shops and activities for couples to do you will also be hosting small weddings. What type of amenities will you offer and how can couples book their wedding?

Patrick:  We have an area where we can do quaint weddings. We have several wedding elements that we have obtained over the years that feature a cute chapel to an outdoor event to help tailor to the bride and groom’s needs.

Addi: Contact patrickp29 resident or addi.ohare in-world for wedding information and a tour (it is put out for the occasion only).  We offer a fully outdoor wedding setup for a small wedding or a chapel wedding and a casual or elegant reception area (limited # of guests due to our land limits). We can also offer DJ services and we have experience as an officiant as well, if needed. Custom personalized signs and invitations are also included in the wedding package.

SLE: That’s great information for couples looking to get married. Do you also have a club for hosting events? If so, do you have a calendar or group that guests can join?

Addi: We do have a personal venue called Club Addictions that we can rez and it is available for parties. We can offer a specialized show in our venue if someone is looking for a club atmosphere for any event or party. Patrick and I both offer DJ services for parties and weddings. We are currently DJing at a couple of venues a few times a week but if we start having weddings and/or parties booked, we will devote all of our time to our customers.  We also have a small dancing area at Simply Chic Boutique that is open to everyone, adult contemporary/jazz music playing 24/7 on our land.  We do have a group called “Fans of Patrick & Addi'' if anyone would like to come to our DJ sets. 

SLE: With your fingers in many businesses competition can be tight for shopkeepers in Second Life, what makes Simply Chic Boutique different from others and how are you attracting customers? Also, if the customer wanted to see your product online do you also have a shop on SL marketplace?

Patrick: Yes, Simply Chic Boutique has had a small but faithful following since it first launched. You can find our store at

Addi: My goal is to have fun creating items that we all enjoy shopping for, hoping our special items will attract customers in the Marketplace and having them come into our store in-world. We are still learning how we can promote the new store. We do offer a small discount on select items in-world. We are thankful for SLE doing this interview!


SLE:  Thank you! Customer service is an important part of running a successful shop. What is your preferred contact for shopping inquiries?

Addi: I love our customers and I want to make sure any question or concern a customer has is taken care of right away.  In my notecard included with every order I give a few tips and hints and I also ask them to message me in-world with any questions or concerns. I will do everything I can to help and make sure the customer is satisfied.  Patrick is also available to help.

SLE:Well we appreciate you taking the time and letting our readers learn more about the Simply Chic Boutique and the other services you offer. Now, is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about Simply Chic Boutique?


Patrick: We'd love people to add Simply Chic Boutique to their list of places to explore and experience in Second Life and feel free to unwind with friends and loved ones.

Addi: We have a variety of items for sale in every building. There are several places with animations if you wish to relax, have fun, or dance. We even have a hair salon with animations too. We wanted to create a fun area for everyone, not just shopping. If you need a gift, we have a great selection of items for men, women, and children, we have special holiday items as well and a few greeting cards too. We add items to our store quite often. We keep all of our items reasonably priced. Look for our promo-priced items on new releases. Join our group “Simply Chic Boutique” for a free tropical dress and get notifications of sales and special events.  If you're looking for a wedding venue or planning a party or any event, please feel free to contact us for information. Thank you, SLE.

Additional Information


Group: Simply Chic Boutique - secondlife:///app/group/756e8b78-8f2b-b89a-9f72-456f314a8321/about




Preferred Contact: addi.ohare or patrickp29 resident

Saturday, May 15, 2021

PRESS RELEASE: Simply Chic Boutique is excited to announce the grand opening at their newest location.

The grand opening event will be held on Sunday, June 16th from 3pm until 6pm SLT.
We will have raffles, new merchandise, live DJ's and a sale in world at the boutique.

Simply Chic Boutique sells a variety of merchandise, including women's fashions, jewelry, artwork, children's items, home décor, special holiday items, and more.  A small Paris town is the new home for the boutique. They also have a Record Store, Pet Store, Flower Shop, Art Gallery, Coffee Shop, Jazz Club, a Romantic Restaurant, Ice Cream Stand, Kid's Park, Hot Air Balloon ride, Dolphins, Dancing, Gacha Resales and you can ride a bike around town too!  A charming area to walk around, shop, eat and have some fun with friends or family. The owners, Patrick Pearson and Addi Ohare want you to enjoy the space they created just for you!  They always have more ideas in mind, so be sure to landmark and visit often to see new additions to town!  They are available for small, outdoor weddings too. They provide DJ services and wedding services on their land.

Patrick and Addi will be hosting and DJ's the Grand Opening Event.  It's a perfect time to come to the store and look around, hang out, go shopping, and dance off that ice cream from the fancy stand.  Don't forget to enter the raffle too! You must be present to win. Bring your friends, the party is open to everyone.

Monday, March 29, 2021



It's that time again!

Lupus Awareness Fashion Showcase and Fair is an annual event hosted by the sorors of Sigma Upsilon Nu, SL Sorority, and The Red Door Models.  During the month of May our mission is to educate and raise awareness and funds for both Lupus Awareness of American and the Lupus Awareness of the UK.

As we did in our inaugural year in 2010, we begin May 1st with our annual Lupus Walk that opens our Lupus Fair that will last the full month of May. The fair is composed of various events and interactive activities, i.e. a Fashion Show, a Charity Boxing Event and a ballet.  

Prior to the events, we encourage designers, vendors, and businesses to sponsor the event in various ways.  Designers can participate in our fashion, vendors are encouraged to become a part of our shopping village and sponsors are asked to donate by purchasing one of 4 sponsorship packages.  

To find out how to be a part of this epic event please use the following links for more information: or contact Cleopatra Kellman or Suzette Laviolette for information.

Please follow us on our social media

Thursday, December 24, 2020


‘Tis the Season to be Shopping.  And in the course of my hunt for truly unique Gifts, and I came upon an amazing store called Heart and Soul. In an adjoining workshop, I stumbled upon Abbbadon Soulstar and his partner Q-Baby, hard at work building the latest in animated furniture.  As they stopped for lunch, I was able to chat with these amazing builders. 

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) (JB):  So tell us, Abs.  How long have you been in the business of animating furniture?

Abs™ (abbadon.soulstar) (AS): I started building and animating prim furniture way back in 2012. I had a few items on Marketplace and then I met Q-Baby!  We partnered on a few projects. I did the animating and she did the texturing. We quickly figured out what we are a match made in heaven!

JB:  You have literally hundreds of animated pieces in your store. Where do you get your inspiration?

AS:  Q-baby and I play off each other really. We get inspired by a lot of things. Real life furniture pieces, our interest in role play, and thinking about unusual places and ways to get your groove on.

JB:  Do you build your items from scratch, or do you take existing items available elsewhere and spruce them up with animations?

We have several partners who make exclusive mesh items for us. We also work with partners for custom animations when we want something really special for a piece. We will use mesh kits if they are great quality or an item we have really been wanting to see animated in SL.

JB:  OK Abs… tell me…and I promise to keep it just between you and me….(and our 40,000 readers each month)…..what are some of your personal Favs in animated furnishings here?

AS:  My favorite animated item is usually the one I'm currently working on LOL. Maybe it's my OCD but I spend a lot of time thinking out the menu and how animations can flow together on each piece. Q-baby obsesses over colors and textures and getting things to look just so. We are both really invested in making sure each piece we put out is amazing.  But to be fairly specific, here are just a few items I'm really proud of that I’d like to mention with a little background on how they came together.

1- H&S~Girl Power-Pole & Lap Dance Sex Table v2:  This was a very fun project we worked on with our partnering Mesh Creator and Animators/Script writers to bring the vision I had to life. This item is a great club or home piece. The RP is well thought out and gives our customers the ability to take it to the next level of RP.

2- H&S~Passions Complete HUD:  Here we took an old idea and breathed into it new technology and features never available back in the MLP Script sets and XPOSE days.  Avsitter which is the current gold standard in script sets is feature rich as well as adaptable.  Clever script writers can write plug ins to even further enrich the features available...ok ok i'm slipping into "Nerd mode" lol... But it was fun to put it together so a customer can wear a very small HUD on the corner of the screen and literally RP anywhere they can rez the pose balls that the HUD generates.  

3- H&S~Truths & Dares V 1.2.:   Back in my early SL days there used to be a really fun game created by a fellow who is no longer in SL. Jpose built a Truth & Dare game based off the MLP script set.  It was a really fun ice-breaker party game. Of course, it was a bit naughty; which made it even more fun "grins".  What we did with that idea was bring it into today with loads of awesome animations. Avsitter as the base engine, and a very clever script set that employs algorithms to match players up gives them choices of selecting some pretty funny truth questions or dares and to be as naughty as they wanna be. The game automatically levels up the heat the longer you play. And there's also the menu option to "increase the heat" should players like a faster pace. We have it in 2 languages and have been offered by several customers to translate it into their language because they have enjoyed playing and would like tonshare it with their native speakers.

JB:  As you know, there is no shortage of places here that sell adult animated furniture in SecondLife.  What is the “Heart and Soul” difference and why should people come here for all their animated furnishings needs?

AS:  I think our name, Heart & Soul, sums it up. We aren't just pushing out items in assembly line style. We really take time to think about who is going to be using our pieces. So, we tend to put our hearts and souls into the menus, animations and textures trying to make them the best they can be. As I look around SL I see cheaper pieces but you aren't getting the quality animations and well thought-out menus that makes our stuff so popular. We both are very proud of our work. Our policy and goal since starting Heart & Soul Designs has been 100% customer focus and the best customer support available anywhere.

JB:  Do you ever run Sales or have special “Members Only” good deals?

AS:  Oh yes, we love our VIP Members! Every month we do a new release item at least half off for our Members. For major holidays we will do half off or more for the entire store. For Christmas we did a sweet little holiday rug at a deep, deep discount. Our Members loved it!

JB:  Tell me about Indulgence Island?  What can visitors expect there?

AS:  Indulgence Island is the adult sim below the store. It's a tropical paradise for anyone who wants to use it. We sprinkle it with our creations so folks can use them before they buy.  But, mostly it's our way to give back to the SL community. We allow residents to rez their own toys, open boxes, and just relax and use the sim to do what SL was created for...have fun! The only rule are we ask people to not be rude to other visitors and no child or under age avatar visitors. 

JB:  Do you host events there, or is it more for people who want to get “Far from the maddening crowd”?

AS:  We have free-lance DJs who do their own events. It's a great hang out when people are there and a peaceful beach when there aren't.  LOL.  We let people throw parties for their friends Rez days other celebrations whatever they want to do.  

JB:  You have added animations to everything from John Deere Tractors to Motorcycles, and from Spinet Upright Pianos to Hot Air Balloon baskets.   What new things can we expect to see animated in the coming months?

AS:  Spring time will no doubt get the creative gears into motion again. I feel a hot tub coming on in the near future. Sometimes Q and I riff on each other, spit-balling crazy ideas until we say "Hey.... that's a project!"  Hence the creation of the Redneck Hot Tub LOL. A tractor tire filled with dirty water, floating beer cans and ashtrays and oh yeah and some hot animations!

JB:  Is there anything else you would like to share with our SL Enquirer Readers?

AS:  Q and I are regular folks. We are here to have fun like everyone else.  We don't do this for a living other than SL, we do this because we enjoy it.  It's fun to share our creations with folks and know they are having fun with them like we are.

We appreciate our partners and customers more than we can express. We think SL is big enough for more than just H&S so we encourage people to be creative and pursue their passions and most of all Jeffrey Epstein didn't hang himself.  LOL

Sooooo..There you have it folks. Whether you are helping to build the grid’s next Adult region, or merely outfitting your back-porch deck, for the finest in animated furniture available anywhere in SecondLife, be sure and check out the stock at Heart and Soul. Even if all you are doing is shopping, plan a sizable chunk of time for your visit here. There is SOOO MUCH to see and try out here. And don’t forget to rezz a Hot Air Balloon for the ultimate in ballooning pleasure.

Be there.  Aloha!


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