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Showing posts with label technology. Show all posts

Saturday, January 12, 2019

GeekSpeak – what will happen in 2019?

Now that the new year has started let’s get our brains working again and think of some predictions for 2019.  This time next year, when we look back at 2019, what will we see?

Will there be big political shifts?  Will there be new countries starting?  Or old countries disappearing?  New alliances, new forms of government, new empires?  New wars, with new and horrible weapons?  Or will 2019 be a year of peace?

Will there be an economic collapse or will we enter a new golden age of technology?  Will there be scientific breakthroughs?  In fusion, or nanotech?  Or genetic engineering?  Or robotics? Will you ride in a self-driving car in 2019?  Or go into space?

Will we be able to meet this time next year to talk about it?  Will Second Life still be here?

What do you expect for the coming year?  What do you hope for and what do you fear?  Come to GeekSpeak to talk about it and bring your crystal ball.

IM Vulcan Viper if you have ideas for new subjects.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Rockcliffe’s Annual Education & Technology Conference: Nov 9-10, San Francisco

 This is the last week to get your registrations in!
The Most Valuable Conference You Can Attend This Year!
"Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity." - H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
The September 30 registration deadline for Rockcliffe’s Annual Conference on #EdTech is quickly approaching! Register here:
The Annual Rockcliffe University Consortium Conference takes traditional conferencing methods and converts them into experiential ones. Attendees can expect a dynamic mixture of sessions, excursions, and critical discussion, all around the topic of innovative technology and its application to education, and how the two can impact our students’ preparedness for the digital world and a continually disrupted job market.
You can multiply the value of a conference, not only by the amount of sessions it provides, but the amount of opportunities it gives you to actively engage in the learning.  This value is far higher than the money that is spent, and certainly much more enduring.
Join us in San Francisco this November, we would love to be able to put a face with the name, share a drink, and help celebrate a new way forward in education.
Live or Virtual Participation? Compare and Decide:
Conference Venue: Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture 
Conference Hotel: Holiday Inn SanFrancisco Fisherman’s Wharf (special pricing on the Holiday Inn at Fisherman’s Wharf available through early October for those that register - online booking Group Code: RUC )
Any questions? Please contact: 

Friday, September 14, 2018

GeekSpeak – how smart will your smartphone get?

One day you will discover that your smartphone is smarter than you are.  It will not only have more brainpower; its senses will be better than yours.  It will sense temperature, air quality, pollen count, radiation as well as your heartbeat, weight and stress level. And all smartphones will be talking to each other.

What other senses will phones have?  Do you see a time when they will contain Geiger counters?  Lie detectors? 

Will they always be external to us or will we start implanting phones into our brains?  Will the connections between these implanted phones slowly turn us into the Borg?  Would that be a bad thing?  Will some people choose to be Borg?

Come and talk to us in GeekSpeak.  But turn your phone off, it might learn too much.

IM Vulcan Viper if you have ideas for new subjects.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

GeekSpeak – Uploading minds to Computers- Part 2 Join the Discussion Saturday March 31st at 12pm SLT

Do you think it will ever be possible to copy the pattern of neurons in a person’s brain and then upload that information to a computer so that the person continues to live as a form of AI?  If that were done would the new AI be the same person as before?  Would it be a conscious, aware person at all?

If minds could be uploaded to computers would you want to do it yourself?  Would you want it for people you love, who would otherwise be dead?

What would the world inside a computer be like?  Would we walk around in robot bodies?  Or would we live in virtual worlds in the computer?  Could uploading into a horrible virtual world be used as a form of punishment, a punishment that might last forever?  Would we see the beginning of a real Hell and a real Heaven?

When will all this happen?  Thousands of years in the future or maybe, as some think, in 10 years time?

Please IM Vulcan Viper if you have any ideas for future subjects.

Happy Easter!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

DevWorks OSI is an Open-Source and Proprietary Scripting Company that is based on an Open Source Initiative Model.

Although we do have a Return on Investment (RoI) to meet, we meet the OSI demands by:

1: Providing Free Full Mod Scripts with in depth usage instructions

2: Provide in house lessons on Basic LSL, PHP and MySQL Scripting

3: Support the OSI by giving back to the community via various channels, groups and our in house academy.

DevWorks does not rely on 3rd Party initiatives or Companies for Development, Transaction processing, Delivery or Redelivery as we code and design our own to meet our own needs. 

The ROI is met by way of sales, donations and custom work for various customers.

We provide custom work and design in the area's of LSL, PHP, MySQL, Linux Servers and Web Design.

The Owner and CEO of DevWorks is a member of the Builders Brewery and lends his area of expertise to any students of the Builder Brewery who wish to pursue that type of scripting.

The Devworks or [DW] Academy is an Education System bases on LSL, PHP and MySQL with various instructors from various backgrounds. Classes are generally free.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

GeekSpeak – Lost Technologies. Join the discussion on Saturday July 29th at 12pm SLT

What technologies and the skills to use them are lost in the past?  The Antikythera mechanism suggests that ancient technology was more sophisticated than we imagine. We have lost the secret of medieval stained glass, Damascus steel and Greek fire, that kept Byzantium safe for centuries.  We can no longer make Stradivarius violins or Roman concrete that lasted so much longer than our concrete lasts.

What drugs and medicines did the ancients discover in plants that we have lost?  What did Helen use in the Odyssey to drug her dinner guests?  What herbs did the medievals understand and use?  What did the wortcunners know that we have forgotten?

And what about the basic skills of primitive people?  Could you make fire using only sticks and leaves?  Would you be any good at flintknapping?  Could you spin thread using a drop spindle?

This week we discuss how people lived and worked with long forgotten skills that, someday, we may need to recover.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

GeekSpeak SL – what will happen after the technological singularity? Join the discussion Jan 28th at 12pm SLT

What will become of humans in a world run by superintelligent AI?  What will the average person do if everything he or she wants is provided instantly?  Will we still make works of art?  Study history, do scientific research, compose music?  What will we do with our time?  Will we lose the ability to do the simplest things?  Will we eventually die out because there is nothing for us to do?

Will humans trust AI to do all their thinking for them?  Will we be able to think critically at all?  If AI provides us with all our information, all the news that is ‘guaranteed’ not to be fake, will there still be room for that one person who sees with their own eyes and thinks with their own brain?  Will anyone listen to such a person, or will they let AI do all the thinking?

Are we building a golden cage for ourselves, a cage from which there is no escape?  Does it matter if we are?

Come and do some critical thinking about our digital friends.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

UNDERSTANDING THE SCRIPTS OF COMMERCE: An in depth interview with Abranimation's Abramelin Wolfe - Dean Lawson Reporting

While investigating potentially harmful scripts in Second Life I contacted Abramelin Wolfe, the owner of Abranimations and sent him questions to help me understand how scripts and commerce works in Second Life. Abramelin explained in great detail some of the potential pitfalls Second Life Residents should watch out for. The following are excerpts from our conversation.

Dean: According to your response it does not seem that you believe that the script was introduced to the item by a third party but is in fact commonly used by legitimate vendors. Is that correct?

Abramelin: Yes, and this is not a specific script.  ALL scripts that take debit permissions display this warning, the most common of which are vendor scripts as they are dealing with money transactions. Our affiliate vendors allow customers to sell our items and take a commission. They need permission to take money for refunding over payments and paying us the commission.

Dean: Based on my research, when an item is rezzed a message appears on the screen as follows; “Object wants access to take money from your Linden Dollar account. If you allow, this it can take any or all of your money from you at any time with no further warning or request.”

If I see this message my reaction is to click "deny", because I do not want an object to take my money at any time without further warning. Why would a legitimate vendor use a script with this type of message? Are there no other scripts that vendors can use?

Abramelin: Yes it also says after that... 'Before allowing this access, make sure you know what the object is and why it is making this request, as well as whether you trust the creator. If you're not certain, click Deny.'

That above statement makes all the difference. Legitimate vendors use this type of script because there are no other scripted ways to take money from an Avatar. You always need them to specifically give you permission. In the case of a vendor though you cannot have it ask every time because it needs to be left out for other people to purchase from even if you are offline. 

Linden Lab gives you this warning to make sure you know what the script is and who it is from. As I already mentioned, this is not a specific script displaying this message. This is a warning given by LL when a script requests debit permission. If you do not know the source of the script or trust the source then you should always click deny.

Dean: Do you feel the use of this script in objects that are affiliated with your business could damage the reputation of your business?

Abramelin: No, We have commission vendors for our ice skates because we have been asked for them a gazillion times, especially around Christmas. I think the warning LL gives quite adequately explains the risks, hence the conversation we are having, but also explains that there could be legitimate reasons why.  Affiliate vendors are common place in SL and this script function has always existed in SL. If anyone is uncomfortable granting debit permissions they can and should click deny and not use those vendors. It’s really no different than passing your credit card details to a company over the Internet. If you do not know or trust the company you should not do it. 

Dean: How is it possible for a customer to pay too much for an item? When I have paid for items in Second Life, a message is displayed; "Buy for L$(amount) from (name of vendor) underneath is the option to "buy" or "cancel". Could you explain how I can accidentally overpay in this type of transaction?

Abramelin: The vendor script dictates whether it has those quick pay buttons or not. If a vendor is not specifically scripted to have them it displays a box where you can enter any amount. Originally all scripts were like this actually, the button feature was added to SL much later. Some third party viewers possibly do not support those buttons either so even if it is scripted with them they may not display. This is just one situation though...there are actually loads of other scenarios where you might need to refund. (eg. Rental booths giving bulk discounts. Some transaction failures can be detected and refunds issued automatically. Some vendors that contain inventory might need to refund if the inventory is missing...and the list goes on.)

The thing people need to remember is that drop down warning is a one warning fits all solution. The warning will be displayed in all cases where debit permission is required. It does not and cannot display different messages depending on the situation or script.

Dean: If a script is used to extract a share of the proceeds from an affiliate vendor, should the script clarify the percentage being extracted?

Abramelin: Yes people certainly should understand what the vendor is for before they use it. Affiliate vendors by their nature extract a commission. Our ice skates vendor for example is labeled ‘Ice Skates Affiliate Vendor (30%)' and the instructions note card also explains it is a 30% commission vendor. The vendors we use cannot run until this debit permission is granted. Once it is running though they also have an Admin Panel accessible that shows transactions and percentages and some other info.

Dean: Who writes the scripts used by your affiliate vendors?

Abramelin: Our store vendors are scripted either by myself or use Caspervend (by Casper Warden). The ice skates affiliate vendors use Caspervend which is very respected and trust worthy. No one else creates any of our vendors or has access to our scripts.

Thanks for answering my questions, your help is appreciated.

Abramelin: No problem, hopefully your article can shed some light on this for folk in SL so they understand the message and what it means. I've seen this concern come up over and over through the years, but it’s mostly due to people not understanding what the message is telling them. The debit permission function is not a fraudulent function by itself. It is only fraudulent if it is used in a fraudulent way. It has many legitimate uses too. The above ice skates customer that contacted you was quite right not to accept permission with the ice skates as they did not understand why it was being taken. What I think I'll do is put the affiliate vendor inside a box in the package so it cannot be attached accidentally with everything else. I think the confusion probably came from everything being attached out of the box without looking at what the items were. 

Friday, July 15, 2016

Apps and Virtual Reality: The Future of "Second Life"

When you think of a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, you probably think of "World of Warcraft" or "Elder Scrolls Online." What you may not automatically think of, though, is "Second Life." This is not a game per say, but more like a virtual world. Users can interact with other players and build houses or even whole towns in a 3-D space by using open source tools. With just under 1 million users, this game is one of the most popular in the MMO space, so here's a deeper look into this online world:

What makes "Second Life" unique compared to other MMOs is that there isn’t a game component. There aren’t quests to finish or enemies to kill. Instead it is all about building a virtual life and interacting with those around you. In this online community, you can find like-minded people and interact with them in a different way than a purely text-based forum can provide.
As of yet, there isn't a first-party way for users to log into "Second Life" through a mobile app made by Linden Lab. However, because so much of the technology behind the game is open source, independent developers have created apps that give you varying levels of access to the world. Here are just a few:
·         Lumiya: This is one of the largest of the third-party apps for accessing "Second Life." Originally, the app was designed to run on devices in the generation of the Galaxy S3. However, it is still available in the Google Play Store and is still supported on newer Android phones like the Galaxy S6. And, because the hardware has gotten considerably better, the performance of the app is even smoother. Priced at just under $3.00, it puts it in reach if you want basic functionality, such as chatting with friends and managing inventory.
·         Mobile Grid Client: This app is another Android-based app that gives you many of the same features as Lumiya. Mobile Grid Client strives to be extremely lightweight by keeping data consumption rates low. Whereas Lumiya gives you a 3-D representation of your character, Mobile Grid uses a top-down map that lets you see yourself relative to your surroundings and other players without being data intensive. The trade off with Mobile Grid Client is cost, though. After a 14-day free trial, you can unlock a standard or pro version for L$250 or L$450 per month, respectively. These are priced using "Second Life’s" internal currency, which roughly translates to between $1-2 per month depending on the exchange rates.
·         Pocket Metaverse: If you are a "Second Life" user on iPhone, then Pocket Metaverse is the place to go. This is another top-down style app rather than one that simulates the actual look of the game. Pocket Metaverse has designed its interface to be as close to the iPhone's design as possible, which makes it easy for you to understand how each tool works.

With VR technology becoming more popular and affordable, there may be a resurgence in "Second Life." Because so much of the appeal of "Second Life" came from the world building and community rather than fighting, this is a perfect place for VR. With VR technology, "Second Life" could truly become a place where communities interact with each other.

T-Mobile Article

Saturday, June 25, 2016

GeekSpeak - Will technology make us too weak to function in a crisis? Saturday June 25th at noon SLT

Remember when men were made of steel?  Compare them with the average person today.  Are we degenerating because of technology? Do we lose our senses by replacing them with sensors? Are we in a 'hidden transhumanist' phase without knowing it?

We already have the power to see to the other side of the planet.  Why do we generally not use that power?

Is the effect of technology bad?  Should we dismantle it and return to natural human abilities?  Can we?  Or is our weakness something to be welcomed?
Come and talk about future technology in GeekSpeak.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

MAYH3M tm Debuts @ Geektopia 1.0 Sales Event Sunday, June 19th - Sunday, July 3rd 2016


Mayh3m at Geektopia 2016.png

MAYH3MTM Debuts @ Geektopia 1.0 Sales Event
Sunday, June 19th - Sunday, July 3rd 2016
MAYH3MTM Debuts at the 𝒈eek𝑡opia 1.0 Annual Sales Event. Sunday, June 19th to Sunday, July 3rd 2016.
When MAYH3M’s Mesh Designer Haedeon Gateaux was approached by geektopia reps with the opportunity to mix his love of all things Geek with his creative & modern Mesh Designs; it was a natural step towards officially introducing MAYH3MTM to the SL grid.  
Introducing 100% MESH|100% Geek|100% Style|100% MAYH3M
Gamer Hats
5 Styles 5 Experiences
Designed exclusively for geektopia 1.0
Menu Driven Animated Lights
Completely Modifiable to Fit you Avi & Your Style
On Sale June 19th 2016
Let the MAYH3M Ƀegin❕❕
Zap On in

MAYH3MTM ...Modern Designs & Accessories
For when it’s ⏰ 2 Ƀring the MAYH3M
2 your Ꞩtyle
Ɇvents & Furnishings

Introducing MAẎH3M™ a design collection of modern eclectic furnishings, accessories, event decor & whateva we want
100% MESH  100% MAYHEM

Let the MAYH3M Ƀegin❕❕


About 𝒈eek𝑡opia 1.0  Annual Sales Fair...
Geek Culture is a movement towards an infinite nexus to advances in technology, a Geek; a person that uses this technology and the Internet as a means of cultural expression as a way to spread a sense of aesthetics within that special interest is inescapably linked to Internet social life, social networks, online multiplayer games, MMORPG, LARP, chats, and Comics.

From the Impact of Geeks & Our Culture was born our fair Geektopia. A New Annual event that will have as its focal point Geek culture and everything that surrounds the new technology.

Sunday, June 19th - July 3rd 2016

MAYH3MTM Designs
Coitus (220,210,23)
Media Contact(s):
Haedeon Gateaux, Robyn Caerndow,

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

What Tech-Savvy UK Teens Are Doing This Summer 2016

image borrowed from

Summer is quickly approaching and teens are getting set to have a bit of fun and adventure. However, some are looking to move forward with their lives in order to prepare for university which also means learning to drive. From hi-tech apps and gaming systems to online learner driving tests, many teens throughout the UK will be just as busy as they are entertained. Here is what is expected of tech-savvy UK teens for the summer of 2016.

Top Trending Apps for Social Media

Teens are the most social demographic of any age group. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram, you will usually find your teen glued to his or her mobile phone messaging away the hours of the day. Well, move over top three apps as there’s a new kid in town, Snapchat. Last year this cool little app came in fourth to the expected top three but this year tells another story. In the US as well as in the UK, Snapchat beat out the previous top apps by at least one percentage point in a survey by banker Piper Jaffray. This summer expect UK teens to be snapping and chatting the hours away.

Studying for Their Driver Tests

Some teens are in their last year of school before going off to university and are studying for their driving test. Since they have to pass the theory first before they can take the practical, this is where they will be found a good bit of the summer. There are even online sites like Toptests where learner drivers can practice taking the theory part of the test to see what’s in store for them when they are ready to take the real thing. If you have a home PC or laptop and internet access, you might want to show your son or daughter where they can get the extra practice they need so they can ace the theory test when they take the official one.

Gaming the Hours Away

Gaming is no longer what it was when most parents were teens. Now it is all about an online community and all the leading gaming systems require internet access to reach the higher levels of the games. Kids are no longer solitary individuals gaming from a console in their living rooms cut off from the rest of the world. Whilst they are physically in the same location, they are also connected to a global group of kids playing the same games either as team members or in competition with one another. Worrying about your teen spending too much time alone? Maybe you needn’t worry as they may just be connected with hundreds of others their same age!

So what are tech savvy kids doing this summer in the UK? You will probably see them attached to their mobile phones or iPads but you probably shouldn’t worry if they are getting the proper socialisation skills. They aren’t alone in their digital world and many will actually be learning something. If you are concerned, check out what they are doing and what sites they are frequenting, but when all is said and done, you’ll see they’re probably just having a bit of summer fun.