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Thursday, September 30, 2010

SPORTS & LEISURE- To: SFL Team Owners From: Romeo Torvalar, Owner and CEO, SFL Date: September 28, 2010 Re: Response to Studio 777's Press Release

• Thursday, September 30, 2010
To: SFL Team Owners From: Romeo Torvalar, Owner and CEO, SFL Date: September 28, 2010 Re: Response to Studio 777's Press Release
The SFL regrets the end of its partnership with Studio 777 and wants to apologize on their behalf for the rather odd trend that has sprung up with anyone who has an issue with the SFL and their need to spam our group. The SFL does not support the sending of unsolicited notecards and agrees with Linden Lab that such unsolicited notecards constitutes as a disturbance of the peace.

SPORTS & LEISURE- FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE- STUDIO 777 PARTNERS TERMINATES SFL, SECOND FOOTBALL LEAGUE- Breach of Contract, Lack of Confidence and Misrepresentation Played Key Roles

NEW YORK AND SECOND LIFE -- September 28, 2010 -- Studio 777 Partners ("777" or "Partners") announced the termination of its relationship with the Second Football League ("SFL"), effective immediately.

Causes of action with the SFL and its Owner, Romeo Torvalar, include misrepresentation, breach of contract, and ethical violations. Despite repeated requests to cure breaches in writing over a three month period, SFL not only failed to cure, but also exacerbated the issues. As a result of SFL's willful actions, Studio 777 Partners has no choice but to terminate the relationship and demands SFL immediately cease using the name, logos and intellectual property of Partners and the 777 Buccaneers.

Studio 777 Partners makes substantial investments establishing and highlighting its reputation, and has aligned with many of Second Life's top brands and creators. With 100,000 unique guests since February, Partners produces some of Second Life's most popular destinations. With 10,000 group members, a staff near 100, and 5 million minutes spent in Partners' land, Partners is honored to associate with staff and partners who share the values of clear communications, ethics, and honest leadership, including Vista Animations, EMH Motors, LalaLand, Hurricane Choppers and many others.

SFL represented and warranted to team owners that there would no fees or expenses, but then announced a Membership scheme costing L$20,000 to L$40,000 monthly. Owners were strongly encouraged to join to remain competitive, and if Membership was not paid yet more expenses would be charged to non-participating owners. Further, SFL believed that it should participate in revenue generated from individuals participating in the SFL, including Players and Cheerleaders, without respecting or defining the intellectual property rights of individuals and team owners. Partners strongly reject that position. Partners has registered, and will retain, the 777 Buccaneers team name and intellectual property for a future project.

Most seriously, while simultaneously increasing costs in an arbitrary way, SFL made virtually no progress in establishing a sustainable business model. Promises of traffic to owners' land, advertising and promotion revenue, and other revenue offsets were subsumed by internal unforced errors and League-created distractions. After many months, SFL is no closer to having working fields, player HUDs and a business plan, and has subjected everyone involved to interminable delays.

Partners are aware and in receipt of a numerous ex parte communications by and between SFL which have given unfair advantages to certain team owners. While Partners repeatedly called on SFL to establish a clear Code of Ethics and Conduct, not only did SFL fail to implement any form of guidelines, but also inappropriate conduct continues to this day. Partners believes that for success, SFL must be a role model to owners, business partners, players, cheerleaders and staff. Partners note that SFL staff, especially Barbie Chase, have been for the most part exemplary. Issues have been with the League's Owner and many reputable owners and participants are leaving the project for similar reasons.

Partners' understanding is that many team owners have similar or heightened concerns and a lack of confidence. Until recently, owners did not even have the ability to chat in the SFL's Owner Group, and to date, no full owners’ meeting has ever been held. Perhaps SFL, after losing many teams, will examine its foundation and find a way to rebuild with new management and active participation by stakeholders.

Partners regret that SFL has put owners and participants in such an unsustainable position; months were spent in pre-production at significant cost. Partners will assist and work closely with its exceptional Players, Cheerleaders and Managers who have demonstrated outstanding commitment and loyalty. To express support, they will all be invited to assist Partners with other projects. Partners can not recommend or endorse having any association with SFL, especially under current management.

It is understandable that with Second Life projects, delays will inevitably occur. What has been tragic has been that most of the delays and issues were self-inflicted by SFL. After more than three months, which Partners believes is a more than reasonable enough period of time to cure, Partners conclude that SFL is either not willing or able to make the changes that success requires.

No further action is being contemplated at this time, but Partners expressly reserves all rights in law and in equity. This will be Partners' final comment on this matter.


Media Contact:
Legal Contact: Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP

Studio 777 is a registered trademark in the United States and/or other countries. SFL and Second Football League are either registered trademarks or trademarks of ODNY in the United States and/or other countries. All rights reserved. All Trademarks, Product Data, Logos, etc, including those of Linden Lab and Second Life are the property of their respective Companies and should not be construed as an endorsement.

Monday, September 27, 2010

MUSICIAN SPOTLIGHT-Melodee McDonnell, The Golden voice in SL - Sandy Demina Reporting...

Staff Reporter
• Monday, September 27, 2010
Melodee McDonnell debut in world was  during early 2008 with appearances on SLCN.TV, countless grand openings, charity events like the Pink Ball for Breast Cancer, Toys for Tots and SL's Birthday Bash 2008 and 2009.

Still going strong in 2010, Ms McDonnell's SL group has topped 500 members. Her powerhouse vocals and 4 octave range have wow'd SL audiences time and time again. Melodee's fans have described her voice "like fine wine", specifically " 76' Chardonnay" "smooth, yet powerful" and "you never know what Mel will be singing next, she has an incredible repertoire" and sings with passion and vulnerability.

Her formal vocal training began at age 12 and continued into her 20's. 2006 marked the release of her debut CD "Possibilities" She is currently workin on her next CD-due for release in 2010. 

SLE Interview

SPORTS & LEISURE: Is Second Life really ready for some SFL Football or could it all get intercepted by DRAMA and fade away costing everyone who has been investing a lot of time, energy and money on trying to make it a success? ~Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Staff Reporter
• Monday, September 27, 2010
It is apparent that drama makes the SL social and business scenes go around. Through the years, I witnessed more dramatic episodes here in SL, than the tween drama, “The Secret life of an American teenager”. I like to avoid the petty arguments and the “he said”, “she said”, while focusing on the positive things going on in our virtual world. But I just keep hearing about SFL, so I am curious as to what’s going on.

Not all of the drama in SL is bad. For instance, Theaters and Machinima Films have some amazing actors, scenes and special effects. But, at the end of the day, the cast and crew can detached their wigs and makeup and walk away unaffected. It truly is a dramatic experience in Second Life with episodes going on all day, every day, but in my opinion, theater is the best place for the drama because It brings on a great virtual experience , not only awe inspiring and creative, but a fun part of Second Life. Unlike the more brutal banter that happens off stage.
From a media perspective, I also believe, if there are issues in the community or what some people would consider “drama”, than all parties involved should have a chance to voice their opinions or sides of their story. You never know what you may uncover. It can open a nice big can of worms for some people if you ask the right questions and get the most honest and upfront answers.

On Friday September 24, 2010, I tuned in to Renegade Radio, while observing the practice going on at The SFL HQ. I heard the discussion/Interview conducted by the DJ Host Bannock Ogg, the GM of the SFL's Valhalla Packers, accompanied by SFL’s owner and CEO Romeo Torvalar as a guest.

Unfortunately, I missed the radio show prior where former members, like BatRastard Panthar and other ex members discussed SFL and Romeo’s business tactics. The radio show I witnessed, lasted 3 hours and some interesting things were being said. It left me questioning what the “drama makers” where saying about him and the SFL Organization.

From my observation, I think a lot of what’s going on has to do with Ego trippin arrogance. It’s not uncommon in any Sports were testostorne is in high quantities. Ladies in sports can be pretty brutal too.
It seems like some people involved may have too much confidence or lack of professional business ethic, and we need a referee up in here!

I have been taking note of all the behind the scenes talk going on about SFL (Second Life Football League), it’s owner Romeo, , fans of this new phenomenon, a couple of ex players and even getting comments via IM or here on our website in regards to it. The hype and exposure may be big but the reputation of SFL might be suffering. The decision making on what has been going on, will be left up to the public. If you have any comments or opinions, feel free to use the reader opinion box at the end of this article.

Related Source: Romeo’s Side is also posted. See “SPORTS & LEISURE: SFL UNDER FIRE? ~Stacey Cardalines Reporting...” Posted 9/27/2010
SLE Interviews BatRastard Panthar on the SFL Drama

SPORTS & LEISURE: SFL UNDER FIRE? ~Stacey Cardalines Reporting...

Stacey grills the Big Man....

The SFL has been under some fire recently, so what I did was talk to a few people with beef, and then took the beef to SFL president Romeo Torvalar.

Now, I have never owned a SFL team. I have never owned anything more expensive than a gown I got for a dance I was attending. A lot of this stuff goes right over my head. I also don't work for the SFL in any shape or form. Sure, I get paid to write about them, but I was getting paid before and would be getting paid if I stopped SFL coverage. So, I'm not compromised.

If you think the SFL is getting a raw deal, or if you think I let Romeo off the hook too easily here... there is a means of redress... the comments section at the bottom! use it, abuse it... I'm just that proverbial conversation catalyst.

Here's Romeo and I, chewing the fat. 

UWA NEWS-Business in Second Life given the Green light!! - Lacy Muircastle reporting ...

Staff Reporter
• Monday, July 12, 2010
The University of Western Australia (UWA) is fast becoming a significant leading light in Second Life in a number of fields. Recently UWA’s Second Life presence and Jay Jay Jegathesan of the School of Physics, UWA (founder of the UWA Second Life presence), was nominated into the top 10 for the 2010 Linden prize for contributions to Art, Architecture, Research and Teaching in Virtual Worlds.

Since its official launch on the 2nd of October 2009, by Vice-Chancellor, Professor Alan Robson, the UWA presence in Second Life has seen a meteoric rise and is a recognized education leader in the virtual world.
And now yet another accolade goes their way.

Eclectic Charisma News - Oh, the Places You'll Go - Mexico - Shon Charisma Reporting...

Staff Reporter
• Monday, September 27, 2010

I've been on this Reality in Second Life kick for the last couple of weeks, so I decided to continue it with a trip to Mexico. I'm SO glad I did.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

MUSIC: UKD Project-a RL Band Rocks Second Life! -Sandy Demina Reporting...

UKD Project was founded in 2006, UKD stands for United Kingdom of Delight because for us it's really important that people can enjoy the show by having fun and feeling involved in the project and the results are excellent. UKD Project has also become one of Second Life's strongest realities and they have been playing successfully for over two years in Second Life's virtual venues always making the highest peak of listeners during their live events.
The first album "Beyond two worlds" entered immidiately in the souls of the people and has been sold in several parts of the world. The band is now out with their second album, "The moon and the water" that includes many marvellous tunes like : "Treasure", "Bring me to Second Life", "Uncomparable lies" and many other new original songs.

They are playing original songs composed by Anto and Rola.
The originals are variate with famous covers.
The genre of their music is a mix of pop, soul and rock.

SANDY:Let's talk about SL : what brought you inworld?

Laura: We started because a customer of ours asked infos about SL and this was really the first step cos we thought that this "non traditional" media could have a nice impact on peolpe all around the world, at least for the music. It actually is a nice way to diffuse your tunes touching all the continents.

SANDY:Did you ever think to use your real name for what you usually do in Second Life?
Laura: Sure we usually use the real names during the gigs, well Anto is also registered using his real name and I registered as Rola cos I had too many difficulties to find the combination I wanted with my name Laura, but actually I always use my real name when I present myself and of course we have a site , facebook and my space related to our SL activity so I think it’s right to use a real name for us real musicians, this is not a game for us, well of course I am talking about professional bands or artists, not about people that makes it for fun.

SANDY:Where are you from?

Laura: We are from north Italy, Lago (Lake) Maggiore, 40 minutes from Milano.

SANDY:How long have you been playing music?

Laura: Anto started in the late 70’s and grew with the progressive music that put the basis to the actual productions that he mixes with electronic music, pop soul, dance and R&B.

I started to sing in 1996 and took my influences from Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey and Cher. Now am naturally transforming my chant very much in R&B style. This permits me to touch all the modern music styles and genres. I think it’s very important for an artist to evolve and sometimes transform but without loosing his or her characteristic style.

SANDY:What instruments do you play?

Laura: Anto is pianist and I play my voice hahahaha

SANDY:What you like to do here in Second Life when you are not playing?Do you like shopping or going to music concerts or art exhibits?
Laura: I seldom enter SL when I don’t have gigs, but if I do is only to talk with some nice friends I have on met in the inworld. Anto lieks also to build and make videos and explore new places…maybe t shoot videos for UKD. We use to have a lots of fun when we organize one week long video shootings.

SANDY:What has influenced you to get your to where you are today musically?
Laura: Well as I told before my influences comes from soul singers but I love my own way to perform and I think that if a singer has the talent and the experience and power infront of the mic well gosh…she or he does not need to imitate but will find the own way as I think I did.

Anto got his influences by genesis, Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dreams and Enigma and now some early style rock bands like The Keene, Kino and so on. We both mix our experiences together so when we compose we got a perfect combination of what we want to reach in our expressions.

SANDY:Do you think SL can be a valid showcase for your RL works?
Laura: Well we have produced 2 cds since we play in sl and we are working on our third double one so…yes I think it is a valid showcase.

In 2007: Beyond Two Worlds

In 2008: The Moon and the Water

And now in 2010 “A voice from the future” and “Surrounded by dreams” so divided because we are working on a cd totally played in dream stylewith some original ideas that we can’t talk about now obviously because we would like this to be a sort of innovative idea. Hope people will appreciate this J

SANDY:How would you describe your style?

Laura: We use many styles in our music cos as I told before we don’t want to be scheduled in only one genre. We are pop, rock, dance, soul and R&B trying to mix together those styles in one album. This is very exciting and never boring. I can’t listen to an album that has the same genre from the beginning to the end.

SANDY:Which are the sources of your inspiration?
Laura: Well I can write about everything except politics…I hate songs about politics and I don’t like too honeyfull lovesongs. I love intelligent and hidden meanings in songs and I have fun in writing lyrics about what I feel inside of myself, whitch is nearly always happiness so I love to write about positive feelings, trying to transmit them to the listeners.

And Anto composes the music from his inside inspiration too.

Sometimes our songs starts from my melody and sometimes from his melody, in this way we mix styles and have fun.

SANDY:Do you use other kind of digital promotions?
Laura: Basically we count on our website to promote all our works:

We have a youtube channel for the videos:

MySpace, Facebook and so on and we have our music on all the principal stores like itunes and Amazon and so on.

SANDY:Where do you see yourself a year from now:will Second Life still exist?
Laura: Sure it will exist. SL Is only in the beginning of its journey and I think the future will help us for exemple to reach a higher audience without crashing sims and also probably get he instrument stronger by streaming videos easily. By now we go on like this….crashing.And …as everybody tells me about my laughter I would end this interview first of all thanking You Sandy and then ….hahahahahha keep on smiling! See you all on our gigs.

Friday, September 24, 2010


• Monday, September 13, 2010
THE FOLLOW - WORLD TOUR IN A DAY 2 powered by LimeCoral
Friday, September 24, 2010
The Follow in SL is:
Troy Shoreland - Vocals/Guitar
AJ Darkwatch - Bass/Vocals/Samples
Powers Avon - Drums/Samples

SPORTS & LEISURE: Let There Be Light... -Stacey Cardalines Reporting...

Baskin-Robbins has 31 flavors... the SFL has 32, blogga!
Just one week from today... the SFL kicks off their preseason!..

October 1st, 5 PM S(F)L time.... here:

Be there as the Hurricane Raiders take on the Wicked Texans for some gridiron get some!

They've been planning and practicing all summer, and this is the first time they take the new car out for a spin. This is SL sporting history, so you want to be there. Either Carlito or I will be there covering it... maybe even both of us.

If you'd like to play for the SFL... well, I made a point of taking that SLurl from not only where you can watch this game, but where you can sign up to play or cheer for the SFL. I'm good like that.

Who will win? Your own faithful Sports Editor isn't above wagering on sporting events. However, I never bet on a preseason game in real life. Here's why:

- A coach would be foolish to give away his better game plans to win a meaningless preseason game.

- These games are often used to scope out some of the lesser players as they compete for roster spots.

- The players aren't in midseason form yet.

- A lot of players go at maybe 70% effort, so as not to blow out a knee.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

FASHION- Skin colour matching is about to become extinct - Lacy Muircastle Reporting ...

Psst, I have something to share with you... Our favourite designer of SL shoes, Stiletto Moody is branching out, wait for it girls – into cosmetics!!  If her shoe designs are anything to go by we are in for a treat of note.

First, Stiletto brought us SCULPTED heels, then the BAREfoot to wear them, and now she offers Stiletto Moody COSMETICS... a skin range to match our BAREfoot right out of the box, a makeup collection for fashion's most discerning eye.

Stiletto’s introductory range of cosmetic’s is called - TRUE BEAUTY. True Beauty is being touted as more than a skin, but rather as a fashion cosmetics line in sync with today’s moods and seasons. Since many of us have at least one pair of the BAREfoot shoe range, the Stiletto Moody Cosmetics skins tones...from Pale to Very Dark...have been designed to match our BAREfoot right out of the box! There isn’t even a colour matching menu for it because apparently we will not need such a thing. And because we don't need to match skin colour, Stiletto Moody can upgrade our colour matching BAREfoot texture with a new high res beautiful foot texture to die for.

The Stiletto Moody team is working feverishly at getting the sim ready for the launch of the cosmetics range and it is due to open shortly.

FASHION: Caithlin Carter Designs launches revolutionary eye makeup - Lacy Muircastle reporting ...

CCD eye - make up Basic
The Linden Laboratories Viewer 2 has been the source of much controversy and discontent, but really what it boils down to is that humans don’t like change on the whole and moving to the Viewer 2 requires a mind shift and definitely accepting change. On the other hand there are those who embrace change and advances in technology with both hands, Caithlin Carter being one such pioneer.

Caithlin as we all know is a highly talented SL™ designer whose main area of talent has been in jewellery design. Caithlin has now branched out into makeup and in particular eye makeup. What makes her eye makeup so revolutionary is that you do not need to change your or shape or skin at all, but you do need to use Viewer 2.

The range currently consists of 5 styles each with a number of colour options to choose from.

➜ Glam Duo
➜ Carpe Diem
➜ Basic
➜ Outgoing
➜ Soft Shadow

Your advantages with this kind of make-up:
* You’re able to combine each type of make up with every skin you have;
* You can save your money from buying multiple skins to have a variety of make-up;
* This make up does NOT interfere with your skin tone;
* You can customize your look every day for only 145L$ per make up set.

In the CCD mains tore you can find the single make-up sets, but also a discounted fat pack. The cost of a fat pack is 100 L$ per make-up set. Be sure to try out the demo first before you make any purchases.
 Visit CCD at:

FASHION: Estravaganza arrives on the SL fashion scene - Lacy Muircastle Reporting ...

Payton Heron wearing 'Dancing in the dark in Black'
Estravaganza is the latest offering to come out of the Sartoria stable and is a collaboration between traveller Bade and his SL™ partner Estrelia Guisse.

I learnt that traveller is a real life graphic designer and illustrator who arrived in Second Life™ in March 2007. He is fascinated by the metaverse and all the possibilities it holds. His first few months in SL were spent exploring and meeting people. Three years ago he created his brand "Sartoria" that quickly became the benchmark for those who admire Italian design, sense of style and tailoring tradition.

Estrelia is a Radio DJ and a fashion addict in Real Life. In Second Life™ she has had a number of different experiences as a model for different agencies but also as a contest and event organizer, photographer and shopping consultant.

"Estravaganza" will be a fully comprehensive ladies brand in the future and over and above what was launched this weekend, the offering will include sweaters, jackets and a lingerie line. traveller and Estrelia presented at the launch a line that offers items that ranged from the business suit to the super casual, cocktail, formal and even bridal. The attention to detail is outstanding, the texturing mind blowing and the use of colour simply marvellous.

traveller and Estrelia have promised to update the Estravaganza range with a number of new releases every week for the next few months! We look forward to seeing what they have in store for us.

You can find their new store at:

Monday, September 20, 2010

MUSICIAN SPOTLIGHT: Mike00 Carnell 's guitar gently plays in Second Life- Sandy Demina Reporting...

Staff Reporter
• Monday, September 20, 2010
If you ever get the chance to listen to Mike00 Carnell playing live in Second Life you definitely shouldn't  miss this experience! He plays guitar with an amazing talent and you will like both his original tunes and the soulful covers of great musicians such as Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler.

In SL he plays his fantastic Fender Strat USA deluxe and earlier in the day his new Taylor 414ce electro acoustic guitar. He plays a couple of songs from his favorite musiciand some funky songs, a few slow instrumental softrock songs and some other rock songs.
Mike is not only a great musician but he is also one of the nicest person I ever met inworld.

SPORTS & LEISURE: Slip Slidin' Away Stacey Cardalines Reporting...

If Super Mario were a French sportswriter, Donkey Kong would look somewhat like this....
Staff Reporter
• Monday, September 20, 2010
School may be in session, the NFL has begun, the foliage is starting to turn here in New England, I had the heat on this morning, and I've taken my sweaters out of storage....

... but that doesn't mean that I'll let go of summer that easily..

Now that the kids are back in school, I have the free time needed to go to a water park. Here's one I found on SL, at The Cove Beach Live Music Venue. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

JAIMIE EARST ATELIER Charity Fashion Show to Benefit War Child North America /West of Ireland Charity Estate - The Glen -SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 19TH at 1:00PM

• Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jaimie's Designs are Bright, Unique, and Sexy! Come join the Dance Party Atmosphere in the Glen at the West of Ireland Estate and see these bold creations, on display and sale this day only to benefit WAR CHILD NORTH AMERICA (

The Second Life charity estate West of Ireland (WOI) is pleased to announce a new benefit fashion event as part of this coming weekend’s Halfway to Saint Patrick’s Day Festival. The Second Life designer Jaimie Earst will be holding a Fashion Show on Sunday, September 19 at 1pm SLT on the WOI Estate at “The Glen” (Glens na hEirean). The event will showcase 20 ensembles created by the designer and featuring WOI Volunteers as models. Display boards of the featured fashions will be up through out the day with all items being available for sale. Proceeds from sales that day will be donated to War Child North America.

Fashion Insight - Lacy Muircastle Reporting ...

A beauty pageant from the inside continued ...

Hello, dear readers.

This past week has not been too hectic other than trying to put together the folders for the outfits and accessories to be worn at the event on Sunday. Gulp, Sunday!! Heaven help me. This putting together of the outfit folders has been somewhat challenging on a number of levels to say the least, but I think I am there now. Trying to put the ZHAO II animation override thingy together for the walks and poses is another question altogether. 

Official practices start on the 13th (LM takes a deep breath), poor Payton, if there ever was an avatar that turned grey before your very eyes, it is going to be Payton. Anybody got some virtual tranquilisers for her?
Ms. Costa Rica is allocated an automatic spot in the Miss Virtual World contest and I have ascertained that all the slots barring Ms. Costa Rica have now been filled for Miss Virtual World 2011. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the 29 confirmed candidates:

FASHION: Fashion Insight - Lacy Muircastle Reporting ...

Ms. Costa Rica Sims 2011
Staff Reporter
• Monday, August 30, 2010
A beauty pageant from the inside.
Ok so I have done something I never in a million years thought I would do, I entered a beauty pageant!
I am not sure what I was thinking, but well now it’s in for a penny in for a pound. The pageant in question, none other than the Ms. Costa Rica Sims 2011.

I have to admit that it has been somewhat of an eye opener to say the least and if nothing else I will come away from this experience with a greater admiration for our SL models.
To enter the contest, head shots and full body photographs were required and I scurried off to my favourite and one of Second Life’s best photographers Kent Nowicka. Kent thankfully made the photo session relatively painless. Photographs duly taken were submitted to the event co-ordinator, the inimitable Ms. Payton Heron. 

Little did Payton realise what she was letting herself in for by allowing a non model to be a finalist in the pageant. People, I have had to learn how to walk ... turn (on the spot), walk some more, turn some more, oh help, how to feel incredibly stupid. I ask myself again ’what on earth was I thinking?’
We have been notified as to the outfits we are to wear for the finals event and been informed that we are to choose suitable poses for those outfits – ‘Poses? There are special poses that will show an outfit off at its best?’ I swear I am going have heart failure before this whole process is over.

And of course there is more – Ms. Photogenic more. Another photo session ‘arrgh’ and you will never guess who the photographer was this time? Mr. Virtual World 2010 himself, Mikey Batriani. The gorgeous Mikey is another fantastic SL photographer and he did all the head shots for the online voting page for Ms. Photogenic.

Well that is where we have got to so far with voting now open on the Costa Rica Sims blog. The Miss Costa Rica Sims web photogenic contest runs from Sunday, August 29, 2010 through Wednesday, September 15, 2010.

To be continued (if I survive)...

Saturday, September 18, 2010


"Rocker" is one of the many unique fashion creations to be available at the Charity Fashion Show.
• Saturday, September 18, 2010
West of Ireland, Second Life – The Second Life charity estate West of Ireland (WOI) is pleased to announce a new benefit fashion event as part of this coming weekend’s Halfway to Saint Patrick’s Day Festival. The Second Life designer Jaimie Earst will be holding a Fashion Show on Sunday, September 19 at 1pm SLT on the WOI Estate at “The Glen” (Glens na hEirean). The event will showcase 20 ensembles created by the designer and featuring WOI Volunteers as models. Display boards of the featured fashions will be up through out the day with all items being available for sale. Proceeds from sales that day will be donated to War Child North America

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SPOTLIGHT FEATURE: Aspiring Model, Voff Uggla- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Staff Reporter
• Wednesday, September 15, 2010
People from all over the world join the Second Life community. Some come for the business aspect, other’s for leisure and they discover something new and unexpected.

Originally from Stockholm, Sweden Voff Uggla found herself in Second Life in early 2007 to seek comfort after her beloved dog past away. Looking to Second Life and some comfort from her loss, Voff eventually found her nitch, in the form of everything Fashion, and even found her soul mate.

With her passion for Fashion, Modeling & Photographer, Voff is a contracted model for SSMA, member of Fan Shopping Elyte Models, she models for Marissa Bruun Fashion, and is also a model/student at Bel’Lys Modeling Agency. Voff has an Associates Degree from the Fashion Institute, but is still a student there, taking the advanced runway classes at her own pace. She graduated from MVWA on September 12.
Next on the agenda is MBMA, starting September 20. She was a pre-finalist for Miss Virtual World 2011, set for April, and a pre-finalist for styling Forward, a new reality TV show with semi finals on September 18.

SLE sat down with Voff Uggla to find out more about her history, what she does, how she deals with SL relationships and what she hopes for her future here in Second Life.

Monday, September 13, 2010

FASHION: Modavia Fashion Week 2010 sizzles - Lacy Muircastle Reporting ...

Staff Reporter
• Monday, September 13, 2010
Modavia Fashion Week 2010 got off to an impressive start with the media preview highlights event that both Lanai and I attended. Modavia Fashion week coincides with the real world fashion week in New York (ooh and Vogue.Com being relaunched too!! The site is quoted as ‘pushing interactive and social boundaries’.)
But onto the fashion week at hand. Hat’s off to the Modavia team that have put the fashion week together, they have done an absolutely phenomenal job and their efforts are definitely a tribute the the RL fashion week currently on the go in New York.

Lanai and I were literally gobsmacked at the professionalism of the launch event. The seamless running of the launch highlights show, the stunning music and the stark but stylish decor all worked together to make a memorable occasion.

MUSICIAN SPOTLIGHT: Benisimo Luik: Songs from the Apartment...- Sandy Demina Reporting...

Benisimo Luik is a singer/songwriter based in the UK.
From his flat , Ben hopes to reach out to music lovers across SL and the world with his performance of covers by some of his favourite artists plus a sprinkling of his own works based on his life of passionate relationships and broken hearts.

He usually does covers from Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, The Doors, The Steve Miller Band, David Gray, Snow Patrol, James Morrison, The Flaming Lips and many more!
We had a nice conversation about music in Second Life... 

Eclectic Charisma News - Oh, the Places You'll Go - Museum of Natural History of Vienna - Shon Charisma Reporting...

Staff Reporter
• Monday, September 13, 2010

Last week, I talked about the beauty of Runestone. This week, in my "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" travels, I decided to get a bit of culture, so I headed to a very cool museum, the Museum of Natural History of Vienna.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh WTF is going on now? - Opinions on The new Display Names Project Viewer coming soon. -Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Staff Reporter
• Wednesday, September 08, 2010

As residents are trying to calm down from last week’s Emerald Viewer Uproar, here comes another sucker punch, straight to the dome, leaving residents shouting WTF is going on now!?!
Are the Brainiacs over at Linden Labs at it again with their random ideas of improving or are they on the verge of devaluing the Second Life experience with this whole “display names project viewer” situation, that is about to unfold mid September?
That decision can be left to your discretion but here is some food for thought… 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

SPOTLIGHT TV NEWS: SPOTLIGHT TV IS MOVING, BUT WHERE TO?-Lanai Jarrico sits down with Nightfire Entertainment’s President Scorpinosis Nightfire for some ice cream, and gets the exclusive scoop- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Staff Reporter
• Tuesday, September 07, 2010
   With a new season on the horizon, there comes new changes, and this week the tides of change are already being felt. On Monday August 29, 2010, it was announced that Spotlight TV would be moving from metaverse Television Network to a new one. The name of this new network was not mentioned in the press release, except that it will be launched as soon as this October! 
This was enough to spark my curiosity on what was happening behind the scenes and find a reason to ask Scorp out on a cool date. 

Monday, September 6, 2010

FASHION- Insight - Lacy Muircastle Reporting ...

Staff Reporter
• Monday, September 06, 2010
A beauty pageant from the inside continued ...

Into the second week of the build up to the pageant finals event on the 19th September and the girls and I have attended a couple of events to get us out and about. We have supported our predecessor the current Ms Costa Rica sims 2010, Nisa Constintine, at her Influential’s event, been to the song bird of the Costa Rica Sims, Ms. Ceci Dover’s, CRS Ladies Society performance, and and and a chill out party just for us pageant girls before things really hot up – a bikini party no less – said party was outstanding. Samantha Ohrberg CR events manager, pulled out all the stops once again and made sure we all had a huge amount of fun. DJ MikeeGemini Ghost was in top form and we wouldn’t let him leave!! Some odd conversations were overheard at the party by yours truly, for instance:

01:00 PM] Takeshi Kiama: omg Carmi you so cute!!!
[01:00 PM] Carmichael Caudron: hahaha ty
[01:00 PM] Carmichael Caudron: and u are cute too said from a straight kinda way
See what I mean?

SPORTS & LEISURE: Sneaking Stacey Down The Alley- Stacey Cardalines Reporting...

Stacey prepares to assault the gutter.
Bowling and I have a funny history IRL.

They didn't have bowling in the part of France that I grew up in, and guys in my high school figured out how I was about things fairly quickly... so I never had to bowl then, either.

Then I started dating the man that I would marry. We'd alternate date planning, so I would get one weekend, and he would plan the next one.

So, our first dates went like this... carnival (him), fancy North End Italian restaurant (me), Batman movie(him), Miss Saigon(me), Alice In Chains concert (him), wine tasting (me)... and then, Bowling.

SPOTLIGHT FEATURE: Kent Photography - Lacy Muircastle Reporting ...

Staff Reporter
• Monday, September 06, 2010
Photography is both an art and a science. Photography allows us to express our feelings and emotions. Unlike a painter, who is in direct contact with his subject and his canvas, a photographer is separated from his subject by the camera and from his "canvas" by computers and printers, but Kent’s work can only be considered art. And a true artist is Kent Nowicka, whose work is created in accordance with a creative vision.

If you want a photograph, whether it is a profile, portrait, event, wedding or landscape picture, Kent Nowicka is the man for you, he offers a complete service. I know from firsthand experience just how talented a photographer Kent is, as he took the pictures I submitted for my entry into the Ms. Costa Rica Sims contest. He is a consummate professional and will put you as ease during your session.

Kent was born and raised in Southern California by a well know photographer who authored a book on the use of lights in photography and she was his major source of education and love of photography. Kent is widely travelled which has contributed to his broad perspective which he often applies to his photography.
Kent describes his SL photography as his passion and experiencing people’s reaction to photography as addictive. His use of light, composition and colours gives his photographs a life like quality rarely seen in Second Life. 

Kent’s prices are very reasonable:
Profile                                     500 L$
First individual portrait             1000 L$
Additional people                    +200 L$ per photo per person
Additional photos                     600 L$
Ten photos                               6000 L$
Photorealistic (morphed)          3000 L$
Couples photorealistic             4000 L$
Wedding packages                  7000 L$ to 9000 L$

So if you are looking for a photographer please IM Kent Nowicka.

FASHION: Fashion Fever Hits SL - Lacy Muircastle reporting ...

Staff Reporter
• Monday, September 06, 2010
Wow, wow, wow!!!! Talk about being spoilt for choice, so much to see so little time, what is a girl to do?  I hope your bank accounts are looking  positive, because they are going to be sorely tested over the next few weeks.

Designers United 4: September 4th to September 15th.
Designers United is a 12 day long fashion event featuring exclusively created products from a group of talented designers, based on a theme. Each designer has created items specifically for this project, and they will only be available for sale for a limited period of time.

The theme chosen was "Narcissus", and the designers have interpreted this theme to make items based on the colours, textures or feelings evoked by this flower or myth.

This two week event is being hosted by the Floyd sim.

FASHION: Modavia Fashion Week (information provided by Modavia CEO Poptart Lilliehook)

Modavia Fashion Week Logo
Modavia Productions Announces Show Dates for Modavia Fashion Week .....September 9-16, 2010
June 30, 2010 – Modavia Productions, the fashion show production division of Modavia Fashion Marketing, will host Fashion Week 2010. This week of fashion shows will feature a preview of the new Fall and Winter collections from some of SL's best couture designers.
This is the second Fashion Week produced by Modavia and, as in 2009, will be held in conjunction with the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week taking place in New York City at the same time. The event last year, set in Bryant Park SL, was well attended and attracted an unprecedented level of media coverage.
A broad range of men’s and women’s couture fashion designs will be showcased in shows which begin on September 9 and run through September 16. A total of 35 designers will be represented in Modavia Fashion Week 2010 in 4 to 5 shows daily, beginning at noon SLT at a new Modavia owned, purpose built multi-sim venue. In addition to the fashion shows, participating designers will have on-site boutiques, offering unreleased designs seen in their shows, and there will be exclusive gifts offered to attendees by many of the sponsors.
About Modavia Productions

Eclectic Charisma News - When in Runestone: (Re)igniting Romance - Shon Charisma Reporting...

Staff Reporter
• Monday, September 6, 2010

Second Life offers any and everything--sports, music, art, writing, education, jobs, clubs, role play, technology, and more. So, what does a single gal decide to check out for her latest SLE piece? A place where lovers go to ignite the romance in their relationships--the beautiful Runestone.

SLE Commercial