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Showing posts with label charity. Show all posts

Friday, May 6, 2022



WE'RE IN THE FINALS OF THE RFL CLUB CHALLENGE AND WE'RE GOING FOR THE WIN!! SEXY ROCK AND PRIZES! You do NOT want to miss this ROCK OUT filled with the sexiest party rockers on the GRID all comin out to support the RFL cause decked out in their LEATHER AND LACE for the occasion! Come out and join the party that's filled with auction and raffle items ALL for the sake of STOMPIN' OUT CANCER! Go to the Facebook event in the Biology Club group and click "GOING" !! We want to see the club FLOODED with RFL STOMPERS ready to END CANCER! Our Sponsors, IWE (InWorld Entertainment), Ligati Occasions, and BBX Builders are gonna be putting things up for Auction and Raffle with ALL PROCEEDS going to RELAY FOR LIFE! All the information you need can be found on the Facebook Event: The venue is located here: We look forward to seeing you there!!

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Relay for Life DreamFair 2022 Needs Singers!


We have a 10-day Event from 31 March to 9 April to support Relay for Life. We are looking for Singers for some open spots on our calendars. In world contact Irish Serenity (irish75). We appreciate any inquiries. Please see the calendar linked to see timeslots available for booking.

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

March 27th - IWE Presents: Imagination Without Limitations (Relay For Life)


Join us at Terry's on Sunday, March 27th beginning at 12 pm SLT as InWorld Entertainment presents: Imagination Without Limitations! We'll begin by showcasing the beloved Tinies/Dinkies community of Second Life, featuring live music and a special "little" fashion showcase...then Ninja & Dresi will kick off a raffle for a trip to one of the hottest new vacation spots on the grid: Las Vegas!

12 PM - Keeba & The Tiny Maniacs: We'll begin by showcasing the beloved Tinies/Dinkies community of Second Life with an electrifying live performance by Keeba Tammas & The Tiny Maniacs! A professional vocalist for many years, Keeba was in a variety of bands in the eighties. She also did voiceovers for cartoons and commercials. A seasoned performer in SL as well,

Keeba is one of the most sought-after female vocalists available. From the first song to the last she delivers a power-packed punch, belting out her songs with tremendous energy and sheer raw talent. "I have been performing in SL since 2007 and most recently have been performing with my backup band, "The Tiny Maniacs"! Actually, I am starting to wonder if they perform with me--or I perform with them!! I invite you to watch my descent into dementia!"

1 PM - Songbird Sorbet: Our showcase continues with a special live performance featuring the sweet sounds of Songbird Sorbet! Beloved by the tinies community of Second Life including Raglan Shire and IOW as well as many others, Songbird is a cover singer of Pop, Rock 'n Roll, and Country. She has an SL career that spans over 12 years.

You can also check out Songbird's music video for Mummer's Dance, filmed in SL by Chaffro Shoonmaker, here:

2 pm - A Tiny Invasion Fashion Showcase: Hosted by "Terry's Favorite" RayRay Mumfuzz, this event will showcase some of the hottest designers in the Tinies/Dinkies community of SL, including Amethyst's Attic, Jet Black Creations, Cake Fox, Sterling Wear Duds 4 Dinkies and more, and is sure to be utterly and reliably chaotic! We'll also be raffling off a few of the designs seen for charity so you can take home a piece of the fun!

3 pm - DJ Ninja (feat. DJ Dresi): Spinning some electroswing this evening, get ready to have your earholes tickled with DJ Ninja! As co-owner of Terry's with over a quarter century of RL experience in the entertainment industry, Ninja can be described in many ways, but overall high energy, innovative, and cutting edge are a good representation of his style.

Joining him live is Dresi Ligati, a leader, marketer, organizer, and trainer in her RL professional community who also has many top successful SL clubs to her credit such as Safari Club and Prohibition. She is currently the owner of the hot new science themed nightspot, Biology Club. Dresi and Ninja will also be kicking off an RFL raffle for a L$5000 gift card to the all new Las Vegas resort! (

4 pm - TwoStep Spiritweaver: Next up, a special LIVE performance from Twostep Spiritweaver! Twostep was born and raised in North Carolina but has called Texas home for the last 30 plus years. Musically, he has been influenced by The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison and so many others.

You can find Twostep around the Second Life grid performing at some of the finest venues around, spending a lot of his time performing for charities that are near and dear to him, including cancer research and cures, as well as Feed A Smile. All venue proceeds for this event will be donated to Relay For Life to help support this important cause!

5 pm - Aufwie Mysterious: Finally, get ready for a spectacular LIVE performance from Aufwie Mysterious! Aufwie's live shows in SL stand out from the rest for being charming relaxed acoustic sets that bring life to both original songs and covers that will make you feel like you’re sitting beside him on a starry night by a campfire. From everlasting super hits to unknown underground jewels, all with the unique touch that he manages to showcase in every performance.

Founded by Dresi Ligati and Ninja Antwoord, InWorld Entertainment (IWE) is a business collaborative of like-minded individuals who brainstorm and investigate fresh and innovative means by which to drive their business models forward.  Using the Professional Learning Community model, we work together to scaffold one another through the navigation of the entertainment world. In so much, as there is STRENGTH IN NUMBERS, we pool our resources to find the best possible approaches to top quality in the industry.  We exist to support live music in SecondLife, club venues, fashion, visual and performing arts, and the booking and promotions personnel of each.  Ultimately, we intend to act in the capacity of a focus group who provides feedback and information about the SecondLife entertainment experience to Linden Labs and other interested parties in the virtual world arena. Find out more about IWE here:

All venue proceeds for this event will be donated to Relay For Life to help support this important cause!


Terry's Place, is a hybrid live music venue and friendly neighborhood club where everyone knows your name! Now in its second year as well as home to some of the hottest DJs and live performers/musicians on the grid, there's a little something for everyone at Terry's when you just need to get away from it all. Dance as we spin tunes for all walks of life, show off your talents at Open Mic every Friday, or enjoy a live concert out in the park at Terry's Sunday Showcase!  With events now happening four nights a week, be yourself and escape the chains of real-life with friends, great music, and a whole lot of fun...ONLY at Terry's Place!






Ninja (ninjaantwoord resident)


Featured Fashion Designers:

Amethyst's Attic -

Cake Fox -

Jet Black Creations -

Sterling Wear Duds 4 Dinkies -


Live Performer Websites:

Keeba & The Tiny Maniacs -

Songbird Sorbet -

TwoStep Spiritweaver -

Aufwie Mysterious -

Sunday, March 20, 2022



Camping For A Cure is seeking your help in our fight to kick cancer to the curb. We have two big events coming up for Relay For Life before the end of the season and are seeking your help with donations to raffle off. No donations are too big or small and remember together we can make a difference

Contact Jenny Shackle inworld or Jenny Anatine on Facebook

Friday, February 11, 2022

Valentine Charity Date Auction "Watch, Buy or Be Bought!” -Friday, February 11th, 2022

Want to sign up to participate or want to see the auction board to bid.
Hop on over to “That’s Amore Café” Everyone is welcome to sign up we have 4 categories for the Auction: Romance. Friendship. Shape Shifters & Kinky Fetish..


Monday, February 7, 2022


Cancer deaths rose to 10 million globally in 2019.   Cancer was the second leading cause of death, after heart disease, in the United States, with nearly 600,000 deaths.  Team One More Light is a SecondLife team that helps raise money to support the real-life Relay for Life organization.

Relay For Life of SecondLife is the largest virtual event in the world and in 2020 was ranked 5th among more than 5000 Relay for Life events. Since 2004, Relay for Life of SL has raised more than ONE BILLION LINDENS. That’s more than $4 MILLION DOLLARS in support of the American Cancer Society.


In hopping around the Grid a few weeks back, I landed in the backyard of the Schitt Family.  Lene Schitt, the matriarch of the clan, was orchestrating a BBQ for her family and some close friends.  I noticed a poster on the backyard fence, promoting something called a “Valentine Charity Auction” and Relay for Life, and I asked Lene what that was all about.   Gracious beyond measure, she stopped what she was doing and addressed my questions.

Josh (Thomas1 Bellic) JB: So, Lene, tell me about how you first came to be associated with Relay for Life?

Lene Schitt (LS): Last year after meeting Abby Lemongrass and Bob Bayilner the team captains for One More Light group; I was so blown away with their events and how they were raising money for this incredible cause. I could not believe how huge Relay for Life was here in the virtual world and I knew right away I wanted to be a part of it.

::Lucid::  I was first introduced to Relay when my friend introduced me to Bob and Abi and they asked me if I was interested in making some things to sell for a relay event.

JB: Have you hosted events like this before?

LS:  I have hosted smaller parties for myself and for friends but never an event like this. But I am looking forward to hosting more; this has been an incredible turnout and a whole lot of fun.

JB: You have quite an operation here.  Do you do this by yourself, or did you have help?

LS: Oh no, there is no way I could have done this by myself... From the start this has been a team effort, from the build of the sim, coming up with ideas to include everyone, planning the pantie hunt, making the note cards, flyer's, free gifts for everyone that visits the sim, flick pick of the day, coordinating events at That's Amore Cafe, all of it has been a Team Effort... One More Light is quite the Group and we are growing.

Lucid: We have a team, One More Light. It’s a team effort, but special recognition goes to Lene Schitt and Lily Cloud as it would be nothing without them.

JB:  What types of reactions have you had to the Valentine Charity Auction?

LS:  I have to tell you the amount in donations alone from this event thus far speaks volumes. We have had a great reaction from everyone, so many people have shown their support in many different ways. Not only our friends but also people that don't know us or just heard about the event through advertisement; everyone wants to be a part of it somehow.

Lucid:  Overwhelmingly positive reactions, everyone has been having fun and we've met so many new friends.

JB: The “Pantie Hunt” was fun. How did you come up with THAT idea?

LS:  Well, the Pantie Hunt wasn't my idea. That idea was Lily Cloud and the Cookie Monster.  Lily Cloud is one of our Team Members and she and Cookie thought a Valentine Pantie Hunt with love stories would be a great idea to promote the auction. So many people enjoyed the Hunt, we will most likely bring it back next year.

JB:  Tell us more about the auction.  I understand that, unlike most auction boards, you actually have a couple of different categories?

LS:  The idea of the Valentine Charity Auction was to include everyone. We wanted to be able to have everyone participate, so we came up with 3 categories Romance, Friendship and Kinky.

·         ROMANCE: Single and Want to Mingle then this is the right category for you. Looking for that perfect someone to settle down and perhaps be your forever SL partner?

·         FRIENDSHIP: Looking for like-minded friends, or something platonic, one in which people share a close bond but do not have a sexual relationship, then this is the right category for you.

·         KINKY: Do you desire something Kinky or have some Erotic Fetish? Want to go on a date and meet someone with some Kinky Fetishes, then check out this category?

We thought that by having different categories everyone would be able to participate in the auction and I got to tell you, breaking the auction into these 3 categories was really worth it, the response has been amazing!!

Lucid:  Yes, we wanted it to be a really inclusive event, and not everyone is looking for the same things, we wanted everyone to be comfortable and to enjoy themselves.

JB:  As part of my in-depth research in support of this article,  I agreed to be one of those who was “Auctioned off” for a good cause.  As a result of this event, I made another friend in SL.  Such a delightful way to get to know someone – going on a date to help fight Cancer.  What a concept!

JB:  This looks like a LOT of auction boards!  About how many people have participated in your Auctions?

LS:  We broke up the Auction in two rounds and each round had about 125 boards, most people in round one came back to participate in Round 2 and some that hadn't had a chance are still coming to sign up.

JB:  How are you doing on fundraising this year?

LS:  The  Season is just starting and I have to tell you we are blowing it away so far. This event has put us right at 30% of the goal for this season. Our Goal this Season is to raise $6,000 US dollars.

AL: That’s Six Thousand US Dollars – and not Lindens.  Overall, Relay for Life of SecondLife has set a goal of $500,000 US dollars for the year.

Lucid:  We are over a third of the way to our goal already, with four months to go.

JB:  What happens with the money you raise?

LS:  All money raised at our events including this one will go to Relay for Life of Second Life.

AL:  In 2021, SL Relay for Life was the #4 organization across the world.  Relay For Life of Second Life has raised over $3.2 million for the fight against cancer.

Lucid: Every Linden we raise goes directly to Relay for Life to benefit the American Cancer Society. Our team leaders go so far as to pay for this sim out of pocket so no money gets redirected at all, straight to Relay.

JB:  Do you have specific events planned?  Can you share some details of those?

LS:  One More Light Team has a list of upcoming events for the Season. The calendar is getting full already and our next big event is the Mr/Miss Multiverse Pageant, which is going to be so much fun. We also have an Easter egg hunt/Tea, surfing event, Roller Disco, Golf Tournament, Comic Con, live singers and you won’t want to miss out on The Great Gatsby Themed Weekend Event... We have so many great events upcoming...

Lucid:  We have oh so very many things. In addition to the activities Lene mentioned, we have an event called Keg and Eggs, and a really special Art Gala, along with many one-day events.

JB:  Is there anything Else you would like to share with our SL Enquirer Readers?

AL: Believe it or not, less than 20% of the people in second life even know about Relay for Life here in SecondLife.  Can you imagine if everyone knew and got involved what a difference we might make?  We are always looking to add fun, creative members to our team who want to share in our passion to raise awareness and money for Relay for Life...

Lucid:  While just one out of every five SecondLife Users is aware of the Relay for Life presence inworld, SL is the fourth largest donor. I think that's pretty amazing, and if the word is spread further, we could work miracles.

So there you have it, Folks.  If you want to help make a difference in the world,  come on out to the One More Light, Relay for Life auction and charity fundraising event.  You really CAN make a difference.

Imagine a world free from cancer. Help make it a reality.

OK Folks…Check out the links above.

Be There.  Aloha!


Sunday, February 6, 2022



Come one, come all. Camping For A Cure is kicking off the 2022 Relay For Life season with a BANG and what a better way to get under way than with a Mardi Gras. There will be colour, there will be floats, there will be concerts, there will be a murder mystery and vendors galore, but most of all there will be FUN as we strive to make a difference, Remember no matter how big or small if we stand together we CAN. Camping For A Cure Mardi Gras..LETS DO THIS TOGETHER

Taxi: Web:

Saturday, January 29, 2022



Here at Bayside Medical Clinic, not only are we a Roleplay clinic that offers medical care for our patients, we believe and are passionate about providing awareness for charities in RL. That's why this Friday BMC will be putting on a charitable event supporting World Cancer Day. World Cancer Day held every year on the 4th February is a global event that raises worldwide awareness in hopes to, 're-imagine a world where millions of preventable cancer deaths are saved and access to life-saving cancer treatment and care is equitable for all - no matter who you are or where you live.' That's why we should act NOW. Every year over 10 million people die from cancer, which is more than HIV/AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis combined, cancer being at the forefront; the leading cause of death worldwide. By 2030, experts project cancer deaths to rise to 13 million. How you can help? Come by to our clinic and make a donation. We have a donation Giraffe by our reception where you can donate. Or donations will be converted into RL money and donated to the official world cancer website. Join us for our event this Friday the 4th of February from 7amslt - 1pm slt at Bayside Medical Clinic. Wear blue and orange. Dj's to play. Wear blue and orange, the official theme colors of this year. Post a snap creating awareness on social media and #closethecaregap

If you would like to learn more about World Cancer Day then you can visit To make a donation visit us Landmark Our Links

Monday, November 29, 2021



As the snow falls on Creations Park this December, we are bringing you a one-stop event for great designer items, gifts, and musical events. Creations Park has been raising funds for the Michael J Fox Foundation for 10 years and this holiday season will be no exception.

You can browse the many stalls, drop by for weekly gifts or come to see some great live performers and DJs. Winter fest will run from December the 1st through to the 7th of January 2022. While you are here, you can explore the other many wonders of this beautiful sim, with Balloon rides, horseback tours, and our spectacular Savoy Ballroom. There are many wonderful photographic opportunities to be discovered.

Our winter fair last year attracted over 2,000 visitors and we are hoping to make this year even bigger and better. All funds raised during the event go to Team Fox which is a leading charity in research into Parkinson's Disease. We look forward to raising a glass of mulled wine with you!



Saturday, November 27, 2021

2021 SL CHRISTMAS EXPO- Dec 3rd -14th


2021 SL Christmas Expo Opens Friday, December 3rd
“The 12 Days of Christmas” Helping To Fight Childhood Cancer

Since 2011, the SL Christmas Expo has been “Giving The Gift of Hope”, and is dedicated to children with cancer. The event which supports the American Cancer Society is the premier Holiday shopping and entertainment event in Second Life. Opening on December 3rd, the 12 Days of Christmas” features more than 150 stores and shops, spread over 15 gorgeously designed regions, and brings together merchants, Breedables, entertainers, and volunteers for 12 days of shopping, music, auctions, and holiday special events.  

As always the Holly Jolly Café presents the top performers in Second Life for nearly non-stop entertainment. Buy a ticket for the Holiday Shopping raffles, visit the Christmas Tree Lot and the Merchant village or stop for a Picture With Santa.

Once again, American Cancer Society partner Linden Lab will take part in the Expo with special surprises and events.  Take a picture with Santa Patch & the Elf Moles, get a Limited Edition Patch on a Shelf elf, and check out the newest Linden Homes at the 2021 winter reveal region.

And don’t forget to check out the Holiday Lights at The Lights of Hope home decorating competition, returning once again for 2021. The Lights of Hope regions feature homes decorated for the holidays by some of the best home designers in Second Life and an entire region of Linden Homes decorated by Lindens and Moles. Vote for your favorites by donating to special kiosks located at each home.

While shopping continues until December 14th, The Expo culminates with the giant Winter Breedable Auction and the Holidays of Hope Ball on Sunday, December 12th.

For a list of merchant sponsors, entertainment, and event schedules* and to learn more about the Expo and how it helps the American Cancer Society fight Childhood Cancer visit the Expo @

If you or a loved one is affected by childhood or any cancer, or want to learn more about the American Cancer Society and its research and support programs visit the American Cancer Society region in SL, the Society website (,  or call 800.227.2345 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

The American Cancer Society is the world’s leader in the fight against cancer and is attacking childhood cancers from every angle.

*Note: Merchant Sponsors, Landmarks and Entertainment Schedules will be available on the website during the week of November 29th. Please Check Back.

Contact: Nuala Maracas or Drummer Jollycane

Thursday, October 21, 2021

2021 Spooky Strides for American Cancer Society Halloween Event 22-31 October


2021 Spooky Strides Halloween Event
in Second Life
From 1 PM SLT October 22nd until The Witching Hour of Halloween
Spooky Strides is having its 1st annual Halloween Event in Second Life from October 22nd to October 31st, 2021. This spectacularly spooky Halloween event will be bringing the Second Life community a spooky fun event that will be supporting Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, an American Cancer Society campaign. The Event will feature a Halloween Amusement Park along with merchants, exhibits and entertainers. Join us as the community comes together to support finding a cure for breast cancer. The Spooky Strides Halloween event would not exist without the support of all the sponsors, exhibitors, merchants, and volunteers who have given their time and donated to help support this campaign. We want to thank those in advance who will be contributing to this grand event. Those of you who wish to sign up to volunteer, exhibit or perform will find the applications to sign up at our website. If you want more information about our website, you can find us at . We are looking forward to having several events that will be featuring, real life horror movie actors Q&A, live musicians and DJ events, along with several specialty acts! The Spooky Strides Staff is proud to present you with week of Halloween fun! If you wish to be part of the press day event, we will be announcing a press day and the location in the near future. Make sure and check the website often for updates! Social Media Links Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Flickr: Youtube: Discord: Thank you for supporting a good cause! Staff: Nance Clowes VєηυŞ (venus.amore) Holger Gilruth ИąƫąƧ (natas.janus) Artemis (artemisutherwurldly)

Saturday, October 2, 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Spooky Strides Halloween Event Oct 22 to the Witching Hour of Halloween!


This is for the American Cancer Society: Making Strides Campaign! Sims drops on the 20th and we will have a press day announced closer to the sims coming in.

PRESS RELEASE: Social Media Links Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Flickr: Youtube: Discord: Thank you for supporting a good cause!

Contact Staff if you have questions! Nance Clowes - secondlife:///app/agent/c0663321-7b21-49e2-8bbe-6b3ebda15a29/about Venus Amore - secondlife:///app/agent/fd72fb67-f201-4f7e-a98a-b2ff50ed8242/about Holger Gilruth - secondlife:///app/agent/6ea00403-7f90-436b-bd31-91b5eaf3f883/about Natas Janus - secondlife:///app/agent/a1eff298-7370-4f3e-8425-196d48e8bdf1/about ArtemisUtherwurldly Resident - secondlife:///app/agent/7279a00f-b526-4046-97b5-a19170651ce7/about

Friday, September 24, 2021

Beta Omega Iota Presents Dragon Studios! Open during the month of September! 7am- 10pm SLT (Mon- Sunday)


Beta Omega Iota SL Fraternity is back with their annual community event to show appreciation for all the charity support for the year. Come and enjoy this family-friendly amusement park and magical-inspired experience with Beta Omega Iota! The event runs until October. Come enjoy amazing rides, shop at our custom creation gift shop, and make sure you check out our calendar of events happening weekly!

Landmark to venue:

Social Media for the event:

Beta Omega Iota Fraternity Social Media:

Contact Person: BiPie Deceit (In-world), Harvey Dent (Facebook), Switchblade Zane (In-world), Neroli Portofino Sr. (Facebook)

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

TAO Summer 2021 Festival

 LM - Land is open for ALL

Youtube Video Link

FB Page Link

Thursday, June 17, 2021

CREATIONS PARK GOES "BACK TO THE FUTURE" - Charity Event for Team Fox Parkinson's Research-June 1-August 1

This summer, Creations Park is offering a totally new experience to celebrate its 10th year of raising funds for Team Fox.   Over the space of 2 months, visitors can immerse themselves in Hill Valley, the iconic town square featured in the original "Back to the Future" movie.

Michael J Fox, who starred in the movie was diagnosed with Parkinson's at the age of 29. He established his foundation in 2000 and Team Fox has since become the largest non-profit funder of Parkinson's Disease research in the world, having funded more than $1 billion in research programs to date.  

Creations Park was founded in 2011 by Barbie Alchemi and her mother Fran Seranade; not only to raise funds for Team Fox but to shed a light on Parkinson's Disease and provide information and support for the individuals whose lives it touched.  Over the last 10 years, over 500K USD has been raised in SL through their work for the charity.   This year also marks the 60th birthday of Michael J Fox so a double celebration was in order.

The entire town square of Hill Valley has been carefully recreated on a special parcel for visitors.  Within this space, there will be a special sales event with retro themes, 1950s music and dance, an exclusive Mini-Hunt, and a photography competition with a 1000L prize.  There will also be an "Enchantment Under the Sea" prom dance on the 9th of June held in the newly refurbished Savoy Ballroom.

"We hope that visitors will enjoy themselves dressing up and feeling like they are really a part of the time period, or even as if they are in the movie."

Contact:  Aura Fitzgerald-Stormcrow (Auricrose Resident)


Start Date: 1st June 2021

End Date: 1st August 2021

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

When Worlds Collide: Dandilyon Jinx Reports on Balticon 2021

For the second year in a row, Balticon Station hosted the virtual platform for Balticon, the Maryland Regional Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention presented by the Baltimore Science Fiction Society. Owned by Melita and her partner, the creation of Balticon Station was in response to the pandemic situation in 2020.

Last year with the pandemic raging and people afraid or unable to attend conventions in person, we requested and received non-profit pricing from Linden lab,” said Melita. “Balticon and the Baltimore Science Fiction Society (BSFS) are non-profit, educational organizations.”

For many of the attendees, Second Life was a new experience. Last year the Balticon website presented the concept to members as “...a huge, diverse, and extremely eclectic virtual world that was inspired by the Metaverse as described in Neal Stephenson’s novel Snow Crash.” The response was enthusiastic and BSFS members and more had the chance to explore role play in the content-rich environment SL residents have become familiar with.

After Balticon was over last year, it was decided to keep the sim open in case other conventions wanted to use the space. The amenities are built to provide a memorable experience for seasoned and new residents alike. “There are half a dozen or so amazing spaces here,” said Melita. “The underwater science lab, the space station, the elven forest and caves, and the art show.  There's a place where you can ‘borrow’ a horse and go for a trail ride, or you can jump from a sky platform using your newly acquired parachute.”  Keeping to the speculative fiction theme, visitors can also fly a UFO or shuttle-bot or just dance the night away in the Space Bar. “Balticon Station was designed to show the depth of Second Life to those who are new to the platform and to show that Science Fiction and Fantasy transcend Real Life,” says Melita.

The timing couldn’t be better. During the event, this reporter overheard quite a few compliments about the virtual platform. With 2021 still uncertain in some areas, many people are seeing virtual worlds as a viable option for business and entertainment. Melita agrees.

“When I started in 2005, people were saying ‘if you are spending your free time in a virtual world, you need psychological help.’  Since the pandemic, some are admitting that it is keeping people sane.”

Melita sees her work at Balticon Station as a way to bring people together, especially at a time when many are still unable to meet up in person. But it doesn’t take a pandemic to find the benefits to a virtual world. “Second Life has been a way for me to remain in contact with friends and family, meeting "’ face-to-face’ with them in a real and comforting way,” says Melita. “What I love about Second Life is the way it slices through barriers.  I know people from all over the world. Race and color don't matter; physical abilities don't matter; age doesn't matter.  What matters is how each person treats each other, and it's truly amazing.”

While first-time visitors may initially be intimidated by the steep learning curve, once they get familiar with the basics they have access to a new world of possibility. “You can create, build, write and publish; you can see and hear live performances; you can conduct business; plan a building; conduct classes ... the limit is your imagination,” says Melita. 

She is an excellent example of how to make use of this alternate reality. “Personally, in Second Life I am a photographer, graphic artist, gallery owner, writer, editor, layout specialist, and magazine publisher, and I teach basic building skills. I am far more fulfilled than I ever was in RL where I am encumbered by time, distance, and physical ability.”

While real-world events prompted the surge of interest in Second Life, some of the new residents will invariably stay and become a permanent part of the community, adding their own experiences to the mix. 

“I hope Second Life continues for a long time,” says Melita. “I know there's a new venture out there that Linden Lab is working on, but I am too involved here to be looking for the next big ‘thing.’”

At the moment, virtual Balticon seems to be a big enough thing all on its own. This reporter was happy to have experienced it. While the convention itself is over until next year, Balticon Station remains open for exploration.




Group: Balticon and BFSF secondlife:///app/group/f0bc49e1-b3d6-59bb-8da8-cc5b104217b0/about



Preferred contact: Melita (taylor.schroeder)

TAO Summer 2021


Friday, May 21, 2021

RelayStock & Bid The Lindens Bald Raise L$2 Million


Combined Events Raised More Than L$2,000,000 For Relay For Life


The 2021 RelayStock event concluded Wednesday, May 19, with the 5th Annual Bid The Lindens Bald Day.  RelayStock, hosted by the Relay Rockers team, supports the Relay For Life of Second Life and the American Cancer Society.

Since it began in 2014, RelayStock is a gathering of RFL of SL teams for 3 days of music and camaraderie set in a 1960s style festival region reminiscent of Woodstock.  Nearly 40 teams assembled across a landscape dotted with tie-dyed tents and old VW campers, raising their banners and flags, and placing their RFL Kiosks and Vendors around their sites. The Main Stage hosts musical acts sponsored by each team as part of their fundraising efforts.  DJs were joined by live performers such as Max Kleene, Keeba Tammas and The Tiny Maniacs and Todd Rumsford, and was the scene of the final round for the Celebrate Remember Fight Back (CRFB) Top DJ Fundraising Competition. The weekend set a record for combined fundraising with a total of L$1,290,669 raised for RFL, while several teams reached new Fundraising Club levels and met their season goals.

The CRFB Top DJ Competition saw DJ Stormy Dench, of the SHB Gems team,  take home the first place trophy by raising L$502,000 during her 90 minute set. Coming in second was DJ Baggie who raised more than L$400,000 during the competition.

Running in conjunction with RelayStock, the 5th Annual Bid The Lindens Bald team challenge concluded the event, with 6 Teams of Lindens and Moles competing to see who would raise the most donations for the American Cancer Society and earn the honor of shaving the head of the last place team. More than 40 Lindens and Moles participated.  The voting heated up as the 1:45 deadline approached.  More than 100 residents were entertained by MrMikie String as they donated to the various kiosks, amid promises (Vote for us for a year without Lag) and playful threats (Bald Moles Make Sink Holes). Voters could either purchase a limited edition animesh Linden Bear or donate directly to a kiosk for each team. In the end the team made up of Darcy, Grumpity, Kristin, Patch, Spots, Vix Linden prevailed with a total of L$296,336 raised and had the honor of shaving the heads of the team consisting of Dakota, Evie, Kreide, Obi, Simon, Vanessa Linden. The losing team will appear in SL without hair until the SL18B celebration in June. All together the event raised L$ 840,369, including the sale of 309 Linden Bears.

“We really appreciate the Relay Rockers team for putting in so much work on this and inviting us to participate. The event was a great success, lots of fun, and we're already looking forward to next year!" said Patch Linden, VP of Product Operations, Linden Lab. RelayStock was organized by Arizona Ballinger of the RelayRockers. Bid The Lindens Bald was coordinated by Trader Whiplash for the Rockers and Derrick Linden on behalf of Linden Lab.

The 2021 Relay For Life season in Second Life concludes on June 12 & 13th with the annual 24 hour walk. Current fundraising totals stand at $350,000, once again placing the virtual Relay among the largest Relay events in the world.

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer, wish to learn more about cancer screening. survivor and cancer services or want information about cancer,  the American Cancer Society and Relay For Life please visit,, call 800-227-2345 or visit the American Cancer Society region in Second Life.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Maximum Impact Charity Event: Stacey Cardalines Reporting



In this era of Covid-19, it is easy to forget that lots of things kill lots of people. Not all of them are the Rona. A million people a year across the world die of Malaria. That's double what the Rona did in America in a year. 67% of malaria deaths involve children under the age of 5. You should already be reaching for your wallet, folks.

Of course, why just write a check when you can instead write a check after watching supermodels fight for 2-4 hours? Money is awful hard to get these days, and one should expect a little bang for their buck.

Dylan Thomas once advised us to "rage, rage against the dying of the light." With that in mind, allow me to remind you that the Friday Morning Fight show ("Fight show" is one word, in this case, editor) is hosting a Maximum Impact Charity Event, with the proceeds being donated to the Malaria cause through the GiveWell charity apparatus. The Fight show is a professional wrestling event. If punching a girl in the face isn't Rage enough for you... well, to be quite frank, you might be a little too Hardcore for me.

This event is packed with action. This columnist has fought Sue Plex before, and Friday's audience is in for a show when she steps into the ring. Sue, who hails from the blood-soaked slums of Colorado, is widely feared throughout SL for her sadism. Vendetta is also on the card, and there are rumors around SL that she may have killed several girls in underground fights. The only distinction she makes between "Opponent" and "Innocent People In The Crowd" is that she doesn't get a paycheck when she attacks people in the crowd. They even have a fighter who looks like an anthropomorphic fox.

If you need more prompting than that, it's on you, not me. The show is Friday, May 21st, 10 AM SLT. In these dark times of plague, fight back against us by joining us for some Apocalyptic Asskicking!

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

RelayStock & Bid The Lindens Bald Opens Friday May 14th

Multi-Team Relay For Life Event
Six teams of Lindens & Moles Compete to Save Their Hair
Limited Edition Bid The Lindens Bald Linden Bear
Live and DJ Entertainment
CRFB Top DJ Finals

It’s Back! The 8th Annual RelayStock Multi-Team event opens this Friday, May 14th. Relay For Life teams will once again hoist their banners above Hippie Vans and Tents as they gather together for the annual festival in support of the American Cancer Society.  

The three-day event also features the popular fundraiser Bid The Lindens Bald (BTLB).  In its 5th year, BTLB pits teams of Lindens and Moles who challenge each other to raise the most money to support Relay For Life.  ‘Bidding’ opens on Wednesday, May 12th, and concludes with a Haircut Party from Noon until 2pm on May 19th.  Governor Linden will oversee the haircuts, given to the team with the least amount in their kiosk.  That team will remain bald until SL18B in June.

A special commemorative, Limited Edition Linden Bear will be available for purchase during the weeklong event with all proceeds going to Relay For Life.

RelayStock and Bid The Lindens Bald is located at RelayStock 2021 adjacent to the American Cancer Society virtual office. Access to the Bidding area will open at 12 noon on Wednesday, May 12th and RelayStock opens on Friday, May 14th.

A limited number of tent and van sites are still available to Registered RFL of SL teams wishing to take part in RelayStock. Team Captains can visit for more information and apply for a site.


If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, wish to learn more about cancer screening. survivor and cancer services or want information about cancer,  the American Cancer Society and Relay For Life please visit,, call 800-227-2345, or visit the American Cancer Society region in Second Life.