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Sunday, July 31, 2011


There are millions of talented performers in the world. Some play covers. Some play all originals. Some play both. When iTunes first hit the scene, it offered original artists, mainly the very well known, a great new way to get their music out to the masses on a solid, marketed platform with a huge name behind it. The problem was and remains, how does an unknown, independent artist get clearance to also sell their recorded cover tunes of the artists they love and admire? Well, Copyright Law is very strict! Compulsory Licensing, required for any artist selling any cover, can be obtained, but it's not always an easy process. Furthermore, royalties must be paid to the Copyright holder(s) which means even more leg work… and paperwork.
Introducing MetaTunes!


The Xues Do Photography and Fashion and MORE at Urban Alley

I love clothes. There. I said it, confessed it. I spend a great deal of time on the grid looking for quality deals and cute clothes--and then finding someone to take a great picture of me while I'm in that hot 'fit. With Candi and Makaveli Xue and their Urban Alley Photo Studio & Main Store, I can get BOTH!

And so can you!

Press Release: Cyberstar RL 2 SL SIM LAUNCH

Sunday July 31st 2011

Invites You To an RL 2 SL Sim Launch First

On Saturday August 6th starting at 4:00 PM SLT
The CYBERSTAR SIM will officially open as a networking and service center for First Life business and entertainment providers wanting to work with SL residents and entrepreneurs. Live music, guest speakers, designer giveaways during the runway show and more will kick off this special event.

With over 20 years of experience and contacts in the music, film, literary and business solutions industries, Scorpinosis Nightfire has a client network of known and up and coming First Lifers that are interested in this next generation of avatar driven social networking. For more info on how you can be apart of this event and movement we hope to see on August 6th.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

It’s an Indie Party and you are all cordially invited! Sunday, July 31, 2011 1pm SLT

Come join us  Sunday, July 31st @ 1:00pm SLT at The Home of End of Mae Welcome Center/House of Silverjinx as we celebrate Indie Artists, Musicians and Authors.  Festivities will include live music performance by “SL’s Super Playboy” Eric (DirtyDee) Sweetwater. After breaking a sweat on the dance floor, take a step back and catch your breath because there are more great things in store on this schedule!

Exploring your world, Virtually in Second Life- The Virtual Biodome created by The University of Washington -Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Hey Virtual World Explorers! I found an interesting expedition you can take through the Ancient Ruins of the Mayan Civilization!
Ever wondered about their culture and the many undiscovered secrets that these people held? Are you up for the journey and an educational experience through time? Teleport Now!

What is the Biodome?
This island is the graduated final project of University of Washinghton's Virtual Worlds Certificate 2011 Class.

Explore the four island areas to learn about Maya civilization >>>>

Twin Ghost - The Album

Hot, sunny summer days - the sound of children playing, traffic, and the aroma of laundry drying on clotheslines. The soundtrack? Soulful tunes evocative of the 70s, infused with the art of the song - before the time of music as a product. A different time, a better time, a more innocent time. These are the emotional connections conjured by the songs of Twin Ghost.
Inspired by the people, the music and the creativity of Second Life, TwinGhost presents his initial solo release album. A collection of nine songs presented for
the modern audience and mastered in the first half of 2011 and simply called Twin Ghost - The Album.
This album captures the essence of the Twin Ghost live SL shows while presenting a refined and well-produced collection of soulful ballads, bluesy rockers, acoustic masterpieces, and hypnotic soundscapes that draw the listener in, all with a poetic and lyrical sensibility as well as that characteristic unique to this artist, the amazing voice.
The Album release party for Twin Ghost - The Album will be happening in Secondlife on August 5th 2011 @The BoomPony event venue.  
Its a 70's themed party and there will be giveaways for the most elegant, most freaky, most wild and most creative avatar. All winners receiving a full album download. You're invited to come and celebrate with us the the release of this much anticipated album release Twin Ghost - the Album. Two free downloads of songs from the album are also offered at so log on and experience some Twin Ghost for yourself!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

FEED A SMILE- Live and Learn in Kenya NGO- Joins us at the Lavender Field on Friday, July 29th Starting at 1pm SLT to celebrate our 1st Anniversary DJ Event! Continues Saturday 8am – 4am Sunday!

“Live and Learn in Kenya NGO” is based in Selb, Germany. “Live and Learn in Kenya International NGO” is its "daughter" organization in Kenya and is a registered non-profit, charity organization.

What is it about?

Desolation, hunger and thirst, poverty beyond comprehension, illiteracy, AIDS, child prostitution, child brides - this is what rules the lives of the people - especially the children - living within the Rhonda Slums of Nakuru, Kenya. Live and Learn in Kenya is changing this - day for day - child for child.

Live and Learn in Kenya finds sponsors to finance the education of needy children, which includes everything that the child needs in order to go to school — fees, uniform, shoes, textbooks, school supplies.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Duché de Coeur Music & Arts Festival! JULY 29-31, 2011

The Duche de Coeur’s Academies Royale de Musique and Peinture are proud to present the Music and Arts Festival for the second year.   The Music and Arts Festival is jammed pack with Second Life’s most amazing musicians and artists.  This year’s musical itinerary opens Friday, July 29th at 1PM with Sheela Nagy’s LabGraal Celtic Group (performing at Isla Pequena) and includes some of the Musique Academie’s regular performers like Lady Champagne Rain, Waltkeys Faith, Miles Eleventhauer, Lady SaraMarie Philly, Lady Yuki Hutchinson, Tip Corbett, Lady Miriam Forsythe, and many, many more.  The Academie welcomes many new artists such as Noma Falta, and Nadine Morani, to name just a few. 

The Academie’s upcoming season will feature breathe taking theatrical productions. During the festival, Lady Maria (Pet) Karu will perform liturgical dance with her incredibly talented dance troupe.  This performance is but a small sample of shows yet to come during the full season.
The Academie Royale de Peinture hosts the grand opening of the Duche de Coeur’s Art Gallery, which features many of Second Life’s most talented artists such as:  Helendar Bailey, Briawinde Magic, Sheba Blitz, Antenna Rae, Melusina Parkin, Fae Varriale, El Eiren, Kayly Iali, Milly Sharple, Masako, Candace Ducatillon, Jilla Lamar, Vita Camino, Kalanglarik

Horse-drawn carriages may be used to travel between venues, or you may teleport directly using the landmarks listed in the following performance schedule.  The carriages also have options for touring select resident homes during the festival and traveling to merchants with freebies.

Performance Schedule

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Moni Telling-Moni Fashions Project, Jewelery, Womens clothing designs,photography Cynamon pearl Reporting...

The Moni Fashions project is the brainchild of creative owner and entrepreneur Moni Telling. Moni is a jeweller crafting custom bling designs, who also designs women’s clothes in addition she is great photographer. When I think of the true essence of an entrepreneur Moni Telling comes to mind. She exemplifies the characteristics of a motivated and creative soul. Moni has cultivated multiple skills and talents all on her own.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Allow me to take a few seconds of your time introduce you to Joker's Wild. Even though no formal introduction is needed, I felt I should.

A successful R&B/hip hop collaboration comes along very rarely, one such as I’ll Be There For You/You’re All I Need To Get By by Method Man & Mary J. Blige. But come along it has. LANCE, has teamed up with Mista Freezy to produce what is sure to be a classic. LANCE and Mista Freezy are calling their collaborative efforts “Joker’s Wild,” an the resulting song, Long Hair has already created significant buzz on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

You can listen and find Joker's Wild several ways:

on Twitter @WeAreJokersWild

Thanks for being a fan
for more information regarding Joker's Wild

Be More Hoosierish!

Stacey visits the SL version of the University Of Indiana...

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mr. Virtual World 2011

Here he is ladies and gentlemen, Second Life’s latest Mr. Virtual World – Mr. USA - Jax Aster.

I was rather disappointed not to be able to attend the grand finale event a week ago, due to an internet connection that was not playing ball, but I have to say that at the press presentation which I did attend, I absolutely called the gorgeous Mr. Jax Aster as the winner, and yes I do think I am just sooooooo clever – lol!!

Congratulations to all the contestants and in particular the runners up:

1st runner up, Mr. Japan – Zachary Zufreur
2nd runner up, Mr. India – Varaderobiker Blackburn
3rd runner up, Mr. Greece – Daniele Eberhardt
4th runner up, Mr. Portugal – Matteo Bettoncourt

Without any further ado, I introduce you to Mr. Virtual World 2011: Mr. USA - Jax Aster.

Jax joined Second Life towards the end of 2006. He reckons he has experienced many of second life’s opportunities. He began his journey simply by hanging out with friends and discovering many of the creative sims and creations that SL has to offer. Second Life has offered him the opportunity to explore his creative side as well. He is a photographer you see....

Jax is quoted as saying “I'm your stereotypical true Texan, I like everything big! I like my steak big, my parties big, my cars big, my houses big, but most importantly, I love big. When I devote myself to something, be it a career, a sport, a goal, a challenge, an obstacle, or a person, I give it 110% every time.” Well I guess that rings true since he has now won the BIGGEST pageant of them all too!!!

Asking Jax how he felt about winning his Mr. Virtual World 2011 title he replied ”I am so very honored to have been named Mr. Virtual World 2011 and having been able to represent my country throughout the process. I am so lucky to have been in the presence of everyone involved in this year's competition. I am truly grateful to all of this year's contestants for being such a strong but humble force throughout. You all have pushed me to be my best and without your hard work, dedication, and creativity, I would not be where I am. I have, beyond doubt, been inspired.”

Jax concluded by saying “I am genuinely excited to see what this year holds and the opportunities that lie ahead.”

SL ARTS & LITERATURE: Let The Dancing Begin! DANCE QUEENS Dance Festival IV This Weekend!

Aside from music, dance is probably one of the performing art forms most often subject to abstraction.  While story based dances are common, also common are dances based on themes or abstract ideas, with no identifiable through-line or plot.  The variety of types and styles is vast, from culturally based dance, classical, modern, tap and show dancing, burlesque and the list goes on and on.  Many of these styles will be presented this weekend at the DANCE QUEENS Dance Festival IV, Saturday July 23rd from 8:15am to 5:30pm, and Sunday, July 24th 9:00am to 5:00pm.

SL ARTS & LITERATURE: Virtual Short Play Buffet Concludes this Weekend

This is the closing weekend of Avatar Repertory Theater's Virtual Short Play Buffet.  For lovers of theater, art, writing, and good stories told well, this is something you should not miss.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Miss Tropic Hawaiian Pageant 2011 has Officially Started!

Last years winner, Aubrey Maskelyne
greeting visitors at pageant headquarters.

The Miss Tropic Hawaiian Pageant is approaching soon and the competition has already started. This week the fund raising voting portion of the pageant has begun for this non profit fundraiser benefiting the The Compassionate Coalition. The pageant headquarters located on the non profit Oahu, Hawaii sim is now open for all to come and vote for your favorite contestant. Voting is opened until July 31st at 11:59pm slt. The contestant with the most votes in the voting portion of the competition will win some cool gifts and immunity of elimination during he pageant on August 6th.

This Saturday, July 23rd the ladies will be hosting a Hawaiian Beach Party on the north shore Ehukai Beach. ( This is your chance to come meet and party the pageant contestants as DJ Maksimilian Antonelli plays all your favorite party music. 1000L goes to the best dressed in Hawaiian Beach Wear. There will be trivia, gifts and goodies for all.

The pageant will take place at Bruddah Iz Amphitheater ( at the Oahu Vacation Resort and the event will kick off at 12pm slt when the lovely Miss Ichie Kamachi sings live Hawaiian music on the stage. After the music show, our pageant will begin at 1pm slt. This year judges will be Lanai Jarrico CEO of SLE, Lucy Eberhart of Evil Lu Designs, Ziggy21 Slade of The Big Cake, Ken Alphaville with Alter Ego and Nickki Romano of Island Style Designs.

Come by and vote to show your support to these awesome ladies working hard for a very good cause.

Lanai’s Diary: July 9-16th- Greetings from Walt Disney World, Orlando Florida

Wow, I feel like I haven’t picked up my virtual pen and babbled in my diary for a loooong time but, believe me you…I have been plenty busy in both worlds the past couple weeks.

For those that assume I am a virtual news junkie, it is true, writing is a great fix and it allows be to pour out my thoughts in virtual text but a vacation was much needed.

From July 9th-July 16th, I went on a much needed vacation with my family to Disney World in Orlando, Florida and maaaaan, was it a great adventure!

Fishin' Mission

It's like that scene in Jaws, but Quint is actually one of the girls from my gym...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Wire: Spotlight, Aza Photography Modeling Group -- Cynamon Pearl reporting

An organic process of avatar transformation is taking place in Second Life and photographers are in the advantageous role of facilitating this magic. Just ask experienced photographer Azarene Jewell who has been finessing her talent behind the lens now for three years in Second Life. Moreover, Aza has taken initiative in setting the stage, which entails conceptualizing a theme and then translating the story and executing the idea into a desired outcome. These are elements required to make your professional photos a success. Aza tells me that although she enjoys taking photos of anyone her niche has streamlined more toward professional models, artists and fashion editorials. Aza Photography has definitely carved out its own signature style with that ‘something’ that is unqiue.

SL Reggae Festival 2011

Get Blessed For A Good Cause...

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Stacey thinks that she could deal with this...

Sunday, July 10, 2011

SL ARTS & LITERATURE: A.R.T. Serves Up A Gourmet Feast of Theater!

MadameThespian Underhill and Darius Debruyere in Back Burner
I admit it.  I put down the big article I have been working on for weeks on Stories in Second Life because I went to the theater this afternoon.  It was the virtual theater, and Avatar Repertory Theater’s (A.R.T.) opening weekend of their Virtual Short Play Buffet.  A.R.T. promotes the performance with this phrase: “Life is a banquet, and so is theater. Put on your best bib and tucker and join the Avatar Repertory Theater as we present a seven course meal of full productions of the seven winning plays from the Virtual Short Play Buffet.” They were not kidding!  If you love theater, good stories, good writing, and excellent performances – this is a must see.  Do not wait.  Do not delay.  Put the reminder in your pda, your Outlook, whatever will beep annoyingly at you and remind you to “GO!  GO NOW!”  There are four more performances left over the next two weekends.  Plan ahead, get your seat early.  Expect there to be capacity crowds because this is excellent theatre in any universe, and the word is bound to spread fast.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Last Week for Miss Tropic Hawaiian Pageant Sign ups

One week left to sign up or the Miss Tropic Hawiian 2011 Pageant. This pageant is a fund raiser well help benefit the non profit group The Compassionate Coalition. Running for the 4th year, this pageant is seeking all female human avatars to be a contestant in this pageant on August 6th. Sign up fees are waived this week so its free to sign up. Just visit Oahu Vacation Resort and look for the pageant posters with entry forms inside them. If you have any questions, contact pearlann Edwardstone.

The Wire: Spotlight on Dinkum Cards Gift Store - Cynamon Pearl reporting....

Dinkum Cards is an Australian owned and operated gift store on the Second Life grid. Entrepreneur and business owners, Christine Dartmouth and partner Flynn Dartmouth have been creating customized and animated gifts now for twelve months. The two are in the business of bringing you joy and laughter through the art of tailoring your wedding, party and other celebration invitations, greeting cards, poofers, balloons and more.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


A Virtual New England Village

Contrary to popular opinion, Stacey wasn't born in Marblehead.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

SL ARTS & LITERATURE: A.R.T. Announces Finalists and Virtual Short Play Buffet Performances Caledonia Skytower Reporting...

The Avatar Repertory Theater announces the final seven plays selected by vote of the audience and company from the 30 presented in readings through March, April, and May.  They proclaim,"Life is a banquet, and so is theater. Put on your best bib and tucker and join the Avatar Repertory Theater as we present a seven course meal of full productions of the seven winning plays from the Virtual Short Play Buffet."  I am definitely getting my fork!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

CHILL @ THE CHILL LOUNGE w/DJ DIBOU Tonight kicking off at 7pm SLT

  ·♬♩·]¦!·   The NuSoul NeoSoul Show with DJ DIBOU comes to u tonight from the Chill Lounge 7:00PM to 9:00PM slt.   DJ DIBOU is takin us back to her roots .... NeoSoul Music and new music releases and  tunes from artists you may have never heard before and of course some "SLebrity News"!

PRODUCED by Black Soul Rhythms Radio
HOSTESS: Charity Richez
LOCATION: CHILL LOUNGE "Classy Sexy Cool Establishment"

SLE News- The SL Enquirer Media Center is back in the Destination Guide! Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

After attempting to submit our destination request to The Official Second Life website and having human errors in the submission process, we are happy to announce SLE can now be found in the Media & TV Section, once again!  Be sure to take a tour of the center and find out more about what we can do for you.

Tips for your Tour:

RP Nexus News: True Blood Pumping in SL Cursa Charisma Reporting...

The phase of the moon kept the werewolves away, but vampires and fairies came out to play on July 2 with SL's Saturday night mistress of hiphop, DJ Nisa on Black Soul Rhythms Radio, at the Fangtasia Club in Hypnotic. BSR's Bobbie Naidoo was hostess, presiding over a major event with dozens in attendance.

(Podcast of the event is available here!)

Started in October 2010, this is a vampire sim, but there is no hunting and no biting. The True Blood clan has both vampires and humans as members and they "all just like to hang out, attend events and have a good time." Your reporter was hesitant despite this reassurance in the sim info card, but quickly found it to be accurate. The atmosphere was casual, friendly, and open, and signs on the wall declared, "No biting on premises".

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Wire: Spotlight on Urban Nightclub, All American Bad Boy Christion Sparta Cynamon Pearl Reporting...

The all American Bad Boy brand name and urban nightclub is owned and operated by Second Life resident and entrepreneur Christion Sparta. Recently, Christion and I sat down for an interview to discuss the re-opening of his club since May 2011. Christion’s club has a modern, urban appeal with that features the hottest DJ’s on the grid. Hands down, this is a hot spot for Hip Hop lovers or the curious minded who have always wanted to experience the urban scene. The Bad boys inc. owner encourages all to give it a try. This article takes a closer look at the man behind the brand while bringing the reader closer into urban night scene.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

SL ARTS & LITERATURE: A.R.T. Announces Auditions for "Alice"

AVATAR REPERTORY THEATER is auditioning for the lead role of Alice for their production of Alice Through the Looking-Glass which opens in November.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Patriot Boots!

If George Washington's wife was both patriotic and kinky...