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Monday, October 31, 2016

“Dear Halloween” Romero de la Luna reporting

Dear Halloween,

I think I need to break up with you.  The reasons are complicated, and it may seem cliché, but please believe me. It’s not you…it is most definitely me.  Bear with me and I will try to explain…

I think I am under the influence of some sort of gypsy curse, which has undermined the magic of our secret yearly rendezvous in the woods.  In recent memory, our illicit meetings have turned from hot role-playing shenanigans into a funhouse mirror of distorted and disappointed expectations.  The long and short of it is this:  In my recent adult costuming life, no matter how I try to dress up, I always end up looking like a slutty pirate. Don’t believe me?  Here’s an example of me attempting to dress up as Harry Potter in 2011.

Imagine my preparations each year. Everything looks like it is going well; this time a green face, excellent latex scarring…glued bolts to the neck and then eventually… I just can’t help it, I’m compelled to break into the rouge and it’s all “Yarrr..hello sailarrrr!” from there on.

I know that my giving up on our time together will either disappoint or even enrage my Celtic ancestors, from where they celebrated some of your earliest festivals. Harvest time has come and gone.  It is the time when people say farewell to the earth’s fertility and welcome the approach of Persephone’s cold desolation. The darker portion of the world begins to emerge.  It is said that the membrane between this world and the Underworld begins to thin, becoming more of an opaque curtain.

It is the time of year that, for ages, the Aossi… faeries and spirits- are most active throughout the world. And from our earliest celebrations until now, we have left offerings of food and drink to appease them so they will move on.  But if they were not appeased, they would grow unruly and create all sorts of chaos, much like the little snot gobblers of today; those little monsters hopped up on Kit Kats and Blow Pops, chanting their unholy ruminations echoing throughout neighborhoods across the world, “Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat-“ Yeeaasshh. It’s a damn freak show out there!

I am truly worried that my recent misanthropy toward our holiday will indeed insult the spirits of my Celtic ancestors. After all, do you remember how they used to fight their enemies?  They would paint themselves up, strip naked and then stimulate themselves to full erection (true story) before stampeding down the hill toward their foes. Don’t mess with the Celts, am I right?  How about THAT for a Halloween costume? Nah, never mind. That’s been overdone by pixel newbs on nearly every seedy sim on the grid.  You might get banned from your favorite places.

Granted, even though a herd of screaming hairy men with hard-ons charging down a mossy hillock would seem intimidating to most- (unless of course you’re like Helen of Troy, then you’re probably all clasping your hands to your chest and squealing, “For me? All for me!?” Not judging btw, after all I am Slutty McBlackbeard)-ultimately, these stampeding nudists bounced off the wall of Roman shields, got speared in the junk and died soon after. So there’s that. Now that I think about it, maybe I don’t have much to worry about regarding my ancestors.

But I digress.

As of Sunday our Hunter’s Moon will have disappeared. Today is the dawn of the new moon: the Beaver Moon… or also called the Frosty Moon. All I have to say is keep that frigid beaver away from me, knowwha’msayin’?

You can probably tell, Halloween, that I still love you, I’m just upset that I’m not keeping up my end of the bargain.  Maybe we should be ‘non-exclusive’ for awhile, instead of breaking up altogether. We should try new things; new people.  Maybe I will date a make-up artist and she will help me deal with my rouge addiction. Maybe I can actually be Harry Potter next year. Some will think that costume to be tragically outdated for 2016.  All I can say is at least it won’t be Harley Quinn. “Omigawd, I’m like soooo original?”

So where do we go from here? 

Well, here are some places we can start…The folks at Elysium (especially the owner Syn Beresford) always knows how to party. And one of my favorite burlesque badasses, ElizaRose Gloom, spins some always killer tunes at The Rabbit Hole (though space is super cozy there, so go early and be cool to the regulars.(They had their official bash on the 28th)  Who knows?  Maybe soon we will be able to snatch back some of that pumpkin spice in our relationship again, my Halloweenhella-hottie.

Just no Celtic Warrior costumes, okay? Promise me. I REALLY like those places and I don’t want to get banned from them.

Love and Kisses,

Your Slutty Pirate, Romero

Sunday, October 30, 2016


Join us at The Asylum at Origen's Hollywood Venues on Oct. 31st at 7pm SLT for a very special Halloween show with The Pink Vampire. 
The Pink Vampire has been awarded many awards putting her in the category of one of the best vocalists in SL. Pink has some special things in store for us. 
She has prepared some special songs and special effects. 

This is a show not to be missed!

Official trailer:


Sunday, Oct.30th SingerGirl and the Sexy SideKickers will open a new Halloween-themed rock opera at The Asylum at Origen’s Hollywood Venues. 

The show is called “A SL Horror Story.” It includes SingerGirl singing some great, and sometimes modified songs, special effects and amazing dance routines for her and the Sexy SideKickers (KittySweetKitty, Terri Tam and Lilmiss54). 

Everything has been worked out to tell this horror story about Second Life. This is a first for Singer Girl and the Sexy SideKickers. 

You don’t want to miss it.

Art and Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI) will be held online, in Quat Gallery, on Sunday October 30th, at 10 am SLT, 1 PM EST

Halloween Happenings – Camury Reporting

The spirit of Halloween is in the air! Looking for some haunted houses to tour and fun costume parties?  Second life has plenty to do during the most spooky month in the world. Come Hallows’ eve, witches, skeletons, ghouls and goblins of all kinds can indulge in wild parties held at some of the best places to dance, as well as spooky ghost tours, contests and more.
If costumes and crowds aren’t your thing, you could always spend the weekend pulling the covers over your eyes while watching one of the best horror films.

 Here are some of the delicious treats and parties, to celebrating  Halloween.

Check out this Interactive haunted house and estate
 How long dare you stay?  This is an impressive full sim of spookiness.

Spoop-a-Doop Halloween Event! Haunted House and More!

Presenting the first annual Spoop-a-Doop Halloween Event hosted by Jester Inc. Featuring several talented merchants and a brand new haunted house ride! Open the entire month of October, it's surely an event you don't want to miss!

"Another Haunted House" -Our castle is ready for Halloween. Beware! Ghosts, blood,  and a guillotine, with gifts to find and a lovely dinner too. Be sure to try all the animations and TP up to the 2nd and 3rd floors.

Halloween Party at Muddy's Music Café
Come dressed to kill and enjoy the halloween party at Muddy's Music Café. Live DJ, decor, lighting, all the ingredients of a day of exciting Halloween, for you have fun.Come to monday brunch with DJJAG and his hostess Redd
Party:  October 31st at  10 am ( SL time ), duration: 2 hours

Halloween Parade! DJ Nuno at Blade´s Edge
Sweet or scary, ghost or fairy, dead or alive.  6pm is the witching hour so don't be late!  DJ Nuno wants to see a parade of everybody's favorite Halloween costumes.  Get your name on the board to win L$1,000 and see if your look is in the top 3! Blade's Edge a tolerant, accepting all-inclusive community, all are welcome.
Party:  October 31st , 06 pm ( SL time ), duration: 2 hours

Halloween is spooky With DJ Outlw at Wet Willies
Halloween is amazing at Wet Willies. Come out and rock with some amazing vip, swampboat rental, bicycle tire skid contest amp; try to ride the cute little pet friendly Bart bull with his twin. There is plenty to do, no matter what amp; no matter where you are  on the SIM, you can hear the songs. So, come and say Hello to them and have fun.
Party:  October 31st at 7 pm ( SL time) , duration 2 hours.

Halloween Costume Party at The Gallery

Come In Your Favorite Costume. $300L On The Board To Start.  Come see the Gallery dancers as they show off there dancing skills. They  Dancers and Escorts are the hottest and sexiest in all of SL and they will be there for your entertainment.
Party:  October 31st at 12 pm ( SL time) , duration 2 hours.

Best Costume Contest Haunted Hallows

Well-dressed ghouls, witches, goblins of all kinds, and more,  can indulge to  the contest: 2000L for Best Costume! Join to the party on the SIM wide Spooktacular as first DJ Val from 12-2 pm slt, hostess Zenny and then DJ Lauren from 2-4 pm slt play the party tunes. 

Party:  October 31st at 12 pm ( SL time), duration: 4 hours

Be safe and have a Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

GeekSpeak - are new countries being formed? Countries without land? Saturday Oct. 29th at 12pm SLT

While old countries and old alliances break down are new countries being formed?  The pacifist nation Asgardia in space (the home of the gods?) or bitNation in cyberspace?  Liberland in Europe or Sealand in the North Sea?  Will we eventually see a patchwork of small countries or will the world be taken over by one or two large nations?

Can you see yourself as a citizen of a nation in space or cyberspace?  Would you be willing to pay taxes to such a nation?  Could a small nation where most citizens are non-residents enforce taxes?  Would such tiny countries be allowed to continue?  Will they continue to be pacifist or will they be drawn into wars?

Perhaps you disapprove of small nations?  Perhaps you think it makes no sense to talk of belonging to a country you have never set foot in?  Or perhaps you yourself feel you are a citizen of a country you have never visited?

However you feel, come and talk about the future of countries in GeekSpeak.  IM Kathen Ohtobide if you need a teleport.

Sugar Plums Singles Night Club Grand Opening- Kicking off October 29th-30th at 4pm SLT

Not Just another boring night club!! 

Hey! Come check out our Grand Opening event, I mean if you want! But who wouldn't since we will have tons of cool events, contests and the opportunity to join Sugar Plums Match Making Agency for FREE!

Come for the singles stay for the... well singles! And of course all the fun you will be having partying to our awesome DJ's and spunky dancers. 

Got tired of dancing? No problemo! Go chill out in our connected but separate voice lounge and get your talk on! Bring your best one liners, too! ~.^ Ladies love that... right! No..? 

Anyway, Just come cause its super awesome cool fun time for all! See ya there!

Oh yea, TWO nights in a row! 29th and 30th! Starting each day at 4pm SLT and going till 8PM SLT. Current contests that will be running : Best evil laugh! Best costume! Singles Auction! And maybe more if I think of something!!!!11!!

Okay, thats it...! SEE YA! For real this time... :)

** retrieved from SL Events

Giant Snail Race - Oct 29th 10:30 am slt (Every Saturday)

Absolutely hilarious super silly fun!  If you like to laugh, this is a great event to participate in!  Each week, the giant snails take the track and race across a sim-wide obstacle course.  They wear colored scarves that correspond to colored seating.  The audience sits in the seats whose color matches the scarf of the snail they want to root for, and they are then pulled along with that snail, along the hilarious track that includes giant bouncing mushrooms, a maze with walls that are constantly moving, ramps with falling balls and cows.  There is dancing and cheering and ceremony and laughter.  There is also a weekly theme, with prizes given to Best in Show for decorated snails and Best in Audience for audience members who come dressed in theme.  This is an event where the audience can participate and can even get their own free giant snail and RACE!  Get your snail on!  It's the slimiest sport in Second Life!  This event includes voice,

* retrieved from SL Search

Kix HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR - Oct 31st 12pm slt

Kicking off on 31st October at 12 am from the roof of the Halloween Tower below the main store; KiX and Harvest Moon plan to get spooky.  We have a costume contest, raffles and spot prizes. Halloween Quiz Time from 2-4 am with Quiz Mistress Sonja and DJ Danilao.  More DJ's and games will be on throughout the day.  Creep through the graveyard and up the stairs as you dodge the ghosts along the way.  They are friendly... mostly.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fraud and intellectual property protection in Second Life– Camury Reporting...

All residents who sign up for the Second Life agree to abide by the rules in the Terms of Service (ToS) (the contract that you have not read but ACCEPT when you created your account). It is very common for people not to know the rules.  Unfortunately ignorance is not a defense
Terms of Service – ToS: URL:

Many creators use their imagination to make original content in Second Life, however, there are many questions about what constitutes intellectual property. For example when you create things inspired by real-world objects it’s important to make sure that you are not misusing others intellectual property, i.e. characters or material from a movie, book or other work protected by copyright.  This includes images of celebrities or names (protected as a "right of publicity").

The copyright protected content, trademark, or celebrity media cannot be used in Second Life, except by the owner himself.  If you wish to use others intellectual property it’s necessary to have the permission of the owner (in writing.)

When we agree with the Terms of Service, we grant Linden Lab certain licenses to use our content. However, we retain any and all intellectual property rights to the content that we send, publish, and submit through the servers, sites and other areas of service. When we agree with the Terms of Service we also affirm and ensure that we have all necessary intellectual property rights, licenses, consents and permissions to use and authorize Linden Lab and Second Life users to use any content that shows off the manner contemplated by service and Terms of service.

As a matter of course we should all know the use of Second Life is subject to copyright, trademark and the laws of advertising law. These are complicated laws and it’s difficult to understand the Terms of LL services and U.S. Policy Digital Millennium Copyright Act ( "DMCA"), which is the American law on copyright.

I’d like to emphasis that it’s important to know that real world laws apply to intellectual property infringement, and nothing about your use of Second Life will protect you if you are infringing o the intellectual property rights of another person. The legitimate owner of the intellectual property may bring a direct action in real world courts against those who are violating the law.

One of the biggest "pests" of Second Life is malicious the use of CopyBot or similar tools to copy the intellectual property of other creators in violation of applicable law, and which also violates the Second Life Terms of Service.

The original function of CopyBot was to benefit content creators, not hurt them.   This tool has the ability to export information from objects outside SL, creating "backups" of items; or to speed up the creation process. It’s a very useful tool for managing object creation.

However, these "backups" can be imported back into the SL. Anyone can export the information for any object and import it back into Second Life, regardless of authorization from the owner (creator) of the object. Thereby giving the object permissions that it did not have before.  Therefore the information pertinent to your product can be exported by someone using CopyBot, causing the object to become "full perm" with all copy permissions, modification and transfer.

If copyright infringement as set out in the Terms of Service is uncovered, Linden lab will take drastic action against the users of these tools.

 When we accept the terms of service, we agree to use Second Life as provided, without unauthorized or other means of access or unlawful use of the software. We should not and cannot enter in to unauthorized work or conduct unauthorized distribution of the Linden Software. Making illegal copies violates the Terms of Service and may result in suspension or prohibition of Second Life accounts.

If you believe that another resident used CopyBot (or a similar application) to make illegal copies of your content, you should send LL an abuse report and provide as much information as possible to support your claim. While technology cannot prevent the copying of data drawn on the screen, residents who try to profit illicitly using CopyBot will not be tolerated.

It’s important to remember that many residents are allowed to have or sell copy devices because there are legitimate uses of these copying mechanisms. It is the offense of copying others work that is not allowed or tolerated.

Additional Information:

Images taken from the official Linden Lab websites 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum- Oct 26th 7pm SLT

Join us on Oct 26th at 7pm SLT for the Broadway hit, musical comedy at Origen’s Chinese Playhouse! "A Funny Thing..." played 964 performances in its original Broadway run. Now you will have a chance to see it in SL! All the songs, the laughs, the dancing are yours at a night out at the theater. Bring a date, bring your friends...Hell, bring your mother-in-law to this fabulous production. It's Halloween and our cast will be dressed in Roman costumes, come in costume yourself!

An Isabelle Mavendorf Production
Starring TheStarlite Dancers

Origen's Chinese Playhouse

The Shipyard Rock Club is proud to present to you our Grand Opening and Halloween Party- Oct 26th 12pm slt

 Are you tired of looking for a Club that plays NOTHING but rock? Wanting to feel welcome? A place to call your home away from home? Tired of songs being radio edited? Look no further... The Shipyard Rock Club is just the place for you. To kick off our Grand Opening AND Halloween Party starting at 12pm SLT, we'll have the oh soo sexy DJ Sky. Come down to SL's newest ROCK ONLY Club.. The Shipyard Rock Club and get ready to shake them pixels. DJ Sky will be here ready to take and play ALL of your fave 80's thru Today's rock song requests while her Host B does her best to make you feel welcome and at home. This is a party you won't want to miss... Put on your best Halloween Costume and come shake them pixels with us. This is one club you won't wanna miss out on...


**retrieved from SL Events

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Open Mic Karaoke on McCoy Island 24/7

At McCoy Island the stage is all yours! Bring your friends and display your talents!  Just slap the info button and grab the note card from the Open Mic Board and run the show! Open mic / karaoke is available 24/7! Come be a star!

* retrieved from SL Events

Monday, October 24, 2016

OD DESIGNS -An in depth interview with Ortho Vargas - Dean Lawson reporting

Rocking in the virtual world
Are you looking for rock and roll or any contemporary musical instruments or paraphernalia? With a wide range of instruments and stage accessories there’s a good chance that OD Designs has what you’re looking for. I had a chance to discuss the inspiration behind the craftsmanship of OD Designs with owner Ortho Vargas.
Dean : Could you tell me about the origins of OD Designs?
Ortho Vargas : Almost 11 years ago I came to SL on the recommendation of a hacker friend of mine to "check out the VR".  I poked around off and on for a few months, then discovered that it was possible to build and script objects.  I built a guitar just to see if I could.  I still have that first model, its pretty rough :)   I get it out once in a while for a chuckle.  RL I am a programmer, craftsman, and musician.  Building musical instruments in SL was a natural melding of everything I enjoyed.  Its been a great ride so far.
Dean :  I visited the store and saw that some of the instruments are very realistic. Does your store sell RL brands and models such as Gibson Les Paul or Fender Stratocaster guitars?
Ortho Vargas : OD has endorsements from RL companies to reproduce a copy of their guitars to name .... BC Rich guitars, Dean Guitars, Turner Guitars, Washburn Guitars, Schecter Guitars & Basses, Traben Basses,  Breedlove Guitars

Dean : Do the instruments come with animations? If so could you elaborate on the different type of animations?
Ortho Vargas : All instruments come with a hud so you can play then straight from the box so to speak.  OD also has 3 'add-on' guitar huds with a lot more animations than the standard (approx 70+ mocap animations) hud to allow for a more professional look when playing.  Also OD has a vocal hud which again has 50+ Mocap animations to mix and match for that professional singing look.
Dean : What is the extent of the inventory at OD Designs?
Ortho Vargas : OD produces a range of instruments, mainly guitars ranging from your hard rock electrics to the more classical acoustics with a few 'specials thrown in to keep things exciting'.  Other products include horns, keyboards, and many more.  OD also has the only harmonica driven by hud animations in SL.
OD has no less than 11 different D4 fully mesh Drum Sets one of which is the special 'cow bell' for those moments when you just need a bit extra cow.
At the back of the store is a full stage set up so people can view the optional extras for stage equipment, Lights, Pyro's, Lasers (not just for Dr Evil) along with a Particle Lab that allows people to create their own added effects.  Plus some speakers of which there are exploding ones

Dean :  Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about OD Designs?
Ortho Vargas : OD has 3 stage area's so we can hold full festival set ups if needed along with allowing people to come play whether they are just starting out or a fully established group.  There is a LIVE stage area where we invite live artists to sing or play instruments.
For every new release we have a party (in 2 time zones) which allows people to view and get the new release at a discount along with the possibility of actually winning one.

There is a monthly 'OD ROCKER' or 'OD ROCKER BABE' who if they are lucky enough to be chosen they get some gifts, a page on the OD calendar and invited to select events around SL.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Confront the darkest of fears at SAMHAIN-Bullring House of Horrors Experience from October 23-November 13, 2016.

SAMHAIN-Bullring House of Horrors Experience, sponsored by BRM Radio, summons those unafraid by the horrors, darkness and startling images. On a very dark October night, seven young girls came upon Clairmont Property, explored the area, but were never heard from again.  The caretaker mumbles some stories.  No one truly believes the claims.  Can you solve what happened to those seven young girls?

Dare to walk down the darkened path to confront the unknown. No promises on the sights that might been seen….this is not for the faint hearted.  Gather up friends to explore through this haunted Property.  Seven daring, extreme experiences await to test your abilities.  Complete all the experiences for access to an incredible prize room.  Do you have what it takes to accomplish what lies ahead??  Come find out, just don’t come alone!!!

Multiple Experience Key Adventures.
For more information on SAMHAIN-BullRing House of Horror Experience, check out BullRing Family website at   

“A Pilgrimage of Pixels: Furillen” Romero de la Luna reporting


Fade in from the black- breathe in and slow yourself. Opening before you, a world; bleak, yet lovely. Desolate, yet full of feeling.  Furillen is the depiction of a world beyond pixels, residing in the island of the real; up north, off the coast of Sweden. Rendered by pixels, yet hauntingly real.

Close your eyes and tilt your head upward.  Do you feel that?  Snowflakes the size of an infant’s fist floating down in a windless sky, or maybe they are the ashes of a recent love’s apocalypse. Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference. For now, for the sake of our hearts, let us imagine they are baby-fist snowflakes.  Open your eyes, your mouth.  Catch one on your tongue. Let it sizzle-melt with the heat of your body. Swallow. This is our communion.

Look back to the skyline and to the world around you. The camper, the pier.  The light is fading, the coppery peach that lives just past the edges of sunset. Beyond the nearby outbuildings stand the outcrop of abandoned and eroding walls. Walk up to the base.  Take your time. After all, we are on a pilgrimage, and pilgrims are seldom in a hurry. Stand at the foot of these walls and allow yourself to feel small.  Look up again.  Regard the slowly-eroding stillness that inevitably comes after the fever of Spring, after the smoulder of Summer. Only echoes now- the sounds of Autumn like lost spirits, singing their song toward Winter.

It is okay if you feel lost and a little bit lonely.  Listen to the loneliness inside of you. In this place, It will sing back to you. Listen. Closer. The mouths of that song are making sounds like words-  a language that eludes the grasp of the ear. It hums deeper inside- a tuning fork vibrating inside us beyond the territory of words. We will understand it if we are slow and close our eyes and prepare for the kinds of winter that always must come for a season; a season of slumber, a season of silence, of goodbye.

* * *
If you are anything like me, you may wonder after dwelling somewhere beautiful, how such a place came to be- whether it be by chance or by some artist’s hand, and where did this place come from, how was it made, and by whom?   I imagine a profile name scrawled on the cornerstone of this wall. Serene Footman. I put my hand over this name, my palm against the stone wall-  and there, a flicker of an image, a picture of a man, hair long and thick, a tangled beard rivalling the lost Odysseus.

And have you ever wanted to knock on God’s door, just to see who it was who answered?  Hoping maybe she is like your lost grandmother, and that when she embraces you, she smells like lavender and cookies.  Or if you peer through the keyhole you see a strong man’s arms, forging the rudiments of another abandoned world-the steam and heat and smell of labour. His hair long and thick, his tangled beard like that of the long-lost contender. And just before knocking, have you ever turned around and walked away without knowing why?

Perhaps when you visit this place, you will feel much differently than me.  Perhaps your heart resides in another hemisphere- and life is just beginning to warm. Of course your heart is in a different place than mine!  After all, it thumps in your own chest. We are pilgrims of these worlds. It is inevitable that we bring more along with us than just our digital selves. Perhaps that is the point. When a world is born, a conversation is begun, with outstretched arms. A world that sings, Here I am… come and see… walk along the shores of my body. Climb upon me, and for now, even if it be just for a season, let me be your home.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: (visit Serene Footman’s extensive yet minimalist website at