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Friday, March 29, 2013

•the event• H O L L Y W O O D

What do you think when you hear or see the word Hollywood?  Glitz, glamour, fame, fortune?  All of them of course!

And what about the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame?  It was created in 1958 as a tribute to artists and other significant contributors within the entertainment industry with the first star to be permanently installed being that of director, Stanley Kramer. Honourees receive a star based on their achievements in motion pictures, live theatre, radio, television, and/or music, as well as their charitable and civic contributions.

And now in Second Life we have our very own Hollywood and walk of fame presented by non-other than the inimitable Ivy Maverick in conjunction with the ever magnanimous Ramses Meredith, who is also responsible for the sim design.  Way to go you two, it is stunning.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Easter: Interview with Pinky the Easter Bunny - Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

According to Google© search, Easter Sunday falls on March 31st this year.  It is best known as the most important and oldest festival of the Christian Church. It depicts the resurrection of Christ for religious observers. This holiday starts with Lent ; a fasting period, ending with The Holy Week. For Catholics, the Thursday before Easter is called Holy Thursday and Good Friday is also observed. Easter is also linked to the Jewish Passover. For many, the Easter Holiday traditions vary in different ways.

 For non religious observers, it is most likely the only day a year they go to church on Sunday. The Easter Bunny seems to be the main attraction and decorating eggs is the thing to do. Many buy baskets full of jelly beans, assorted candy, chocolate bunnies and fake grass filler. Local communities celebrate with Easter parades and a precession of local fire truck tossing candy at scattering kids along the road and the mayor rolls by waving like Miss America in a suit and tie.  Family gatherings seem to follow where parents display their little girls in pastel overly frilly dresses and dolling up little boys in shiny shoes, dress shirts, extra starched slacks, including creases and button up vests.  
   Sometimes overly excessive parents slap a fancy hat on their kids and parading them to Church and to visit the grandparents were they collect money,  sloppy kisses and take photographs to add to their albums, for later blackmail and embarrassing photo sharing with visitors and  high school dates.

 Oh the Joys of Easter! However you decided to observe the day, remember the real reason for the occasion.
With all that said, in Second Life, Easter is observed with themed dance parties, decorations and Easter hunts. Some even dress like bunnies and hop around the grid creating the holiday atmosphere. Others litter the landscape with Easter Eggs, pastel trees and vibrant green pastures full of colorful spring flowers.
While wandering the grid taking in the festive locations, I came across this year’s Easter Bunny Mascot. Apparently just like the last Cupid, the previous Bunny must have thrown down his costume and went on to a whole new SL profession; perhaps stripping down to a banana hammock at one of the adult clubs.

  Interview with Mr.Pinky the New Age Easter Bunny

Into Group Discussion? Check Out What’s Being Talked About in Second Life this Week.

What are Discussion Groups?
Group discussions are conferences with participants who agree on a variety of topics and have something to share with others.  An exchange of ideas and information can be very helpful in providing a group with different perspectives, helping  solve problems and learn new things.  Group Discussions are very popular on the internet with the use of forums and are often practiced in Colleges.  In Second Life, the ability to use voice chat and come together in avatar form from all over the world, creates a realistic atmosphere for all who participate on a global scale.
Below is a list of discussions available this week.

Weekly Discussion on Aging at UTMB Island Alpha
Date: Wednesday, March 27, 2013 
Time: 10:00-10:45 am slt
Curator: Rodger Markova
Info: This discussion is about topics in health care for the elderly.
This is an activity of the East Texas Geriatric Education Center at the University of Texas Medical Branch. The host is Dr. Rodger Marion (SL: Rodger Markova). Transcripts of the discussion are posted on the blog under Comments.

What is Calvinism? Are you a Skeptic searching for some kind of Truth?
Date:  Wednesday, March 27, 2013
(Meetings are regularly held on Wednesdays at 3pm slt)
Time: 3:00 pm SLT
Curator: Diana Herberg
Info: John Calvin lived from 1509 to 1564, and followers of the theology he represented are often referred to as Reformed or Calvinist.  We will take a look at this flavor of Christian theology and contrast it with others. (30 Minutes)   Participants can use the question machine to ask anonymously.

More Discussions this week

VMS News: Tristyn Homewood : The Balladeer- Pen Dragon Reporting...

Music speaks to everyone. It has been called the universal language. Everyone has a song that points to a specific moment in time, a memory or an emotion. That is the power and the pull of music, and for one man, the voice and the passion of music has led him to over five years of performing in Second Life.
Trystyn Homewood was born into a musical family with his mother singing and his father playing guitar in country/bluegrass bands. However, growing up in Florida he was exposed to, and influenced by the southern rocks stylings of bands like Molly Hatchet and Lynyrd Skynyrd. When he discovered Second Life and the ability to perform live to an audience his interest was piqued and he started his journey.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: [Flawless] Shapes is back!!! 30% OFF Sale this Weekend

Looking for affordable shapes for Spring?

 Lyla83127.Resident makes and sells high quality perfected shapes at a reasonable prices.
Lyla provides exceptional customer service by offering advice/tip to her customers. Before you make a purchase, you can try on  a variety of demos  until you are satisfied that you have found the right one for you!

A lot of time and effort goes into making each Flawless shape. You won't be disappointed.

All Shapes are 30 % off from March 29-31st. 

Hurry and buy one before the sale ends! Join us for some live music going all weekend and a party on the roof! 

 Also featuring the latest tattoos from Sleepy Bozer for sale. Can't wait to see you there!!!

This event  is sponsored by Hi Fi Scene and Pixel Breeds

For more information contact Lyla83127.Resident

Monday, March 25, 2013

Fashion Spotlight on Salviusprati Vesuvino

 Salviusprati Vesuvino
Rezz day: 10/16/2010

Skin/Shape:  MS Sexy - Male Shape MS03

Hair: Amacci

Eyes: M Solo special Green Eyes

*Outfit: (shirt, pants, dress) GIZZA - Business Men

*Shoes/boots:  Cowboy Cliff

Questions about  Salviusprati

*How would you describe your fashion style in 5 words?
Depends on my state spirit

*What is your favorite quote?
I know that I know nothing

Got any advice for new avatars in Second Life?
"Live  SL like you are inside"

*Images by Raymund Snook

Sunday, March 24, 2013

SLE Event Review: Paramount Playhouse Delivers Entertainment with Audience interaction- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

On Sunday, March 24 @ Noon slt,  The SL Enquirer was invited to a great show; Dancer’s Choice by Paramount Playhouse. It is a unique Burlesque show experience and if you weren’t there, sorry to hear that!

The event kicked off with Pathmaker Campbell-MacGregor dancing for the crowd before the show started. When the curtains opened the performers were introduced.Hosted by phatbottomgrl clarity and performances by Pathmaker Campbell-MacGregor LeAnBurt Resident, Vicki Erikson, Susan Sharpshire, Lotta Difference, Belle Burner, Starlena Darkfire and announcer Ebony Zander. 

You can tell they put time and effort into creating an entertaining experience.

SOS News: Are you Suffering with Depression? Let's talk.

Discussion Times:
 Sundays @ Noon SLT and  Thursdays @ 5pm SLT

 It time once again for our peer to peer support group for depression, stress, anxiety, etc.  Come share your thoughts or concerns in a friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere.   Even learn some meditation methods for dealing with issues.

What is said in the group stays in the group.

Help Contacts
Krissy Sinclair
Roxy Raven Moon Knightfrost
Arwen Spiritweaver


*Please note that the information shared on the SL Enquirer and in this post are thoughts and opinions of Second Life residents and do not claim to be nor should be taken as professional help. If you think that you may be depressed or feeling suicidal, professional help is need. You can reach out to your doctor or local church for resources that can help in your recovery process.

Looking to Start a Second Life Business? Take a free class with NCI

 Sunday,  March 24, 2013 from 5pm to 6pm
Instructor: deyanira Yalin
Location: NCI Plaza South, Ground Classroom

 Wednesday, March 27, 2013 from 9am to 10am
Instructor: Devon Chaffe
Location: Boomer Island, NCI Classroom 

Sponsored by: CF University

More info

Relay For Life Car Show And Concert- Stacey Cardalines Reporting...

Do Some Good While Having Some Fun

If you need something of some worth to do this Sunday, why not come on down to the Relay For Life event at the SLCS Stadium? The show runs from 9 AM to 9 PM, SLT.

Among the activities today will be a car show, a cheerleader show, and a concert.

The concert will feature Libertybelle Lyric, a cancer survivor returning to the site where she last performed.

Here's the link to the stadium, and here is the schedule (times listed are SLT) of performers who are giving their time to a fine cause:

9-10 Bill473 Resident
10-11 Harmonia
11-12 Beamer Lowtide
12-1 Madmax Huet
1-2 Rocky Hillburton
2-3 Rock Doghouse
3-4 Libertybelle lyric
4-5 don cabassoun
5-6  Bat Masters
6-7 Definitive Rock Concerts
7-8 Bluemonk Rau
8-9 Dione Bingyl

I'll be there at some point, so that alone is worth the price of admission... which, sadly for me, is nothing at all.

Friday, March 22, 2013

STORYFEST Celebrates Its Third Annual Festival March 24th

Storytellers, authors, and presenters gather together for a third year of celebrating the power of stories of all kinds to excite, reflect, and express our everyday lives beginning at 9am SLT Sunday March 24th at Bran in SL.

Stories help us feel connect and unique all at the same time.  They can provide both the questions you want, and the answers you seek.  At their very core, they delight and inspire.  There's a mushroom or a rustic bench waiting for you!  See the schedule at StoryFest SL Events online - All times SLT, and all but one session will be held at the StoryCircle.

This StoryFest benefits War Child North America, and is produced in partnership between Stories Unlimited! and Branwen Arts.  StoryFest Events produces four annual festival events on the Second Life (c) grid: StoryFest (March), Bard on the Virtual Beach (August), BOOFest (October), and recently debuted  The Dickens Project (December) in the hopes of making it an annual event.

ALL Presentations are Live in Voice, unless otherwise noted.

SLE is Now Hiring! Your Cubicle Space is Waiting!

If you are looking for a job that has no strict work hours, you have come to the right place!
All you need is at least one year experience in Second Life, an inquisitive mind and creative writing skills. No prior journalism experiences is required.  We will train you on formatting and submission.

The SL Enquirer offers flexibility.  You choose your topic or you can take on an available assignment from our list. You will be given 7 days to complete your assignment. Submit and get paid!

* Must be able to take snapshots to support your stories/Photoshop skills a plus, but not required.

You will receive your very own cubicle in our full media service facility!

Pay:500-700L per article
500L- Freelance Topics
700L- Assignments

 Generous advertising commission is also available!

Work closely with Lanai to book events at our Chill Lounge, located on the 3rd floor of the Media Center or create block parties.special events, concerts and more at the SLE Plaza.

Apply Now! Start as soon as Monday!
Contact us at

Include an example of your writing in the form of a previously published article. If you don't have one, SLE will give you your first assignment!

Take a tour of the SL Enquirer Media  Center

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fashion Spotlight on Diane Fairplay

 Diane Fairplay
   Rezz day: 7/31/2004

Skin/Shape: shape made by Diane Fairplay

Hair: Iconic  Brandi Blondes

Eyes: Eye Candi Sparkle Seagreen

Make up: Linnea  Peach

*Outfit: (shirt, pants, dress) joey's mesh animated tank dress

*Shoes/boots:Stilletto Moody ankle strap shoes Black

*Accessories:**RE** Flutter Gold Nails.Earrings G&T Diamonf hoops

About Diane Fairplay

*How would you describe your fashion style in 5 words?
chic.classy stylish  Trea Beau funky
*What is your favorite quote? 
"What goes around come back around"

Got any advice for new avatars in Second Life? 
Express yourself and be what you desire.

*Images by Raymund Snook

VMS News: Kickin at the Kickin Club- Pen Dragon Reporting...

The music scene in Second life is alive and kicking. One venue can look back and say "we've been there and done that!" Having been the launching ground for many of today’s headline artists, and they continue to be a great place for the aspiring performer to get their feet wet or even continue to grow their fan base.

Read more

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Its Back Again - For the SIXTH Year! RE:Bid Me Bald

Bid Me Bald - The Relay Rockers Signature Fundraising event in support of the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life of Second Life, returns for a 6th year!   The event which pairs Relay Volunteers with a Barber Chair and a Pair of Scissors has been a mainstay event for the Rockers since 2007 and has been used by other teams across Relay For Life of Second Life.

In 2007 when Relay Rocker's co-founder Trader Whiplash was undergoing Chemotherapy for leukemia the Rockers offered to shave their heads in SL in support of him.  Instead the team decided to make it a fundraiser and to support and honor EVERY survivor who has borne the side effects of cancer treatments.  Volunteers make an appointment with the Rockers Barbershop and place a special kiosk out.  For each L$5000 raises they agree to go bald for 1 full day. Totals are rounded up and the average donation is about L$25,000.  

As always the first haircut of the season goes to Trader and he will be placing his kiosk out at Arinulta Beach )

This WednesdayMarch 20 and has an appointment for March 27th!

Please join the Rockers as we Celebrate survivorship and honor all survivors and participate in Bid Me Bald!
Bid Me Bald Dedication:

Sunday, March 17, 2013

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 5th Annual SL Buddy Walk Charity Fair and Expo - March 17-31, 2013

*This Event Kicks off On March 17th @ Noon SLT

The SL Buddy Walk was created to celebrate the World Down Syndrome Day in Second Life. Many of your favorite SL entertainers and store brands will be taking part to promote and raise money for Down Syndrome awareness. The Buddy Walk® was established in 1995 by the National Down Syndrome Society to celebrate Down Syndrome Awareness and to promote acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome. Please see our website for more information!


Contact Lilly Juno

About The Buddy Walk

Saturday, March 16, 2013


      Music is universal. It can be created in any languages in a variety of genres. It is an art form made up of sounds, pitches and melodies. Musicians combine their unique sounds with lyrics to express themselves and share their natural talent with others. Music has the power to set moods, bring back nostalgic memories and even plays important roles in many of our special occasions. From weddings, birthday parties and other gatherings, to singing along in your car to songs, spring cleaning at home or going to concerts with friends.  For music lovers around the world, there is something for everyone and it seems to be everywhere.
In Second Life, music has evolved into a global phenomenon because it allows musicians from all over the world to perform in front of a global community. They are able to interact with their fans in a more intimate way and receive instant feedback, do requests and get tips for their performances.
KevinMThomas Carpool is a real musician originally from Pennsylvania but now resides in Washington DC.  He brings his unique voice and guitar skills into Second Life©, performing original music with a combination of covers from his favorite artists. With his years of experience in the virtual world, Kevin has rocked out at countless venues across the grid and continues to build his fan base, since 2007.

Interview with KevinMThomas Carpool

Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy St. Patrick’s Day- Interview with a Leprechaun- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

St Patrick’s Day is observed on March 17th, known as an Irish holiday celebrated for the past 1,000 years. It occurs during the Christian holiday of Lent.  Lenten observers are prohibited from eating meat during this time and the Irish who participate in the traditions of St. Patty’s Day activities join in with dancing, drinking and feasting on traditional meals, including Irish bacon and cabbage.  The tradition in America is very similar in the drinking aspect of this day.  Everything is covered in green, from the Leprechaun hats,  beads and shamrock garland draped across everything, to the infamous green beer and pub crawls. You don’t even have to be Irish to partake in the festivities or the major hangover that follows.
Leprechauns seem to be the popular mascot for this holiday. Legend has it these feisty little folklore icons are mischievous and enjoy being practical jokers. Like other fairy creatures, they can be traced back to the Tuatha De’ Danann of Irish mythology.  Apparently they collect gold coins for making shoes and store them in a pot, hence the “pot of gold” associated with them at the end of a rainbow. It is said that if a Leprechaun is captured by a human, they must grant three wishes in order to be set free.  I wonder if this is true in Second Life too….

Interview with a Leprechaun

VMS News: The Bare Bones of It -- Fun, Music & People. (Interview with Bones Writer, creator and owner of TRAX)- Klarissa Huntress Reporting...

Nestled in the middle of a pretty sim is a unique and comprehensive source of live music promotion. This is TRAX, Live Music Resource Center.
TRAX owner and creator, Bones Writer, is a humble man who downplays his remarkable achievements both in Second Life and real life.  His idea for TRAX was to create and promote, “a level playing field where everyone has opportunity and there is no elitism, everybody getting an equal chance to promote and market themselves.”

Bones is a professional musician with thirty years experience in the music industry, as a session player for artists like Jimmy Crespo of Aerosmith, and Billy Idol, or in the thick of a current New York Rock Opera version of Dickens’ “A Tale of Two Cities.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

EGOISME :Introducing the New Jade Skin! Rawr!

Craving a New Sexy Look? Join the Bond Girls!

The seduction of the Orient joins the Bond girls. Welcome the exotic beauty that catches every mans eye when she enters the room. Hang on to your husbands she takes no prisoners. Welcome the sexy, Jade!!!

Her seductive gaze charms and her enigmatic smile curls up as she whispers in his ear: "You can always try but... you'll never have me...."

Her silky whisper spirals into his mind as her tongue runs over his shoulder. He gulps as her  long fingers rub across his muscled chest.

Suddenly she pushes the man to the floor and  blocks him with her heel, her mini dress barely covering her sinuous shape, the air blooming with the heat of the moment....


More about Vividtone

♣♣♣♣♣♣ St. Pats' Warm Up Party at Gringo's March 16th from 6-8pm SLT ♣♣♣♣♣♣

Start your St. Patrick's Day celebration off right with a "warm up" party at Gringo's Saturday March 16th from 6-8 PM SLT.

This will be a special "clothes optional" remote of the Wolf Howls Naked Radio. Weeblewolf Pinion will be at the DJ helm.

Lots of contests and other fun to start off your St. Pat's celebration.

Shake your booty and whatever else ya want at Gringo's!


Fashion Spotlight on TrickYohh resident

 TrickYohh resident

Rezz day: Jan 11 2012

 Al Vulo Elena (custom made shape)

 Catwa: Bella Mocha

 Al Vulo - Mesh Green eyes

Make up:
  R.icielli  NIGHT MAKEUP/Lipstick03, glow eyelashes - secret eeyes 01, pekka - eyeliner

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

BLACKERI EVENTS: All Day & Night for a Week and Half- March 20th-March 31st


The Spring Sales Event is coming!  You've seen promotions for March Madness mentioning the event, but now its time for it!!! 

We'll be having a Rotten Egg hunt, a mini hunt for 10 eggs 1L each containing exclusives and never seen before goodies! A raffle for 1000L cash plus 1000L store credit to Blackeri. Hunt?Raffle? Want more? Yes we have booths from creators across the grid!! 

Current vendors include:

SLBR News: THE WONDERS OF RELAY FOR LIFE 2013- Bill Kaye Reporting...

 Reporting from Fashion for Life 2013. On my first trip–keyword: first–to the nine sims devoted to Relay for Life, I decided to embrace the sights and sounds as I traveled from build to build, each theme based on one of one of the Seven Wonders of the World. For those of you …

-Bill Kaye

Read More

SL Newser: Events from March12- March 16th- Bixyl Shuftan Reporting...

This mid-March means lots of events here on the Grid. There's the Fashion For Life south of the American Cancer Society sim, there's celebrations in the London sims, and of course it's St Patrick's Day, with celebrations in several places. And of course there's our regularly scheduled DJ and live music events, book & poetry readings, talk shows, church services, and races. 

Read More

Fashion Spotlight on Voodoo Shilton

 Voodoo Shilton 
Rezz day: 1/21/2006

What's Voodoo wearing?

Skin "Emil tanned" by REDGRAVE
Shape: custom shape by Voodoo


Amicci Hair "Steve" in Onyx


[SLB]Eyes - July'09 Hazel

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Little Mary’s: More Than Pixels & Secondlife- Definate Balfour Reporting…

Often, when I take an assignment I begin with some sort of idea of what I’m going to cover, but in this case my assignment originally began in a pursuit for something  business related, but during a conversation the sentence got uttered to me, ’You really should check into Little Mary’s, they got a unique story.’ With a nod I did just that and I contacted Ron Farslider, one of the owners of Little Mary’s. With a teleport and a conversation I was left with a smile and thought on how much Second Life© and first life cross over. Here’s that conversation with Mr. Farslider, the story of Little Mary’s, and why you should take yourself over for a visit.

Interview with Ron Farslider

Monday, March 11, 2013

SLE Stats: We Got Most of the World Covered! - Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

From its humble beginning of less than 100 readers a month, I had no idea The SL Enquirer would be where it is today as one of the longest independently owned and operated news source in the virtual world. Throught the years, it has steadily climbed up the ranks with over 14,000 readers a month in over 10 countries including thousands of followers through our social media networks and in world groups!

 As the Founder and CEO of this virtual world news source, I have to say OMG, WOW and FFS!! I never would have realized that it would lead me to obtaining my first college degree and on the path of another in the fields of communications and technology.  I thank each and every one of you for your continued support of SLE. Your comments encourage and help me strive for better virtual world news coverage and bringing you what you want to read about. 

Last but certainly not least, I’d also like to give a big shout out to my SLE family, news contributors and media sources that work alongside us.  Your hard work shows in the numbers.  It is your creative energy that helps motivate me to continue to do what I love.

SLE fans, if your country is not showing in the Stats, feel free to include yours in the comment box below. If there is something you'd love to see in The SL Enquirer or want to share how SLE has helped you, please feel free to voice that. I do read every single comment :). 

Cheers and more years to come!

Need News Coverage or want to Advertise with us?
Contact Lanai Jarrico

"FaiRodis St. Patrick's Day Expo 2013 March 7th-March 18th

 "FaiRodis St. Patrick's Day Expo 2013" was opened by designers of FaiRodis Jewelry and Hair Brand.

 As designers said they had great interest in working with green color that is the color of LIFE and St. Patrick's Day celebrations. As so as all designers are friends in RL so they work together and all items (Jewelry, gowns, dresses, stiletto, hairstyles and hair decoration) got perfectly holistic and harmonic style. 

  Main idea of FaiRodis St. Patrick's Day Expo 2013 is to transfer to people the feeling of coming Spring and raising nature.

  Emerald shamrock theme sounds in all jewelry creations of FaiRodis Aviatik and perfectly combine with sparking gold.  Talking about using of green color, that is trend color of 2013 year, in gown and dresses made by Nicka Karu the searching of designer begin from deep emerald silk to light yellow-green color of spring-trees leaves. Also color of light green-blue spring streamlets was used in gowns and dresses creation.

Some stiletto presented at expo by Nicka Karu have green shamrock jewelry emerald elements, other one stiletto is very interesting because done from lace with shamrock image. Next stiletto models created from gold and silver in such way to suit best with emerald shamrock gowns and dresses. 

And the crowning of all collection are very fashionable hair decoration created by Lessa String. This hair decoration have very interesting and unique design and most items supports St. Patrick's Day shamrock style and are decoration of all FaiRodis St. Patrick's Day Expo 2013! 

As result all collection sounds as real symphony from green silk, emeralds and gold!

M&M Marketing: Offering Businesses Owner A Helping Hand- Definate Balfour Reporting…

M&M Marketing help business owners get more exposure, this is extremely helpful when you, the business owner, are not sure which avenue to take or even names of professionals  to contact for help. In a  virtual world where networking is key and so little are willing to help outside of their immediate friends, marketing can be hard to do unless you are  a driven person and not willing to take no for an answer.  It’s nice to know that there is a company willing to work hand and hand with you, so I wanted to share M&M Marketing with SLE readers.

I found myself at a beautiful home and headquarters of M&M Marketing. Mark Ussy greeted me warmly and after finding a nice spot at his meeting table we began our conversation about him, his company, and what it can do for those interested in his services.

Interview with Mark Ussy, M&M Marketing

Somewhere in the metaverse ....

The metaverse looms large and is an unknown quantity for many, but for those in the know it is a magical place, a place with a sense of community, purpose and hope.

One very special place in the metaverse is Second Life.  This vibrant virtual world radiates creative energy and is the epitome of the concept of Ubuntu.  Ubuntu is not an easy concept to define but to put it simply it is a culture whereby everything that is done is done for the benefit of the community and by the community.
Right now in Second Life, the Relay for Life Fashion Fair is taking place.  Talk about something for the community by the community …. The time and effort that has gone into putting this spectacular event together has been phenomenal, and it has all been done in the name of charity.