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Showing posts with label activities. Show all posts

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Announcing Dragons Landing Grand Opening July 25th 12pm SLT


 **********Dragons Landing*********
       ★  Features ★
            Lovers Park 
               Beach Dance Club
                    Beach activities
                       Jest ski's and boat rezzers
 on the  Gulf waters of linden.
              Table Games ( found by cafe )
             Free Horse Rezzer Located about land.
            More coming!
    Please See Agent to rent.
1. Apartments. 50 prims / 100l's weekly / furnished
( semi private )

2. Beach huts. 75 prims / 200L's
3. Lil cottages 200 prims / 450L's
4. Canopies 250 prims / 550L's
5 Maison Ville 300 prims / 650L's
6. Hill top  350 Prims / 750L's
     ☞    Yes there are a few rules to follow

1)Nudity in your housing rental ONLY, wear swim clothes or bikini / skimpy ok, no personal parts showing. ( Parent child Role play is permitted.) " NOT FOR SEX ROLE PLAY!!!"<-- this will get you Banned!

2) No Biting ( Soliciting of clan will get you banned)

3) No Pushing ( New comer sims , some bumping may occur)

4) No Soliciting

5) No Harassing others ( any kind of griefing will not be tolerated)

6) Hate crimes, bashing , prejudice , or griefing of any kind will not be tolerated. ZERO TOLERANCE! Cause for permanent Banding.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Alternative Interactive Fun in SL-Becca Drascol Reporting

With so many things to do in SL I decided to look at the various interactive options in our virtual lives. Second Life is full of clubs in various genres such as rock, indie, pop, country or venues focusing on Role play or adult entertainment. But that isn’t all to do in Second Life.
  While clubs are usually a good place to meet new people or hang out and listen to good tunes with friends.  Usually I'm out watching my own avatar dance with my hubby's avi,  yet there's so much more we can do in SL.  I decided to explore those various things and share them with you.

Gold, Fish & Trivia Hunt
For some good old fashioned fun there's Linden Gold Hunt which offers both fishing and coin hunting. Not only do both games offer a lot of fun but also a way to make some extra linden. Simple and easy to play, a player need only get a free fishing rod to fish, or to grab a Gold Hunt hud in order to find coin locations. With a large community of players who actively fish and coin hunt daily, you're sure to meet new people and possibly make new friends as well find many interesting venues along the way. Also somewhat newer to LGH is Trivia Hunt. For those of us who love a good round or more of trivia you can enjoy that via the LGH community as well. It's as simple as finding venues that have a trivia hunt ball and go play.

Xuna's Rock Dance Club and Mall (fish hunt)
With all LGH games you gain a virtual balance which is able to be exchanged to your linden balance when you have earned at least $1.00 in LGH balance. For land owners there's the ability to place coins for Gold Hunt and buoys for Fish Hunt to bring people to your land and is a fun way to not only gain traffic for your land but help the LGH (Linden Gold Hunt) community thrive and grow.

LGH(Linden Gold Hunt Headquarters)

Venues With A Variety
Some venues such as Rosetta Stone have Gold Hunt and also have horse riding in a very beautiful setting that is peaceful and relaxing. A place to kick back and enjoy the scenery or if you so wished to grab a horse and ride around while collecting coins.

Rosetta Stone (horse riding/gold hunt)
Other venues such as mine and my husband's, Secret Erotic Desires, have a bit of everything. We have Gold & Fish Hunt, as well as Skippo. Relax with a few friends and play cards. And aside from interactive fun we have themed events, dancers and other adult entertainment.

Secret Erotic Desires
For some card gaming, bowling or 7seas fishing I found a lovely venue called Fallen's Games & Entertainment Paradise. The sim is done eloquently with a getaway vacation look which I found quite nice. Fallen's also features a few interactive games I personally had not as of yet seen in SL, such as Sparkle, SLictionary and En Garde. Definitely a nice non-skill gaming place to stop by a while and just enjoy.

Fallen's Games & Entertainment Paradise (mixed non skilled gaming)

With so many things within SL one should never feel afraid to venture out and see what interactive fun you just may find. Perhaps it was by accident you found a bit of something different, or perhaps it was simply luck or referred by a friend. But with SL's users are able to create our virtual world, with that a bit of real life comes in many forms.
My hubby and I had some interactive fun on this little journey and some relaxation in some wonderful venues along the way.

What are you doing in Second Life? There are so many possibilities.  I hope you go out and enjoy some interactive fun today.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Spring Hunts Happening Now in Second Life- Tea Couturier Reporting...

 Spring Hunts are just as fun as Christmas and Easter hunts if that is what you love to do in Second Life. If you pick the right hunts you will find something either you always wanted or something which you never thought of but glad you found.
I have participated in my fair share of hunts and am  proud to say I have picked good ones to participate in.  I’m here to help guide you in the right direction if you got the hunting bug.

Boudreaux lost his marbles and he needs them back in time for the tournament! Wearing your HUD, find all twenty marbles and hear funny stories along the way. When your HUD is completely filled, return to hunt HQ to collect your rewards. The hunt takes place in New Toulouse, an early 1900s-themed Louisiana community celebrating its 7th year in Second Life.

This hunt spans from  May 9th to May 30th
Hunt info:

The May Day Hunt at Cleavage! May 1st – May 22nd

Spring is well and truly here and Cleavage wants to celebrate the season with a hunt!  Designers will be offering hunters some lovely 1L hunt items with a springtime theme! 
Join the in-world “I <3 Cleavage group for help with the hunt.

Participating designers have hidden their hunt gifts at their shops at Cleavage. You’ll be looking for the strawberry hunt item below:

Doll Up May 25th – June 25th 2015

Applications Date May 10th
Any Other Info Application can be filled out online at

Type of Hunt Grid Wide Hunt
SLurl to starting location

Let’s Have A Makeover  05/01/2015 – 05/31/2015

The Fae Hunt /1/15 – 6/1/15
Release your inner pixie with The Fae Hunt. This grid wide hunt is themed around fantasy. Magic, elves, folklore, demons, wizards, castles, etc.!

Now that you have an assortment of fun themed hunts to choose from I wish you luck and Happy Hunting!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

AVIE POLL: Top Places To Have Fun in Second Life- LadyLoveDr Reporting

Looking for someplace to go and have fun while in-game?  I set out and hit the roads of Second Life looking for citizens to poll with the famous question, "Where in SL do you love to go when you're looking to have fun?".  The number one response was "Depends on what your idea of fun is".  This survey really opened my eyes to how much content Second Life really has in it!  There were a few places that got mentioned multiple times so I went on a few road trips to experience them for myself.  They are listed below:


            Black Horse Country

If you're looking to shake your honky-tonk badonkadonk in Second Life, pull on your dancin' boots and head to Black Horse Country. Set in nice log building, the club houses an enormous dance floor where line dancers strut their stuff in between trips to the bar for amazing drinks. No matter what time you're looking for some boot-skootin-boogie you can count on Black Horse Country to have a Live DJ 24/7.  While you're there, be sure to pick up a free cowboy hat and some shirts!

Gaming Regions:

            International Fantasy Games

Experience the outstanding atmosphere of a gaming region featuring more than 200 slot machines, $1 L machines, and a $2000 L weekly raffle. Their grand amenities, superior guest service and winning experiences will sweep you off your feet. This is what makes International Fantasy Games an unbeatable value for your next outing! Getaway from the every day and MAKE SECOND LIFE GRAND!

            PNI Gaming

Exhilaration is a perfectly acceptable emotion 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. PNI Gaming is Second Life's premier Gaming Region with 48,880 meters of the newest and most exciting slot machines. Plus with exciting new Greed tournaments, you can see why people from all parts of Second Life choose PNI Gaming  every time. Their hosts greet you with a smile, and cocktails are served with an extra splash of charm. They've got the variety, they’ve got the energy, and they’ve got the action: you bring the skill and love of Second Life gaming.


            Virtual State Fair

The Virtual State Fair is a premier year-round gathering place that maximizes its resources to host a wide range of diverse activities.  Some citizens have reported it as the best State Fair in Second Life, showcasing agriculture & youth in an educational, entertaining and safe environment.  People show up for the games, rides, social interaction, and educational concepts. 

The Arts:

            Multi Media Arts Center

The Multi Media Arts Center is a great place to find all your media needs.  Relax  in the Jazz Club, Underground, or Cabaret Carolotta.  Once you get your fill of these head on upstairs to have a laugh in the Comedy Link Laugh Club.  While your up there stop in and check out their cinema and World Stage!  There's plenty to do here when it comes to entertainment.  Invite a few of your friends and enjoy the  word scramble with a $2 L reward.

Where are your favorite places to go? 

Use the comment box below and give your favorite venues and activities a shout out!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

ITS WINTER SPORTS SEASON - Glossom Resident Reporting…

The air smells like snow. Do you know that smell?  Waking up to a frosty morning, a cold, crisp day, the frost breath on our mouth, these are reminiscences of how this 7th natural wonder of the world smells like. Winter wears its beautiful white coat landscapingon every path and making Second Life even more beautiful.

The next few weeks are perfect for practicing Winter Sports. Thousands of Ski and Snowboard fans seek the best places to slide on the snow. With breathtaking scenery as a backdrop and with unique landscapes, winter sports provide so much fun and entertainment to children and grown-ups of all ages who enjoy the snow.

Winter sports are a fantastic way to experience nature. Some residents love the white flat surfaces, while others prefer to burst down the slope at high speed. The keywords here are snow, play and fun. From ice skating to skiing, building a snowman and challenging friends to a snowball fight, whatever the sport or activity, the opportunities are endless.

The SL Enquirer went around SL and found six wonderful trails for the best winter sports. Here are some reasons why you should not fear to adventure into the virtual snow.

Armadon East - "The Boom Winterland Wonderland"

Start your journey with a sleigh tour around the venue, revolutionize the sport of ice dancing with an original choreography; take a lift up to the mountain's peak where you can start exploring the site with a snowmobile, or test your bravery by snowboarding downhill at high speed. And after a well spent day in the snow, there is nothing more comforting than nice cup of hot chocolate.

 Holland Paradise - "Rib & Caycee's Winter Paradise"

Virtual Fishing, snowmobile rides, couples ice skating, carriage rides, horseback riding and sledding are some of the Winter Sports available in this beautiful venue. Here residents coexist with wildlife but no conflict has ever been reported.

Aero Pines Park - "Winter Festival at Aero Pines Park"

The famous Aero Pines Park is celebrating its 8th Annual Winter Festival. Among many other attractions, Winter Sports are a highlight on the calendar of events. Horse Sleighs, Sleds, Snowmobiles, Ice Skating on a beautiful Ice Rink and Cross Country Skiing are some of the offers on this multi-sim venue.

Grand Canyon North - "Lake Tahoe Ski Resort"

Grand Canyon plus Snow is equal to magic. Lake Tahoe Ski Resort offers a wide range of snow sports, like sledding, snowboarding, slalom skiing, snow tubing and snowmobile riding. On a beautiful setting, it inspires couples to romantic sportive adventures.

Landing point:

StarRiderII  - "Christmas and Winter Holiday Village - Ice Skating!"

At this typical Christmas Village you will find a beautiful frozen lake with all the facilities for ice skating. After a nice ride up on the ski lift you will reach the mountain slope where a wide open area is available for other sports like skiing and sledding. Fishing on ice holes is also available for those who prefer less active activities.


As you arrive at the Winter Ice Rock Festival venue your eyes will rest on magnificent mountains reachable by sky-rail and full of opportunities such as skiing and sledding.  At the mountain base, an ice skating rink awaits you, among so many other offers.

Landing point:

Grab your warmest clothes, depart on an adventure, climb snowy mountains and have a wonderful time.

Happy Holidays,


Monday, October 27, 2014

Lets Get Ready for Halloween-Debby Sharma Reporting...

Boris Twist’ Timeline Facebook Photos

Hooooooo! The haunted nights are back. This time of the year when the bats fly low in the night, spiders crawl out of your closet; ghosts show their teeth and the pumpkins glow yellow with scary punched eyes. It’s Halloween. We want to gear up and get ready for the night looking the scariest of all.

Almost every shop has something to offer for Halloween. 2014. However, I will be listing a few seasonal places with exclusive or limited items. Grab them this October, for they may vanish after that.

The Pumpkin Town

This is the 5th year, Pumpkin Town has come to town. It will be open till the last of October. Best place to take pictures for autumn and Halloween theme. There are merchants selling limited Halloween clothing and decor. There are Dj shows and various events conducted. For more information on the latest events look into

Tag! Gacha

This is the first ever Tag! Gacha event with 50 designers are participating. There are many items to loot until 12:00am October 31st, 2014. Grab and wear your Hud at the Gachatopia, refer to the above landmark at the ticket booth of the Redemption Studios. Join the Trade Group for help and trading. Accept the request to teleport and follow the directions and the story then reach the first store. Grab the gacha items, try to collect the rare ones or move on to the next machine. Tag the board next to the machine, so that your hud knows where you visited last. There are 50 stages. Tag every board to get the mystery coupon to the Redemption room. When you get there hold your mystery coupon and click the store vendor that matches your coupon. The Hud is a teleporter system which remembers your teleport history. For more information and help

Krave Inc. official Facebook page

Krave Inc. Haunted Graveyard – Gacha Event

This event is till November 2nd, 2014, hosted by Delirium Style and Sanctuary Inc. There are over 100 gacha items by amazing designers. The sim is beautifully decorated for Halloween. Beware of the spooky graveyard, for it may be give you chill down the spine for your lifetime. It is fully interactive.

There are other Halloween Fairs too. Here is a list of the few with the landmarks.
·         Boudoir Halloween

·         Bloody Horror Fair
The event is from 15th October to 5th November, 2014.

·         Creepy Cuite Carnival
Have a wonderful time this Halloween and share an orange pumpkin candy.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween Ex-FEAR-ience 2014 - LadyLoveDr Reporting...

Every October, haunted houses and other spooky attractions begin to pop up all over Second Life. There's no shortage of frightening things to do for all ages. In addition to the traditional haunted houses, there are plenty of unique events to keep you entertained throughout the month. Here is a short list to get you started, in no particular order: 

 SL Enquirer - Scary Movie Viewings
Grab some refreshments on your way in, sit back into one of our nice comfy chairs, and prepare to be frightened!  Here on the SL Enquirer grounds we have lots of things to do.  One of those things is our 24/7 movie theater.  The best part is that there is no admission price!  That's right folks, movies are always on us.  So bring some friends with you and let the free movies keep on rolling!

When:  Movies 24/7 all day every day!

 Fright Fest - Pumpkin Up Hunt
This spooky experience based on a pumpkin hunt, will have your inventory full of free tricks and treats.  There are 14 pumpkins to keep your eye out for, each with its own goodie to grab onto. Stop in and check out all the festivities at Fright Fest 2014, but keep your eyes out for the killer clown! Listen to ghost stories around a campfire, make s'mores, or just warm your piggies.  There's something for all ages here.

When: October 16th through November 1st.

Don't Panic! - Interactive Fear Experience
Participate in this legendary game starring you as the new paranormal investigator of The Spectre Collectors. Investigate this mansion and find out if it was evil spirits that convinced a man to carve up his family with a dull axe. The house's past events are vividly brought to life as you investigate each room.  There are 22 designers that have donated free gifts to all those who dare enter the mansion.  The gifts are found during gameplay by clicking on the dead black rats along the way.  Keep those eyes open!

When: October 17th through November 17th

Halloween Town 2014

This spooktacular town is recognized as one of the best places in SL to shop for all your Halloween needs. The kid-friendly exhibit takes visitors down a creepy spiral roadway, allowing them to visit each shop in search for treats and scares of all kinds.  Make sure to enter their Pumpkin Contest with a prize pot of 7,000 L$!!!  The end of the road features a haunted house where you can relive scenes from all the popular scary movies.

When: Open until November 1st

Forest of Zyn - Crystal Pumpkin Hunt

Ready to be treated? Visit the Forest of Zyn to search for the 5 hidden crystal pumpkins on the ground.  After you find them you bring them back into the store, rez them in the box, then once you click on the box you will receive your gift.

When: October 18th through November 2nd

Halloween @ Little Italy 2014 - $25,000L contest!

Bring your friends in their best Halloween costumes and spend the day having fun. Admission is free as long as you're wearing your costume. There is a costume contest worth $25,000L  but you must be a pre-planner!  All participants are required to be a part of a group before the event starts in order to qualify.  More info can be found at their haunted house.  Visit prior to the contest to be sure you have a fighting chance!

When: October 25th from 7pm - 10pm SLT

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Dinner and a Movie in Second Life- Nena Dreadlow Reporting…

  Many couples love to do dinner and a movie on date night, but in Second Life can you really enjoy that date night experience?  The answer is yes! 
Not all outings have to involve dancing at a venue or staying at home lounging around on couches. Changing settings and doing different things can be fun as well as keep relationships fun and interesting. To bring on the romance, simply set your sun position to midnight or sunset.

 I have chosen some of my favorite restaurant and movie theaters to go to on a special date or going out with friends.  Of course Avatars don’t need to eat to survive. It is mainly about spending time with your significant other and friends while socializing or enjoying a good movie together. Let’s start with some restaurants first.

Friday, August 2, 2013

To Bare or not to Bare- Thoughts & A Peek at The Dare2Bare Hunt in SL©- August 1- August 31st- Orchids Zenovka Reports…

Nudity is said to be wrong. What embarrasses us about being nude? Why has nudity has become a perverted concept in a most non-sexy way? 

The body has become taboo. We've got so many hang-ups with nudity; Baby photos are getting censored.  Cultural conditioning created the idea that nudity / nudism is sin. The media made nudity a perverted concept. A gown can be classy or indecent in the hands of a wearer. 

Classy is being able to wear the skimpiest outfit you have in your closet but you carry it like a lady/gentleman.
Trashy is wearing whatever you find in  the closet , spreading your legs open and sitting waiting for whatever comes your way; drinking from a bottle.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Simple Pleasures: Sailing in Second Life – Mackenzie Abbot Reporting

The term “sailing” is a bit of a misnomer, given that it encompasses everything to do with boats, regardless of whether they have sails or not. 

It's a little difficult to think about sailing as a whole, without thinking of millionaires in luxury yachts or retired folks in their narrow-boats.  But then again, there's the freedom of the high seas and the ability to speak like a pirate without getting taken away by men in white coats.  I have had a keen interest in sailing since a friend of mine invited me onto her friend’s boat.  We pointed the boat in the right direction and just kept going.  As soon as she let me have a go at being skipper, I was hooked.  I bought my boat the next day and never looked back.  So which boat should you buy?  Where do you moor the thing once you've bought it? How much does it cost a month?  I decided to find out.

Where Do I Start?

If your sailing knowledge equates to knowing who Popeye is, then you're not alone.  Nobody is born an expert at anything; we all need pointing in the right direction and, thankfully, there are yacht and boat clubs all over Second Life.  If you just want a boat you can jump into and get going with, there are freebie boats in the Marketplace and at Yacht clubs.  One such club is the Trade Winds Yacht Club ( 

They have a few freebie boats for beginners as well as free clothes (including the absolutely necessary Captain's Hat).  However, if you want something a bit more flash than a 2 seater wooden dinghy, then you're going to need some lindens sailor!  However, depending on what you want, and where you look, you may not have to part with that much to a decent little craft.

What Boat Would Suit Me Best?

Friday, May 3, 2013

Boxing in Second Life: It's a real knockout –Sarahelisebeth Brenham Reporting…

 We live in a world where standards on genders exist. In one sport in SL, someone's sex doesn't matter. Scroll down to learn more about this refreshing activity. 

Warrior Instinct Nations, formerly known as Averlast, was opened in July 2007, by Karine Koba. Ms. Koba wanted an establishment that provided not only excellent boxing events and equipment to train with for this sport, but also a variety of activities outside Boxing. I will list some of the other pastimes this business offers in a bit. First allow me to tell you how to play in this business’s main competition: Boxing.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Put a Little Sunshine in your Second Life At Sunshine’s Cove Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Sunshine has some very important qualities besides brightening your day. It warms the soul and keeps you in a good mood. In Second Life sunlight is controlled by you. It depends on your mood and the environment you set for exploring.

Let me take you on a tour of Sunshine’s Cove at Spirit Marina owned and operated by Pachy Artis and Bo Sharpshire. This is a sim where you will meet great people and have lots of things to do. You can take a stroll along the shop lined streets where you can find fashions from XTC Leather, Lulu and Fine Photography by The Skeleton key. Shop space is available for new and seasoned designers to showcase their collections. This sim has something for everyone.
Sunshine’s Cove also has complimentary freebies for guests. They include an assortment of complete avatars, skins, various shapes and clothing items for both men and women.  Wedding services are also available for those love birds looking for a place to tie the knot. Brides to be can pick out their dream wedding dress, bouquet, poses and decorations with the help of a consultant.

Are you a party animal? Check out the outdoor venue that plays great top 40’s hits, rock, pop and the wild and crazy 80’s. The sim is open daily from 2pm-8pm SLT and welcomes anyone, even mermaids that can explore the underwater hangout or blood thirsty Bloodline Vampires and their need to feed. For Zombie Slayers, there is a designated zone to grab a high powered rifle and blast away at the ghouls. Be sure to wear the HUD and gain stats on the body count you lay out in a flurry of gun blastin’.

Are you a Greedy Greedy addict? Grab some dice and get it rollin!  They got a game table just for you and your friend.

Explore the Sinners & Saints Diligo Prosapia Castle where Queens Vivienne Vesuvino, Aphrodite Pyrithea and King Memnotichlan and their clan members await fresh blood.
Did I mention Sunshine’s Cove is also home to the one and only Paramount Playhouse Burlesque Shows? Be sure to check them out for show times. You won’t be disappointed by their performances.

I recently met up with Pachy Artis to learn more about what inspired Sunshine’s Cove and upcoming events available.

Interview with Pachy Artis