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Sunday, September 30, 2012

ProFashion ProEmpowerment!

Great Teams are just like a real family — they may not necessarily agree all of the time, but they know they can depend upon one another in a crisis.

ProFashion Productions presented an exercise last week to encourage models and staff to be dedicated and loyal to each other beyond all other considerations; especially when under attack.

Empowering ourselves is the strongest defense against griefers. When we are prepared and stand together, the griefer loses control. When we remove the griefers capability to catch us off guard they become weak.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Wilder Side of Business featuring Apple May!


The Mesh Series Episode 1: Apple May
Date: September 30, 2012
Time: 9:00 AM SLT

The Wilder Side of Business is back and we are so excited about the new season. Join us September 30th as the lovely Apple May, owner of Apple May Designs, stops by and allows us to do an in-depth interview. Apple is the first of several fabulous guests who will appear in our mesh series to educate us and our listeners about designing with this new medium. She has been designing in Second Life for many years and it will be an honor to sit down with someone who knows the fashion industry before and after mesh.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Wedding Announcement: Wedding bells will be ringing for Ivy Maverick & Alon Alphaville. They will exchange vows on Saturday, September 29, 2012 @ 3pm SLT

All are welcome to join in this special occassion.

On behalf of The SL Enquirer, congratulations on your union, we wish you much love and happiness

How can I be nicer?

It's not that Meredith Bryan didn't have friends—it's that she wasn't, well, friendly. Until she tore down the fortress she'd built around herself, and the world smiled back.

My mother was robbed at gunpoint in our home when she was pregnant with my sister. As a toddler, I found the event less scarring than she did (her water broke from the stress). Still, she spent the rest of my childhood instilling in me a fear of strangers and an appreciation of big dogs and high-tech alarm systems.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Independent Ballet: "PETAH" Goes Live on YOU Tube!

Independent Ballet: "PETAH" Goes Live on YOU Tube!: Independent Ballet owes a great HUGE shout-out to the talented Pia Klaar (and a couple of *great Big Squishy Hugs* as well!) for following u...

Want your name in the SL Enquirer and at our popular events?

The SL Enquirer is inviting business professionals across the grid to become part of the SLE by pledging as an SLE official sponsor. By donating 1000L, you will get a poster visible at our event locations and receive an ad banner on the SL Enquirer website.

Nobody Does It Like Maxx -Evelyn Rieko Reporting...


Maxx Sabretooth is one of the best singers in Second Life. He has a soulful, sexy voice that makes you really feel the songs he sings. Maxx agreed to an interview.

SL Enquirers Guide To Fall 2012 Fashion- What's hot? - Kavi Aldrin Reporting...

Summer may as well call it quits because we've moved onto fall. Its a fresh new season so its time you change your style for something with scarf’s, boots and mesh coats! Every girl loves the thought of bundling up and pulling out her favourite sweater.

Arkansas State University's Johnny Cash Sim & Official Festival! October 5, 2012 -Jaded Exonar Reporting .....

Arkansas State University (ASU) has created a working masterpiece. As true testament to their diverse skills and creativity, they have recreated Dyess, Arkansas, the boyhood home of Johnny Cash, in preparation for the Official RL Johnny Cash Festival...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Beauty of Culture in Second Life- Kavi Aldrin Reporting...

Culture is the invisible bond that ties different people together. This propagation of values not only transmits knowledge and retain relationships, it builds up a long term tradition in communities.

Antonio Galloway..A little bit of the Italian in SL -MarriellaAnna Resident Reporting...


When asked to think of something decidedly Italian, one might be tempted to answer ‘Pizza’ or pasta or even the Catholic Church.

 If asked to reel off the most Italian things ‘I’ can think of the first thing would be a plate of meatballs..the second would be Antonio Galloway,  perhaps because they are not entirely dissimilar  for they are both hearty,  heartwarming and throroughly satisfying  to the senses.  Antonio might be an American, but the heart of an Italian beats firmly in his breast. It is that dolce vita attitude, that love of life that comes through with each of his performances, the infectious laugh in the gaps between songs and the telling of a story from his childhood.,  you just KNOW he’s having a good time behind the mic. You just know that here is Pavarotti singing Show tunes.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


*~By Invitation ONLY~*


Monday, September 24, 2012

THIS JUST IN... Griefers gone Wild! - Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

image retrieved from

 SLE Police Reports- September 24, 2012* Date fixed

It has been reported a few times since last week that there is a rabbid ringleader and a group of circus clowns running amuck here in Second Life © . Three incidents may be related or, could be separate sets of nitwits all on the same mission to create drama.
One case..... let’s just say some peeps have no shame. These griefers have been difficult to track because of the ability to create alternative avatar accounts, also known as “Alts”. One concerned SL © resident offered some resolution and said, “estate manager-ship does not allow you to rez on land you are not allowed to rez on otherwise. It lets you take the land and make it your own to change land permissions, but that is probably not what anyone wants to do. Group ownership/membership is the way to accomplish that. Just an FYI”.

According to sources close to the SL Enquirer, it seems this band of griefers have put their wits together and come up 2 cents short on a half assed job. Residents are left wondering why anyone would go through great lengths to harass others, especially at Art and Literature events, and with members of the press.

The community is on high alert and rumors are swirling that these griefers are using the SL event listing and going right down the line hiding behind pasty noobs with a griefer sidekicks nearby, ready to blindside unsuspecting avatars.

CASE BLOTTER-August-September

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Festiva Latino

Dro Millar and The Real Co. present Festiva Latino

Irish Estates
23rd September 2012
1.00 pm SLT - Wildcats
1.30 pm SLT - The Santana Band SLT -  DJ Anubis Darkwatch

Be prepared to dance holes into the soles of your shoes

Friday, September 21, 2012

Dance to the sounds of Albannach

Come and march (no dance) to the beat of a different drum (or several and some pipes thrown in for good measure).

Irish Estates
Friday 21 September 2012
2pm to 3pm SLT


Ballet Pixelle® will premiere its fourteenth original ballet "Couleurs de la Danse”
  Sunday, September 23 at 5:00 pm.

About us
"Couleurs de la Danse" is a ballet about color...and dance.
There is no story, there is only movement.
A dashing and strong danseur in green with his vibrant green ballerina. A quick and jazzy danseur in red with his fleet-footed and daring red ballerina. And a study in femininity and grace -- the lavender ballerina.

Then, a solo ballerina in white lace daintily follows the lines of the baroque violins.
And finally, red passion erupts!

Discussions following all performances. Please come early as seats fill quickly.

Performances will take place on Sundays at 5:00pm and Wednesdays at 2pm at the Ballet Pixelle Theatre, through Oct 1st.

For more general information, our web site is:

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Keyhole Club -For Those Who Like To Watch And Be Watched Pandora Drezelan Reporting...

When I first came to Second Life like most curious people I visited quiet a few sex based clubs and even worked in a few as a dancer and escort. Then a friend of mine introduced me to the very amazing Keyhole Club and unlike most clubs that are usually found in mature Sims The Keyhole Club is situated in an adult Sim and is full of an abundance of sexual variety from voyeurism to a fully equipped cinema.
I have visited The Keyhole Club on many occasions since that first time and spoke with the owner Barry Lubezki about The Keyhole Club and how it all began.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

PRESS RELEASE: Black Soul Rhythms Radio Soul Music Festival

¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•
.·´ ¸.·*¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.*´ ¸.·´
Soul Music Festival
September 21 & 22 & 23

The BSR Radio Soul Music Festival will be three days of live DJ events, concert tributes and machinima. Events will be held at venues on SugarHill sim and various other sims across SL. BSRRadio DJs will be showcased along with other celebrity SL DJs!! The BSR Radio Soul Music Festival will be an ongoing annual tradition.

An "EVENT" for the Soul Music Festival  is now posted on the Black Soul Rhythms Radio FB wall:

Make sure you do not miss this !  Soul Music Festival highlights include:

Spotlight on KARIMA HOISAN By Marriellanna Resident

It was both a sad and joyous occasion when Karima Hoisan agreed to come to perform for us at Irish Estates recently, her first time back in realms for several months.  The elation at seeing her again was tempered with the knowledge of why she had left sl in the first place - to make the long Journey from her rl Costa Rican home to visit a friend in the United States and more poignant still, it was a journey made with the sole purpose of being at the end for a  childhood friend dying from Cancer.

Spotlight on ByrneDarkly Cazalet, Curator of the Tart Gallery -Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

 Artistic expression is everywhere we look in Second Life © . Art can be seen in the landscape, the objects that bring the grid to life and the avatars that reflect their personalities through the unique style they have.

ByrneDarkly describes herself [in her profile] as a wandering artist and a musician on hiatus. In the virtual world you can find many creative people with a variety of talents like her, but what sets ByrneDarkly apart is her underground and lowbrow style and the reason she keeps coming back to Second Life ©.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Linden Endowment Of The Arts Features Mary Wickentower’s, ‘Cinema!’ – Jaded Exonar Reporting...

The new art installation supported by ‘Linden Endowment Of The Arts’, is a sim wide piece by Mary Wickentower. Using her extensive background in design, she has created an elegant and nostalgic window into the past....


Saturday, September 15, 2012

The beach is calling

Time to break out those hot pants....  Irish Estates invites you to come and feel the warm sand between your toes, play with jet ski's and dance to the sounds of DJ Kennef Riggles.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Spotlight Feature: Meet Alma Fushikizoh, Owner of Birdland Jazz Club and Lounge - One of Second Life’s © last true Jazz and Swing venues still around. Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Have you asked yourself, what brings you to Second Life © ? Has your time been well spent? Can you say that you have genuine friends that you can trust?

Many Second Life residents have spent years in Second Life letting their creativity lead them and others just had a taste of the possibilities for a couple of months weeks or even days.

No matter how long you have been in the virtual world, there is still plenty to do, people to meet and things to learn. Each avatar contributes something to the virtual world community. Whether it is a business owner selling merchandise, roleplayer and escaping from the stresses of RL or a artist showcasing their work for others..Everyone has a story to tell and something we might learn a thing or two from.

Alma Fushikizoh is an avatar that has been a staple of the SL community since 2006. She certainly is a busy bee. Not only does she own and operate her own business; Birdland but she also belongs to a classy Burlesque Dance Company. 

Meet Alma Fushikizoh

Thursday, September 13, 2012

WILDER PR: LD Major | Loovus Dzevavor Grand Reopening!

LD Major | Loovus Dzevavor

13 September 2012


PR Contact: Annette Wilder, Wilder Public Relations Inc. + AVENUE Inc
                   for LD Major | Loovus Dzevavor

LD Major | Loovus Dzevavor New Store Unveiling and Aboriginal Collection Release
                  + fi*fridays and Couturier Docks exclusive releases

Irish Estates Events: Poetry Reading by Karima Hoisan -September 13th @ 1pm SLT

Dear friends,
I warmly invite you to my poetry reading this coming; Thursday September 13th 1-2 pmslt. Irish Estates. It has been four months since my last reading, and I admit I am somewhat nervous, but at the same time, very excited to be doing my first, at such a beautiful, and elegant spot. This is a new venue for me.
I have some new poems to share and over half of them are to my own musical compositions. I have chosen what I feel is an eclectic mix of moods and feelings, all accompanied by images played behind me, and hope they delight you for this hour.

You are cordially invited to join me. I look forward to seeing you all again...

-Karima Hoisan

Here is your taxi, to drop you off at the Gazebo

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering 9/11- By Allen Eppenberger

 It’s been eleven years now since the World Trade Center attack.  While physical evidence of the wounds have healed, some mental healing takes time.

Back in 2001, I was working nights until 11:00 pm.  The internet was only a few years old, and still a playground for me.  I’d be on until roughly 1 am, and fall into bed, and sleep until about 10 am the next morning.  My radio would be my alarm clock those days.  As I was stirring that morning, I vaguely sleepily questioned why I was getting news rather than music at that time.  Something about airplanes, and towers, and lampposts being
sheared off in Washington.  As I laid there, I slowly listened to the descriptions of the horrors that had happened as I slept.

9/11 Memorial Schedule @ STAGG ISLAND Beginning at 6:30 AM SLT

Visit the 9/11 Memorial at STAGG ISLAND in Second Life.

Today we honor those that have lost their lives and remember them.

"Come to the monument, sit in peace, reflect or pray, whichever you choose. 
Let us never forget!  -Fazio Magic

Memorial Ceremonies will be held on 9/11/12 at the following times:
  • 6:30 AM SLT
  • 10:30 AM SLT
  • 1:00 PM SLT
  • 6:00 PM SLT

Be sure to get your free Memorial Bell and display it at your location

Contact Fazio Magic for more Information

We Will Never Forget. by Don Sivocci

 (This may sound very strange to some of you, but growing up a comic book fan, for me on 9/11 I Realized that Superman was not real. I know Right? 29 years old.. and as I watched the 1st tower fall, I cried and thought to myself; "where is Superman?????" for me as well as the rest of the world it was the end of an innocence.)

  At 11:45pm last night I was very aware of what the date was as I sat in the SL 9/11 memorial. I had been sitting there for an hour watching the creator set out prim recreations of the twin towers, put up signs of NYFD and NYPD. It was my intention to go there and get the story. I wanted to Interview the Memorial's parcel owner and builder and get his feelings about today. but as my SLT drew closer to midnight.. I could not help but be overcome and only concerned with my feelings. As I sat there in the 11th hour of the 11th anniversary of the greatest tragedy in American history, as i watched the random visitors arrive and express their appreciation for the memorial, I could not help but weep as I did that morning. As an American. As a human I still to this day can not get over what happened. My sadness is only multiplied when I think of those who actually lost someone on this day. So instead of doing a story about the Second Life memorial, I decided to do the only thing I feel that we or any other news organization should do and that is Honor those who were lost on this day...

Gordon M. Aamoth, Jr.
Edelmiro Abad
Maria Rose Abad
Andrew Anthony Abate
Vincent Abate
Laurence Christopher Abel
William F. Abrahamson
Richard Anthony Aceto
Jesus Acevedo Rescand
Heinrich Bernhard Ackermann
Paul Acquaviva
Donald LaRoy Adams
Patrick Adams
Shannon Lewis Adams
Stephen George Adams
Ignatius Udo Adanga
Christy A. Addamo
Terence E. Adderley, Jr.
Sophia Buruwad Addo
Lee Allan Adler
Daniel Thomas Afflitto
Emmanuel Akwasi Afuakwah

Monday, September 10, 2012



In conjunction with Mimi Juneau of MIMI'S CHOICE , please Join us for the exclusive viewing of the new Fall 2012 Collection from the amazing Ziamela Loon, the talented designer of JADOR. These brand new outfits will be modeled for your viewing pleasure with the opportunity to purchase any of these stunning outfits on-site. Sit back with a glass of champagne and get ready to be dazzled !

WHEN: Wednesday, September 12th, 2012 @ 1:00pm SLT



Harmonie Shinn
Jannah Kohnke
Lili Ivanova
Payton Heron

DIRECTED BY: Brendan Macarthur

GRAND OPENING: Pura Vida Wellness Resort

Grand Opening: Pura Vida Wellness Resort in Irish Estates
Sunday, September 22th 2012
at the Pura Vida Wellness Resort
SLurl: Irish Tropical Escapes (175, 169, 21)
11:00 am to 1:00pm SLT

Pura Vida Wellness Resort will provide a one-of-a-kind facility that provides a unique immersive wellness experience. We are the only health and wellness resort that offers guided imagery through voice as a technique of virtual massages. Literally talking their subjects through progressive muscle relaxation, body scanning, diaphragmatic breathing, as well as visual imagery bringing them to this state of calm and well being. By consciously deepening and slowing the breath, muscles relax and our state of mind changes. In addition to the physiological and chemical responses, we subjectively regain a sense of being in control again... and no longer stressed.

Using Our Virtual Environment To Enhance Nature's -Jaded Exonar Reporting

Second Life has had over 10 million residents since first release in 2003, with 40 thousand currently inworld as I write this -But is it possible to change, improve, even to save our world from within SL?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Timeless Agency presents the “Once Upon a Dream” Fashion Show




Friday, September 7, 2012

The Cottages at Santa Catarina Surf.

The sand. The sun. The waves. 

 You know that feeling of freedom you get and that connection to the Earth and the Ocean that you feel when you spend a day at the beach? Don't you wish you can feel like that everyday?

  You Can. 

 Located at the top of the Artisan Irish Islands, Santa Catarina Surf is literally the crown jewel of the Irish Estates. this Sim is a surfers dream and is sure to bring out the beach bum in any of us. set after set of righteous waves roll in 24 hours a day and no sesh' is ever harshed out by Lag. It's Going Off! is looking for writers to join their team! Contact Simone Peterman

Dear Readers and Sponsors,

In the past few months we were not able to publish our issues regularly due to some internal problems that are now being resolved. Secondnighters magazine and Secondnights have built a solid reputation in the past three years consisting of honesty,integrity, and fairness. We are sorry for all the problems in the past but now we are ready to restart our production work. We will start with a September issue that we want to publish on September 15th and then the issue will come out each month thereafter on the 15th.

We need to ask each sponsor that purchased some special pack with us in the past month to please contact Simone Peterman directly to verify what you bought, and what we need to do to complete our offer (interview, double adv pages, etc).

Also, we would like to add that we are looking for new writers to improve the quality of our magazine.
We need writers to cover these areas:

William Weaver's New Phototools For Firestorm 4 - Jaded Exonar Reporting...


Second Life © has long been recognised as a unique platform for artistic enterprise and development, and now William Weaver (Paperwork Resident) has developed a photographic tool to enhance its visual capabilities...


Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I'm absolutly crazy about this hair, with color change band !
It gives you this amazing classy look, ladies.
Come try it at Mimi's Choice soon :)
outfit: Isabel, Countdown @ Mimi's
lipstick: Beauty Addict @ Mimi's
skin: Jenny, Redgrave

Tuesday, September 4, 2012



An evening with..James Bond 007

His name is Bond -James Bond. Licensed to kill.. thrill..seduce and drink Martinis, shaken not stirred of course and he is inviting you to the world he knows so well, of casinos, gambling and beautiful ladies, unscrupulous villains and high speed car chases!

Join the elite guest list  as Irish Estates are proud to present an evening of James Bond with two hours of selected music and entertainment with a distinctly Bond theme.

Will you come as Moneypenny, Q, or James himself? Will you be one of the evil villans, Jaws, Oddjob or the notorious Goldfinger.  Perhaps you want to dress as one of the beautiful Bond girls and arrive in style as Pussy Galore or the gold spray painted Jill Masterson.

Join us on Friday the 7th of September from 3-5 pm sl for a fun filled evening of all things Bond.



An Introduction to Mesh Clothing...Jaded Exonar Reporting...

 If you are a new fan of mesh clothing, you may have received the dreaded I.M, ‘You do know you’re naked, right?’. No! Well, to some, I’m afraid we are!

“My first mesh dress was beautiful. I had chosen the size, ensured it fitted perfectly to my shape, and walked confidently into a party in a PG zone. I can’t recall how many messages I was sent, but they began to ping only seconds after my ‘glamorous’ entrance. One kindonlooker even sent me a screenshot – I hang my head with pure embarrassment to admit that I was indeed, not only naked, but waving a huge coloured ball around in my hand like a drunken party crasher! “ Rhiana (Who would prefer to be mentioned by her first name only) laughs as she shares this with me, immaculately dressed in a mesh business suit, I might add!
The truth is, despite this happening some time ago, it is still a concern to many in SL. There are no requirements regarding the modesty layers, if any, to be included with mesh items, so it is up to us to guard against it! There are a few ways to do this. First, we need to know why this is happening to us!

Why am I naked?
Well, different viewers have different levels of features on offer. Some have the ability to see mesh, and others simply do not. I’ve created a fairly comprehensive list of mesh enabled viewers here, along with some useful features.
Another thing to remember is that some viewers will not view the alpha layers either! So perhaps adding a layer of underwear to your outfit is advisable!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Announcing ProFashion Productions Model Training Program

The ProFashion Model Training Program includes fun and exciting opportunities for aspiring or seasoned models development. Classes include everything from how to walk the runway, to hair and makeup lessons, how to dress appropriately for every occasion, and multiple viewer usage! ProFashion model trainees will have the opportunity to become part of the ProFashion Productions team upon graduation! Course duration is 6-8 weeks and includes a commencement ceremony and diploma.

Cost $L8,000

Course Outline

Dazzlers Dance at Amaretto Breedables 2nd Birthday Celebration!

On Saturday, September 1st at 11:30am SLT, the Dazzlers will be dancing at Amaretto Ranch Breedables.  The party will be all day from 9am-5pm showcasing concerts, performers, and giveaways!  Come celebrate with Amaretto and be entertained!

Amaretto Ranch Haven