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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sandy Aftermath: Reporting from Northeast Pennsylvania

Sandy sure packed a powerful punch as it made its way over the eastcoast region of the United States. In Pennsylvania we prepared for what forcasters were saying would be historical. In deed it was. It devastated lower Manhattan, sucker punched the Jersey shore, ripped out the Atlantic City boardwalk and bodyslammed Pennsylvania as far in as Philadelphia, among other states in its path of desctuction. I'm glad to report, power has been restored to 41,000 in my area but 160,000 are still without power. Schools have been closed since Monday due to outages. There is some flooding and lots of debris remaining. Life after Sandy is in clean up mode.



Wilder's Spooktacular Halloween Special!

Happy Halloween from Wilder PR! Tonight we'll be hosting a Wilder Side of Business Special dedicated to all things spooky.  We'll be interviewingAvaJean Westland,  Suzy Yue, and Gnu Aeon from Running Lady Studios about there Halloween machinima, The Twilight Sim.  Follow the link to watch the video, then join us tonight at 8:00PM SLT for the show!

You can listen to all of our past episodes and set a reminder for this one on our show page, If you have any questions for our guests, or any events you'd like mentioned on our show,send us a message

Virtiual Asia Second Life Community Virtual Worlds virtual city: Hi, my name is.....

Virtiual Asia Second Life Community Virtual Worlds virtual city: Hi, my name is.....: My name is Weidner Resident and I'm a builder in Second Life. In my real life I am a french music composer.  At the moment I'm buildin...

Sunday, October 28, 2012

BREAKING NEWS! The Perfect Storm is about to Administer a Smackdown to the Northeast! Are you prepared for an evacuation? Lanai Jarrico Reporting...


 A Superstorm named Sandy is being tracked as it makes landfall in Virginia, bringing heavy rain and wind. it is expected to turn back inland overnight towards regions of New York, New jersey, New England and well into Northeastern Pennsylvania; directly in my path!  Ahhhhhhh!
 The perfect storm as it is being called by weather watchers has already prompted New York City to shut down subway and transit systems ahead of the storm. Schools within it’s path have made their cancellations, low level land and coastal regions are also being evacuated at this time.  Electricity outages are estimated to be in the millions during this historical storm! 

Expert Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski, reported, “An extremely rare and dangerous storm will turn in from the Atlantic, affecting 60 million people in its path and could lead to billions of dollars in damage”.“ Hurricane Sandy remains on track to become a historical storm for the mid-Atlantic and southern New England with New Jersey and New York City bracing for very dangerous conditions and catastrophic damage.The impact from Sandy will reach hundreds of miles from the center of landfall, including areas well inland and well ahead of the storm's landfall Monday night”.

If you live in these regions, please be safe and prepared!

Would you know what to do in the event of an emergency evacuation? Here are some important things you should round up in such a situation.

Friday, October 26, 2012

For Immediate Release: “The Twilight Sim: It’s a Bloomin’ Halloween!” Premiere in Second Life and on YouTube -October 26, 2012 Time: 6:30 PST

Place: LEA Theater in Second Life

When four curious teens decide to enter the spooky house on the hill, is it a frightening dream or a hilarious nightmare? Either way, the eyes have it.

Running Lady Studios, (RLS) which brought you the comedy/thriller “Cruise Control”,  and Virtual Girl Productions’ (VGP) are teaming up again.  Last year they brought you the hilarious "Coffee Schlock with AJ - Special Guest, Harold Camping”.   This year, they have a cooked up a special
little treat for your Halloween goodie bags: “The Twilight Sim:  It’s a Bloomin’ Halloween!”
The animated short, filmed on Linden Lab’s Second Life game platform, was penned by professional stage and screen actress Gameela Wright (AvaJean Westland in Second Life) and directed by K. DaVette See (Suzy Yue in Second Life).  The film pokes gentle fun at Halloween tropes and pop culture icons while following the antics of four teens, a mad scientist, and a trio of precocious
little girls.  The hills have eyes, but they are REALLY cute eyes.

Spotlight on .... Mimi's Choice

Mimi’s Choice is an extremely well known fashion outlet in Second Life and Mimi Juneau herself is considered the Doyenne of SL fashion.

Mimi decided very early on in her SL that she wanted to be a reseller of some of the best brands that SL has to offer and I think that most of you would agree with me that she has achieved exactly that.

Mimi’s Choice has been on the grid for 6 years and is still going strong and in Second Life this is no mean feat, bearing in mind the fluidity of the commercial side of things and in fact of the community as a whole.
Mimi’s goal, in fact her passion, is to make sure that the avatars of SL, both male and female alike look gorgeous.

Halloween Haunts - Evelyn Rieko Reporting...

Hey, you want to have some Halloween fun? There are lots and lots of fun places to visit in Second Life! I've got to warn you though some of these places are pretty scary and not for the faint of heart. BOO!

Horror, terror and spookiness are the three main ingredients for a great Halloween Haunt. I have found 3 places in Second Life that have an abundance of these ingredients. I would like you to visit them with me if you dare. As I mentioned earlier only the brave dare follow where I lead. Still here? Ok great, follow me.

The first stop is:
The 6th Annual Halloween Trail at Aero Pines Park.

ELVIS LIVES SL Mall Games Presents 1st Annual Haunted House!

Halloween is sure to give you a fright, All the ghouls and monsters are in sight
One by one they go up the stairs, Freaky and disturbing they give you nightmares
Vampires, witches, ghosts and ghouls, These are the things that give you bad dreams
Take the to, go in numbers of two or three for if you go alone you are sure to flee
A hunt is on to find the spookiest of gifts only thing for you to do is find the pumpkin
That fits, they are hidden in coffins and places of death.....will you find one before you loose your breathe?
Happy Halloween
Libbytulips Oleander
Bubbac John
Dale Chemistry
Trixie Breguet
Elvis Lives SL Mall Games Haunted House

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Oxjam Music Party Weekend - 26th/27th/28th October 2012

A whole weekend of cool clubbing, parties and sets from the very best House music DJ’s is helping to raise money for real life charity Oxfam.
This SL event is part of the month long ‘Oxjam’music festival which hosts hundreds of live music events in real life to help fund the projects Oxfam carry out across the world.
If you love clubbing in SL and want to hear performances by the best DJ’s from the House music scene today – then you will love the Oxjam Music Party!
SL Destination Guide:
RL Oxjam Website:
Oxjam! Artist Performance Timetable October 26th, 27th & 28th2012

IGFL Broncos Stadium: More Than Just Football Games


(OCTOBER 25, 2012)  Mysa Masatada, freelance writer
Whoever said the fight begins on the field have never met the Broncos.  As members of the Independent Global Football League (IGFL), football is more than just a game; it is legacy which began as members of the Second Life National Football League (SLNFL) where the Broncos obtained glory as the 2010 Super Bowl Champions.  That winning spirit continued in 2011 when the Broncos became IGFL AFC Champions.

Step onto Champions Realm, home of Broncos Stadium, at any time, and you will find players hard at work in the gym. With high motivation and a strong workout ethic, week after week the Broncos players continually max out their workout requirement several times above league expectations.

Around the World in 13 hours

By: Wish813 Resident

Warm.  Raw.  Robust. These are all traits possessed by The Follow, a band that has a way of grasping emotions by the hand and leading them down a rock-and-roll path of melodies.

The Follow has a sound that aims to uplift and enlighten your musical experience with drums that are progressive and guitar riffs that are sweet and to the point.  Members of The Follow are Troy Rickersten - vocalist/guitarist, Amy Rickersten - vocalist/bassist, and drummer Mat Matlack.  The band has performed in an array of venues, including an appearance in Columbia, Missouri for the Rock for Kent event raising money for the singer's brother, Kent Rickertsen.  This event was in aid of his battle with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).  Once again the band finds themselves preparing for The Follow's World Tour In A Day, which is a series of concerts in the virtual world of Second Life at 5 different venue locations and across various time zones (for a list of venues and teleport landmarks, see the bottom of this article for a link to the official tour website).  

Art Of Dance: Ginette Pinazzo opens new exhibit at Future Femdom

A series of 12 pieces that represent forms of dance comprise a new art exhibit by Ginette Pinazzo, now on view at Future Femdom, Second Life's City of the Matriarchy.

The pieces are abstracts that seek to embody the spirit and energy of the body in motion that is synchronized with the soul of the music.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

ProFashion Productions Presents SHIKI FASHION SHOW!

 4:00 PM SLT

The Elders Summit 2012- Second life's Secret Society meets to discuss SL

There is a secret society in Second Life © that consists of a round table of elders. Some are disguised in younger skins or reincarnated into another avatar being. Others remain in the same form they rezzed into the virtual world and can be spotted in plain sight. The knowledge these elders possess can help build a virtual empire or can easily blow an idea down like a house of cards. Anyone with that power should be respected or at least acknowledged.

The Second Life elders consists of those individuals who do not care for personal recognition nor do they place themselves as a normal member of society. The elders are just that. They are the most experienced members of Second Life  society and they demand respect or misfortune will follow anyone who dares to challenge their experience.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Irish Estates continues to grow

CEO of the Irish Estates IrishGent Resident has just announced that he has concluded negotiations with Jackson Palmer (mostfun4u Resident) for the Serenity Islands.

Serenity Islands consists of 8 sims all themed in a similar tropical fashion to that of the Irish Estates.  The acquisition of these sims is part of a focused expansion programme to grow the IE community to the point where it is considered a significant entity within the greater Second Life community.

The Follow - World Tour In A Day - Friday, October 26, 2012

Panoramic Rock band THE FOLLOW travels the world in one day to spread their music and a message of global harmony with an emphasis on the Earth's oceans. The band will play five shows in five countries through the virtual world of Second Life; as well as on Facebook with a multi-camera video feed.

Amy Rickertsen – Bass/Vocals | Mat Matlack – Drums | Troy Rickertsen – Vocals/Guitar
More Information:

Monday, October 22, 2012

Virtiual Asia Second Life Community Virtual Worlds virtual city: Interview with Javabox Kawanishi about Project Vir...

Virtiual Asia Second Life Community Virtual Worlds virtual city: Interview with Javabox Kawanishi about Project Vir...: LV: Tell us a little about your first steps in SL. JK: I was searching for new opportunities for my real life company, Virtual Adventures,...

Artist Reception in Honor of Derry McMahon - October 27, 1PM SLT

St. George Art Gallery
Artist Reception: October 27, 1 PM sl
ARTIST: Derry McMahon
*And presenting the smooth bluesy style singing voice of 'Gina Gracemount'
Derry McMahon
Derry McMahon is the founder and the chief librarian of Seanchai Library, where for the last four years she has been immersed in “bringing good literature to life in Second Life,” using storytelling to bring pictures to your mind.
Recently, Derry found a talent for SL photography and began exploring this virtual world with camera in hand, working hard to develop her skills and create expressive images that revel in the interplay of color, light and form.

Sunday, October 21, 2012



Hello to all the wonderful and talented musicians in Second Life. Wilder PR would love to hear you live! Our radio show, The Wilder Side of Business, will feature a live singer once a month and though we have a few guests in mind we are still searching for additional talent.

If you would like to be interviewed and sing live on our radio show, please go to the contact section of our website and send us your name, email information, type of music you sing, your website, blog, youtube, or anything else we can get on to learn more about you. If we love what we hear we will contact you and send you information about appearing on our 30 minute show as a guest.

Friday, October 19, 2012

ProFashion Productions Presents! ESSENCE OF PURPLEMOON SEMI-FINALS OCTOBER 20,2012

On September 30 2012, the top 19 contestants were announced to the semi-final round of the ESSENCE OF PURPLEMOON CONTEST. They will compete in a live challenge on Saturday Oct 20th.

PurpleMoon is looking for someone who can represent "The Essence of PurpleMoon" and who conveys the elegance, glamour and magic that PurpleMoon has been offering for three years. It's about great style, beauty and class.

The event will take place on a closed set and is produced by ProFashion Productions.

Top 19 semi-finalists are:

1.    Aiko ying
2.    Ananya mai
3.    Bodza Mubble
4.    Catlyn Sahara
5.    ChloeElectra Resident
6.    Cristal Males
7.    Dalis Juran
8.    DiamondGem Destiny
9.    Elle Ahren
10.    Jeanie Waydelich
11.    Linnda Scofield
12.    Lolita Paragorn
13.    13mila13 Blauvelt
14.    Nayomi Gartner
15.    Sazzy Oh
16.    Showtoons1239 Zaks
17.    sweetyuna wendel
18.    Taylor Wassep
19.    Vivienne Darcy

BOOFest Returns for 2012, Joined by BOOStock!

Bran, Second Life – In a two year partnership which began with a single story-based weekend in 2011 has blossomed into three popular annual events in the storytelling community, with a fourth on its way in December.  This year, Branwen Arts is building on the popularity of BOOFest, and their own highly successful BRANStock from earlier this year, into a fun-filled weekend that is sure to rock the region. BOOFest will feature a gathering of virtual story presenters and authors at their spooky and scary best Sunday, October 21 from 9:30am to 5pm.  The preceding day BOOStock will feature music, dance and theatre.

These events are free, and all times listed are SLT.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Zindra Fleshmob Project: Baring it All For Second LIfe's Adult Mainland

Take part in an all new happening!

What is Fleshmob Project?
Part art installation......
Part publicity for Zindra.......
Part photography exhibit......
All wild fun!

Go to the Zindra Fleshmob page and watch out for surprise dates,  times and places!

Politics: Epic Lyrical Smackdown. Who will win the F#@%*$# Election?

This rap battle sums up the debates, check it out.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

BSR Radio Kicks Off "SecondLife On The A List!"

Second Life On The A List! 
Grid Wide events every weekend during October 2012

Hottest DJ's
Best Live Musicians
Finest Live Venues
Most Elegant and Romantic Ballrooms
Ballet by Ballet Pixel
Experience the City Night Life
All forms of music from Country to Jazz and Blues
Artist & Galleries from the finest in Second Life

Join The A List! 
After all...
If you're not on the list
Your just not on the list baby....

Black Soul Rhythms Radio will present the "Second Life on The A List!" kick-off event that will start the "Black Tie & Formal Dress" weekend celebration.

Friday October 19th 
5:00PM - 7:00PM slt
Black Tie & Formal Dress
@ SugarHill Lounge
NeoSoul & RnB
Charity Richez, hostess

If you cannot attend in SecondLife, you can still listen from RL =

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

FASHION: How to look fabulous in Second Life for free - Kavi Aldrin Reporting...

Learn tips and tricks on how to look fabulous in Second Life without burning a hole in your pocket.

Does it cost money to look good in Second Life?” The truthful answer is yes it does. To be able to customize your avatar it can cost in average up to L$ 5000.This includes the best looking skin,good body shape,hair,clothing,accessories and an AO. That being said, not everyone has the money or wants to spend on a virtual world character. So the big question is, how to you look great for free?

Lets start with the default avatar.
 ( Do a character test to reset your avatar to default)


Monday, October 15, 2012

Best Halloween costumes 2012 -Kavi Aldrin Reporting...

Halloween is by far one of the most celebrated events in Second Life. People from all over the world participate and enjoy this American festival.



There are many ways to dress up for Halloween. Everyone should start with what they want to be or represent. 2012 has quickly become a year for Vampires and Zombies as they are one of the most popular costumes across the grid. There are people who also like the wild side of Halloween and choose bright coloured “silly” costumes which adds a fun touch to the event. Whichever your style is, its time for some shopping!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Diary of a social butterfly .... 13 October 2012

Hello once again

Well this weekend has certainly been a glittering one in Second Life.  Saturday 13th October 2012 saw the 5th Anniversary celebrations of BOSL and Frolic Mill's real life birthday.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Diary of a social butterfly.... Friday 12th October 2012

Hi there everyone.  I always wanted to be a social butterfly and SL certainly facilitates that possibility.

Irish Estates as part of their weekly events calendar presented Maxx Sabretooth on Friday.  Maxx is by no means an unknown personae in and around the SL music scene and he proceeded to weave his special brand of musical magic for the residents and their guests at the Elan Store on the Irish Estates.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Maxx Sabretooth Live at Irish Estates- October 12 @ 4pm SLT

The SL Enquirer- Maxx Sabretooth vocalist extraordinaire ....
Both a SL and RL entertainer.  Specializing in R&B, soul, country pop, light rock, the blues and more.

Come and join us at 4pm SLT today at E'lan The Store at Newport, Newport Rhode Island

Teleport to E'lan

Follow the Music with VMS Magazine

VMS Magazine is a magazine focused on the Second Life music scene , interviews and reviews about musicians and music venue

You can read us inworld by clicking on one of our kiosks or you can simply read it here :
Teleport to VMS Venue & Offices 

Levity Magazine Celebrates its 1st Anniversary : October 2012 Volume 12

This issue features a horoscopes spread for October, including some fashion favorites, articles and entertainment ads. You will also find a note from the the publisher and Editor in Chief.  

Congrats on your milesstone Levity!

Check out the latest issue here:

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Spotlight on BOSL's Frolic Mills- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Either you love him or you hate on him. Frolic Mills is a staple of the Second Life © community and a driving force in Fashion, Entertainment and Media. In celebration of BOSL’s 5th year serving the residents of the virtual world, I thought it would be nice to finally interview the man behind the BOSL Empire and fellow media powerhouse.

The Dead Cool Fashion Event - Are You Ready ? Jaded Exonar Reporting...

Halloween is fast approaching

It's calling out your name,

Shrieking from the shadows,

It's found us once again......

Are you feeling the tingle of Halloween yet? Neither was I....Until I found myself at the 'Dead Cool Fashion Event'.....

The lightening shoots through the mists to reveal the large courtyard, filled with many top featured vendors displaying the season specials. It's nearly that time of year again, and the perfect opportunity to start thinking of costumes and sink into the exciting darkness of the season. Where better to begin than SL's 'Halloween' Sim? It's just begun hosting the 'Dead Cool Fashion Event' from September 30th - October 31st. Vinyl Cafe, House Of London, Halloween Boutique, Valentina E. and House Of Rfyre are featured, to name but a few, with some real gems on offer, and many available only here for a limited time. I myself just couldn't resist Valentia E.'s 'Damned Dress' in mesh to get into the spirit of all things spooky....

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Spotlight on IrishGent Resident, Owner of Irish Island Estates Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

What do you look for in the people you surround yourself with?

Whether in business or leisure, who you associate with can be a factor in your reputation and how far you will
go in life. This concept can apply to our Second Life existence as well.

I like to think that we grow and mold into who we are by who we associate with. We connect and network with others because of common interests and goals. I am all about
networking and creating relationships with likeminded individuals. Because I want to involve the community and provide a variety of news through the eyes of residents.

Through the years, I have met and worked with countless people that have come to the virtual world pursuing their dreams.

Often times the outcome is favorable and they become my friends and other times I felt like my sandcastle was constantly being kicked over by people with hidden agenda and motives. That type of negative energy can be detrimental to trying to accomplish goal.Ridding yourself of that type of energy and taking the time to understanding the virtual world culture is the best thing to do. That is why I choose to surrounding myself with positive and creative people

Please meet IrishGent Resident, Owner of Irish Island Estates a real world professional with a concept to apply what he knows to the Second Life community. In his short time in Second Life he has accomplished a lot and has formed relationships with many of the elite here
in Second Life. 

Interview with IrishGent Resident

MUSIC NEWS: Album Review - Ellie Goulding; Halcyon - Pippa Emmons Rexen Reporting...

RECOMMENDED LISTENING - Great music and fantastic lyrics. Ellie Goulding fans will be ecstatic! Anyone who appreciates good music should give this album a listen; it’s quite exceptional.

This is a long awaited return from Ellie Goulding; with soaring vocals, rich ambient music, almost ethereal at times but with quirky moments and frequent pulsing beats. A must buy for Ellie fans and anyone who enjoys a semi-chilled alternative sound. It almost fits within the electronic dance genre at times and there are a bunch of remixes lurking around too.
Ellie said she chose the title because, "Halcyon is like a bird that basically during the winter, it would lay its eggs by the sea and bring calm to the stormy waters and a lot of my songs on this record are about the ocean and water...".


Interview With a Vampire - Evelyn Rieko Reporting...

I was dancing in a ballroom with my friend Windwalker discussing the upcoming Halloween Holiday. I mentioned to him that I wanted to interview a vampire for the Second Life Enquirer. He told me he was a friend to a vampire clan and they were having a dance party that night. Of course we went...

The party was in the main hall of the clan's castle. Windwalker introduced me to the clan members and to the handsome King Of the Bella Morte Clan, King Jisper. I watched him, with his thick flowing dark hair and piercing blue eyes filled with intelligence and charm, being the perfect host.

I asked him for an interview and King Jisper agreed.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Wilder PR has moved to the beautiful OGlam sim. I want to give a special shoutout to Vixie Rayna, Matteo Bettencourt, and Linda Reddevil for allowing us to move to their wonderful sim. We are very happy to announce our new location and want to invite everyone down to visit the new office.

Monday, October 8, 2012


Last week on The Wilder Side of Business talk radio show we had the amazing Apple May as our guest. As many of you know Apple May is the owner and creator of the fabulous Apple May Designs, one of SL’s most well known clothing stores since 2007. Time did not permit for us to get to all the questions asked from our listeners and Apple agreed to answer your remaining questions so we could post them for you all to see. Thank you so much for your time and being a guest Apple May,  it was truly a pleasure!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Irish Estates acquires the BOSL Casablaca Boulevard

In a bold move IrishGent of Irish Estates recently negotiated the purchase of the BOSL Casablanca Boulevard as part of its focused acquisition programme.  The Irish Estates are the brainchild of IrishGent who has established this community driven estate to provide the residents of Second Life with a place to call home based on the principle of a sense of community.  The estate has much to offer the residents of Second Life across a wide spectrum of interests and tastes, everything from tropical hideouts to beach side community living.

SLE Relaunch Party Update! - Annette Wilder Reporting from Wilder PR

If you missed it then you really missed something special. The SLE Relaunch Party was an amazing experience. The mood was right, the people who attended were all so happy to be there and be part of such an astronomical event. To tp in, walk the red carpet, and see a sea of people wearing all white was what it must feel like to attend a Puff Daddy all white event. It felt so good to see such a large turnout and I could not think of a better person who deserved that huge show of love from the public other than Lanai Jarrico. She has been in SL for many years and has done nothing but support Wilder PR and so many other businesses.

Friday, October 5, 2012

It's a Celebration tonight in Second Life- The Linden Gods gave back to the community tonight with an outpouring of positive reaction from the residents that know and support Enzo Champagne! Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

The Linden Gods gave back to the community tonight with an outpouring of positive reaction from the residents that know and support Enzo Champagne!

Recently a NC had been circulating about an avatar that was wrongfully denied access to Second Life after he was savagely hacked. The outcry for justice spread across the grid and a community came together to help.

In an interesting turn of event, while discussion the ordeal with a friend of Enzo, an announcement was made through the Irish Island Estates that Enzo Champagne was relieved of his Account Restriction and right into the open arms of the community.

Welcome Back Enzo Champagne!

Interview with Enzo