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Monday, April 29, 2013

Protect yourself in Second Life with ☢ EXCLUSIVE WEAPONS ☢ Owned and Operated by Roby Tandino –Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

 Second Life is full of adventures and all sorts of things to do, but sometimes you need to sift through your inventory of gadgets and bust out some weaponry to handle your business and protect yourself from griefers, zombies or those e-gangsters and their goons on the combat role play sims.

It’s a vicious job with lots of bloodshed but someone needs to rack up on the body count and keep things in check. What happens if you don’t have weapons to protect yourself? You better run and teleport to Exclusive Weapons!

Let us point you in the right direction where you will find weapons, shields, magic spell casters and protection tools to help you feel safe and secure in areas you are not familiar with. There are even monitoring tools to protect your business too.

Recently I met Roby Tandino, the proprietor of Exclusive Weapons. This store is  one of the longest running Weapons distributors in Second Life boasting 6 years of providing protection to the community. Their best clients are informed clients and The SL Enquirer is here to help spread the word.

EGOISME Presents the Satins & Silks Collection

Egoisme is proud to introduce the Satins & Silks Collection.
These outfits are so soft you can almost feel them even in the virtual world of Second Life. Fresh new Spring looks with a touch of class and sophistication. These outfits can go from day to evening. Everything you could possibly want for the perfect effortless choice and still look fabulous as you strut your stuff through Second Life.

This collection offers the choice between two tops. The first is an elegant off the shoulder look with a bow that subtly enhances every womans assets. The soft caress of satin against your shoulders as you wear it. Fitted bodice to show off that summer ready body thinly veiled under the most expensive looks in day to evening wear.

The second look is a sexy strapless top. The virtual world will be glad for the fun in the sun look. This one is beautifully fitted around the waist to highlight the delicate curves of the beautiful female form. Silky and smooth light weight fabrics drape beautifully and feel heavenly against your skin as the spring breezes blow.


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Upcoming Event: Tribute City Fashion Week 2013 Coming May 31, 2013 to June 9, 2013

Tribute City Fashion Week 2013 
Mark your Calendar!

Tribute City and L’Amour  Management are pleased to announce Tribute City Fashion Week! The event will show off the best spring and summer fashions from some of your favorite designers in Second Life! The theme for the show is “April Showers Bring May Flowers”.

This show will feature and showcase designers who will present their modern, spring, and summer creations and accessories. In addition to the show, other festivities will include both a kick off and closing event and other entertainment.

Designers currently scheduled to present at the show include Allure, Evolve, Faboo, Flowerdreams, K-Code, Poposity, Shey, Syl’s, and Xen’s Hats.

Designers will be in Tribute City, from May 31, 2013 to June 9, 2013, to present their modern, spring, and summer creations.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

HOT OFF THE PRESS! Check out a New Book Featuring Women of Second Life

Women in Second Life- Essays On Virtual Identity, Work and Play Written by Dianna Baldwin and Julie Achterberg

This new Kindle edition book features some of the top leading ladies doing big things in the virtual world Second Life © with a collection of essays that explore issues of identity, work and play within this fascinating virtual world. 

14 woman were interviewed including the talented media socialites Persia Bravin and Lanai Jarrico and their journeys to the top of SL’s leading media circuit. 

This book covers education, virtual journalism as well as explores using Second Life for creative discovery, human rights, gender crossing, race perception, the arts and more.  What was once viewed as a man’s world, might very well be changing in a digital way.

Matters to Us All- Virtually Speaking- Sarahelisebeth Brenham Reporting…

Whether we realize it or not, we are all connected by something. Read on to learn about a group that presents discussions on matters that pertain to everybody.

Virtually Speaking is a group that was formed in 2007 by Widget Whiteberry, Jay Ackroyd and Stuart Zaurak, to inform the community on current events that are happening in a wide range of topics. This gang holds discussions via radio station and is streamed on their website and at their location in Second Life.

I had the privilege on being invited to the clique’s next affair. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Ascension: A multimedia LEA sim by Mantis Oh- Persia Bravin Reporting...

Set in an ancient/futuristic landscape with surreal plants and hybrid insects, Ascension takes the visitor on a trip of sound, color and light.
Explore the seven levels of the Ascension tower and lose yourself in a mysterious world where musical notes appear from under your feet, where robotic bumblebees hover close by and where particles shimmer in the alien atmosphere.



Hi SLE readers,

    I thought I’d write you a note while I enjoy a refreshing glass of water with lemon and an energizing bowl of fruit and vanilla yogurt. It has been a while since I’ve expressed my gratitude to you, the reader, my friends, hard working team of writers and all those that have supported The SL Enquirer through the years. It has definitely been a journey, one I have shared with you in the public eye. I just want you to know I am grateful for each and every one of you for being there to motivate me to continue to do what I love; creative writing, meeting people from all over the world, learning from you all and being a part of some of your daily reading routines. 
  As I approach my 8th Rezzday on May 9th, I can’t help but sit back and reflect on the years gone by. It seemed like only yesterday that I was waddling barefoot around the grid with no real direction, wearing silks and constantly being approached by Goreans. I had no idea that what I was wearing meant something to them.  Things have certainly changed from those times, readership has grown tremendously from the monthly hits that are now equivalent to our daily hits, times two. 
   Every day when I wake up, gather my senses and check my emails, it is like opening Christmas presents. There is something new to tackle each day, a new person to meet, the most encouraging comments and my friends and SLE family in Second Life ready to greet me. Living a Rock star lifestyle isn’t so bad, but without you as my rock, I would not be a star. I just wanted to express that to all of you. I wish you all well with whatever dreams you have and encourage you to follow them. You never know that the path you choose today will lead you in a whole new life changing direction tomorrow. I certainly believe in dreams coming true. If you continue to strive for what you want and do what you love, only good things can come of it, even in the virtual world.
Stay positive, have a great day and another will soon follow.

-Lanai Jarrico

Luver's Island: Much More Than Just a Venue- Sarah Elisabeth Brenham Reporting...

When people discover their true passions in life, they will be taken on quite a journey. Odysseys will bring one both good and bad experiences. For those that wish to be a performer in either the online or offline realm or in both of them, there is a place where one can go have some of the bumps in their path removed.
Luver's Island, ran by Jolly Leborski and DeusRulez Shamrock, opened in October 2012 and is mecca for all musicians and those that love music in general. This sim, is generally divided into three sections, giving its artists and patrons, several unique locations to play and mingle in.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Gringo's Quick Hunt April 26th 6pm-8pm SLT

  Gringo's Quick Hunt

 Date: April 26th, 2013
 Time: 6PM - 8 PM SLT

 Start Point: Gringo’s Club

 About Hunt:

Begin your hunt at Gringo's! You will visit 5 locations and collect all hunt objects. Objects will be dispensed from a small box you will have to find at the locations.  Bring them back to Gringo's to claim your prizes!

Entertainment provided by DJ Weeblewolf Pinion. He will  be streaming live for this hunt and report on its progress as it unfolds. Each location will have his stream so you can follow the broadcast from location to location. If you are the first to collect  all the hunt objects and return them to Gringo Miles at Gringo's, you will win 1000L! All other entrants will be entered in a drawing for two 500L prizes, a working jukebox from Wolf Howls and gift cards from TM Creations. And you never know - with this group of sponsors that drawing may have more surprises in store!


Hunt sponsored by Gringo's, The SL Enquirer, M&M Marketing, Wolf Howls Jukebox & Radio, TM Creations and OSU Club House.

LOCATIONS - feel free to visit these sponsor locations beforehand to map out your hunt strategy and look around their location.

Mr Hunter – Tea Couturier Reporting…

Hunts in Second Life has become more and more popular not only for the store owners but also for the shoppers. It is a way of purchasing goods in SL for a fraction of the price or even for 0L. 
However, hunters do not participate in hunts for this alone, They participate for the thrill of the hunt by figuring out the clues and then locating their prizes. You will find numerous of hunts within SL for women but there are not as many for men.

   "Mr Hunter" is a well known hunt launched over a year ago. It is dedicates its self to men’s only fashion and for men who are interested in fashion. It is for those men who also want to participate in the same fun the ladies of sl were experiencing.

Interview with Mr Hunter’s founder, Lasher Spiritor

For Aeva Heartsick - A fundraiser to help a much loved creator - Nehem Resident Reporting…

Everyone loves a great creation in second Life. Often times we landmark our favorites so we can visit them over and over. What if your favorite creator needed help? 

For many, Second Life is a way to communicate, a way to make money, a way to live. What you may not know, however, is that Second Life sometimes plays a very important role in real life as well.  Amesha Jewell, the creator of Aeva/Heartsick, is one of those people. Due to various physical and mental conditions, she is unable to work in real life, so she turned to Second Life to do something she loves. Her Skins, shapes and other items are adored by many. 

VMS News: Lightnin Lowtide- Pen Dragon Reporting...

When you combine passion, talent and the energy to rock a venue to the core with the experience and drive that only time can provide you have the perfect recipe for an amazing performer. 
With a voice that is as smooth as an aged Kentucky Bourbon and an impressive musical set that combines covers and originals and runs the gamut from Golden oldies and rocking blues to Country and Classic rock you have that amazing performer in Lightnin Lowtide.
Lightnin' came to Second Life just over four years ago at the bequest of RL friend and band mate Mance Moonwall.

Fashion Spotlight on Deliciosa Pera

 Deliciosa Pera
Rezz day: 3/30/2007 

Skin/Shape: BJD Avatar from *COCO*
*COCO*_BJD Avatar, COCO DESIGNS (32, 31, 21) - Moderate

Hair & Eyelashes: Nikita Fride Design
=^..^= Nikita Fride Design =^..^, Nikita Fride (170, 170, 30)

How would you describe your fashion style in 5 words?
Feminine, Classic, Vintage, Dreamy, Romantic

What is your favorite quote?
"I used to be Snow White, but I drifted. " - Mae West

Got any advice for new avatars in Second Life?
Just be yourself and... relax. ;)

Images by Raymund Snook

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Second Life's Newest Singer/Songwriter LuvSong Writer Kicks Off Whirlwind Career


Aspiring superstar poised to take SL by storm with his enchanting voice and stage presence 

Hamilton Marshall, known as LuvSong Writer in-world, is pleased to announce the launch of his musical career in Second Life. Debuting his new self-written songs "Leave Me Alone" and "Yours & Mine," Marshall has since enchanted many with his swoon-worthy voice and intoxicating presence.

A delicious mix of The Weeknd, Ne-Yo, and a little Justin Timberlake, LuvSong Writer's voice can best be enjoyed with a glass of wine in tow. Writing all of his own material as well as covering fan favorites, Writer enjoys dabbling into different genres to push the boundaries of his vocal range. 

Change is Good – Even in Second Life- Linda Lauren Reporting...

Change something in your environment and watch how much that single change will uplift your personal vibration, boost your energy and improve your mood.  We don’t realize how much that overflowing Inventory that holds our possessions can block our ability to enjoy a Second Life existence without frustration, lag and system crashes.  Possessing an excessive inventory is the contributing reason to all of the above complaints.  

Torley Linden has a really cute video called “Confessions of a Second Life Hoarder” and though it’s exceptionally funny, there is truth to it!  A clean inventory will make for a happier Second Life experience.  To see the video and read the step-by-step tutorial click here:

All those freebees we get as we teleport across the grid can add a substantial amount of prim and/or scripts. Regular clean up is the answer.  As an SL paying resident since 2006, here are some of the tips I’ve picked up along the way:

Let's start with Inventory Items

My Time with the Psychic Medium Linda Lauren- Definate Balfour Reporting…

 I had the pleasure of meeting a celebrity that happens to play within Second Life, Linda Lauren. 

For those that don’t know who she is, she’s a psychic medium that has numerous accomplishments including art, writing, energy consultant, and has been trademarked as the Travel Psychic for her talent in travel readings. She has a sim and has devoted it to her real life lifestyle and selling products to help those needing them!

Linda Lauren is one of the most interesting people you can find right here at The SL Enquirer, having her own column where she writes and you can read her words of wisdom, but when I found out she was more than another writer I had to meet her for myself.

Spotlight on Ted McKenna, Owner of Carnel Oasis- Mackenzie Abbot Reporting…

On first impression, you would see a quiet, unassuming resident dancing his heart out in a local nightspot.  But Ted McKenna has, after 6 years of playing, been there, done that and bought the shirt.

We meet in his club, Carnal Oasis, after a well-attended 2 hour DJ event on one of Dream Walker Isle's beaches.  He offers me a drink and we start talking about his early days in a club on Kokomo.  The story starts with him being brought in as a Security Manager but losing the job not long after when the entire sim disappeared. 
So what happened and why did everything disappear?
It was a private sim. In those days, copy-bots hit Second Life real hard and the sim owner did not want to be responsible for any vendors losing any of their items, so he shut the sim down to any vendors and shortly after that he closed the sim.  A number of merchant sims had major issues during that time until safeguards were put in place to control the copy-bots and still, to this day, they are a factor.

Interview with Ted McKenna

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


A Trench Coat is a must have in everyone’s wardrobe. Now envision a stylish, just above the knee coat, buttoned up to the neck. It is slim fitting around your body, giving a hint of sixties flair.

New for the spring formal season is GizzA - Chantelle Gown; an elegant gown perfect for a soirée.

GizzA - Chantelle is a sexy and sleek full length gown that follows your curves, which is completed with a golden belt and golden hoop necklace.
The gown is available in 4 classical colors.

Club Milk & Honey Combs onto the scene with their Sex Lounge & the "Hive @ 5 Concert Series"

  SL is A-buzz over the creation by Joker & Ashes Wilder as they dangle out on a limb @ Vexity. 

At Club Milk & Honey, The Honey Dripper Dancers offer the best "Entertainment".  Imagination meets sexy animation within a unique Beehive Factory.  The renown Dj Weeble Wolf Pinion rocks the stars every Tuesday via Wolf Howls Radio at 6-8pm SLT.  Make a Bee Line for the RockShoppe performances located up on the Rotating Hive where people swarm to feel the vibrations after dark!

*** April 27th 8:30 pm SLT... GODSMACK, DOMINATES THE STAGE at Club Milk & Honey!

Come rock out for free all month long in April as Every "Body" is Welcome, so Cum feel the Sting! Join the Milk & Honey Group Today!

Acknowledgments & Partners: RockShoppe, Howl Radio (, Blurr~Boutique, Glitches Fashions and Bella Angel Designs

Owned and Operated by JokerWilder and ღ ムşђes WiLDeRღ aka ashes128

Check out Milk & Honey on Facebook for concert schedules and the latest event updates at

BOSL Covering Menswear Fashion Week- Alon Alphaville Reporting...

Flow is sportswear without clichés! To make a collection that is wearable but has an original point of view and is timeless yet modern is probably one of the hardest nuts to crack in the fashion game.

Read More


SL Business Review learned yesterday from a source close to Ramses Meredith, the owner of Egoisme, that complete redesign may be in the works for the current sim occupied by the fashion giant.  The sprawling complex also houses the SL Enquirer Media Center and offices for SL Business Review and inKLine Media. 

The Torch Entertainment Guide News: Things to Do in Spring

Check out some Spring themed things to do in Second Life this week! Brought to you by the SL Torch.

Read More

SL Newser: Events This Week April 23 to April 29- Bixyl Shuftan Reporting...

It's a week full of events in Second Life. The Relay For Life holds it's Fantasy Faire this week. Also, Bay City is having it's Fashion Week. RacerX Gullwing holds a Cross-Country race across a few dozen sims. And there are the regularly scheduled DJ and live music events, discussions, book and poetry readings, races, and church services.

Read More

Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring Into Action!!!! Warm Weather fun at Aero Pines Park!- Nehem Resident Reporting...

As we leap into April, many of us still feel ourselves shaking off the winter chill. We often trapped inside, and long for the warmth of spring. The wait is over! 

What is more lovely in the spring than a walk in the park? Aero Pines Park offers just that, and more. It is a massive 6 year old sim with a wide range of activities including: horseback riding, canoeing, balloon rides, and horse drawn carriage rides. 

When you teleport into the park, you are greeted by the Aero Pines Park recreation area sign. Click this Sign for a detailed brochure full of landmarks and information on the many activities featured in this lovely sim. I stopped at several of these amazing spots and had a blast along the way!

An exercise For the Mind: The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior Game -Sarahelisebeth Brenham Reporting...

Do you like adventures? Me too. Come join me on one of SL's greatest journeys.

What is it with our fondness for expeditions as human beings? Whatever the reasoning is, we just know that we love to go on odysseys! The latest adventure that I went on was the Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior Game.

The Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior Game was created and is run by the company, MadPea Production. This activity debuted on March 15th, 2013 and has been well received by all who have participated in it. The object of the game is to find certain items. When you have found everything that the pastime requires, you are awarded fifteen fabulous prizes. When the journey first was presented to the public, a cash gift of L$10,000, in addition to the other keepsakes, were given to the initial person who completed the quest. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Come Along and Ride on the Cassiopeia Voyage! EVENTS WEEK OF APRIL 22nd::

Let the Cassiopeia crew take you all around the world, stopping at a few of our favorite destinations.  Everyday there will be a different country  to explore and dress up as.  So put on your French beret or Walk Like an Egyptian because their are LINDENS TO BE WON!





Myster GGLR 2013 Contest  opens its doors to you all for one hell of a fashionable experience with some hawt hawt hawt bois who are going to battle on the runway for the title of Myster GGLR 2013.

 Come on down on the 21st April, kick off at 12pm SLT 

Come support and VOTE for your favorite and help us crown the winner, the best, the IT boi of GGLR!

*Female Sim Only

 Join the Greek Gold Lesbian Resort Group for access.
Please note, anyone who isn't in the group will land at the gate automatically where the greeter will invite to the group.

Vanity House of Designs is Releasing New Outfits for Spring 2013.

Vanity House of Designs is releasing new outfits for Spring 2013.  The 'Selena', 'Lucille', 'Chosen Rebel', and 'Stephanie Leopard' collection, as well as several other new items are all immediately available.  The impressive collection of new clothing joins an already inspiring new Spring Wedding and Lingerie collection.  Women will find the entire line up of outfits to feel fresh, modern and feminine.

VHD owner and designer Ebony Seorn is a fearless and equally fierce designer who likes to be well-connected to her client base.  Several outfits even come with accessories such as mesh shades and matching stiletto pumps.

Says Seorn, "At Vanity House of Designs, approachable Beauty is our goal. We want to create amazing clothing items that are not only gorgeous and amazing looking to look at, but easy to feel great in. Fashions for Her. Style for Him."

Find the entire Vanity House of Designs collection at their in world store ( Vanity House Of Designs Mainstore!

Check out Vanity House of Design at SL Marketplace

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spotlight From Behind the Scenes at Paramount Playhouse- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

SLE often shines a spotlight on venues, performances and activities that take place across the grid. Most of the time you see interviews with business owners or self promoters, this time we are taking you behind the scenes to meet the staff that help make it all happen.
Paramount Playhouse first opened its doors in December of 2012. Today it is known as home to classy burlesque, comedy and other fine entertainment in an elegant yet casual atmosphere. The performances you may have seen or heard about most recently are Cleo and the Czar for the month of April, as well as past performances featuring Christmas Tails, New Year’s Spectacular, Mardi Gras, special performances by Glenn Bunjie and Elvis BubbaC Johns, Fab Four and The Beatles Tributes, Dancers’ Showcase, and Sexy Coast to Coast. Paramount Playhouse sure has been busy between rehearsals and show times to deliver quality entertainment that is very similar to going to the Big Apple and taking in a Broadway show. The difference is, admission is free and the interaction between a global community of guests and staff is paramount.

The modest Pathmaker Campbell-MacGregor is the owner but he wanted us to shift the spotlight and attention on those that help him provide Second Life residents with Paramount Playhouse shows.

Pathmaker told The SL Enquirer, “The creation of the paramount was making dreams come true - and those were the dreams of my partners LeAnn and Lotta - to have a place to perform and to be able to exercise our own creativity.  Pat and Bo Sharpshire, the owners of the Sprit Marina Sim made that dream possible; they are dear friends and the physical building of the Paramount was Pat's gift to us. But a working theater is much more than three owners and a building, no matter how dedicated the owners nor how large their dreams.  Our Cast members are what make it possibly for the Paramount to function and it's very important to me that they receive the credit and recognition they deserve”.

With that said, let’s meet the staff J

Happy 3rd Rezzday to BOSL Radio!

It’s Four-Twenty! What’s the Meaning Behind This Term? – Lanai Jarrico reporting…

Let me enlighten you with a little bit of  random history on this term. The Cannabis subculture refers to this time and date as a code number referring to the consumption of Marijuana. It’s earliest reference began by a group of California teenagers that called themselves the Waldos, in the early 1970’s.  These teenagers would meet up outside of the San Rafael High School, near a statue of Louis Pastuer where they made plans to search for an abandoned cannabis crop they had heard about. They never found the crops but the 420 term stuck and continues today for pot smokers as a countercultural holiday in North America.  Many have observed this day throughout the years by meeting up in public places like San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, the University of Colorado’s campus and even crossed over into Canada where it has been observed at Vancouver Art Gallery and Parliament Hill. Events have also taken place in New Zealand at the University of Otago. It is an ongoing debate for states where Marijuana is illegal. In recent years legalization of Marijuana across the U.S has been a hot topic. Some are fighting for their right to smoke, while others see bigger reasons to legalize.

So why have people continued to celebrate marijuana if it is illegal in most states?

Tom2point0 .... giving soul to the metaverse one note at a time - Lacy Muircastle reporting ...

In my wanderings around Second Life I happened upon a performance by one Tom2point0.  I really enjoyed his performance, in fact so much so that I even went to his link to listen to more of his music.  I found a song about drama which was rather apt since I had just written a piece on what SL would be without drama, and it rather appealed.  Take a listen, it is actually really amusing and boy will you hear things that ring true for your second life and probably your real life too.

Aspects of Solitude

A fabulous new exhibition, sponsored by LUMIPro, opens @ Palais Orleans Gallery Complex this weekend.

Amona Savira and Harbor Galaxy present 'Aspects of Solitude.'

The images are intelligent, thought provoking, sensitive and well . . . just gorgeous.

Morgana Nagorski says "It is such a pleasure to host this exhibition by two such talented artists."

The opening events are:

6:00 - 8:00PM SLT, Saturday 20 April
10:00AM - 12:00 PM SLT Sunday 21 April

@ Palais Orleans Gallery Complex

Friday, April 19, 2013

VMS News: The Rockit Club: If the House is A Rockin'- Pen Dragon Reporting...

What do you do if you have years of experience performing live in SL? Plus a ton of friends who are top notch live performers, as well as too much club equipment just sitting in your inventory? Well, if you are Tricky Digfoot, you follow a dream and open a small, laid back and fun live venue!
The Rockit is that venue. After performing live and being involved in a large sim aimed at the SL music scene, he decided to step out of his comfort zone and open his own venue at which he and his friends would perform and he could book other great live shows.
"I've performed in SL for a  few years now with a group.  We owned a sim at one point but they kinda went to big for me. It was bit much with my busy RL. So anyway, I had a lot of club equipment in my inventory that was just collecting dust so to speak. So I decided to open a club on a smaller parcel and keep it simple and a little less stressful."

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fairy tales can come true...It can happen to you, Especially in Second Life. Join us Saturday April 20th

We invite you to join us for, the Grand Opening of our beautiful new wedding and event venue, "Once Upon a Fairy Tale." this coming Saturday, April 20th.

Nestled among green hills, waterfalls, and rivers, with white buildings, a chapel, a paddle wheel riverboat, and glistening palatial dance halls looking down from the hills above, "Once Upon A Fairy Tale" is the perfect place to plan your wedding or event.  

Any setting you desire, from a casual tropical beach decked out for the day, a beautiful chapel in the valley, a surprising hidden Asian garden, a library to rival Sex and the City style, or an open air gazebo elevated to surprising heights are all available for your special day - or let us build your custom dream wedding.