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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Moose Win GOHA Global Cup

Congratulations to the new GOHA Champs!

Pets R Us SL's #1 Virtual Breedable Pet Store Cynamon Pearl Reporting...

Pets R Us is an in-world virtual pet store that carries every imaginable virtual breedable pet available in the Second Life market. In fact, grid wide Pets R Us sells every species including the most current releases. Just ask store owner and operator, Warbo Mint who assures that all of your breedable pet needs can be found in-store under the same roof.

Spotlight feature: LET THE RACES BEGIN! Champion Horses & Interview with Janeatte Finchy, certified Champion Jockey & Trainer- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Racing horses for entertainment has a long history since way back in ancient times as the sport of Kings.  Horses and chariots come to mind when I think of how they were used in the ancient Greek Olympics, Egypt and in the Roman Empire coliseum.

 Today it is still practiced in the United States, Canada, Europe and around the world and is regarded as an equestrian sport.  

I have been to a RL horse track and Betting Arenas. They were filled with people from different places, coming together to enjoy the splendors of the Socialites and atmosphere while witnesses some real horses power in action.

In Second Life the fun of this Royal Sport is just beginning with Champion Horses…  

Online college classes are an option for people who enjoy the Internet and like to play, work,
and study that way. There is always a need for new innovations within
programs such as Second Life, and you have the chance to learn the skills
to bring exciting new things to Second Life.

Monday, June 27, 2011

GOHA PLayoff Schedule

The Global Online Hockey Adssociation playoffs are almost done!

SL ARTS & LITERATURE: New Ballet Company Presents " Swan"

Photo by Fae Varriale
Now I can add dancing to horseback riding, sky diving and a few other things I have done in SL that I would have never had the chance or ability to do in real life. I got involved with Swan as an opportunity to work with friend and fellow storyteller Dubhna Rhiadra, for whom I have great respect.  She asked me if I would narrate a collaborative story-dance piece she had been working on and I was honored to accept.  Then, at a rehearsal, I was asked if I would be so kind as to stand in for a missing member of the corps, and suddenly I became a virtual ballerina.  I truly became a part of Independent Ballet Company and their debut production of Swan which is now performing at venues around the grid.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

STUDIO 777 NEWS: Second Life's 17th Most Popular Destination, Reaches 170,000 Guests and L$10 Million Won!

STUDIO 777 ™
Get Lucky. Come Play With Us and You'll Win!


(`'•.¸ We have amazing stores in our New Designer Mall! There's also
Free Play DEAL, NO DEVIL & ZYNGO there, along with a very cool new
amusement park ride called FREE FALL... it takes you 3,000 meters in
the air and drops you! Here's the Landmark... please support our VIP
retailers including the SL Enquirer, and if you're looking for a place
to sell your creations we'd like to help you succeed!

Reader Video Submission: Outrageous Weirdiculous E-Harmony Bio Are you a cat lover? The SL Enquirer

It gets good at  0:59
Online Dating Services.

It is videos like this that introduce me to the real horrors of online matchmaking and hooking up. I was left bewildered at the content of this video even cried because the unintended humor was almost as good as Chris Crocker's infamous LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! rant. I wonder if these two are related or at least know each other.

Suicide Island

Stacey and Stara visit Suicide Island, and somehow live through it... which sounds like a Polish joke, but isn't.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Spotlight on Dandilyon Jinx, Owner & Designer of House of Silverjinx and Author of “End of Mae”, Available now on Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

For years, Second Life has been trying to shake off the unfortunate stigma of being just another virtual world game by people who have never experienced the many paths Second Life can take Avatars. Being immersed in virtual world Media since 2004, I have seen what these platforms can do to help people discover talents they never knew they had, to building and expanding their businesses on a global scale.

The possibilities are endless. Now is the time for those who continue to devalue the continued virtual  support and effort of true professionals, such as Musicians, Fashion Designers, Artists, Architects, Business Owners and even Authors like Dandilyon Jinx, to finally realize it is much more then leisure time spent.

People who want to learn the developing skills necessary to possibly
develop a program as successful as Second Life can find info at
In the Internet age, programs such as Second Life will be popular for many
years to come.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dive Write In: Olivia's Creepy Diner

As an author in real life and a writer here in SL, I'm always interested in places where I can sit, take out a laptop and get some writing in...or just places where I take in their ambience and

flavor, thereby getting my creative juices flowing and spurring me on to write.

The first time I saw a picture of Olivia's Creepy Diner in the Seokcheon region [SLURL], I knew I had to check it out

for myself. It looked like some seedy dive one might find in a sinister story. Needless to say, the place left me not particularly interested in eating (ever again), but it definitely gave me

enough of a spook factor to think about the type of story that could play out in a location such as it.

Any place with tumbleweed is a place I want to be.

BRING SL TO REAL LIFE! Register for the SLCC in Oakland California- August 12-14, 2011

Early Bird Registration: Sale ends June 30th - $250.00

The SLCC has been an annual real world event that takes place around the country creatd by Second Life residents for Second Life residents.

Whether you are in Second Life for business or for pleasure, this is an opportunity to meet some of the top content creators, musicians, artists, Educators and even some Lindens!

This Event will be held at  Oakland Marriott City Center in Oakland, CA

The Wire: Spotlight on DJ Rico Rodex Cynamon Pearl Reporting...

When asked what makes him tick DJ Rico Rodex will probably give you some cheeky response, but when I conducted this interview he unabashedly declares a love for Dancehall Reggae music as loud and clear as a thumping baseline. The music, ‘Dancehall Reggae’ has its origin in the Caribbean island of Jamaica; however bringing the Caribbean vibe into unchartered territory is this DJ’s speciality and primary mission. It could be that his diverse background gives him a natural aptitude for crossing cultural boundaries. Hailing Jamaican and Puerto Rican mix brings a new interesting splash of flavour that sets him apart from the ordinary. In fact, Dancehall Reggae itself is a hybrid of mixing of African drums with thick Reggae baselines while spicing it up with MC’s toasting catchy lyrics on top of hypnotic rhythms that make the body feel nice. Once you’ve had a little taste it’s not difficult to get hooked.

Vikings Win SFL Super Bowl

Stacey jumping on the Viking bandwagon...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DJ SHINE Joins The Black Soul Rhythms Radio Staff

(JUNE 22, 2011) Black Soul Rhythms Radio is proud to welcome it's newest staff member Sean Namori a.k.a. DJ SHINE to the family. This creative DJ from RL New Jersey has been producing radio shows for BSR Radio for more than a month and already commands an audience when he does his live events in SecondLife. Come see him for yourself every Friday night at SugarHill Lounge 5:00PM slt.

We sat down with DJ SHINE and chatted with him briefly and we share that conversation with you:

BSR RADIO: Give us a brief synopsis of your DJ experience??

SEAN NAMORI: well im an up and coming radio dj(because believe or not we now have different types of djs in this day an age , i thought we all were in one category but hey lol ) learning as much as i can to become better at what i do . i havent had much experience (unless u count sneaking onto my dad's turntables and making my own mixes while he was away at work hehe.) .music is my life and i love sharing what moves me to my audience. growing up around music and watching my dad dj kept me infused into all music. mixing and creating music was awesome for me to watch. to this day i still get chills when i hear a live band or a good song . and with that foundation i think my skills will grow as a dj.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Second Life Celebrates 8 years

GOHA Playoffs Underway

SL's premier hockey league is in playoff season, and Stacey has worked herself into the marketing scheme...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Second Life turns 8!!

It is birthday time in Second Life. The theme for this year’s birthday celebrations is “The Magic of SL” – which LL describes as being “about that moment when we realized how amazing Second Life really is. It’s when we found our own personal connections to Second Life, realizing its potential in our own lives and the lives of other Residents. Whether it’s the social aspect, the content creation possibilities, or unique business and commerce opportunities, we’ve all got a tale of Second Life magic to share.”

I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the sims before they open to the public tomorrow , 20th June 2011 @ 10.30am SLT.

I have to admit to being blown away by what the exhibitors have done this year and would encourage you to find some time to see for yourself. The best way to see the stands is in a SL8B tour pod made by Yavanna Llanfair. You can pick one up just next to the welcome centre which was built by Myopic Mole. There are tours for both the east and west sims, both leaving from the same point.

In my meanderings I came across the Cognitive Conjuring stand built by Aticca Bekkers and some of her friends. Aticca for me epitomises all that is good about SL and makes it credible. She told me “The magic of SL is sometimes in the choices we make and the many many paths we have to choose from. For me the special magic of SL is how it makes a RL disability visible or invisible at the resident’s discretion, it is the Ultimate conjuring trick and it is a path I have explored often.” You see the human behind Attica is dyslexic, suffers from Agoraphobia and she battles to walk in the real world, but here in SL she has the opportunity to be all she can be and she has chosen to do exactly that and it is her mission for others to be the same.

Visit the amazing birthday cake which has been built by Tao Mistwalker and his team and also hosts the cake stage, where you can dance IN cake!

On the 23rd June @ 11am, Kim Linden will officially open the celebrations and this will take place at The Main Stage.

Go and have a look for yourself, you will have fun, there is something for everyone. Let the magic that is SL continue ...

Here's the LM for the Welcome Area:

See you there.

The Wedding Of Jodie And Kiki

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.... (starts to cry)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

VSF Open House

Stacey visits the Virtual Six Man Football League...

Friday, June 17, 2011

STUDIO 777 ™ Get Lucky. Come Play With Us and You'll Win!



(`'•.¸ We have amazing stores in our New Designer Mall! There's also
Free Play DEAL, NO DEVIL & ZYNGO there, along with a very cool new
amusement park ride called FREE FALL... it takes you 3,000 meters in
the air and drops you! Here's the Landmark... please support our VIP
retailers including the SL Enquirer, and if you're looking for a place
to sell your creations we'd like to help you succeed!


Designer Dossier: Kimber Carter CCD Lacy Muircastle Reporting...

Kimber Carter is the new owner and designer of Carter's Custom Designs (CCD). Kimber purchased the CCD store and products from Caithlin Carter in August 2010 and continues in Caithlin’s footsteps to provide the most elegant jewellery and beauty products to the citizens of Second Life.

Kimber came to SL out of curiosity. She commented “There is always something to discover and learn. Everything here is complex yet at the same time simple. If you look closely you can figure out how something works and then put it into the big picture. It's like a dream, a very happy one, a dream and a fantasy. I love fantasy and here in SL, you can live it.”

Kimber got into designing jewellery when one day after purchasing a ring she studied it and discovered that it was not very well made. This spurred her on to investigate what was possible. So she started searching for textures and then found other things that gave her ideas; that triggered more ideas and interest and it became a passionate mission for her. Kimber says “Finding out how, what, where... I was amazed with the endless possibilities.” Soon her first business “Elegant Designs by Lake” was born, which then became BodyWear Jewelry. This business belongs to Lake Swords which is another avatar of Kimber’s.

Because BodyWear went on to become really successful, Kimber (Lake) took the decision to make it into a franchise operation thereby giving her more time to do what she really wanted to do – design jewellery.

And then in August 2010, things changed again and Kimber bought CCD from Caithlin Carter.
Kimber stated “When I first heard that CCD was for sale, I was totally intrigued. I couldn't stop thinking about the possibilities but I was also concerned about the amount of work that would be involved in the transition. I would go visit Caithlin’s store and carefully look at each item. At first, I didn't think I would be able to handle such a huge project of converting everything but as time went by and after numerous visits with Caithlin to discuss the details, I decided to go for it. I am deeply grateful to Caithlin for everything she did during the sale process and it helped me tremendously when she put the reference in her profile to me and the new CCD. I was now owner of one of the most elegant and prestigious jewelry and avatar beauty-supply stores in Second Life. The dream became a reality.”

Kimber says that she manages all of this with the support of an outstanding team, LarryB Writer, Caithlin Carter who remains on in a design capacity, Iain Wandsworth and all her beautiful models.

Kimber is very passionate about what she does and expects nothing short of perfection from herself, wanting only the very best for her customers. She said “I would like the experience of shopping at CCD to be completely immersive and truly inspiring.”

She has plans to fill the CCD plaza with brilliant new products, products that set the pace for Second Life fashion and products that really make use of new viewer innovations and trends.
Kimber concluded by saying “My main goal has always been to make this my perfect world... Perfect in every way... And along this journey in second life, I learned that this so-called 'fantasy' is actually 'real'. Real people, real friends, real passion, real feelings, real challenges, and real business. I have also found 'real' happiness from this wonderful opportunity to do something that I love and something that brings a little beauty into people's lives.”

The CCD Blog is available at -
The CCD Store SLURL is -

Thursday, June 16, 2011

PHOTOGRAPHY SPOTLIGHT: Woolicious Photography -Cynamon Pearl Reporting...

          Wookitty Renfold, joined The Wire group recently and has blown me away with her Photography skills. Quite honestly it didn’t surprise me one bit. She has always been a great supporter and community oriented individual. Recently, I asked Woo (also known to friends as Woo-licious) how the photography was going. After viewing some of her work I was totally unaware that such talent had been right under my nose the entire time. Woo’s images are whimsical and imaginative really encapsulating the heart and story of the subject. In her own words Woo says...

Spotlight Feature- Interview with Auster Elan from GIZZA Carmy Sonata Reporting...

Auster Elan
Gizza is one the most famous places in the virtual world, these fashions are really loved by a lot of avatars across the grid and it's  group is very generous with its members. Many time they offer special gifts for gents and ladies.

I met Auster Elan, Gizza's creator and designer and he answered some questions about second life's fashion.

UWA NEWS- Twinkle Arrives at North Woodvale Primary School -Univeristy of Western Australia News

School Principal, Greg Brice receives 'Twinkle's Journey' and '100 Treasures from UWA' from Jay Jay Jegathesan, Manager, School of Physics, UWA (and lead of UWA Virtual World projects) on behalf of Bay Sweetwater of California, USA-  UWA News

SLE JOB OPPORTUNITY: Are you an SL Graphics Designer & Photographer looking for a commission Job with flexibility?

The SL Enquirer is looking for someone that can handle promotional needs and assignments for our marketing campaigns, Spotlight Features and Events.  The qualities SLE is looking for are, at least one year experience in Second Life and knowledgeable about taking in world snapshots and creating promo textures, using PS and/ or adobe programs.  Other attributes include a Professional outlook and Positive attitude while making your own hours, but able to meet deadlines.  Contact Lanai Jarrico at, reference:  SLE Graphics Department.  

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The SFL Super Bowl Is This Weekend!

Get your tickets for the first SFL Super Bowl!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Machinima Feature: Second Tribute To JLo "On the Floor" -An EvaDivaSmalls Production

Second Life is full of creativity that mimics the real world.  Here is a great example of how you can even be a Superstar in your favorite music videos!

For more videos like this visit

Monday, June 13, 2011

Machinima: Project DIRECT- Oregon Writing Project- The University of Oregon

Learn more about Project DIRECT by visiting their Youtube Channel!

SL ARTS & LITERATURE: Project DIRECT Builds Vital Connections Between Educators

It is that season when mortar boards soar through the air, and thousands who once were students now declare themselves graduates. On the SL grid, a quieter commencement has taken place as a group of 20 educators from rural schools throughout Oregon (the real one) mark their first year as part of Project DIRECT.

Since November 2010, Second Life has been the major thrust of Project DIRECT (Distance Innovations for Rural Educators using Communication Technologies), a program within the Oregon Writing Project, which is part of University of Oregon’s Center for Advanced Technology in Education. The goal of this program is to enhance the abilities of participating teachers to integrate technology into their practices and their classrooms.     

The picture above only looks like a “kumbaya” circle.  The educators participating in this first class of Project DIRECT quickly turned their once monthly initial commitment into weekly Wednesday sessions of networking and resource sharing.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Designer Dossier : Mami Jewell / AZUL

Mami Jewell is a well recognised name in the world of fashion in Second Life along with her brand AZUL. AZUL is undoubtedly a personal favourite fashion brand of mine in the formal gown and cocktail dress category. It would be very difficult not to look amazing in one of Mami’s creations.

You couldn’t wish to meet a nicer or more generously natured person than Mami Jewell. I sincerely thank her for taking the time to be interviewed where others have declined. She certainly does not appear to have let her very obvious talent for design go to her head in any way.

Mami came to Second Life in March of 20007 after hearing about it from a Brazilian friend of hers. The opportunity to create something virtually really intrigued her, so here she is. She herself hails from Japan. This lovely lady loves creating in SL and cannot abide any form of drama.

In November 2007 Mami opened her first AZUL store. Deciding she needed some guidance, she was taken under the wing of the wonderfully talented menswear designer, edo Tone, and after 6 months of his tutelage she graduated far more confident of what it is possible to do from a design perspective in SL.

Mami is renowned for the gowns she has designed for a number of the finalists of the Miss Virtual World contest run by The BOSL group , such as Miss Virtual World 2009 Mimmi Boa , three of the finalists for Miss Virtual World 2010 including 1st Runner-up Sora Tatham. Most recently she designed the formal gowns for Miss Virtual World 2011 winner Serene Faith, 1st Runner-up Louise McWinnie, 4th Runner-up Tania Tebaldi and a top 12 finalist Blossoms Sweetwater.

Accolades that have come Mami’s way: at the beginning of 2010 she won the VAIN INC.’s readers’ choice for Best Female Formal Wear of 2010 and more recently she was selected in April 2011 as the BEST FEMALE FASHION DESIGNER in the BOSL AWARDS 2011, plus “-AZUL- Sora” was selected as one of the 20 most beautiful dresses ever designed in Second Life.

Mami concluded our interview by saying “I’d like to thank the many people who have been working for ‘Help Japan’ in SL, and those who have made donations for Japan, particularly those who purchased my items put out to help Japan! As you know, we are still having a hard time because of the earthquake that happened on 3.11 and the ensuing tsunami and problems with the power plant. But we do believe Japan will keep on advancing towards revival. Thank you so much for your help!”

You Got Served! SL Tennis!

Stacey was long overdue and very happy to find SL Tennis.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Unity Productions Wows with I WAS WITH HIM

In the summer of 2010, I was lucky to connect with a few wonderful people on Second Life to form the faith-based group Unity Productions [UP]. Since 2010, UP has performed many soaking worships and has taken part in other SL events; they have also performed two well-received productions: Come Away My Beloved and The Creation Story.

Come Away My Beloved

The Creation Story Commercial

But it is UP's latest production, I WAS WITH HIM, that propels them beyond their past productions and moves them into realms not before tried in SL by faith-based groups and organizations.

Losing weight the Second Life Way

Ok, so we all know that we can do almost everything in SL that we can do in the real world and guess what, that includes losing weight apparently.

In 2009 Celeste DeVaneax the Sr. IT Manager, Support & Deployment and Creative Director of Club One Island, at Club One, one of the premier fitness club networks in California opened Club One Fitness in Second Life.

Why did she do it? According to Celeste “ There are so many barriers to successful weight management, and most of these barriers have nothing to do with the actual biological process of losing or maintaining weight and everything to do with the psychological barriers. These barriers can include feelings of resistance and fear to a multitude of things, real or imagined. All those negative feelings we experience when we think about losing weight, or eating more healthily, or working out, prevent us from getting started or staying motivated, and from being successful. This project goes beyond the usual weight loss tools and activities and addresses those psychological barriers in a virtual environment.”

Celeste is further quoted as saying “The mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined.” Research and experience have proven this to be true time and again. Consider the experience of visiting a beach: the setting sun, the ocean waves, the distant call of sea gulls crying, will change the physical state of most people, generally resulting in a mood of relaxation. Technology has developed to the point of allowing us the option of visiting that relaxing beach every day, just by doing so virtually. I will agree that visiting a virtual beach is not exactly the same experience as visiting a physical beach. However, the mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined, and a virtual beach is close enough to the real thing to cause psychological and physiological changes in the visitor.”

And now it appears that there are some results available from research done on this programme.

Participants in two 12-week weight loss programmes – one real and one online – lost similar amounts of weight.

Indiana University researchers told a conference that confidence and motivation built in the virtual gym continued in normal life. A UK psychologist said mixing online and real world support might work best.

Dr Jeanne Johnston, who led the study which was presented at the American College of Sports Medicine Conference in Denver, worked in partnership with Club One Island to devise a weight loss programme. Overweight and obese people were recruited to take part in either this programme, or a similar programme delivered more conventionally in a face-to-face setting. Both courses involved four hours a week at meetings either in Second Life or the real world.

Most of those taking part were women, with an average age of 46 in the Second Life programme, and 37 in the face-to-face group and over the 12-week period, both groups achieved similar weight loss – losing 10 pounds on average.

However, when the groups were surveyed on whether their overall behaviour had changed, those using Second Life appeared to have made more changes towards healthy eating and physical activity, suggesting that they might fare better in the future.

Dr Johnston said: “It’s counter-intuitive; the idea of being more active in a virtual world, but the activities that they do in a virtual world can carry over into the real world. The virtual world programme was at least as beneficial as the face-to-face programme, and in some ways, more effective. It has the potential to reach people who normally wouldn’t go to a gym or join a programme because of limitations, such as time or discomfort with a fitness centre environment.”

Dr Jeff Breckon, a researcher in exercise psychology at Sheffield Hallam University, said that there might be a role for virtual support of this type. He said: “There is still evidence that one-to-one sessions can lead to successful outcomes. There may be a place for this, perhaps as an adjunct to these sessions, rather than a replacement.”

Club One Fitness Center in SL is a stunning facility. It takes the form of a fully functional RL gym, with all the amenities. It is certainly worth a visit.

So there we have it fine people of SL no excuses now, time to get with the programme and lose those unwanted pounds!!


If you want further information contact Celestse at

Information taken from: BBC News website. © British Broadcasting Corporation

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

HEY YOU! Yea You! You Sexy Mother F*@#%r! It's a Celebration of the hot and bothering kind and YOU are invited- June 7th @ 7. Sponsored by The SL Enquirer & Black Soul Rhythms Radio

 There is no party like a Prince party so be sure to join us for  the Steamiest, most Sexiest Party of the year in celebration of one of Music's most eccentric & influential 80's Icons. 

SLE's Rooftop Chill Lounge

Entertainment Provided by:
 Marjorie Dibou- "DJ DIBOU" 


Streaming the Rhythms of Black Music Around the World

Hosted By

Charity Richez

Attire for this Event:  
Classy Sexy Cool in Purple


Doubled to 2000L as of June 7th.

Enter for a chance to win free advertising, spotlight features and prizes you won't find anywhere else!

Fashion Quickie for avies with a Passion 4 Fashion- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

I have been told I am tacky and I have no fashion sense by family members, little kids and even the elderly in real life but for some odd reason peeps always seem to ask wear I shop in Second Life...

Truth be told, I am shamelessly all up in many bargain basements and high end establishments. I am not above a good deal or  mitchmatching couture with freebies, and accessorizing with a pair of shades, bottle of champagne or a newspaper with swat action for anyone who dares cramp my style or insult my sense of fashion.

Monday, June 6, 2011

SPOTLIGHT FEATURE: Krazy Kittys are breedable pets that have becoming very popular here in Second Life, especially amongst Cat lovers. Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

 Unfortunately I have my hands full with my Blooming Butterflies, but for cat lovers, these breedable Krazy Kittys are a perfect addition to their humble abode. Besides that, I think every virtual neighborhood should have a cat lady or guy with a yard full of curious and adorable kittys scampering about. Just as long as they are being cared for with food and water like all of the breedables in Second Life. Since I haven’t had hands on experience with these Krazy Kittys, Twstd Ruggles filled me in on some great information about these furry little pets.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

SPOTLIGHT ON Premium Breedable Blooming Butterflies don’t be fooled by Imitations. Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Breedables have become a popular past time for avatars across the grid who wants to do something productive and fun with a variety of creatures that you can raise, care for and breed to create other variations and even rares that can be sold for a lot of Lindens.
Through the years I have seen Bunnies, Horses, Aliens, dragons and other things with the capability to breed and spread across the Grid. Most recently Krazy Kittys and Butterflies have been all the craze.

Recently I was approached by a dear friend, Twstd Ruggles, who told me about the breedable Kittys and Butterflies available in Second Life, even providing me with my own Butterfly starter kit so I can get a hands on approach for what it’s like to begin my own family of these colorful and adorable winged creatures.

Virtual Basketball Starting Up Soon

Stacey paid a visit to a Celtics practice as they prepared for the upcoming VBA season.

The VBA is the Virtual Basketball Association. They are just about to open up for business, and the players are getting their game together. The VBA has 12 teams, and I chose the Celtics because I root for the Boston Celtics in real life. Anything else would have me feeling guilty.

Friday, June 3, 2011

PRESS RELEASE: MENstuff FASHION HUNT: Fashion conscious men of Second Life? The hunt is on…..

Starting on Friday 3rd June, Second Life ™ will see the largest and most exciting fashion and accessories hunt ever designed exclusively for male residents.
With over 150 of the grids top designers participating, this hunt will offer high quality free items designed for the fashion conscious man, so guys get ready for some cool new looks for the hot summer months!

Spotlight on Twstd Ruggles a Jane of all trades here in Second Life Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

Second Life is full of interesting paths one can take. Some come here with an idea, others come here clueless and end up taking on many different things they never would have imagined before.

Twstd Ruggles has been in Second Life since 2007 and during that time she has managed to be the owner of LZ Productions as a content creator, co-own Maui & Kauai Hawaiian Islands,  Chairman of The board of Directors for a nonprofit organization; The Compassion Coalition, The Miss Tropic Hawaiian Pageant curator, machinima TV show producer and co owner to the premium Blooming Butterflies and Krazy Kittys breedables!

MUSICIAN MANAGER SPOTLIGHT: Meet Musician Manager, Lyric Serendipity Lanai Jarrico Reporting..

Interviewing musician managers can be just as exciting as talking to the Rock stars of SL because they share so much insight into what it takes to make these performances happen across the grid.

If you have been following the other Musician managers featured in The SL Enquirer, I’m sure you learned a wealth of information including how to follow or book some of the talented musicians that can be found here in this virtual world.

This week’s Spotlight is Lyric Serendipity, an independent Musician Manager promoting Guitar Zane.

Have you suffered a loss of a loved one and wish to remember them in Second Life? Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Remembering our Friend is a Memorial to those who have touched many lives, both in real life and Second Life, but have passed on, leaving only memories for us to carry.

This Memorial is an SL showcase destination in Second Life, founded in 2007 by Mike Burliegh, to pay tribute to those who have passed on.  Through the years many avatars have visited this memorial and added their loved ones to the walls of remembrance.  Mike’s idea was simply a virtual reflection of himself and others that have suffered a loss of a friend, lover or family member and needed to find a place for comfort and support. Today, ROF continues to grow and provide a place of solitude and reflection for many residents of Second Life.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Get Connected to The Wire, Second Life's fastest growing Network

Second Life’s fastest growing network group is brought to you by Cynamon Pearl. This is a Second Life resident based community platform that strives to enhance the marketability of Artisans and entrepreneurs on the Grid. We encourage Artists, Dj’s, Bloggers, Builders, Models, and Graphic designers. Enrolment is open and free for a limited time.
Contact Cynamon Pearl

Spotlight on Artist Carl Wellington a.k.a Presi Resident Cynamon Pearl Reporting...

It is not uncommon for the avid Second Life player to have a professional photo taken to show off their avatar, the goal being to add a little pizzazz to their profile. Let’s face it anyone who possesses their own unique sense of style strives to be original. In Second Life’s thriving community a plethora of novice photographers on the Grid can easily take a snapshot, it’s not difficult. Yet, just like real life in Second Life a little extra edge can make your profile stand out. Since last summer, when Morphs became the rave, Second Life residents clambered to have their avatar’s head photo-shopped on a real life porn star’s body.

Newcomers Day At Divas!

Want to learn how to be a professional wrestler? You can do so all day today, at Divas!