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Friday, November 30, 2012

Pathmaker Campbell-MacGregor is a visionary and somebody who believes in making his dreams come true.

  Pathmaker does so through sheer tenacity and hard work and has had a long cherished idea of creating a theatre to put on plays and performances for the audiences of sl.  The end result of this determination and effort and after many months of planning and finally getting together his first rate team, is that he has come up with an incredible show to both titillate, tantalise tease and torment and I was privileged enough to be invited to attend the final rehearsals ahead of the grand opening on Sunday, December 2nd at 10 am.

Aware that Paths shows are somewhat ‘racy’ I posed my first question to him somewhat warily.

Mariella:  Path, What sort of entertainment can people expect when they come to one of your shows?

PATH: When people come to Paramount Playhouse, they'll see tasteful yet erotic performances by beautiful, talented ladies and of course our fabulous male lead, mixed with more light-hearted comedic acts similar to what you'd find in Vaudeville. Our sets are elaborate, the music carefully selected to fit the scenes, the costumes are fabulous and the theatre itself has an intimate 1930's Art Deco feel that is both warm and welcoming. We’ve worked very hard to create an ‘atmosphere’ so that people attending can be immersed in the overall experience. It’s not just ‘another’ show, it’s very professional, classy entertainment and yes, it’s a bit saucy, but that all adds to the fun.

Explore the newly renovated *Two Moon Paradise- Wish813 Resident Reporting...

Two Moon Paradise opens up the holiday season with a bang, bringing it's visitors full featured fun and entertainment.

The sim provides ice skating in the middle of a winter wonderland, that is beautifully decorated with snowmen, little cottages, and a gingerbread house. While you are skating and enjoying the snowflakes fall from the sky, feel free to indulge yourself in Two Moon live entertainment, including a DJ on a drum set and all of your favorite holiday melodies; And if that's not enough to get to motivated, Two Moon Paradise also features a full fledged club/lounge complete with dance intans and live appearances by musicians such as AMForte and The Follow.

I GOT KIDNEY STONES? AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! JOIN SLE AND EGOISME AT A PRE OP Party for Lanai Jarrico Friday November 30, 2012 4:00 pm SLT

Join The SL Enquirer and EGOISME for a Pre -Op party for Lanai Jarrico.

 DJ "Dr. Johnnie" Ireland will administer tunes that are sure to cure ailing avies with the assistence of "Nurse Marriellaanna" Resident.

Arrive in your sexiest nurse/ doctor outfit, scrubs or a hospital gowns.

One lucky winner will recieve a free prostate or breast exam, followed by a check up and overnight stay with all the jello they want.

When: Friday, November 30, 2012
Time: 4:00 pm SLT

"I got kidney stones? Ain't nobody got time for that!” stated Lanai Jarrico in an exclusive interview with Dr. Potterjones.

   According to sources close to the media princess, she has been carrying around a gold mine of nuggets and was recently hit with a double whammy when she was told by her doctor that both kidneys had a stash, and she needed surgery. This was not the kind of stoned Lanai wanted to be as she returned home with her bag of medication, painkillers and an appointment for December 4th.

Thursday, November 29, 2012


Second Life -- Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ballet Pixelle® will present it's holiday program "The Nut" opening December 2, 2012.

Ballet Pixelle® performs its version of the Nutcracker ("The Nut") for the sixth year this holiday season. "The Nut" is Ballet Pixelle's essence of The Nutcracker so you can see just the wonderful, and truly original, dances.

Does Clara become the Princess to her Nutcracker as he becomes the Prince of her dreams? We see mysterious dances in the white castle. Arabian dancers fly in on magic carpets. A Russian Cossack stamps out a dance. Russian dolls roll and play. Chinese empresses and emperors and move on delicate feet and Spanish senoritas and senoras throw themselves flamboyantly. A field of flowers waltz together. And even snowflakes dance!

Join us for an evening of classic, and yet new, holiday delights.

Performances are Wednesdays at 2:00 pm and Sundays at 5:00 pm SLT throughout December and part of January in the Ballet Pixelle Theatre.

Drinks and dancing following all performances!

*Please come early because seats fill quickly.

Spotlight on The Ohio State Buckeyes Club

Sport is a unifying element no matter where in the world you are from, certainly when it comes to nations competing against one another, on the other hand it also creates great rivalries particularly between the likes of the American Football leagues and their various clubs.  This rivalry spawns avid fans, no more so than Brutus Buckeye (aka Franklin Underwood).

Brutus is just such a fan and in particular of the Ohio State Buckeyes.  Being the avid fan that he is he has created an Ohio State Buckeye Group Inworld.

I touched base with Brutus to gain a little more insight into this fan of all fans.

SPOTLIGHT FEATURE- Interview with Bill Kaye of (SLBR)Second Life Business Review- Lanai Jarrico Reporting...


   Second Life has a versatile atmosphere with many activities and events happening around the clock. Magazines and media sources across the grid make their virtual living by providing exposure to the various business and venues that support entertainment. Mixing business and pleasure is frowned upon in certain situations and in others, it is the perfect combination for bringing people together from both sides of the virtual spectrum.

With the increase of media sources all competing for readers, group members, advertisers and stories, it is difficult for avatars to get their news in one place, or they spend way too much time searching through media sources that satisfies all their interests and provide them services.

Recently, I had a meeting with Bill Kaye, an up and coming business journalist with an eye for hot topics to help SL entrepreneurs succeed. We discussed how we could combine our sources to give our readers a combination of Business and entertainment news.

On November 18, 2012, SLBR and SLE came into an agreement to give readers access from both sources. You can find business news on The SL Enquirer main tabs, as well as a convenient RSS feed of their latest headlines on the left column of our site. In exchange, SLBR features SLE’s top stories on their news source. With ideas still on the table for new projects, I thought it would be fitting to have a sit down and discuss our plans so you all know what to expect with this collaboration.

Interview with SLBR's Bill Kaye


Pitsch Parx Continues To Inspire With The New Winter 2012/Spring 2013 Interior Design Catalog.... Jaded Exonar Reporting....

For those of us who love design, Pitsch Parx is of course a household name.  As the man behind the 'Inspiration Blog', he has amassed a huge number of followers, with this month seeing the release of  the new ' Inspiration Book Volume 2 '.....

This new inspiration book will be devoted to SL interior design, and we intend to release forecast books four times a year.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

MUSIC: SL Performer Biggen Inglewood Opens Up About Being a Live Performer- Coco Lierfatte

The stream starts up and the performer walks out onto stage. They really know how to work a crowd as they start there performance. Have you ever wondered how these performers get started? Or how they get ready for a show? Well I got lucky enough to interview the SL performer, Biggen Inglewood.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Second Life Etiquette Part Three - Pandora Drezelan reporting ...

Dress Sense In Second Life

For part three of the Second Life Etiquette installments I am going to talk about dress sense within Second Life, including what to wear in different situations and what not to wear. Now some of you may not see this topic as an etiquette issue but this is my opinion on the subject so please do leave any comments and thoughts you may have.

Fashion: These Boots Aren't Made for Walkin'- Coco Lierfatte Reporting...

Winter is right around the corner, and boots are the in thing at the moment. Ankle boots, tall boots, cowboy boots; it doesn't matter what type. All that matters is you love the boots, and that they are what you think is hot.

SL Newser: Events This Week in Second Life from Nov 27 to Dec 3

Image retrived from SL Newser

Thanksgiving is gone, and this week November changes to December, and Fall events began to change to Winter ones with the Winterzone and Winter Wonderland events in the London areas.

See weekly events reported by SL Newser

SLBR News: Star Wars Role-play Sim, Mos Espa, to Close- Ludragon Legacy Reporting...

About a week ago Mos Espa was a thriving city with multiple groups and factions calling it home. Now the city is found as a barren ghost town. Houses and shops have been abandoned as the sim prepares to close down.

Read more

BOSL News: New Project 18 Miss Virtual World 2013 (SecondLife) By TerminalEm

MVW 2013 takes place December 15, 2012 at 10:00 am SLT
 Live on


Monday, November 26, 2012

The SLE Circus has come and gone! Congratulations to the winners!

The SL Enquirer brought the circus to EGOISME for a spectacular event On November 26, 2012. The festivites kicked off  at 4pm slt with DJ Kennef Riggles creating the musical atmosphere. Dressed in a fancy outfit, Marriellaanna Resident hosted the event with the help of Lanai's pet jaguar, Pedro. Guests came from near and far to gathered around the sawdust circus rink and spectate on all the activity.

 Truth or dare was surely an ice breaker as guests shared things they normally wouldn't with stranger and all had great fun chiming in and expressing themselves. Some circus goers took to the  bumper cars and let out a little virtual road rage as others opted for the more daring acts like the trapeze and bed of nails.  The bravest of all seemed to enjoy blowing themselves to oblivion by cannon force.

The prize for best outfit went to the two head zebra, adien007 Leimes. Other prizes were won inside the prize tent, including exclusive SLE gag gifts, a spotlight feature, a date with Lanai Jarrico and another with SLBR's Bill Kaye! Join the SL Enquirer Media group for up to date news and events or check out our calendar.

Drawing Winners Announcement
Spotlight Feature

 Faewyn Silverweb

 Haters Hobby Shop- Wedding Gag gift
  Jee Crazyboi

  Haters Hobby Shop-Ultimate Bitch Kit
   Toronto Zero

  Haters Hobby Shop- Squash the Drama Kit
   Eisbar Resident

   Date with Lanai Jarrico/ The SL Enquirer
    adien007 Leimes

    Date with Bill Kaye/ SLBR-InKline Media
     adien007 Leimes

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Come to the Circus in SLE Style! Sunday, November 25, 2012 4-6pm slt

The Roar of the Lion only dwarfed by the Roar of the Crowd. The smell of greasepaint and sawdust in the air.  There’s a strongman! Over there..look..Look  at the Clowns..Do you see the elephants? The glitter of rhinestones and sequins, the thrills of the flying trapeze! Roll up! Roll up and grab your ticket. Come to the Circus, the greatest show on Earth.
This Sunday the Circus comes to town. Come join in the fun and grab your best Circus outfit as the sl Enquirer hosts a night under the big top.  Ringmaster Kennef Riggles provides the music in what promises to be a show stopping night to remember. Take a turn at Being shot from a canon, see the sword swallower in action, the popcorn machines and candy floss..can you dance on the flying trapeze and take a turn on the high wire. Do you dare to stroke the circus Tigers?  The thrills and spills of the circus all await you.

Time: 4 pm SLT
Ringmaster Kennef Riggles
Trapeeze Artist   Lanai Jarico
Big Top
Dress Code: All things Circus
Prize for Best Outfit

* Exclusive SLE prizes you won't find in any in world store or even marketplace! Visit the prize tent to enter drawings and snatch up the prizes!
*all original items in boxes and ready to go!


ProFashion Productions is proud to announce the
2012 graduating class of the ProFashion Productions Model Training Program!

In growing we have shared…In learning we have found friendship…
and with great pride and achievement we ask that you join us
for a wonderful celebration of fashion and success on:

When: Sunday December 2, 2012
1:00 PM SLT

Our gracious sponsor for this event is the one and only VERO MODERO!

Join us as we celebrate and showcase festive high-end looks for the upcoming holidays!

Cavey Charlesworth
Essy luv
GraciAnne Resident
Lorena Wildrose
Tai Galicia

Music By the amazing DJ Lynn Wylder

Please stay for the fun-filled after party!

About ProFashion Productions
ProFashion Productions is a full service fashion production agency specializing in high-end fashion shows and fashion public relations and is committed to providing excellent fashion events, marketing and public relations,.

CONTACT: Roe Woodford, CEO/Executive Director


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Machinima Expo Awards Results - Jaded Exonar Reporting....

Watch live streaming video from themachinimaexpo at

This week saw the end of the Machinima Expo - The famous and highly renowned 3 day virtual film festival. The ceremony took place in Secondlife, and featured over 12 hours of groundbreaking film screenings, all created using virtual reality.

Pooky Amsterdam was asked to be this years Programming Chair, explaining on her website that...

"....This year we took a theme for the Expo that would reflect what is important as we move forward. In this decade of increased awareness on all levels of the Entertainment industry on the value and validity of games, "Let's Get Real" is what we chose. Let's Get Real means, in game engine film making, a celebration of the craft of machinima film making (which is something the Expo has been doing since 2008 by the way) and the exploration of where, how, what and why we are getting better and bigger all the time. "

SL Ethics? Jaded Exonar Reporting...

Ethics. We all live by them, using them as a guide to help us negotiate our actions and responses in life - But how do they apply to our Second Life? Do they even have a place there, or do we simply render them as inappropriate or unhelpful in SL?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines ethics as 'moral principles that govern a person’s behavior or the conducting of an activity'. If we use this as our definition, they should be an integral part of our Second Life experience; but are they really the same as in RL?

There are a few very general guides of conduct that the long term SL community at large tends to adhere to as rule. These include -

# Changing your avatar's appearance or clothes in private

# Using private voice chat to talk about personal issues

# Not asking strangers for Lindens

# Talking to child avatars as though they were children (Until you are asked otherwise!)

# Keeping conversations as purely Second Life until you know it is Ok to discuss RL (From someone's profile, or if they tell you they don't mind)

VMS News: Franck Molko in His Own Words

Franck Molko, AKA real life musician Peter Francks, is a man whose smooth voice, superb guitar playing and talented songwriting has created a niche in Second Life.

Franck has released two solo albums. In 2009, ‘Mushy Moods’ hit the public followed by ‘Grandmother and other Tales’ in 2011. He is working on a third album, which he hopes to release in May of this year.

  You can catch a teaser demo version of ‘Sad Song’, a new original which will be on the released album and which he wrote on hearing of the passing of KelvinBlue Oh, a talented bluesman.


Friday, November 23, 2012

iWi New Gen 2012 Presents.... I DON'TCARE

Stop Bullies Fashion Show Campaign

Date: Nov. 24th 2012
Time: 4PM SLT

AZOURY/Gabriel/Blackliquid/LUSH*Limited/My Animation/Isomotion

Doomsday approaches or does it? - Cecilia Rose Reporting ....

What do avies think about the Mayan's prediction of Doomsday? 

Before answering this initial question, it is necessary to focus on some fundamental issues, such as: what the Mayan calendar really is? How does it work and  what is the contribution of modern research on the Prophecy?

1) What is the Mayan Calendar?

The Mayan calendar is a system of calendars used in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, and in many modern communities in highland Guatemala and in Veracruz, Oaxaca and Chiapas, Mexico.

The essentials of the Maya calendar are based upon a system which had been in common use throughout the region, dating back to at least the 5th century BCE. It shares many aspects with calendars employed by other earlier Mesoamerican civilizations, such as the Zapotec and Olmec, and contemporary or later ones such as the Mixtec and Aztec calendars.

Although the Mesoamerican calendar did not originate with the Maya, their subsequent extensions and refinements of it were the most sophisticated. Along with those of the Aztecs, the Maya calendars are the best-documented and most completely understood.

By the Maya mythological tradition, as documented in Colonial Yucatec accounts and reconstructed from Late Classic and Postclassic inscriptions, the deity Itzamna is frequently credited with bringing the knowledge of the calendar system to the ancestral Maya, along with writing in general and other foundational aspects of Maya culture.

Fall Activities in Second Life - Cecilia Rose Reporting...

This article was to be dedicated to fall activities, but I'll confess that it looks more like all seasons in one. OK now let's see what fields we will try to cover: Sales, Hunts and Events.  These three happen all year around, but we'll focus on the most recent ones.

Sales: Without exaggeration, this is the favorite pastime of the feminine of the species. Most of the shops in Second Life offer weekly sales rather than monthly ones. So, I am going to give you a useful list of the very best of the branded shops and examples of their weekly sales.

Of course, the sales don't stop at what you see posted here, there is plenty more to find and buy without breaking the bank.

1) Earth & Sky Designs

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Highlighting the scourge of abuse still endured by women all around the world

Please join us as we, women of all ages and socio-economic standards spotlight the designs of the “Anonymous Women’s Designers” of Second Life who have so kindly offered inventory for a runway show highlighting the cycles of abuse so many women endure in our world. We are women, standing up for women less fortunate than ourselves. We are women who have endured abuse at the hands of others and have found a means to break the cycle. We are women who just want to help, to highlight and showcase that we are aware of this abuse and we will find a voice to stop the abuse. Will you please join us to show you as well, want the atrocity to stop?
November 25, 2012 @ 1 pm SL Time

Monday, November 19, 2012

SL's Dazzlers Are Having Auditions!

The Dazzlers is a team of dancers that represent with class, grace, and style in fashion shows, promotional events, paid performances, magazine ads, videos, and commercials. Each member of Dazzlers Inc.  is carefully chosen not only for their avatar’s appearance, but for the personality behind the avatar… Dazzlers Inc.  are ladies and gentlemen in every sense of the word, displaying grace and style in everything they do. Their poise and intelligence carry them well beyond being merely performers, making this team the perfect choice for any event where you want the best and classiest professionals to add a touch of exciting glamour and beauty.

Keeping Warm During the Winter Freeze - Coco Lierfatte Reporting...

It's that time of year when the air gets chilly, and the snow starts to fall. Tinsel is going up, mistletoe is hung, families start making plans on how to spend the holidays.

Whether your going skiing or just spending the holidays at home, you still need to worry about one thing. That is what to wear during the chilly months of the year.   
The first chill of the holiday seasons, are the best way to know that your going to need to bundle up.
Bundling up is essential. Plush scarves, comfy but fashionable boots, warm and soft mittens, are just a few of the many things you'll need. My favorite thing about the fall/winter season is getting to wear a soft and fluffy sweater.
Where to shop during the fall/winter season is a vital decision too. You can shop comfy or you can shop stylish. What's most important is that your comfortable in, because comfort is the most fashionable thing for anyone.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Time of The Wilder Side of Business Show changed to tonight!

click ad for larger view

Date: Sunday November 18, 2012
Time: 8:00 PM SLT

(Due to technical difficulties we have rescheduled the live interview for tonight! Be sure to tune in.)
Join us for the first episode in our media series as we interview the one and only fabulous Frolic Mills. We'll be talking to Mr. Mills about TheBest of SL empire and his illustrious career in Second Life. As many of you know Best of SL includes a magazine, radio, fashion, modeling agency, Mr. and Miss Virtual World, and much much more. 

The SL Enquirer: Advertising with The SL Enquirer

The SL Enquirer: Advertising with The SL Enquirer:  October 12, 2012   Why is advertising in SL so important? Virtual media just like in the real world, keeps people in the know. ...

Prêt-à-Porter SL Style…. Lacy Muircastle reporting

Way back in 2010 I wrote an article on Prêt-à-Porter SL Style where I mentioned that ‘style is a deeply personal expression of who you are and every time you dress, you are asserting a part of yourself. Image is the foundation of visual credibility, personal presence and non-verbal communications.’

I have decided to resurrect this concept and I will be making regular postings about outfits, accessories, hair, shoes, shapes and skins that catch my eye in the wonderful world of fashion in Second Life.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

SL Newser: Judge Issues Summary Judgement in Amaretto vs Ozimals Suit- Bixyl Shuftan Reporting...


 One wouldn't expect a bunny and a horse to be enemies. But it was almost two years ago in which the companies that make them in Second Life ended up in a fight that reached real life court. For well over a year, nothing was heard about the case between Ozimals and Amaretto. Finally earlier this month, the judge over the case made a summary judgement. What did he rule, and who's claiming victory in "Bunneh vs Horsie?"

Read More

SLE Promotes Healthy Eating Despite Lanai's Love for Twinkies

Lanai's recent trip to the supermarket

With the public announcement of the Hostess company, best known for pumping out those cream filled Twinkies for the last 85 years, is liquidating and ending it’s distribution of those golden calorie engorged treats. People have been frantic.

Wonder Bread is being threatened too. This creates a big problem for all the moms that pack peanut butter & jelly, and ham sandwiches. Now they are being forced to find a bread less vitamin fortified and enriched!

Lanai did not take the news well at all. In fact, she remains shocked and convinced its the end of our free world as we know it. 

 In the midst of this terrible breaking news, Lanai felt the need to inform the SL Enquirer media group about the tragic end to Twinkie as she stockpiled for an emergency.

It stirred up emotions from the healthy eaters of Second Life who accused Lanai of being a secret advocate for the promotion of diabetes and unhealthy eating habits.

Friday, November 16, 2012

SL Enquirer and SL Business Review Establish Media Partnership- Bill Kaye Reporting...

Lanai Jarrico and Bill Kaye  discussing business at Cool Beans Coffee Shop
In an effort to strengthen the collective discourse of the virtual universe, SL Enquirer and SL Business Review have established a partnership to syndicate content, cross-promote and collaborate on future news leads and projects.
Under the terms of the deal, which was finalized late last night, both media companies will retain independent editorial discretion and financial operations. As partners, they will serve as conduits to each other’s news content by featuring RSS feeds, “teaser” stories and mutual affiliate advertisements.

Read more


Add a shot of seasonal GLAMOUR to your WINTER WARDROBE with the NEW Dazzle Dress from Egoisme in 11 different LACES STYLES! And don't forget the EXCLUSIVE GIFT available at Dazzle Dress exhibitor!

VMS News: Guitar Therapy/ Interview with Anek Fuchs Written by Crew Pelliot

Anek Fuchs is an accomplished, well-known musician in Second Life. When I arrived at his show at VirtualMusic Services, he was bantering with the audience before he started playing a little White Stripes for us. The rest of his show was filled with both lively and slower songs as he took us through different music genres and time periods. Near the end, he even included some instrumental songs, improvised on the spot.
In real life, Anek is known as Dave Smith, a singer, musician, and songwriter from Chicago, Illinois

Read more

In Touch with Director, Producer, and Writer Ambrosia Lanley - Shon Charisma Reporting

About a month or so ago, I received a notice from a group that mentioned a new SL movie premiering, and right off the bat, I was intrigued. I love machinima and the multiple talents -- writing, acting, producing, directing, and editing -- needed to develop a great movie. I immediately contacted the director of the movie, Ambrosia Lanley about the premiere, and in that conversation, I knew I had to feature her and her work. Ambrosia Lanley's work . . . and the woman herself . . . is intriguing, engaging, appealing, and dynamic. Come, sit a spell, and learn more about Ambrosia as she talks about her latest production, her inspiration, and more!

Ambrosia Lanley

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Wilder Side of Business featuring Frolic Mills!

click ad for larger view
Date: Sunday November 18, 2012
Time: 6:00 AM SLT

Join us for the first episode in our media series as we interview the one and only fabulous Frolic Mills. We'll be talking to Mr. Mills about TheBest of SL empire and his illustrious career in Second Life. As many of you know Best of SL includes a magazine, radio, fashion, modeling agency, Mr. and Miss Virtual World, and much much more. 

Frolic is a fashion lover and media guru, but don't let the pretty face fool, you he definitely has a business head on his shoulders. If you don't know anything about Mr. Mills be sure to visit his website BOSL. There you will get some insight on the genius extraordinaire behind one of the biggest brands in Second Life. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


From the IGFL Broncos Football Team...

What Up Broncos Fans!!!!!!!! Yes, we have a game tonight 11-14-2012 at 7:00 pm SLT
it's our first home game.

Thats right the STEELERS are coming to the BRONCO NATION!!!!
****PRE-GAME show starts at 6:30
Tell your friends!!!!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Spotlight on Inarra Saarinen and Ballet Pixelle- Shon Charisma Reporting

One of my favorite things to do on the grid is dance. Early in my three years on the grid, dance meant going to the club and clicking the animations in my inventory. Over the years, dance became a serious business, practice. It became precision, it became listening to the music closely so that I could make movements with the music that told a story. My love of dance, of music, of telling stories with dance showed its face a while back when I interviewed some great women in dance for SLE. When I was asked to do the spotlight feature on Ballet Pixelle® and talk to BP's artistic director and choreographer Inarra Saarinen, I was more than thrilled to jump in and learn more about this dynamic, unique dance company.

Don't Break Your Wallet Holiday Decorating- Coco Lierfatte Reporting...

 Summer has wound down, the trees are changing and the air is getting chilly. Smells of delicious pumpkin spice, and pine trees fill the air. Young couples cuddling up by the fire with hot chocolate to keep warm, show signs of the holidays approaching. How will you decorate though? Will it be luxurious? Or will it be simple? You have so many choices, but if your on a budget it's a little harder to decorate. That's why I will give you some great ways to decorate without breaking your wallet.

'Art Of Protest' Exhibition Underway At Art India Gallery -Jaded Exonar Reporting....

Last week saw the Official opening of the new 'Art Of Protest Contest' at Art India Gallery. With such a varied selection of artwork surrounding you upon landing, it's easy to lose yourself immediately in this beautiful exhibit. Each piece is unique, conveying its own individual protest, personality and world view. Alongside each is the option to receive a notecard providing context about the work in the artists own words, and the option to vote (With a select few available to buy). Visitors can vote on as many pieces as they wish, which is fortunate for us as the quality of both build and concept are beautifully high throughout the exhibition.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Taking A Second Look At Graphics – Jaded Exonar Reporting.....


As technology and demand increases, the graphic standards in Secondlife just keep going from strength to strength. With enhanced capabilities, our vast (and often incredibly beautiful) virtual surroundings are more immersive than ever – But what we see is ultimately up to us.


The Wilder Side of Business featuring Mandala!

Click Image for larger view
It's Sunday! Set your clocks for 6AM SLT, as we interview the lovely Polly Reina, manager of Mandala jewelry. Mandala is owned by the talented Kikunosuke Eel and due to language barriers and time zone differences Polly will step in and answer questions about Kikunosuke's gorgeous jewelry and his work with mesh. We are so excited to interview a representative of this amazing brand. Kikunosuke's work is full of realism and truly some of the best virtual jewelry we have worn in Second Life. If you have not seen Mandala  jewelry, be sure to checkout their blog.  Also be sure to visit their sim in-world.

Click the link below to listen to the interview with Polly live on Sunday:

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Queen of Hunts turns 6!!

Ivy Maverick she of the 'Stuff Hunt Groups and Maverick Designs has her rezz day today.  From all of us to one fantabulous lady, have a great rezz day Ivy and many more ....



Rules & Requirements

Friday, November 9, 2012

‘Virtual Ability’ and disabilities within Second Life – Jaded Exonar Reporting......

For many of us, Second Life is a virtual playground of possibilities, a light-hearted virtual holiday from reality - But for some, it’s a lifeline.

In the United States alone, according to the Congressional Committee findings for the Americans with Disability Act (ADA), 43 million citizens out of the total population of about 250 million are disabled. That’s 17%, (one in five) who have some type of disability. This makes disabled people the largest minority group in the U.S.  In the same way that real life poses challenges to anyone with disabilities, Second Life does too.  How would your first day in SL have been if you had control of only one finger to type, or were using voice recognition software to control your computer? 


ProFashion Productions is proud to announce its production of the 2013 Essence of PurpleMoon Contest Finals!

High-end FASHION meets COUTURE, infused with timeless class and sophistication…
ProFashion Productions presents the ESSENCE OF PURPLEMOON CONTEST FINALS.

The Essence of PurpleMoon contest is one of Second Life’s most anticipated fashion events of the year!
The show will take place Saturday, November 17th, 2012 at 1:00 PM SLT

The top 10 finalist will compete in an exciting fun-filled show.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Prayers For The East Coast of the USA

The power of prayer and positive energy through intention can accomplish miraculous results. Please share with us and direct your good intentions to those in need. We need your help. Hurricane Sandy may have left the area, but she also left devastation in her wake.

Please feel free to pass this FaceBook Link on and invite all your friends to join us. Please do this in the comforts of your own surroundings. There is no time limit, except that we ask you to start today for as long as you can and for as many days as you need to. If you would like to leave a post of encouragement here, please do!

God bless,
Linda Lauren

Credit: Picture is from The NY Daily News

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy 6th Rezzday to Mimi Juneau of MIMI's CHOICE

Mimi! It’s your birthday, I nearly forgot,
Searched online, bought you squat.
Hope you don’t turn all bitter and mean,
Since you’ve never been the type to be a drama queen.

I nearly quit, writing this verse,
My mind is blank, it must be a curse.
Let me stop being poetic,
 before I start looking pathetic.
I will end this here,
but I have just one question for you if you care,
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SLBR News: Update Coming Soon for Phoenix Firestorm! - InKline Media reporting....

SLBR’s techies get their brains around the new Firestorm updates, recently announced on their site. They include some of the following.
Breakdown by Sachiko Cheng
An about land floater: Floaters are menus that when opened shrink to their smallest size. This saves space and saves screen real estate, but it also means you are not able to resize the window. This is already in place for features such as the environment and sun settings.
The ability to save and store custom camera positions.

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