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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

SLE Event: The Superheroes & Sidekicks Event- Sorry you missed it :(

Sorry you missed the party!
Here are some snapshots to check out 

It was a fun time had by all! Join the SL Enquirer Media Group (In Second Life) or become a member of this site for notices of our latest news and events!

Brought to you by The SL Enquirer & EGOISME

Things You Should Know About Using Social Media and How It Can Affect You -Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Technology has made it easy for people from all over the world to communicate and express themselves in real time with family, friends, co- workers and other sources that you cannot otherwise connect with in local settings. 

 Users pick up new friends fast and easy by common interests, through mutual friends or an association with jobs and other resources.  The important thing in maintaining a successful social media network is by monitoring it for unwanted content and removing those that create negative energy for you and others that can read all the feeds and posts available in your network.  The most important thing to know is, you are in control of your social media and should practice common sense when allowing others into your space because if something goes wrong, you are responsible for it.

Five Spiritual Tips by Linda Lauren

Another year has opened up, along with another opportunity to grow with the positive energy available to us.  Most of us remember to take care of the mind and the body, but we often neglect to tend to the Spirit, and yet it is the spirit that moves our daily lives on in  terms of positive and negative. I believe that is because there is confusion as to what the spirit is and what role it plays in the big picture. Most people understand the Spirit to be something they can not touch that is often defined through our faith and only practiced when we visit a house of worship.

Your Spirit is much more than that. It is the essence of who you are. It defines you and molds the personality. It is the factor that is responsible for the emotions you embrace and the moods you have in your life. Whether you respond or react, which are two very different things,  is really up to your spirit. So it's very important that you understand that that essence feeds your morale. When you are sad, that is the Spirit feeling sad. That in turn makes you think sad thoughts  and you become depressed. That sadness overwhelms you and eventually affects your body and it creates a dis-ease. Your Spirit is the universal life force within you and it is responsible for who you are and how you live. Keeping your Spirit up is a way to a healthy life. Here are some  tips to start you off:

Minimize your intake of news - be careful how you are feeding your spirit.  Nourish it with what you need to know rather than gorge on an appetite of what can fast become an abundant menu of negativity.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Every Princess Dreams of her Wedding Day to the Perfect Prince -Lanai Jarrico Reporting...

 Helpful Guide to Getting Married in Second life

Marriage in Second Life© is a mutual celebration of love surrounded by avatars that care and support the couple’s commitment to one another. There are many different traditions and preferences when planning the perfect wedding and they can be found in the virtual world.  It all depends on what  couples want.  Some prefer to include their traditions, family and friends. Others choose to make it a more intimate affair with only their closest circle of loved ones in attendance.  Whatever the preferences, love and happiness is truly what matters.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Breaking News! Why, Why, Lanai? The Te'o Manti Controversy Explained.

NO....Lanai is not  the infamous"Laney"playing mind games with Manti... She isn't even into real life football players....

Friday, January 25, 2013

You are Invited to The Queen of the Nile; a Themed Event in Honor of Miss Starline Igeria- Sponsored by the Colour of Couture Organization- January 26, 2013 1-4pm SLT

The story goes....Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, was the last Pharaoh of Egypt. Depicted in history as a seductress and manipulator, she allied herself with two powerful Romans, Julius Caesar and Marc Antony, in an attempt to maintain the power of the Ptolemies over Egypt. Retrieved from

Join The Colour of Couture Organization for a party in honor of Miss Starline Igeria


GIZZA Creations has a New Collection for 2013

GizzA is proud to present the GizzA - Anna Gown. A breathtaking gown, which can be worn either full length in mermaid style, or at knee length which gives it a more vintage flapper appeal. The gown is complimented with a diamond adorned belt that is knotted in the back with a satin bow, and a Tie collar which is also adorned with the precious gems gracing the belt.

Second Life Etiquette Part 4- Good Business Sense- Pandora Drezelan Reporting...

Pandora Drezelan


As part four of The Second Life Etiquette series I am going to discuss etiquette within the work place, both as an employer and an employee, conducting business within Second Life is not really that much different to working situations in real life, however this may depend on your virtual job description. There is always a dress code as well as a code of ethics to maintain which also includes basic common sense and good manners. This may come across as a little harsh, but if you wish to relive your real life job within the virtual world or embark on your dream job that you never thought was possible then read on and please leave your comments and feedback.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Royal Monclovan Army is Recruiting for Guards. Air Corps and Artillery- Join Today!

We are looking for skilled persons who are team players, trustworthy and available for ceremonial duties when required. The army is mainly a voluntary force but ceremonial duties are paid via L$ or free accommodation.

Most people who join us will enter as NCO's (Non-Commissioned Officers). But everyone has an equal opportunity to advance through the ranks. However, if you have skills in scripting or multilingual, you could be considered being invited as a CO.

Conditions of Entry:
    - Have a good understanding of English
    - Trustworthiness and integrity
    - Be available if required for stately ceremonial roles
    - Willing to give some free time to guard royal residences     and military installations
    - Willing to give time if required for training and     rehearsals.

Other Information:

Leonard Cohen inspiring art in SL .... Lacy Muircastle reporting

Leonard Cohen, now his is a name that evokes all sorts of feelings doesn't it?  I mean his iconic song Hallelujah for instance; doesn't it just speak to you on any number of levels? 

For those of you who may not know who Leonard Cohen is, he is a Canadian singer-songwriter, musician, poet, and novelist. His work often explores religion, isolation, sexuality, and interpersonal relationships.

So what does Leonard Cohen have to do with Second Life?

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Words of Martin Luther King Jr. Read by Caledonia Skytower- January 21, 2013 @ 5:30 pm SLT

Caledonia Skytower will read from the writings of Martin Luther King JR. today to remember and observe his teachings. This reading will be held at UUtopia's Peace Center and will be followed by a moment of silent meditation for peace.

 Please join Caledonia Skytower and Host Freda Fostbite as they observe this special day and remember Martin Luther King, Jr.

 Remembering the past while reaching for a brighter tomorrow.

Teleport Now

Cheshyr's Landing- Allen Eppenberger Reporting...

If you’re like me, you kind of use a “click it and see where it takes me” approach to Second Life.  On this particular day, I was in a Sci Fi mood and did a search and came up with the usual suspects.  A couple of links in and I came across a place called Novatech HQ & Sci-Fi Mall.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Wilder Side of Business is Back! January 21, 2013 @ 6 am slt

Join us for the final episode in our mesh series as we sit down with Cracked Mirror, one of the creators of FaMESHed. Cracked designs for her own brand in Second Life and curates some of the most talented mesh creators' designs in this monthly showcase. If you have not been to FaMESHed visit their website and find out more about this wonderful event!



 February 14, 2013 to be V-Day’s Largest Day of Action Ever 
On February 14, 2013, for 24 hours starting at midnight Pacific Standard Time, Second Life residents will join with activists around the world in a spectacular 24-hour dance event for ONE BILLION RISING, the largest day of action in the history of V-Day, the global activist movement to end violence against women and girls.
ONE BILLION RISING began as a call to action based on the staggering statistic that 1 in 3 women on the planet will be beaten or raped during her lifetime. With the world population at 7 billion, this adds up to more than ONE BILLION WOMEN AND GIRLS. On February 14, 2013, men and women in Second Life will join activists, writers, thinkers, celebrities, and people across the world to Walk, Dance, and Rise as a show of unity, individual strength, and the need for change.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

JOBS: Need to make some extra lindens? SL Enquirer as some paid assignments available!

The SL Enquirer is looking for virtual world journalists to report news  happening across the grid.  

We pay per assignment, offer flexible schedules and great advertising commission opportunities!

 If you think you have what it takes to be part of the SLE Team, contact Lanai Jarrico.

*An understanding of virtual world culture,an inquisitive mind, creativity, imagination and writing skills are required.

“I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome things that money can buy.” * Lacy Muircastle reporting ....

* Quote by Steve Martin

I support Lanai’s stance on rape completely as stated in her article “A Disgraceful Sub-culture in Second Life”.  In no world is rape acceptable in any form whatsoever. 

At the end of last year I conducted some interviews with a few sex workers in Second Life, with a view to highlighting yet another way in which SL emulates RL.  I am not the first to post interviews with those that sell sex on SL and nor will I be the last. I want to assure you that the issue of rape had not crossed my mind when I decided to do this piece and in the case of the ladies I spoke with, the sex involved is consensual at all times and rape is not an option. 

The premise for my article originally was - why would the men of SL pay for something they can get for free almost anywhere in SL?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Discovery News: Kinect Sensors Turn House into A Virtual Video Game-TechNewsDaily Reports

Can you imagine being able to scan your surroundings or yourself walking, running, dancing, engaging in combat fighting..... having sex or doing other action packed activities while being able to download it , in real time, to the virtual world? I think these developers are on to something big. Check out this interesting new technology and give us your thoughts on the ways you would use it in Second Life.

 I'm assuming there would be a lot of real dance competitions, Zumba classes and air fist fights with griefers. Not to mention a new wave of escorts that would flock back if there were adult attachments and accessories included. lol - Lanai Jarrico

Read More about it here!

It’s Time To Blow The Whistle On A Disgraceful Sub-culture in Second Life – Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Second Life is a virtual world where anything is possible. Thousands of people from around the world flock to Second Life every day to engage in role play, business, education, global communication, self promotion, creativity and leisure exploration. Others unfortunately are misguided by dark pleasures and hidden agendas. They are the ones holding Second Life back from being taken seriously. Many real world organizations have pulled out of Second Life due to the shenanigans and distasteful activity that can be easily accessed. So easily, even young children can be potentially exposed to it.

 Where do we draw the line?  Do we turn the other way and keep it movin’ or do we speak up to make SL a better place?

SLE Stats Report for January 2013- A 3,000 Hit increase in one month?!?

Thanks to the many that read, contribute and write for SLE, it is because of each and every one of you! 
-Lanai Jarrico

GirlTalk Debuts it's First Episode for 2013 with Special Guest Widget Whiteberry from Virtually Speaking- Friday, January 18, 2013 @ 6pm SLT

Join us at Pulse TV Network Studios for a Special Live Show Hosted by Ava Jhamin & Co-Host Lanai Jarrico

Featuring Widget Whiteberry
What is Virtually Speaking?  Well....Come find out!
(get there early, space is limited)

Thursday, January 17, 2013


With a fresh New Year started, so begins the 2013 Relay For Life season.  Over the years, the Fashion community of Second Life has worked diligently to raise funds for the American Cancer Society and this year, with your help, we plan to take the world by storm.

This year's inspiration for Fashion For Life is Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.  There are 7 themed SIMs, as well as 2 event SIMs:

SLBR News: Capital Exchange Marks Second Birthday- Bill Kaye Reporting…

Skip Oceanlane, CEO of the Capital Exchange, celebrated the second anniversary the stock market simulation game in SL, which lifted finance in SL from the ashes.

Read more (

TIMELESS AGENCY presents the “Dans la Nuit du Casse-Noisettes” Fashion Show

Date: Saturday January 19, 2013

Time: 2pm SLT

This show is dedicated to the mother of Charmie Latte and the father of Kimmera Madison.

TIMELESS Modeling Agency is one of SL’s most established and well respected modeling agencies. This year as part of the many winter seasonal events throughout the grid, TIMELESS Modeling Agency and DAZZLERS Inc. is proud to present a celebration of style featuring designs by some of the most talented creators in Second Life. Bringing the combination of the amazing winter fashions to life and the beautiful movement of dance to create the dream of Clara and her Nutcracker prince and their journey through a beautiful winter wonderland. TIMELESS and DAZZLERS Inc. extends an invitation for you to join them on a journey into the fantasy world of the Nutcracker. Won’t you join us?

Spotlight on Las Vegas & SLebrity City: Interview with Vic (trulifehussla)- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…


    When I think about Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps, I imagine wild nights, restless days, the hot beaming sun, high rollers, escorts, drag queens, Elvis, wedding chapels, pawn shops and all sorts of  energy packed entertainment. The infamous saying is, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. Perhaps the same can be said about Second Life’s version of sin city, without the gambling. Aside from SL’s Las Vegas City, is another sim owned and operated by Vic aka Trulifehussla, named SLebrity City. It is less lavishly designed but has a personality all its own with an urban twist.

I recently took a self guided tour of both sims and I must say the builders did a fantastic job of capturing the essence of city life by paying great attention to detail. I’ve visited many sims and have to say the atmosphere is what I would expect from an authentic urban community as well as a Vegas style venue, complete with unique events and entertainment.

 I sat down with Vic for an interview to find out more about him and the creativity and entertainment he brings to the Second Life community.

Interview with Vic AKA Trulifehussla 


Avatar Media Network (AMN) hopes you’ll join this exciting prospect in virtual news and entertainment.  Shares for AMN are being sold for a mere 1L per share.  You can own a piece of the AMN production and distribution network.  Here’s how:

2) Right-click the ATM and deposit any amount to start an account.
3) Pick up your free Galaxy HUD.  This is a one-stop resource to access the entire network of networks.

4) Attach your HUD and left click the iPhone –>

A drop down menu will appear  –> Click Networks (This will ask you to be redirected to the Digital Financial Center web-site.
5) Register your account.  You’ll see the listing of networks available featuring not just AMN, but eight other promising networks.  Be sure to check them out as well.

Thank you for considering Avatar Media Network
Media contact:
Bill Kaye
CEO, Avatar Media Network

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

VMS News: Bluemonk Rau : Left off Rte 66, Right into SL- Pen Dragon Reporting...

Many Second Life artists can lay claim to performing their music for live audiences in the real world,  but few can say they have worked with some of the biggest venues and artists in their genre. Fewer artists still can boast 40 years as both a professional performer and recording artist.  Even fewer have the honor of being a founding member of a band that was once voted “L.A.'s Entertainer of the year.” Bluemonk Rau can say all of this and more of himself and his career

Read More

PR:Second Life’s Rocker Campaigning For New Original Album

Real Life independent musician Seth Regan, known in Second Life as Mankind Tracer since 2006, has started an Indiegogo campaign to complete his next album, “Left of Center”.

Seth has been performing his live music concerts in Second Life for over 6 years. Quickly becoming a fan favorite, Seth rose to being the top live rock artist and maintains that status today, among the now hundreds of performers in SL. He is Second Life's most widely recognized live performer. During his time performing in Second Life, Seth has been the recipient of the most prestigious awards including “Best Live Performer”, “Listener’s Choice Award” and, most recently, "2011 Best of SL Lifetime Achievement Award for Outstanding Contributions to Second Life". Seth has donated many hours of his time and performances to various charity events. These include helping to promote awareness and raise money for Relay For Life, Buddy Walk, ALS, Wounded Warriors and others, even helping friends and fans raise money for their more personal needs.

Hump Day Special- 50% off All SLE Advertising until Midnight!

Do you have a press release for a new product, A grand opening or special event? Today would be the perfect time to get it posted in The SL Enquirer.

All ADs and PRs are 50% Wednesday Only! Email Lanai Jarrico before midnight to qualify!

Ad Options
  • 1 month Banner/Link now 500L!
  • Press release/Event Announcements- 150L
  • Spotlight Feature/ Includes 1 Month banner- 1500L
To qualify, you must email before midnight.

You will need:
  • Press Release/Event Announcement
  • 180x180 Ad Banner (jpeg, png)
  • SLurl
*This offer expires 1/16/13 @ 11:59 pm SLT
Stats: Over 10,500 visits a month!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

SL Newser: News and Commentary: Real-Life News Article on Avatar Clothing Isn't News- Bixyl Shuftan Reporting...

This is news? At least that's what I was thinking when I first heard of the study, featured in an ABC article (and other sources). Canadian researchers "stalked through" Second Life observing over four hundred avatars "for several weeks." Their conclusion: females wear less clothing.

"Well DUH! Thank you Captain Obvious." 

Read More Here 

Attention Pulse TV Viewers WE ARE BACK WITH A NEW SEASON! Join us January 15 @ 6pm SLT

The PULSE TV Network is kicking off 2013 with a brand new season of Spotlight TV with your host Scorpinosis Nightfire.

 Scorp’s guests are 1st life author, democratic campaign analyst and  SL Designer Kat Alderson, with the award winning author of over 40 books (including 8 Star Wars novels) screen plays, games and more Mr. Noble Charron and last but certainly not least we have  Wolfie Moonshadow as our musical guest. 

 Cameras roll @ 6PM SLT so come early since seating is limited. 

Teleport Now!


"I’m proud to announce that the Digital Financial Center Board of Directors has unanimously approved my Initial Price Offering application to start a new production company and channel for print and multimedia in the virtual universe–Avatar Media Network" (AMN). =Bill Kaye

Read More

EGOISME News: Skinny Leggings Pants for Men- 11 colors, 2 Gift Editions

EGOISME brings you a trendy new look with variety. Skinny Leggings Pants are a great addition to your already fabulous wardrobe! From casual to sporty, these fashion flavored pants can be worn anytime, anywhere!

To receive your special  gift, wear your EGOISME Group Tag or the EGOISME Prestige Tag.

Available Now in the Casual Building

How Did You Get Started in Second Life?- Coco Lierfatte Reporting...


 Second Life truly is that, a second life where you can live out your wildest fantasies. Whether you are a football star or reliving your childhood,  it doesn't matter. You're playing SL for a reason even if you might not always be interested in sharing.

 I got to sit down with someone who told me exactly how she got started in SL, and what she likes to do.

Monday, January 14, 2013


I like Jimmy Kimmel, but I don’t care for his segment called Mean Tweets. I thought the delivery by the celebrities of the  tweets from insulting fans was humorous in delivery,  but really sad that people think its ok to insult others via social media. People like Christina Applegate and Dr. Phil were able to poke fun at themselves with these tweets. But what kind of message are we sending when we make light of words that are meant to be mean and hateful? Last time I checked that was called BULLYING. Seems no one is exempt even when they think they are.

What ever happened to that friendly “front porch” of kind people and helpful information? Slowly, I have seen Facebook and Twitter take a subtle turn and become places for people to bully while safely hiding behind the keyboard. It doesn’t matter whether or not they are doing so to celebrities or anyone else, it’s still bullying. And all these social media platforms have done is to encourage that behavior and I’m not a fan, even if it’s frivolous. Do you honestly think that all those mean posts and tweets that are typed, LIKED or Commented on all over social media don’t enrage people,  with and without guns?

You don’t have to have a gun to kill a person, whether that is their spirit, their mind or their body. Words can kill people, too, and it’s the kind of death that is slow, deliberate, and painful. We are responsible for our actions when we use words as a weapon and it makes us no different than the person with the gun. But, we are all contributing to what happens that is negative in our world. That contribution appears in our status as rage on the pages of social media and it helps to  perpetuate angry energy that lead people to hurting others or to kill in cold blood.

Let’s go one step further, and see how you might be responsible for what I’m talking about in my blog today. If you have ever posted a picture of an animal that needs help, a sick child, a  situation or words that dared someone to share, click, like in order to say they are actually in favor, that would be a form of bullying. A person proves they care by the action they actually take, not the pictures and links they click on. Intention is nothing without action.

And I  wake up to this every single morning on Facebook and Twitter. I am totally sick of it and I find it depressing to visit.  I can’t hide much of my stream any longer or I won’t have a stream. And I know a lot of you are doing the same thing because you can’t take it either, so please stop buying into the rage and threatening people to agree with you.   I really wish that the people in this world set a better example for each other.

Good behavior is still very funny believe it or not. And it also does encourages more of the same.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Want to Keep Your SL Relationship Alive? Coco Lierfatte reporting ...

Here's a Few Points from People Who Know First Hand.

Keeping a relationship going in SL isn't always easy, for a lot of people SL is an all you can eat buffet. So you need to  be able to know how to handle your relationship so it can work out. So here is some advice on how you guys can keep your SL relationships alive, I asked a simple question to everyone, what do you do to make your SL relationship work. Here is the advice people have responded with, and my own personal advice as well.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Paramount Playhouse is proud to present "Sexy Coast to Coast" This and Every Sunday in January @ 12 Noon SLT

Paramount Playhouse showcases burlesque and comedy performances set to musical tributes, for the great cities and states of the USA.
On this and every Sunday in January at 12 Noon SL, our fantastic troupe will perform to some of your favorite hits; past and present.   Paramount Playhouse is also pleased to bring you the wonderfully funny burlesque comedian Vicki Eriksen!

 Come let Lotta,  Starlena, Mila, LeAnn, Pathmaker, dancing hostess Cordi and our dancing DJ Ebony  entertain you this Sunday @ 12 Noon SLT at Paramount Playhouse, located on the beautiful Spirit Marina!

Free Admission!

Teleport Now! 

Monday, January 7, 2013

New In 2013 Designer Hunt! Jaded Exonar Reporting....

2013 - A new year, and a fresh start!  What better way to celebrate than to join me (and every other fashion fanatic out there!) for the 'New In 2013 Hunt?  It began on December 20th and will run until January 20th - But what makes  this  hunt stand out from the crowd?

The Weirdo and I ....

That got got your attention didn't it?  No I haven't got my own stalker, but I have a question for you.  Are you an art fundi?  Even if you aren't now is as good a time as any to broaden your horizons.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Return of Tupac: A Live Concert Tribute

Our apologies, but due to real world issues, "The Return of Tupac, A Live Concert Tribute" scheduled for today, Saturday Jan 5th at Broncos Stadium, has been cancelled. Once the new performance date has been determined, we will send out new notices and invitations.

Thank you for your understanding!

Friday, January 4, 2013

SLBR News: Centre For Business Development Polls Residents and Business Owners About SL

The Centre for Business Development, in its first official initiative composed a survey to get a sense of some feelings and perspectives from the SL community and virtual business owners. Please click  fill out the survey. We appreciate your time and feedback.

Take the survey

Ginette Pinazzo Named Director of Social Development for North Shore Estates

North Shore Estates has appointed Ginette Pinazzo as the new Director of Social Development to spark company-wide initiatives that evolve the organisation with transformative endeavors and heightened market-sensitive innovations.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

VMS News: Loreen Aldrin - Never give up , an inspirational story- Jay Hurikan Reporting...

The guitar, a stringed musical instrument that is usually played by strumming or plucking. Millions of people each and every day practice, play, and perform using this instrument. Some do it for money, some do it for popularity and some do it for pure pleasure--the love of creating music.

Read More Here


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

SL Newser: 2012: The Year in Review- Bixyl Shuftan Reporting...

For Second Life, 2012 had it's triumphs, stumbles, and events that could be considered something of both. From the SL9B, to Premium perks, to Linden Lab policy changes, to "Pathfinding" and "Patterns," there were a number of impacts big and small, for better and for worse.

Read More Here

Lanai’s Diary: OMG I Gained the Holiday 10… -Lanai Jarrico

2012 was filled with all sorts of news, events, drama and whatnot and on top of it all I stepped on my scale this morning and it went up a notch or two…or ten!   I had a rough year so I indulged in many holiday cookies as well as big traditional family dinners. I guess I’ll kick off the year doing Zumba.  Just not today…
Besides the holiday 10, things are finally getting back to some normalcy on the home front and I’m easing my way back into my virtual office.  I think 2013 will be an interesting year and I’m excited to share what I'm up to.

I went ahead and threw myself head first into a new project here in Second Life © and accepted the position to co-host a talk show on Pulse TV Network. The show is called Girl Talk and is slated to begin production in January 2013.  I must warn you all that I have no previous talk show experience, my opinions may be a little off tilt, too real for some or have nothing to do with the topic at all, but I think it may be worth checking out.

I feel  it is about time I expand my virtual media horizons and do something that may potentially embarrass myself and blemish my already questionable reputation or  it could catapult me into some sort of superstar situation where I can no longer hide behind the scenes and handle my business like the wizard of Oz did.

I would like to see new things happen this year in Second Life. Many of us need to break away from the repetitive nature of the current environment and introduce new ideas and even people from the real world.  The virtual world has been around a long time but we are still in need of mainstream attention. New people bring new ideas and it helps keep things fresh and interesting.

If I’m going to step out from behind the curtain, I need your help. I would like to hear from the community so I can help improve your experience. If you have a topic idea you would like me to address an issue or interview someone, please feel free to email me at